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In the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith nursing essay help a+ academic writing

With his soulful, haunting voice and deep, meaningful lyrics, Sam Smith has taken the world by storm. His first album, In the Lonely Hour, was ranked third in top albums of 2014 and is nominated for the Album of the Year Grammy. At 22, he has achieved more than most people will achieve in their entire lifetime, and he’s just getting started.

Sam Smith came into the public eye in early 2014 when the song “Latch” became popular. He was raised in a musical family, with fellow British singer, Lily Allen, as his third cousin, and his parents having a big musical influence on him. In the Lonely Hour is the first album from Smith and some of the most popular songs on the album are: “Stay With Me”, “I’m Not the Only One”, and “Lay Me Down.” All of these songs were chart toppers and, in my opinion, the best songs on the album. However, his beautiful songs would be nothing without his unique voice.
Something that makes this album different is Smith’s voice. He has a genuine, sultry voice that captivates the listener. He has been compared to artists like Adele and Frank Ocean, which is high praise. Another thing that makes Sam Smith stick out in his incredible range. His wide range is especially clear in the acoustic version of “Latch” and in “Lay Me Down.” In every song on the album, his amazing voice fits perfectly with the personal lyrics that he wrote.
In a song, lyrics are just as important as the beat. On this album, Smith pours his heart into his lyrics and shows a very personal side of himself. He croons about never falling in love and quick little flings, showing a different side of love for those who have never felt it. These in depth lyrics speak to many people and that’s part of the reason he’s so popular.
Beautiful voice, deep lyrics, and incredible range, has made Sam Smith one of the most popular artists of 2014. “In the Lonely Hour” was seventh in top albums of 2014 for good reason. Sam Smith has had an astonishing year and he is definitely the new artist to look out for.