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Inclusive Education: Child with Autism and Spina Bifida Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Case Study The strategies of a teacher The support provided to the teacher Conclusion Reference List Introduction Autism and spina bifida are serious challenges that often prevented children from attending general schools; yet, these problems can be addressed if a teacher has the resources and skills necessary for working with such students. For a long time, it was believed that children with such disabilities should be educated at special schools; however, empirical studies indicate that these students can successfully perform in classrooms with children who have no disabilities (Guldberg 2010; Lynch
UCLA Food with At Least Five Ingredients & Fail Pollan Test Fruits & Vegetables Essay.

Write an essay of up to 1200 words on any one of the following topics. You can prepare the essay in any program you want, but you’ll need to enter it in Canvas as text no later than 11 am Feb. 23.These papers will be evaluated primarily on the basis of how clearly they summarize the relevant course (lectures and readings) CONCEPTS (0-10 pts.) and then APPLY those to the case you have chosen to explore and the information you have collected about that case (0-10 pts.). Of secondary importance (but still counting) are the organization and clarity of the writing (0-5 pts.). Be sure to document your sources, including citations for any additional reading and URLs for any web material. These essays may be no more than 1200 words. (at least 1100 words)Item at position 1– Find a food that has a list of at least 5 ingredients that fail the Pollan test, i.e., that would not be recognized as “food” by your great grand parents (the most common are the names of chemicals). For each of these 5, track down what they are, what they do (e.g., preserve, soften, bind, color, texture) and where they are (mostly) made.– Compare the ingredients, packaging, and marketing of the same product by a single company in at least three different countries. (An example from class that you should NOT use is potato chips.) How is the product customized for each national setting? (Pointing out that the packages use the country’s main language won’t get you very far.)– Find 2 examples of a food seller — the manufacturer of a food, a restaurant, a food market — that includes in its advertising the claim that it treats its workers well (such as, in wages, in benefits, or in working conditions). Then find out why: what distinguishes these enterprises from the vast majority that do not make such claims? For example, is there something distinctive about the nature of the product? The character of the owners? The intended market? The audiences for the advertisement?– Select some food product available in two contrasting forms, such as locally produced or not, conventional or organic, made by a big company or a small one, “whole” or ready to eat, etc. Examples include whole vs. presliced apples, bulk whole bean vs. canned ground coffee, grass-fed vs. conventional beef, a local microbrewery beer vs. Budweiser, and farmers’ market salsa vs. Ortega’s. Come up with an example of your own and then compare the two in terms of their production and distribution (for example, the character of the commodity chain, the distribution system and outlets, the ways in which the producer relates to the consumer, etc.).
UCLA Food with At Least Five Ingredients & Fail Pollan Test Fruits & Vegetables Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Prevalence of OTC Drugs Review of Literature Conclusion References Introduction Self-medication is an issue that health professionals and social workers continue to grapple with in different parts of the world. Experts study this kind of practice as a critical problem. Many scholars in the fields of public health and medicine have linked it to increased misuse of resources. Most of the beneficiaries of self-treatment procedures record higher levels of drug resistance. Parents and guardians are known to monitor health conditions of their children and offer both analgesics and antibiotics to manage them. Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are medicines pharmacists sell directly to consumers without any prescription from professional healthcare practitioners. People usually use such drugs to manage, prevent, or treat a number of diseases or conditions affecting them. Some of the leading ones include chronic pains, stomachaches, and malaria. These common conditions are also associated with OTC drugs: motion sickness, common cold, cough, fever, and headache. The purpose of this essay is to examine the prevalence and nature of OTC drugs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The emerging insights and ideas can empower parents and community health workers to address this challenge and meet the changing dental health needs of the greatest number of children in the selected country. Prevalence of OTC Drugs Effective self-medication is an evidence-based practice that can improve the healthcare system of different countries and transform the experiences of many citizens. Sharif, Bugaighis, and Sharif (2015) believe that OTC drugs have the potential “to help in the prevention and the treatment of signs and symptoms which do not require a doctor’s visit” (p. 429). Patients affected by different chronic conditions will benefit significantly from self-medication practice. However, the healthcare approach can result in drug abuse, cause adverse effects, increase drug dependence, and trigger drug-drug interactions (Sharif et al., 2015). In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the number of people using OTC drugs has continued to increase significantly. For example, Sharif et al. (2015) observed that the prevalence of self-medication among different pharmacists in this country stood at 96.6 percent. This study revealed that professionals in the field of health were embracing the power OTC drugs to manage various conditions. Other studies focusing on the number of young persons and adolescents purchasing OTC drugs to treat colds, headaches, fevers, and allergies was quite high. A research by Shehnaz, Agarwal, and Khan (2014) revealed that “the prevalence of self-medication practices was 89.2 in the UAE” (p. 470). This was a clear indication that many parents preferred OTC drugs over prescribed medications in this country. However, many citizens in this country have reported positive health outcomes from such drugs (Sharif et al., 2015). In another study by Al-Ani, Hassan, Edis, Bloukh, and Shahwan (2017), many students of medicine were willing to embrace the use of OTC drugs in comparison with those taking other courses. Similarly, many parents who had a strong background in the field encouraged their children to use OTC drugs to manage various conditions. The social, cultural, regulatory, and economic factors have continued to dictate the prevalence or use of OTC drugs in different countries in the Middle East, including the UAE. A study focusing on different communities, rural areas, and cities indicated that many parents considered OTC drugs to manage a wide range of childhood problems. The prevalence was observed to “range from 19 to 82 percent” (Alhomoud et al., 2017, p. 3). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Many adults purchased penicillin, analgesics, and antibiotics without prescriptions from practitioners or doctors to treat various medical conditions. The leading sources of such drugs included pharmacies, relatives, friends, or dispensaries. This prevalence has also been associated with prolonged periods of treatment, poor health outcomes, ineffective handling of drugs, and drug resistance. A proper understanding of these issues or challenges can make it possible for guardians, healthcare professionals, and parents to embrace better practices that will eventually maximize consumers’ health outcomes and reduce drug-related health risks. Review of Literature The use of OTC drugs has become a common phenomenon across the globe. Parulekar and Mekoth (2017) use the term “self-medication” to analyze the nature and challenges associated with OTC drugs. For instance, the scholars believe that many people in different regions continue to manage various diseases and chronic conditions using medicines that are not authorized or prescribed by competent physicians (Parulekar
ITS 531 Business Intelligence Artificial Neural Networks Discussion.

Refelction paper- Business Intelligence 
What is an artificial neural network and for what types of problems can it be used?
Compare artificial and biological neural networks. What aspects of biological networks are not mimicked by artificial ones? What aspects are similar?
What are the most common ANN architectures? For what types of problems can they be used?
ANN can be used for both supervised and unsupervised learning. Explain how they learn in a supervised mode and in an unsupervised mode.
Go to Look at Gee Whiz examples. Comment on the feasibility of achieving the results claimed by the developers of this neural network model.
Go to Google Scholar ( Conduct a search to find two papers written in the last five years that compare and contrast multiple machine-learning methods for a given problem domain. Observe commonalities and differences among their findings and prepare a report to summarize your understanding.

ITS 531 Business Intelligence Artificial Neural Networks Discussion

paper on prevention programs, psychology homework help

paper on prevention programs, psychology homework help.

In a 500-750 word paper, examine at least two substance abuse prevention programs in the United States.Refer to the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices website to help you successfully complete your paper. Make sure you choose prevention programs and not intervention programs.Your paper must include the following for each program:Description of the programThe goals of the programHow it is fundedHow it is marketedResearch that indicates the effectiveness of each programAn analysis of how government policy may enhance or hinder the program’s effectivenessInclude at least four scholarly resources in addition to the textbook in your paper. Out of the four, a minimum of one scholarly resource should be referenced for each prevention program.
paper on prevention programs, psychology homework help

NUR4827 FNU Essentials of Nursing Leadership & Management Essay

cheap assignment writing service NUR4827 FNU Essentials of Nursing Leadership & Management Essay.

The essay has to be in APA Format. I need you put a title to the essay according to the questions, not put the name of the class as title. Minimum 750 words.Read Chapter 9 book: 1. Try taking a different route to class the next time it meets. Before you do this, think about how many changes, large and small, you will have to make to do this.a-Will you have to leave earlier to be in class on time? b-Will you meet different people on your way to class?c-See different sights?d-Would you change your route to class on the day of the final exam? e-Why or why not? Summarize the positives and negatives of this small change. Relate your responses to this change to the way staff nurses feel when an administrator makes what he or she thinks is a “minor” change. 2. Think about a change that has occurred in your life. Some examples may be a change of role, a move, a marriage, a birth, a divorce, or a death. a-How did you react to the change? b-Would you have reacted differently if you had had more information?c-Using Lewin’s model, describe the basic elements in the situation and how you eventually achieved a comfortable outcome. Book: Essentials of Nursing Leadership & Management6th EditionSally A. Weiss MSN, EdD, RN, CNE, ANEFRuth M. Tappen EdD, RN, FAANISBN-13: 978-0-8036-3663-70
NUR4827 FNU Essentials of Nursing Leadership & Management Essay

You are a therapist who specializes in counseling people who have an incurable disease and a limited time to

You are a therapist who specializes in counseling people who have an incurable disease and a limited time to live. You have recently decided that you want to inspire your patients to live what is left of their lives to the fullest. Someone suggested that you hang Suzanne Rivera’s poem “Memento Mori” on the wall of your office to provoke thoughtful discussions of the struggles they face. Do you think this poem will inspire your patients? Consider their situation in life. Does the poem provide the motivation they need to make the best they can out of the time they have left? Why or why not? Write a letter to the families of your patients explaining your decision. Base your reasons on the poem itself and use evidence from the poem to support your reasons. HOW TO ORGANIZE THE ESSAY INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH. Introduce to the families of your patients: • What you are writing to them about • A powerful statement of your decision. What is it about the poem’s overall message that most influenced you in your decision? PARAGRAPH #2: The 1st reason for your decision based on lines 1-10. Look at the meaning expressed in the sentence in these lines. Also look at the images (comparisons and similes) the poet uses: 1. Think about how she portrays death in lines 1-8. 2. Then look at how she completes her thought in lines 9-10. 3. How do you think her overall meaning in these lines will help (or hurt) your patients? PARAGRAPH #3: Predict how lines 11-20 will affect your patients in the days and months they have left. 1. Look at the thought expressed in lines 11-12. 2. Also look at the images (comparisons and similes) the poet uses portray the things of life (time, flowers, names, bodies) in lines 13-20. 3. What does she say here that you think (or don’t think) will help your patients live the time they have left to the fullest? PARAGRAPH #4: Use a counter-argument to support your decision based on lines 21-28: 1. First think about why your fellow therapists at the clinic might think you’re making the wrong decision: a. Begin the paragraph by explaining their concerns. b. Be thorough and respectful in explaining a reason they might disagree with you. Show you have already thought it through and you’re on top of this. 2. Then use a “turn” like “However, ___” and use lines 21-28 to reply fully and thoughtfully to your colleagues: a. Look at what Rivera wants out of life in lines 21-23 and the metaphors she uses to express it. b. Also notice in lines 24-27 she’s saying quite clearly what she doesn’t want without any comparisons. c. Finally, what does she say in the last line (28) you think (or don’t think) will help your patients? CONCLUDING PARAGRAPH: Find a powerful way to reinforce your overall decision. Don’t repeat your main points. Instead, think about the importance this has for your patients and their families.

Healthcare Factors Behind Cost Curve and Supply Curve Shifts”

Healthcare Factors Behind Cost Curve and Supply Curve Shifts”. I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

From the e-Activity, compare the healthcare-based factors in the issues that you reviewed that, in your opinion, cause the cost curve of healthcare to shift. Provide at least one (1) example showing the manner in which the cost curve shifts in your response.
Suggest at least three (3) attributes that cause the supply curve in healthcare to fluctuate. Provide specific examples of each of the suggested attributes to support your response.

Healthcare Factors Behind Cost Curve and Supply Curve Shifts”