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In your assignment for this module you will address the first section of chapters presented in the text. Your

In your assignment for this module you will address the first section of chapters presented in the text. Your response will be complete if you include properly punctuated, direct support from the text to demonstrate application and connection to the material and concepts.

Please address:

Which practical reason for studying intercultural communication identified was most compelling to you?

Considering the Iceberg Metaphor, give 1 example for 3 each level represented in mainstream U.S. culture (surface, intermediate, and deep). Refer to the diagram in chapter 1.

After reading the section about the Staircase Model and considering your current interactions with culturally dissimilar others, locate your present stage on the model. (Most will find themselves on the lower steps, however your stage will likely depend on several variables such as the person with whom you are communicating, the context of interaction, etc.)

List 3 suggestions from the chapter that would help you become more flexible and move up the stairs.

Classical Revival Style;There are of four pictures that go with this essay,there orders are described,whether ionic,doric or corinthian. Explain how the order was reached to

Classical Revival Style;There are of four pictures that go with this essay,there orders are described,whether ionic,doric or corinthian. Explain how the order was reached to.

There are four pictures that go with the essay. It’s four buildings and I have do describe their orders, whether it is Ionic, Doric, or Corinthian. There has to be an explanation to why I came to the conclusion of the order. For one building there is more research with the owner and the architect. I can send the pictures that I took and a copy of the assignment.

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Criminal Justice – Article Review

In your assignment for this module you will address the first section of chapters presented in the text. Your Criminal Justice – Article Review.

 For this assignment, read parts I and II of the assigned article by Macdonald, “Constructing a Framework for Criminal Justice Research: Learning from Packer’s Mistakes,” and write an article review addressing the following: 1. Briefly introduce and summarize the article. 2. Identify the author’s main points. 3. Who is the author’s intended audience? 4. Compare and contrast the crime control and due process models. Your response must be at least three pages in length. All sources used, including the article, must be referenced. Paraphrased and/or quoted materials must have accompanying in-text citations and references in APA format.

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Poems by Charles Bauldelaire

Poems by Charles Bauldelaire.

Choose a work or works from this semester’s readings and create an persuasive thesis statement. Choose the work you liked the best or felt the most drawn to. We can take your favorite part or aspect of the story and come up with a worthwhile persuasive thesis




Any or all of his poems found in The Norton Anthology of World Literature 4th ed. Vol. E are fine: “The Flowers of Evil” “A Carcass” “Her Hair” “Spleen” “Invitation to the Voyage” “Correspondences” “Song of Autumn I” “The Voyage” Minimum Requirements: *5-7 pages long *4-6 sources *at least one citation per body paragraph *MLA Format


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Hardships of a small enterprise

Hardships of a small enterprise.

Short Business Report, 400-800 words •A reference list consists of all sources cited in the text of a paper, listed alphabetically by author’s surname. A bibliography, however, may include resources that were consulted but not cited in the text as well as an annotated description of each one. •These questions will help you to brainstorm assignedtopic: What are key questions for the problem? Is it debatable? Are there various points of view to be considered?oWhere is the problem important? On a local/national/international levels? Are there any other locations, which are affected by the chosen matter?oWho is mainly affected by the chosen issue? Do you know any institutions or organizations, which are influenced by your topic?oWhat is unique about it? Do you have a personal opinion on the involved matter?

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Latin American Civilization

Latin American Civilization.

Task: Choose one of the two prompts below to develop Essay 3. The essay should be 3-4 pages in length,double spaced, and in Times New Roman, size 12 font.A good paper will have a clear thesis statement in the introduction, and body paragraphs with clear topic sentences and supporting evidence based on primary and secondary sources. This assignment requires that you cite a combination of at least 3 sources, with a minimum of 1 primary source. You may ONLY use the textbook, and primary and secondary sources provided on CANVAS in your weekly Discussions as sources for your paper. Absolutely no outside internet sources should be used for this assignment.1.Explain the emergence of populism in Latin America after 1929. The thesis should make an argument regarding the major social, political, economic,and/or cultural developments that contributed to the rise of populist movements and how such developments shaped the political style and platform of their leaders. Use a combination of primary and secondary sources to outline specific examples. Additional Criteria for Success:•Be sure to structure your essay with an introduction, body and conclusion.•The introductory paragraph should include three parts:A.Provide a context or background(2-3 sentences) to the material you will be discussing. In the words of Dr. Pyron, it should “set the scene” by proving the what, the where, the Page 2 of 2 when, or the who of the material. There should be no argument here, just general historical data to set up your historical question and thesis statement.B. State the historical problem(1-2 sentences). This should be the essay question reintroduced as the historical problem you will be addressing in the paper. Try to find a flow between the background information you provide and the statement of the historical problem. Why should we care about the historical facts you just discussed in the preceding background section of the introduction? What is their significance? C.Provide your thesis statement for the paper (1-2 sentences). The thesis statement should have 2 PARTS. The first states your position or answer to the historical problem above, and the second provides a blueprint for the paper (or approximately three elements that will support your position in the body of the paper). The blueprint should directly correlate to the topic sentence or main idea in each body paragraph. •Body paragraphs and topic sentences: Body paragraphs should have topic sentences describing the main idea of the corresponding paragraph. They should echo one of your thesis elements.•Sources and Citations:Sources and citations are two different things. Sources are the repositories of your information (the book, article, or historical document). Citations are references to the sources, usually with specific page numbers or locations within the source. In the Chicago Manual of Style, citations come in the form of footnotes. The paper should have a minimum of 3 sources, and at least one of them needs to be a primary source, but it can and should have many more footnotes. The bare minimum number of footnotes is 3 of course, but an excellent paper will have many more. Information from the cited sources should support the arguments of your body paragraphs. Cite any quotations, paraphrased content, or original ideas from othersources.•Format of Citations. Use the Chicago Manual of Style, which requires footnote citations. You DO NOT NEED A BIBLIOGRAPHY. See this link for some examples: guide/citation-guide-1.html•Grammar and Style.Use a concise, professional and academic style of writing, free of grammatical errors and colloquialisms.•Quotations:Limit quotations to 1 sentence per page or one longer quotation of 3 to 4 sentences for the whole essay.

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Promotional Methods of Healthcare System

Promotional Methods of Healthcare System.

(1) Create an infographic of the major promotional methods a healthcare system should employ – Make sure to have an integrated approach. Demonstrate your understanding by apply the methods you recommend. Give examples.

(2) Utilize various methods, remembering your various promotional tools (Advertising, Public Relations, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Digital, Direct Marketing).

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MSE 210: Crystal Structure and Bonding

MSE 210: Crystal Structure and Bonding.

1.    Concept questions: (1 point each, 15 points total)

1.1.    Which of the folowing is not a valid combi- nation of quantum numbers for an atomic or- bital:

(a)  n = 2, l = 1,m =    1


(b) n = 1, l = 0,m = 0

(c) n = 1, l = 1,m = 1



1.2.    The De Broglie wavelength is:

(a)    A property of all matter

(b)     Only a property of electrons because of the Schödinger wave equation

(c)     Only a property of electrons, photons and phonons




1.3.    The valence electron configuration of carbon is:

(a)    ns2 np2

(b)     ns2

(c)     (n 1)d1 ns2



1.4.    How many electrons can occupy the 4f or- bitals?

(a)    14

(b)     10

(c)     7


1.6.    Covalent bonds are generally:

(a)    Stronger than metallic bonds

(b)     Softer than metallic bonds

(c)     Melt at a lower temperature than metal- lic bonds




1.7.    In the hydrogen atom the energy of orbitals is dictated by the quantum number:

(a)    n + l

(b)     n only     

(c) n (n + 1)





1.8.    A metallic bond is predominantly:

(a)    Strongly directional

(b)     Completely non-directional

(c)     Partly directional




1.9.    A glass is characterized by:

(a)    Long-range order and short-range order

(b)     Completely disordered

(c)     Short-range order but no long-range or- der





1.5.    An cation is:

(a)    An atom that has lost a small number of electrons

(b)     An atom that has gained a small number of electrons

(c)     A charged atom that looks like a cat


1.10.     The wave function of an electron in atomic orbital has a well defined:

(a)    Wave vector

(b)    Kinetic energy

(c)    Total energy

1.11.    The wave function of an electron in atomic orbital has a radial dependence, r, that far from the nucleus scales as:





(b)     er/ro

(c)     cos(kr)


1.12.    The lattice vectors of a crystal define:

(a)    The unit cell

(b)     The crystal structure

(c)     The atom positions


1.13.    A face-centered (F) unit cell contains:

(a)    One lattice point

(b)    Two lattice points

(c)    Four lattice points


1.14.     A tetragonal unit cell has:

(a)    a = b = c

(b)    a = b = c

(c)    a = b = c

1.15.     The Miller indices (hkl) represent:

(a)    A single plane in a crystal structure

(b)    A set of parallel planes in a crystal struc- ture

(c)    family of planes related by symmetry in a crystal structure


2.    Compute the DeBrogli waves length of the following (1 point each)

2.1.    An electron accelerated through a potential of 5 106 volts




2.2.    A cricketball (160 g) with kinetic energy of 149 J





2.3.    A He atom with thermal energy at T = 300 K

(The average kinetic energy per degree of freedom at temperature T  is EK =  kB2T )

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Bio Statistics Homework Help

Hi! I have some hw for biostatistics. The homework is attached and data spread sheet on excel is attached as well. May you explain to me how to answer these questions when answering them as well. I would actually want to know how to do it. Thank you!

Low Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Focused Cost Leadership and Focused differentiation strategy; Disruptive Innovation; Strategic Action

Low Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Focused Cost Leadership and Focused differentiation strategy; Disruptive Innovation; Strategic Action.


1. Research the global fast food industry and find an example of a company for each low cost leadership, differentiation, focused cost leadership and focused differentiation strategy. Explain your rationale. No credit will be given if no rationale is provided. Provide references whenever necessary.
2. If a new alternative fuel was found in the auto industry, what are the two ways existing car manufacturers might respond to this disruptive innovation?
3. Please watch the assigned TED talk video clip:
Then based on the clip find an example for a company who did a very successful strategic action compared to the rivals. Please explain why you chose this example. Elaborate your answer and provide your rationale

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Critically evaluate these statements, with some focus on strategic cost planning for competitive advantage.

Critically evaluate these statements, with some focus on strategic cost planning for competitive advantage..

A)      Artificial Intelligence Goes Mainstream

“A confluence of forces has propelled artificial intelligence into the business mainstream. Add it to the growing list of potentially disruptive forces CIOs can introduce into their organizations for commercial benefit.

The term artificial intelligence (AI) —referring to the use of computer systems to perform tasks that normally require human understanding—has been around for nearly 60 years. But only recently does AI, and its offshoots cognitive computing and cognitive analytics, appear to be on the brink of revolutionizing industries as diverse as health care, law, journalism, aerospace, and manufacturing, with the potential to profoundly affect how people live, work, and play……..”

“But imagining the possible is not just about the opportunities. Executives need to put on their “paranoia hat” and envision where AI has the potential to disrupt their business or even their entire industry. Now is the time to have this discussion. In three to five years, it may be too late.” Wall Street Journal



Critically evaluate these statements, with some focus on strategic cost planning for competitive advantage.

Full article can be accessed at  (750 words)


B) FT Article on launch of MOIA in Hamburg, Germany.

                MOIA, Volkswagen’s answer to Uber and Lyft, launched operations in Hamburg on Wednesday (9th January) and said it eventually wants to offer its pooling services in 50 cities across Europe and the US. Progress has been slow for VW’s ride-sharing arm since it said two years ago that the unit would generate a substantial share of its sales revenue by 2025, with services until on Wednesday only offered in Hanover. The MOIA operations launched on Wednesday in Hamburg are only in a pilot phase for select users. In April, a fleet of 100 vehicles is set to launch across Hamburg, ramping up to 500 vehicles within 12 months. “It’s our ambition to go into global scale, but we don’t want to scale our mistakes,” said Ole Harms, chief executive. “It’s still early days, there is still so much to learn. We want to make the business model robust before we go upscaling. That’s a guiding principle for us.”

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