In the presentation, we discussed examples of God’s creativity and provision of inspiration in the Bible. Find an example

In the presentation, we discussed examples of God’s creativity and provision of inspiration in the Bible. Find an example from the Bible where you see God’s creativity and/or preparation of artists for His glory and purposes. This should be an example that did not appear in the presentation. Include the Scripture reference and text (this will not count toward your word count requirement). Discuss how this passage helps you understand God as creator and inspirer as well as how it encourages you as you seek to be creative. Include a personal application of this truth in your own walk as an artist.[supanova_question]

Contemporary Themes in Healthcare Policy and Practice

Contemporary Themes in Healthcare Policy and Practice.


Contemporary Themes in Healthcare Policy and Practice



Integrating Health and Social Care services is in the spotlight in terms of government policy and local planning and can be considered an important contemporary health and social care issue.

Health services and social care services are often too fragmented and based around the needs of service organisation, culture and professional boundaries rather than the needs of patients.

The government wants to see the integration of health and social care, in every area of England, by 2020. Despite this, integration is the exception rather than the norm.

There are different views, and there is a variety of evidence, on the drivers and the obstacles for integrated care.

Your newly elected Member of Parliament (MP) for your London Borough, has asked you to

prepare a report for her on the arguments for and against integrating care in her Borough.

You must present conclusions and 4 to 6 recommendations on the integration of care in the

Borough which flow from the arguments used in the body of the report.


The assignment must be in a report format. You must address the issues relating to


integration both in a national context and in relation to a London Borough (I have chosen Haringey Borough, but you can choose other London borough with sufficient information)  of your choice.

Assessment Criteria

· A clear introduction, which outlines the key issues to be addressed in the report. The introduction should set the context and refer to the core aspects of integrating health and social care services, both nationally and in the local area chosen by the student, with a particular focus on the main areas and arguments covered in the report. There should be a brief reference to the methodology used in the report, including the quality of the evidence base.             (10%)

·         Critical analysis of the issue of integrating care, including a critical analysis of

government and local policy in the area of integrated care, leading to clear

recommendations for action. This will include an examination and critical appraisal of

relevant and appropriate evidence base  (Please Use  Diabetes or Cardiovascular Disease as evidence base) informations on Haringey CCG website,

 in relation to integrated care, both nationally

and in the local area you have chosen. The analysis should demonstrate knowledge

and understanding of the driving forces, and the restraining forces, in relation to the

implementation of integrated care . The analysis should include an examination of the

evidence base , using international, national and local sources                  (40%)

·  Application of healthcare management, public health, change management, organisational theory, leadership theory, quality approaches and other frameworks to critically analyse the issue of integrated care. 20%


·  Conclusions and recommendations which flow from the arguments being made in the report. The recommendations should be relevant to the Local Authority area you have chosen. (20%)



·  Report format, demonstration of logical structure, good syntax, grammar and referencing in the written report      (10% )


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Product Development Paper

In the presentation, we discussed examples of God’s creativity and provision of inspiration in the Bible. Find an example Product Development Paper.

Product Development Paper 

Develop a product that is designed for the future and cutting edge of the built environment. The purpose of the paper is to develop a new sustainable product, method, or process that has the potential for sustainability in the design and construction fields. Investigate similar or relevant issues that may impact your idea. Think of a product that has the potential to enhance the sustainable issues that are being addressed everyday. Identify a key issue that exists in sustainable construction and explain how your proposed product, method, or process solves this problem. If a similar product, method, or process already exists, the discussion should also address how your innovation is different or would improve the existing technology. Appropriate graphics, figures, and/or tables must be included in this paper to enhance the reader’s understanding of the subject you are discussing Paper is to be research-based to support and enhance the product, method, or process you have developed. Here are a couple of websites that can give you a few additional ideas: o o o The invention doesn’t have to be something brand-new. It may be easier to think of things that need improvement. What are some products, methods, or processes that are in use now that need some work to be more sustainable?

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