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In what circumstances should abortion be permitted and why? Abortion is one of the common surgical procedure even where it is legal or not. There are millions of women every year who choose to interrupt the pregnancy because of assorted reasons. There seems that sometimes there are not relevant accounts why some women apply to this and for this reason there should be a nominalization of the circumstances in which abortion is permissible.

Mothers should be permitted to apply to abortion in case of rape or sexual assault. In most of the cases, they are not guilty for such circumstances and they have no obligation to give birth. The child is considered to bring memories regarding the event which lead to long-term psychological problems not only for mother but also for the child during his life. In this case assaulted women have all reasons to abort. The current society is highly affected by the worldwide current crisis.

Additionally, there is a high rate of unemployment and more and more people are put in danger considering the financial situation. This represents the second circumstance in what females should have the chance to abort because it is not fair to condemn unwanted children to a life in poverty. There are enough examples of countries such as Nepal where abortion is punished and where many children are homeless and live on the street by reasons of being abandoned by their parents.

The only way through decreasing the number of these children is abortion be permitted when discussing concerning welfare and finances. Another relevant case is emphasized by the mothers’ health and the rate of maternal mortality is very high in countries where abortion is not allowed regardless of any cause. Additionally, many women have the potentiality of dying after giving birth or discovering that their child is likely to suffer any physical or mental problem and they can act in any way because of not having permission.

The state should be aware that not all women can cope with such sorts of issues so they must be allowed to apply to abortion. In view of all these, even if many argue that abortion should be banned I sustain the validity of the arguments from above and I consider that these cases should be taken into account but certainly after recognizing and analysing correctly each of them. The state should not violate this freedom considering the seriousness of the circumstances and the possible consequences.

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