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in the use of revascularization before leg amputation in Medicare patients.

Topics: either Racial disparities in the use of revascularization before leg amputation in Medicare patients. Or Topic can be changed to something cool involving science like Endocrine Disruptors in cosmetic product or if you have a good idea just message me:


You can write a paper on your own about a public health topic. Your paper would be graded by me. I can work with you to find a good topic, or you might have an idea of a topic you’d like to write about.

Your paper would need to follow the PERIE format (similar to the papers you wrote for me and Gloria in PH200). It should be ~10-15 pages and would need to include at least 10 peer-reviewed journal articles as references. Your paper would follow this format:

Summarize the public health problem. What is the condition, disease, or concern that you are addressing? What are the related statistics to this problem (global, US, state/local)? What is the distribution of the problem within the population (WHO is affected)?

What are the major risk factors associated with the problem? What are the genetic contributors, the sociological contributors, the biological contributors, the environmental contributors? Are there co-morbidities?

Here, I don’t need to know what you think should be done… I need to know what other public health professionals have done to try to affect risk, or protect vulnerable populations. What approaches can be used to reduce mortality or morbidity? What approaches have reduced or addressed disparities? Who took those actions? Were they large scale or small scale? Did the approaches actually work? How do you know they worked (e.g., what data indicate that they were successful)?

How might the interventions that have been aimed at one group work for another at-risk group? In what ways are those interventions unlikely to be successful with some other groups? What are the broader conclusions that can be reached?

Household Expenditure and Leisure Tourism

Household Expenditure and Leisure Tourism.

Household Expenditure and Leisure Tourism

– leisure travel – expenditure on leisure trips and tourism – household socio-economic characteristics on leisure travel expenditure patterns

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Writing Question

in the use of revascularization before leg amputation in Medicare patients. Word count at least 900
All in-class sources are attached in file.

in-class readings, no need to use them all, choose any sources that you

like, but must make sure use at least 2-3 in-class sources/readings.


this writing, it should be a well-composed response and reaction, and

about 2 to 7 paragraphs in length (around 700-1500 words). The purpose

and goal of your writing is to extend your thinking, to expand your

knowledge or understanding, to add to your classmate’s thoughts and

analyses, to incorporate the new material we have learned during Weeks

6, 7 and 8 into your response post. In other words, it is about adding

to the learning of your classmates and the class in general, and

engaging in discussion. You will be graded on the quality (not quantity)

of a review of new course material that relates to the discussion post,

the inclusion of an answer to the questions asked, and the inclusion of

a couple new questions to engage others in a discussion, the quality of

those answers/questions, the inclusion of outside material

(e.g. from other classes, or from peer-reviewed journals, or from life

experience), how you made and the quality of the connections between new

material and the course, between animals and people, the illustration

of critical thinking skills, and the inclusion and accuracy of

references and citations.
Here is a basic rubric for how we

are grading your Critical Thought post (response post in brackets).

Please also consult the rubric provided in the syllabus:
Discussion was posted – 2 (0.5) (note: late posts are not graded unless there is an approved UO accommodation)
Quality of review (see syllabus rubric)- 4 (2)
Questions (and answers) to engage others in a discussion- 2 (1.5)
Quality of those questions/answers- 2 (1.5)
Inclusion of and relevancy of outside material- 4 (2)
Connections between the lectures and the course article readings- 3 (1.5)
Critical thinking (demonstration and quality) – 4 (3)
Inclusion of and accuracy of references – 2 (1.5)

Inclusion of and accuracy of citations- 2 (1.5)
Requirements: at least 700 words | .doc file

Modern UK legislative responses to terrorism are proportionate and respect human rights

Modern UK legislative responses to terrorism are proportionate and respect human rights.


“Modern UK legislative responses to terrorism are proportionate and respect human rights” Critically discuss and evaluate the above statement. * I prefer that the final answer would be that it is in-proportionate and needs further amendments

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The Role of HR

The Role of HR.


When contrasting the two organisations make sure they are differentiated in Markets ! You can use examples such as Tesco and Amazon or something more interesting In the 500 word self reflective report you can talk about both Tesco Or Asda as i have worked in both, i will add more content on what to cover  

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