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Inconsiderate Drivers Inconsiderate Drivers are a hazard to everyone, they are a nuisance to the public and they should be subpoenaed. Drivers who constantly break laws with no regard of others safety and well-being should be removed from the road for the good of all. Several Factors can put anyone in the category of an inconsiderate driver. These factors include car maintenance, road-rage, and distractions. Firstly, car repairs can be a costly expense when owning a motor vehicle. While the upkeep of a vehicle is the biggest responsibility when owning one, it is often the most over shadowed.

Broken tail lights are one of most common failures of inconsiderate drivers. Tail lights are supposed to provide illumination for follow drivers on the road. Without such lighting and display it can be very hair to see a car in a pitch black environment. Thousands of auto accidents happen every year because of improper turn signals. Improper turn signals have a big impact on other drivers on the road. It can be the small thing that results in the very high car repair bill. The simple oversight of not looking before making a smooth turn can be the result in a personal injury or a traumatic death.

Headlights are an effective way of communication between cars. Many drivers flash headlights to let the other driver know that they have the right away. Without having this form of communication it impairs many drivers from operating a motor vehicle at night. Secondly, road rage is the top cause of auto accidents every year. Road rage incidents often occur on the highway or interstate, the accident can be extremely dangerous because they can easily escalate with the addition of more cars. Rude gestures are a common occurrence between drivers, heated personalities and attitudes can make this a dangerous act if not handled properly.

Being courteous on the road can save many lives, a simple wave of the hand can give another driver the appropriate gesture and show empathy. Sex while driving is very popular among people in today’s time. While engaged in the act it is very difficult to operate a motor vehicle and be responsible for yourself, passengers and other drivers on the road. The raw emotion during sex can be overcoming a prevent something as simple as a turn. Lastly, driving is hazardous enough without all the distractions plaguing the way. You cannot afford to take your eyes of the road.

Texting while driving is big in USA. City ordinances as well as state laws have been put into place to remove the inappropriate behavior by inconsiderate drivers. It has been growing cause of auto accident related deaths in the past few years. Distractions can come in many other forms including music being too loud in the summer time. When the car next to you is vibrating because of your music, it’s a sign it’s too loud. While police are in place to serve and protect, they often make improper signals and flash their lights when not needed.

Some police officers flash their lights just to pass a red light. This act should be punishable. Police should be held accountable for their actions as well as everyday drivers. In conclusion, inconsiderate drivers are a hazard to themselves and everyone on the road with them. Car maintenance, road-rage, and distractions are just some of the actions committed by these individuals. Certain actions should be disciplined. Everyone makes mistakes but when they are consistently done without learning from them, something is wrong.