In this paper you will describe how it is that each of one of these philosophers comes to know

In this paper you will describe how it is that each of one of these philosophers comes to know the world around them. Each train of thought, though distinct from each other, has significantly contributed to how we understand knowledge of our surroundings today. While one theory draws on the power to reason (PLATO), the other depends on the collection of empirical data (ARISTOTLE).

Structure of this paper:

Not only will you describe each theory but you will attach one of your beliefs to its
validity. Your introduction should state this important link in its premise.

Explain Plato’s Epistemology. A nice way to do this is to use examples, such as various ‘Forms’ that relate to specific physical objects. Describe the relationship between these ‘Forms’ and objects. Another useful tool here is the Allegory of the Cave.

Next, explain Aristotle’s Epistemology. Again, use concrete, everyday examples to depict how Aristotle talks about ‘form and matter’. How is it that these things exist inherently together within any given particular thing? What is substance? How does this relate to a thing’s essence?

Lastly, contrast these theories of knowledge. The Third Man Argument can help to explain the differences. Then you will explain how your belief is attributed more to one Epistemology than the other, or to neither (with a detailed explanation as to why). As you are thinking about which theory fits your belief the best, understand that rational thought is the groundwork for one of the epistemologies and that the scientific method is a result of the other.

This paper is 3-5 pages in length. All other rules apply.[supanova_question]

Developmental psychology discussion paper

Developmental psychology discussion paper.

Chapter 22 Discussion Post Ch. 22: The Future of Marriage? ScottAdamsBlogHeader.PNG NOTE: Scott Adams post comments on his blog to get people thinking about various issues. Please do not interpret his comments as his true opinion. Here is what Scott has said about the goal of his posts: “Regular readers of my blog know that the goal of my writing is to be interesting and nothing else. I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion, largely because I don’t believe humans can be influenced by exposure to better arguments, even if I had some. But I do think people benefit by exposure to ideas that are different from whatever they are hearing, even when the ideas are worse. That’s my niche: something different. That approach springs from my observation that brains are like investment portfolios, where diversification is generally a good strategy. I’m not trying to move you to my point of view; I’m trying to add diversity to your portfolio of thoughts. In the short term, I hope it’s stimulating enough to be entertaining. Long term, the best ideas probably come from people who have the broadest exposure to different views.” (March 27, 2011 post) Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comic strip) made the following comments about marriage on his blog: “The armchair economist in me wonders if marriage will someday be seen as a pre-Internet thing. If you look at marriage the way an economist might, it is an exchange of services. Every marriage is different, but at its core you have two people who are choosing to provide one basket of services in return for a different basket. Historically, that meant the man provided protection and financial stability while the woman provided children, childcare, and household management. In modern times, the picture is more smeared, but in all cases the parties are getting something while providing something, including the emotional benefits. Marriage made sense when the world was inefficient. You married a person nearby who could provide most of your important needs while hoping your lesser needs could also somehow be met. It made perfect sense in the pre-Internet age. But today you can arrange for any of your individual needs via Internet. You can find lovers who don’t want a commitment. You can find people willing to trade sex for travel experiences. You can find surrogates to have your baby, or you can adopt from another country. Then you can find a nanny who is willing to work primarily for room and board. You can find an intellectual partner, a business partner, a tennis partner, you name it. The Internet provides all. For the first time in history it is feasible to create a virtual spouse comprised of a dozen separate relationships. And each would be optimized. Instead of dragging your spouse to the opera or a baseball game, you go with someone who loves your hobbies as much as you do. You might assume the virtual spouse doesn’t give you the “soul mate” connection you seek. You can still have a special connection with people, but you don’t have to drag that person to your monster truck rallies. You can be in love with one person, enjoy activities with another, and find another who is a good listener. And the good listener might be putting up with you because you provide some other sort of benefit in return. In other words, the Internet allows us to have a barter economy of relationships, as in I’ll do this for you if you do that for me. You might reject this line of thinking if you have a religious or romantic view of marriage. But I think economics always trumps those things in the long run. With the current system, in which half of marriages end in divorce, you end up with tremendous economic disruption and hardship. With virtual marriages, you never have a big divorce with one person because your relationship is diversified. You could lose your massage therapist, your running partner and your “work spouse” all in one month without feeling especially sad about it. Anticipating your objections, assume traditional marriage stays a popular option forever, but it moves from being the default arrangement to one of many options. Do you think marriage as a societal norm will someday be seen as a pre-Internet thing?” Remember, your post must be at least 250 words. Discussion Questions: Answer Scott Adams’ question at the end of his blog. Do you think monogamy is realistic and necessary for a successful, long-term relationship?

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Microwave Radiometric Remote Sensing

In this paper you will describe how it is that each of one of these philosophers comes to know Microwave Radiometric Remote Sensing.

A short article review of the attached 5 articles. Please make sure you do the following: -Use figures and tables as needed within the main body of the Homework, after they appear in the text. Figures and tables must be readable. However, do not simply increase the size of the figures or the tables to fill up the space. -it is MANDATORY that the review shows the interrelations between all the papers. Make sure it weaves in and out of various referenced papers showing the interrelationships, not simply summarizing them sequentially -The List of References must be on separate sheets at the end, although they will undoubtedly be cited within the main body. References are not to be counted in the page limit. Make sure the citation is in MLA.

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History of Social Psychology

History of Social Psychology.

 History of Social Psychology


Paper details:

Read chapter one and write a short precis summary of chapter one. DO NOT INCLUDE EVALUATION. You SHOULD COVEY IDEAS OF THE AUTHOR. Need title page, body text, reference page and cite all sources used. THIS MUST BE COMPLETELY ALL APA COMPLIANT. A precis is a text summary which has to reflect the key points of the original text of the author, its tone, mood. Of course, when your task is to write a precis of an article/chapter, you want to add many details. A good precis cannot be LONG and COMPLICATED.

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Argumentative/ argument of fact

Argumentative/ argument of fact.

Description Write am argument of fact research essay about one factual matter that most people get wrong time and time again. Use your research and expertise to show that something many people think is true is in fact not true. This essay must be at least 1250 words and include an additional works cited page it must contain research from at least 5 sources from the triton library databases and be correctly documented according to MLA 8. Research evidence must be correctly introduced with signal phrases and documented with in text citations according to MLA 8. Works cited page is formatted correctly according to MLA 8.

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Group Sim Strategy Report

Group Sim Strategy Report.

Please Note: This assignment is an group assignment on the team portion of the Capsim. Learning Outcome: Using the appropriate data from a business simulation, determine the firm’s performance on key indicators and communicate this assessment and recommendations for management actions. Group Sim Strategy Report 2 (Competition Round 3 & 4) Objective:  To identify the business factors that influenced the development and strategy for each decision point within the simulation. Assignment Details: This is an overview of strategy and decisions made for each round of the simulation.  The focus should be on providing the rationale for why the group chose a particular strategy/decision for each functional area within the simulation.  Be sure to Include all the possible strategies and why they were not selected.  Tie decision rationale back to course content or knowledge of content areas from other MBA courses. For rounds after #1, include a brief description of “results” from previous decisions and your understanding of the factors that impacted the results.   Expectations: Business report format that can utilize bullet points as needed to augment narrative  “First Person” writing acceptable Error free grammar and writing

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Soviet Psychology

Soviet Psychology.

 Reaction Papers ◦Essay of 500-1000 words, expressing your thoughts on three topics of your choosing from the chapter. ◦No need to cite textbook or PowerPoint slides, but cite outside sources if you use them. ◦Do not copy word for word! Rewrite in your own words to demonstrate understanding.

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Read the Congressional testimony for your agency. What changed from their original submission?

Read the Congressional testimony for your agency. What changed from their original submission?.

Post your comments on what changed from the Agency’s budget submission.  Read the Congressional testimony for your agency. What changed from their original submission?  Why?


Part B – 2 pages


1)   Research your Agency’s latest appropriation. 


Post a summary of what were they given, were there any special requirements or reports?  Explain if (or if not) new programs were required by Congress? Provide details related to any cuts Congress requested, referring to agency programs.


2)   Read the Government Performance and Results Act 2010 (GPRA).  Is it a good idea to evaluate federal government agencies?   Attached as (PLAW-111publ352 (1))


Post:  Should private sector companies have a similar evaluation, or do they? If so, how are they evaluated?


3)   Read your agency’s most recent financial statement and associated Government Performance and Results Act reports.  


Post:  How is your agency performing?  What did their fiscal audit identify? Any weaknesses?



Part C – half page


Read OMB A-123 the Sarbanes Oxley Act.  


Post: comments on similarities & differences. 


Part D – 1 1/2 page


1)   Read one GAO report for your agency and post a short summary.


2)   Read:  Why does the Federal Government have an Inspector General?


Compare / Contrast an Inspector General and a Corporate Internal Auditor.  Why the differences.  If agencies have an Inspector General, why does the General Accountability Office exists?  


Posting:  How does this differ from CPA role?

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The misconceptions that we have about the field while simultaneously gaining knowledge.

The misconceptions that we have about the field while simultaneously gaining knowledge..

Assignment Instructions: you will be exploring the field of psychology. We are discussing the misconceptions that we have about the field while simultaneously gaining knowledge. For this assignment, you are to write a three to four-page paper discussing your initial perceptions of psychology. You must also address your career choice and how psychology fits into your chosen path. Please discuss your expectations of the class and what you hope to gain from this psychology course. You may choose to create an outline first for planning the paper. The outline is optional yet suggested as it is very helpful in creating a cohesive paper. Outlines will be required for other assignments, so it may be good to give yourself time to practice. If you complete an outline, please attach it to your paper. 

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Movie ANALYSIS “A Flash of Genius”.

Movie ANALYSIS “A Flash of Genius”..

Paper details

watching a movie called “A Flash of Genius”. After viewing the movie, you will write a reflection paper summarizing the facts, ethical issues involved, and present strategies the inventor should have used to prevent the problems the inventor experienced. In 2011 Congress pass and President Obama signed into law the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act. Explain the purpose for the new law, how it changed the way in which patents are granted and what effect this may have on small inventors like Dr. Kearns. Explain why you feel the jury ruled in favor of Dr. Kearns and detail a mistake Ford made during the trial. Explain the purpose for and way in which Dr. Kearns could have used the following types of contracts to protect himself in his various business dealings: -Joint Development Agreement -License/Royalty Agreement -NDA

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