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In this discussion board, you are going to have an opportunity to share with the class a bit about

In this discussion board, you are going to have an opportunity to share with the class a bit about the state you’ve chosen to research for your research paper. As a reminder, it can be any state other than Florida (it should also not be Washington, D.C. as that is not a proper state). For this discussion board, I’d like you to share the following with the class about your chosen state:

1) How does your state split power between the governor, the legislature, and the judicial branch? Does it have a particularly powerful governor or legislature?

2) What are party politics like in your state? Is it dominated by one party or is there regular two-party competition?

3) What are some of the major political issues in your state?

4) Is there anything unique about your state’s politics or government that you’ve discovered while doing your research.

You can score up to 20 points based on your use of evidence, the thoroughness and accuracy of your answer, and your correct usage of grammar/spelling.

Citations: If you use any outside material (which seems quite likely), please just put at the end of your post what sources you have used. You can use any citation format (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) that you’d like. And, as always, if you directly quote someone, please put it in quotes. Thanks!

Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace.


Research Paper titled Diversity in the Workplace; APA format, double spaced, Times new roman. Must have 10 citations total from 4 books and 6 legitimate websites/electronic journals. I will upload the Research Paper Outline for you to utilize as a guide to write the paper. Please follow the Research Paper Outline when writing the paper. 

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Optimal Portfolio of bank HSBC UK

In this discussion board, you are going to have an opportunity to share with the class a bit about Optimal Portfolio of bank HSBC UK.

Description After analysing the current portfolio of HSBC UK bank, The writer should come up with the Optimal portfolio at the end with an advice where you say you should invest with this amount of risk level and these and these and these assets , this amount of cash level and that would be optimal portfolio for hsbc UK bank. Simply. How it should look like. Based on theory to give an advice to the bank what is the optimal portfolio to invest in based on on the amount of risk level they want to be exposed to. Main book that must be referred to is Jonathan Berk and Peter DeMarzo Corporate Finance-Global Edition book So you all have those categories that they are currently investing in already (partially fixed assets, stocks, bonds) you have a certain mix on investments but what is OPTIMAL for them, that might be different than what they have now what implications does that have for them so you come up with the optimal portfolio compared to the current portfolio that they have and what consequences does it have for them if they choose to invest into optimal portfolio not messing too much with the level of risk that they are supposed to. The dissertation must be written accordingly to the guidelines.

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(Getting Out by Marsha Norman)

(Getting Out by Marsha Norman).

 The below link is on Youtube which you can use to watch and write a critical thinking on The purpose of this critique is for you to think critically about the play or musical you have witnessed and express what you thought worked in the production and what, in your opinion, failed. Please be aware that you do not have to like what you see. A. Describe and evaluate the acting in the production: 1. Choose the performers you liked best–citing illustrations from the production. Note things they did well–gestures, moments, bits, etc.–and explain why you think they were good. 2. How was the performer’s voice, movement, interpretation of the role? 3. Separate the performer from the role. Can you dislike a character but admire the performance? 4. How did the performers relate to each other? Did they listen and respond naturally, or did they look like they were “acting?” B. Describe and evaluate the directing in the production: 1. Has the director helped the actors perform convincingly? 2. Do the performers play together as an ensemble? 3. Is it easy to see and hear what is going on? 4. Are entrances and exits smooth? Scene changes? 5. Is the stage space used well? Are some areas ignored? 6. Does the pace and rhythm seem right? Does it drag or move swiftly? C. Describe and evaluate the design elements of the production: 1. Is the scenery helpful to the play? To the performers? 2. Is it a hindrance? Too distracting? Too overbearing? 3. Does it contribute to the mood? Is it appropriate for the style of the production? 4. Is there a symbolic element in the scenery? In the shapes or colors? 5. Is the design aesthetically pleasing in itself? 6. Is the lighting realistic or nonrealistic? 7. Does it help create mood? 8. Are all actors properly lit? Can we see their faces? 9. How does the lighting use color and direction (where does it come from: below, above, behind, etc.)? 10. Are light changes made slowly or quickly? Is this right for the play? 11. Are the costumes right for the play? In period and style? For the theme of the play? 12. Are they right for individual characters, in personality, station in life, occupation, etc.? 13. Is the design good? The colors? Why or why not? 14. Are there differences between costumes for major and minor characters? Between one faction in the play and another?

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IT-140-X3945 Introduction to Scripting 22EW3

CompetenciesIn this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies:
Write scripts using syntax and conventions in accordance with industry standard best practices
Develop a fully functional program using industry-relevant tools
ScenarioYou work for a small company that creates text-based games. You recently pitched your design ideas for a text-based adventure game to your team. Your team was impressed by all of your designs, and would like you to develop the game! You will be able to use the map and the pseudocode or flowcharts from your designs to help you develop the code for the game. In your code, you have been asked to include clear naming conventions for functions, variables, and so on, along with in-line comments. Not only will these help you keep track as you develop, but they will help your team read and understand your code. This will make it easier to adapt for other games in the future.
Recall that the game requires players to type in a command line prompt to move through the different rooms and get items from each room. The goal of the game is for the player to get all of the items before encountering the room that contains the villain. Each step of the game will require a text output to let the player know where they are in the game, and an option of whether or not to obtain the item in each room.
DirectionsIn Project One, you designed pseudocode or flowcharts for the two main actions in the game: moving between rooms and gathering items. In this project, you will write the code for the full game based on your designs. You will also need to include some additional components beyond your original designs to help your game work as intended. You will develop all of your code in one Python (PY) file, titled “”
IMPORTANT: The directions include sample code from the dragon-themed game. Be sure to modify any sample code so that it fits the theme of your game.
First, create a new file in the PyCharm integrated development environment (IDE), title it “,” and include a comment at the top with your full name. As you develop your code, remember that you must use industry standard best practices including in-line comments and appropriate naming conventions to enhance the readability and maintainability of the code.
In order for a player to navigate your game, you will need to develop a function or functions using Python script. Your function or functions should do the following:Show the player the different commands they can enter (such as “go North”, “go West”, and “get [item Name]”).
Show the player’s status by identifying the room they are currently in, showing a list of their inventory of items, and displaying the item in their current room.
You could make these separate functions or part of a single function, depending on how you prefer to organize your code.

#Sample function showing the goal of the game and move commands

def show_instructions():

#print a main menu and the commands

print(“Dragon Text Adventure Game”)

print(“Collect 6 items to win the game, or be eaten by the dragon.”)

print(“Move commands: go South, go North, go East, go West”)

print(“Add to Inventory: get ‘item name'”)

#In this solution, the player’s status would be shown in a separate function.

#You may organize your functions differently.

Next, begin developing a main function in your code. The main function will contain the overall gameplay functionality. Review the Project Two Sample Text Game Flowchart, located in the Supporting Materials section, to help you visualize how main() will work.For this step, simply add in a line of code to define your main function, and a line at the end of your code that will run main(). You will develop each of the pieces for main() in Steps #4–7.
In main(), create a dictionary linking rooms to one another and linking items to their corresponding rooms. The game needs to store all of the possible moves per room and the item in each room in order to properly validate player commands (input). This will allow the player only to move between rooms that are linked or retrieve the correct item from a room. Use your storyboard and map from Project One to help you create your dictionary.

Here is an example of a dictionary for a few of the rooms from the sample dragon text game.#A dictionary linking a room to other rooms

#and linking one item for each room except the Start room (Great Hall) and the room containing the villain

rooms = {

‘Great Hall’ : { ‘South’ : ‘Bedroom’, ‘North’: ‘Dungeon’, ‘East’ : ‘Kitchen’, ‘West’ : ‘Library’ },

‘Bedroom’ : { ‘North’ : ‘Great Hall’, ‘East’ : ‘Cellar’, ‘item’ : ‘Armor’ },

‘Cellar’ : { ‘West’ : ‘Bedroom’, ‘item’ : ‘Helmet’ },

‘Dining Room’ : { ‘South’ : ‘Kitchen’, ‘item’ : ‘Dragon’ } #villain


#The same pattern would be used for the remaining rooms on the map.
The bulk of the main function should include a loop for the gameplay. In your gameplay loop, develop calls to the function(s) that show the player’s status and possible commands. You developed these in Step #2. When called, the function(s) should display the player’s current room and prompt the player for input (their next command). The player should enter a command to either move between rooms or to get an item, if one exists, from a room.

Here is a sample status from the dragon text game:

You are in the Dungeon

Inventory: []

You see a Sword


Enter your move:

As the player collects items and moves between rooms, the status function should update accordingly. Here is another example after a player has collected items from two different rooms: You are in the Gallery

Inventory: [‘Sword’, ‘Shield’]


Enter your move:

Note: If you completed the Module Six milestone, you have already developed the basic structure of the gameplay loop, though you may not have included functions. Review any feedback from your instructor, copy your code into your “” file, make any necessary adjustments, and finish developing the code for the gameplay loop.
Within the gameplay loop, you should include decision branching to handle different commands and control the program flow. This should tell the game what to do for each of the possible commands (inputs) from the player. Use your pseudocode or flowcharts from Project One to help you write this code.What should happen if the player enters a command to move between rooms?
What should happen if the player enters a valid command to get an item from the room?
Be sure to also include input validation by developing code that tells the program what to do if the player enters an invalid command.Note: If you completed the Module Six milestone, you have already developed a portion of this code by handling “move” commands. Review any feedback from your instructor, copy your code into your “” file, make any necessary adjustments, and finish developing the code.
The gameplay loop should continue looping, allowing the player to move to different rooms and acquire items until the player has either won or lost the game. Remember that the player wins the game by retrieving all of the items before encountering the room with the villain. The player loses the game by moving to the room with the villain before collecting all of the items. Be sure to include output to the player for both possible scenarios: winning and losing the game.Hint: What is the number of items the player needs to collect? How could you use this number to signal to the game that the player has won?

Here is a sample from the dragon text game of the output that will result if the player wins the game: Congratulations! You have collected all items and defeated the dragon!

Thanks for playing the game. Hope you enjoyed it. If the player loses the game, they will see the following output: NOM NOM…GAME OVER!

Thanks for playing the game. Hope you enjoyed it.

Note: If you completed the Module Six milestone, the gameplay loop ended through the use of an “exit” room. You will need to remove the “exit” room condition and adjust the code so that the game ends when the player either wins or loses, as described above.
As you develop, you should be sure to debug your code to minimize errors and enhance functionality. After you have developed all of your code, be sure to run the code and use the map you designed to navigate through the rooms, testing to make sure that the game is working correctly. Be sure to test different scenarios such as the following:What happens if the player enters a valid direction? Does the game move them to the correct room?
When the player gets an item from a room, is the item added to their inventory?
What happens if the player enters an invalid direction or item command? Does the game provide the correct output?
What happens if the player wins the game? What happens if the player loses the game?What to SubmitTo complete this project, you must submit the following:TextBasedGame.pyDevelop and submit the “” file using PyCharm. Include your full name in a comment at the top of the code. Be sure to submit the code that you have completed, even if you did not finish the full game.

Research report in Cognition

Research report in Cognition.

You will be required to write a research report in APA style (including interpretation of some simple data analyses) on a topic from within the broad area of cognitive psychology.  This topic, and the data that will form the basis of your report will be provided in the relevant module in Interact 2 at the start of the session.

The word count includes abstract (250 words limit) and in-text citation but excludes reference list. 



This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to demonstrate an understanding of the dominant paradigm in cognitive psychology i.e., the study of the interactions between environmental information and the human processor of information
  • be able to demonstrate an understanding of the range and complexity of human mental processes
  • be able to use and understand the methodologies of cognitive psychology applied to the study of mental processes
  • be able to identify aspects of the material and personal environment which might affect the efficiency of human information processing
  • be able to appreciate the many applications of cognitive psychology

This research report is designed to help you develop (and help me evaluate) various skills relevant to research and critical analysis as applicable to the field of cognitive psychology. These skills address your ability to:

  • formulate (based on subject content and your own reviews of previous research) an appropriate hypothesis (or hypotheses) about a given topic;
  • interpret appropriate statistical analyses to test the hypothesis (hypotheses);
  • present the findings of analyses accurately and in a format appropriate for academic dissemination (methods and results section of report using APA style); and
  • critically analyse and interpret findings with respect to relevant theories (introduction and discussion sections of a report).

Marking criteria and standards


Title/Abstract: 5%
Introduction: 30%
Methods: 15%
Results: 15%
Discussion: 30%
Writing style and referencing: 5%

Total: 100%

The total mark you receive for your assignment will be out of 100, and will then be converted to a mark out of 40 before it is entered in Grade Centre (as this assignment is worth 40% of your final mark for this subject).

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Complete the Self-Reflection template above

omplete the Self-Reflection template above.
Each block must have at least one clearly stated and measurable personal and professional goal that is achievable and realistic. Remember your smart goal thought process. The timeline must be as directed in the given template.
As you complete this activity, reflect on the following questions:
What strengths do you have as you enter the profession of nursing?
What weaknesses do you have, and how will you overcome or minimize them?
Where will you be and what will you be doing five years after graduation from this nursing program?
Once the template has been completed, answer these questions in the same document.
What is your plan to continue to prepare for NCLEX-RN® ?
How will you maintain the momentum to ensure that your knowledge and test-taking strategies remain “second nature”?
What is your plan to maintain competency and becoming a lifelong learner?
Where will you find resources to assist in this process?
What does certification mean to you?
What is your plan to assist in the role transition from expert student to novice graduate nurse?
How will you gain your new professional identity?

Architectural Dissertation

Architectural Dissertation.

Write  a brief explanation of:

1) – Why the topic is a relevant topic to study and what the dissertation will focus on and,

2) – A few indicative sources/references to help the client.

This only needs to be brief. You do not need to go in-depth.

The client has suggested these 2 titles:
The relationship between sustainable timber and increase risk of flooding in India.
The effect of Passivhaus with the use of CLT.

Please focus on these topics:
1. building sciences & environmental design 
2. contemporary architecture & urban design
3. sustainability, climate change, building local resilience, low carbon buildings
4. humanitarian architecture
5. building performance evaluation 
6. societal challenges and new futures of architecture & cities
7. building construction, materials, details, complex material assembly 

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Steganographic Software

Steganographic Software.

Description : You are required to write a 5-8 page research paper on a topic of your choosing, related to the course concepts. Your final draft is due at the end of Week 7. Submission Instructions: Be sure your paper meets the following requirements: You will be required to write one research paper this semester. The specifications are as follows: 5-8 pages (double-spaced), excluding the title page, the abstract page (if included), and the references pages. Choose any topic related to the course and write about the latest developments and issues. Use at least five references outside of your textbook (you may use your textbook too, but are not required to). In addition to the required number of pages for the assignment, you must also include a reference page (bibliography), written in APA style, and a title page. Be sure to give all of your papers a descriptive title. You must get your topic approved by the end of Week 3. You must provide a 1-page outline of your paper by the end of Week 4. Your outline must include citations to three references (other than your textbook) and a brief summary of at least three references that you will use in your paper. At Week 6 you will be working on a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the key points of the paper you are working on. Use APA Style formatting in Arial 11 or 12-point font or Times New Roman styles. Page margins Top, Bottom, Left Side and Right Side = 1 inch, with reasonable accommodation being made for special situations Your paper must be in your own words, representing original work. Paraphrases of others’ work must include attributions to the authors. Limit quotations to an average of no more than 15% of the paper, and use quotations sparingly! This assignment has the embedded TurnItIn feature turned on. When you submit the paper, an originality report will be generated. Refer to the Evaluation Procedures section in the syllabus for additional information on assignments. Project Paper Rubric (100 Points)

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Discuss the pros and cons of the filibuster in the US Senate.

Discuss the pros and cons of the filibuster in the US Senate..

9. Discuss the pros and cons of the filibuster in the US Senate. 10. How would you distinguish fake news in the media from real news? 11. Analyze the circumstances in which impeachment has been used in national government throughout our history. 12. How have presidents exercised their role as commander-in-chief? How did Congress attempt to limit this power in the War Powers Resolution? 13. Explain the concepts of iron triangles and issue networks. What could be done to change the iron triangles? 14. Describe the manner(s) in which Congress attempts to control the bureaucracy. 15. Describe the different models of bureaucracy. 16. Should federal judges serve for lifetime or be term-limited? Thoroughly explain your answer. 17. “In no other country do judges have as big a share in policy-making as they do in the U.S.” In what way or ways can judges affect government policy in the US? 18. Explain three ways in which the courts can be checked. 19. Explain the rising cost of entitlement programs and what should be done about them in the future.

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Behavioral Assessment (Travel and Hospitality)

Behavioral Assessment (Travel and Hospitality).

Write a Behavioral Assessment on Travel and Hospitality. The company to use is Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Focus on their recent issues with clients getting sick on the ship while they were at sea. Please use the attached guideline to write the Assessment.

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