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Inbound Logistics in STA Travel Company

The main activity for the firm is inbound logistic. This is a major activity because this is where they start the chain of the business flow. Referring this activity to STA Travel Company, the most important inbound logistic among all inbounds would be the technology. This is because of customer is able to download their brochures in PDF format or request online through the website, choose their insurance because there are optional holiday travels insurance and so on. it is a threshold resources for the company because it is a simple requirement to increase the sales due to the rapidly growth of technology. Besides that, On year 2007, STA travel company announce that they are now partnership with, which is allow STA Travel to provide online visa application services to student youth travelers. This partnership is unique resource for STA Travel Company, this is because of the only partnership with STA Travel Company. Operation The other flow of value chain after inbound logistic would be operation, this is the level which will determined how the company build their customer loyalty and customer confidence toward the company. In this aspect, the STA Travel Company has improve their the average time that needed for online visa application to 2 to 5 minutes which is faster then offline services that take average 30 minutes completion and the application can be make 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is a threshold resources, because due to the rapidly growth of technology, most of the travel company also come out with efficiency operation to attract more consumers. Outbound The next flow of value chain will be outbound, this is the level that involved collection, distribution product to customer, scheduling, storage of data and so on. The outbound unique resources for STA Travel Company is, on year 2006, STA Travel Company has launched their new ‘point of sale system’ from Datalex and Dolphin Dynamics. These systems enable to distribute the flight ticket, schedule, and any information that needed to the customer through e-mail, so it will increase the customer loyalty, maximize company revenue and reduce the distribution costs by provides STA Travel Company with a highly flexible, centralized system that professionally drives business and supports their company customers over several geographic markets. Furthermore, the following unique resources for outbound is the online visa application, the traveler profile will securely saved in and online account, which means the customer, will be able to repeat the visa application process quickly every time they need to go overseas. Marketing and sales/firm infrastructure Due to the culture of STA Travel Company, which is to create opportunities for the youth to make the most of their occasion and experience the world for real in the way they choose, the company has come out with wider ranges of promotion to enable the young traveler to travel around the world. For example, the STA Travel Company come out with some promotion such as £20 birthday voucher, 2 fares for 1 low price, and promote that all flights that offer are specially negotiated and selected to get the best and lowest price. Meanwhile, there are several unique campaign and advertising method that the company organized, such as during year 2009, STA Travel has come out with a new idea which is switching to mobile advertising. The advertising will be working with the AdMob which is the world’s largest and faster growing mobile advertising platform. Via the mobile advertising, the company has coming out an iPhone focused advertising campaign to attract its target customers of below 30 years olds. Though the mobile advertising, the company able to communicate with its target demographic. Besides that, during august 2009, STA travel has organized a new campaign named ‘Ten Pound Poms’ which offer the 150 flights to Australia for just ten pounds each. Furthermore, there are another unique program called Affiliate program that launched by STA Travel Company, the program is enable consumers to earn commission online and more special offers which there are no any fees attached. This program helps the company to build a strong customer loyalty and brand loyalty because there are 3.6 million page views and 620,000 visits per month. This is because of consumers may earn money, get more offers and enjoy their trip on the same time. Although there are some unique and threshold resources that the company has, but the record for company annual turnover years 2009 show at £24,144,000 which is not more different hen the previous year. The company annual report has hit the record of more then £200 million during year 2002 and start to decrease until below £50 million during year 2003. Furthermore, the company annual profit has record at £3,100,000 which shown that the profit is decreasing compared to year 2008 , but the annual profit has hit the lowest record during year 2004 and start to increase during year 2005 until year 2008. Services The threshold resources of STA Travel Company in their services is The STA Travel Company has engaged IBM Global Business Services that powered by open text web solutions management server to design and implement a new, latest online strategy for STA Travel’s “Global-Online shop-window”. By providing this service, the customers are able to make their booking, get the latest information about the company holiday package, the latest promotion and so on through a click. Besides that, the services that provided to their customer also included travel checklist, visa, tax information, suggestion to customer where to go or what to do, travel chat, skype or make an appointment with their stuff and much more. Human resource STA Travel Company will only consider employing those employees who have a good attitude toward their job such as have a good passion for travel, understand the customer needs and have the passion to sell the holiday package. It is threshold resources for the company, due to every company will only consider to hire those workers who can make profit for the company. In years 2010, the STA Travel Company has reported, they employ around 3000 employees, working 375 travel agencies and speaking over 60 languages. The unique resources for STA Travel company human resources is the training will be changed year by year based on the new development within the industry and the organization by 3 months training period will be provided to the employee which included the introduction to basic of geography and the system used within the company, explanation from various heads of department for the roles of the department, practice 3 weeks in the real environment and so on. Furthermore, the employees have the right to voice out they unhappy for or changes that need to be make because the company are willing to listening the feedback from their staff to make the changes that needed. Technology The threshold resources for STA Travel Company in technology aspect is the company created their website that includes wealth of interactive features and social network tools, such as podcasts, travel blogs, facebook, twitter and so on, to attract more customer to visit the company website. Furthermore, the unique resources for the company is, during year 2010, the company has corporate with Zeus Technology to make an improvement on its company website traffic management, which is offer the customer a better experience when browsing and booking travel through especially when promotional campaigns by implementing the software-based application traffic management solution provider. Another unique resource is the STA Travel Company has signed a five years agreement with Azzurri Communication to supply a global wide area network (Wan), the network is a centralized technology strategy which will be link up the 450 retail outlets, services centers and business partners over 85 countries and provide instant access to information, such as travel data, flight schedules, and financial management software and so on.
UCONN Political International Economics Krippner Epstein & Financialization Discussion.

Answer the questions below by reading the provided materials. Each question should be 80-130 words.1. How do Krippner and Epstein define financialization?2. How does Krippner show, empirically, that financialization as a mode of accumulation has become dominant in the US economy?3. Is neoliberalism only about financialization, or is financialization only one element of neoliberalism?1. Describe the key dynamics of China’s economic integration with the world economy today.2. Describe the key features of China’s model of ‘market socialism’.3. How are US-China relations characterized by both rivalry and interdependence?1. How do the two articles in The Atlantic trace the COVID-19 crisis in the US to the social, economic and political institutions of the country?2. How does Mike Davis link the COVID-19 crisis to the political economy of global capitalism?
UCONN Political International Economics Krippner Epstein & Financialization Discussion

quiz question help 8.

 Most franchisers provide extensive financial help such as loans and low-rate financing for their franchises. (Points : 1)       True        False 
quiz question help 8

Table of Contents Abstract Article Summary Conclusion Reference Abstract The article is a summary of the writing disabilities that have children with special needs. The present study focuses on an article entitled “Improving the writing performance of young struggling writers: Theoretical and Programmatic Research from the centre on accelerating student learning.” The paper presents a brief analysis of the main points provided in the current research. Article Summary The number of children with writing disabilities is quite high. In the United States, the number of students who cannot write properly is quite high, and the majority of affected students are in the 4th, 8th, and 12th grade. These children cannot master proper writing skills appropriate to their grades. A child with special needs usually experiences writing difficulties; especially students who have behavioural disorders, learning disabilities, and speech difficulties. In order to address these problems and difficulties in writing, a number of proper strategies should be developed. One of such strategies is the planning strategy instruction which comprises of various interventions that can be adopted in order to assist writers who are currently enrolling in the primary grades. Such an approach can be more effective with young children than with adults. The use of this strategy is based on the SDSR model, which is a combination of strategy development and strategy regulation. When using this approach, children learn how to accomplish tasks such as story writing improving their writing skills. In addition, students learn self-regulation procedures, such as setting their goals and skills that will enable them to achieve these goals. Self-regulation is important when it comes to self – evaluation (Graham et al., 1998). SDSR approach plays a crucial role when it comes to the students’ independence in the learning process. The instructor does not have to be there all the time to evaluate the student’s progress because they are able to evaluate their own progress without additional help. It helps students understand and correct their mistakes, and thus, avoid them in future. However, the instructor’s help and assistance are crucial to ensure success in the learning process, although, students make quite good when they are applying the strategies themselves. Graham et al. (1998) argue that students should be allowed to learn writing skills at their own pace. Applying this way, they will have an opportunity to understand in depth all they are supposed to understand about writing. Instructors should ensure that students are fully conversant with what they are supposed to know in one stage before they are allowed to proceed to the next stage. Instructors should teach children strategies that are likely to have a positive impact on their writing skills. This way, there is a high likelihood that the students will continue using these strategies regardless of the fact that more effort is required to master the skills. If the students improve their performance, they will incorporate these strategies and hence will have no difficulties with writing assignments in future. Writing skills are improved when students realize that they are making good progress (Graham et al.,1998). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Allowing students to express their own thoughts and ideas in writing is a form of training. Students who are not afraid that their own writings are read in class are more confident, and they can easily be able to correct the spelling mistakes that they are making. Instructors should give assignments to students in order to test their writing skills. This can be done by training them on how to organize their work. For example, when writing a story, a proper outline should be given, and ideas should be introduced and summarized in such a way that the story can be understood from the beginning to the end. Private instruction plays a major role in enhancing the writing skills of students. Teachers who work as private instructors report great improvement with the students, as compared to when the students are taught in class. Instructing students on a private basis enhances their knowledge of handwriting and spelling. The reason behind this is that students are in a position to gain a deeper understanding because the instructor will pay all his/her attention to one student. Grouping students is another strategy that can be utilized in order to improve their writing skills. When students are in groups, they have the opportunity to learn from one another. Learning from fellow colleagues in class leads to a better understanding of the material, as well as writing techniques. Students who have a better understanding of spelling will take their time to teach those who are facing challenges. Students also remind each other of where they are going wrong. Conclusion There are many learning challenges that young learners can face. Writing difficulties are very challenging for students. Most students face difficulties when spelling and writing compositions. These difficulties in spelling and writing can be addressed by using multiple ways. The SDSR model, which consists of attempts to develop strategies and regulate them is central to learning spelling and writing skills. A lot of emphases should be placed on the need for students to evaluate their own progress while learning spelling and writing. Reference Graham, S, et al. (1998). Writing and self-regulation: Cases from the self-regulated strategy development model.New York: Guilford Press.

Current Event Journal Assignment U5-6

Why do we study history? You’ve probably heard many references to the idea that we need to study history because history repeats itself. While this does hold validity in certain cases, it is also important to understand that history connects today to yesterday. Political decisions today are based on past decisions or events, we continue to work on social justice, and we see new interpretations of past legislation and primary source documents. History surrounds us. Over the course of the class, you will be retrieving and evaluating current event articles (in the last 5 years); making connections between the units we are currently studying and today. You will be responsible for finding an online article from a reputable news source. For example:, USA Today, The New York Times, etc. 

discuss the influences of the Greek culture on the “David”, by Michelangelo sculpture

professional essay writers discuss the influences of the Greek culture on the “David”, by Michelangelo sculpture. I don’t know how to handle this Art & Design question and need guidance.

The iconic Renaissance sculpture, David, by Michelangelo, can be seen at the Museo Accademia in Florence, Italy. During the Renaissance there was a return to Greek classicism although the period had innovations of its own. All I want you to do is examine David for classical canons. Name the canons and apply them to the sculpture as you describe it. Don’t get carried away with discussing the Biblical story; only discuss what you see in the sculpture. Again, I am interested in the stylistic issues as they relate to the culture. Here I am interested in the Greek culture, not the Renaissance culture; we will get to it in a few weeks. Again, I want you discuss the influences of the Greek culture on this sculpture.
discuss the influences of the Greek culture on the “David”, by Michelangelo sculpture

Grand Canyon University Extended Operation Hours Policy Memorandum

Grand Canyon University Extended Operation Hours Policy Memorandum.

You have been asked to prepare a memo on a policy. Your memo must outline the policy in a concise and clear manner. In one-page, create a memo that contains the following:A background of the issueA discussion about other alternatives for the issueA financial analysisEvidence based recommendations for action.While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance. Benchmark InformationThis following assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies:MPA1.4 Present information in a clear, concise, and professional manner.
Grand Canyon University Extended Operation Hours Policy Memorandum

University of Phoenix Week 2 Organizational Change Discussion

University of Phoenix Week 2 Organizational Change Discussion.

In 175 words or moreResponse 1:The need for change can definitely be different than the ability to change. The company I work for recently just went through a voluntary separation situation. This was the companies way to get employees to volunteer to take a severance package that would have never normally taken a package. During this time we lost so many seasoned 20, 30, 40 + year experienced people in the company. This was a major hit compared to a normal layoff, which usually includes your lower performers in the company. This time the company needed to make a major change for financial reasons to perform a Voluntary Separation Plan. Everyone remaining in the company got first hand experience with change. Every organization was forced into change. It was then that the leaders of each organization and team had to manage their teams through this change. This was one of the most challenging times in my career. Many managers had to shuffle to other teams to cover for the managers that left the company. I believe the more lead time an organization can provide when an up coming change is coming such as this one the better.Respond 2:Helping to implement change in an organization is a big job and a lot of responsibility comes with the territory. With many of the changes I have seen at the companies I have worked the one big factor that comes into play is setting a clear vision and having transparency throughout the entire process. In order for people to accept change they need to know the reason behind it and what the goal is trying to be achieved with this change. Communication skills are a must when trying to lead change, as well as being able to motivate and inspire others to accept and embrace the change. Those leading the change need to be open to suggestions and understanding when it comes to have the change affects everyone involved.In order for the organizations structure to accommodate change they need to be supportive of the change. The organization should be providing the necessary resources to make this change as seamless as possible. The organization has to understand that change does not happen over night and the proper expectations, time frames, training, etc need to be realistic. Also the organization should be open to feedback/concerns regarding the change. If you want your staff to buy in on the change they need to feel included and that their opinions do count.
University of Phoenix Week 2 Organizational Change Discussion