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In preparation for your Developmental Analysis Paper due in Module 7, you will complete an annotated bibliography in Modules

In preparation for your Developmental Analysis Paper due in Module 7, you will complete an annotated bibliography in Modules 3 and 4. This will help you begin researching the developmental stages you will choose to analyze in your paper. Your final paper will require you to research 8-10 scholarly articles that detail the developmental events and effects during these stages. This week you will begin researching 2 scholarly articles that discuss the mental health implications of this developmental stage and co-occurring events that you highlighted on your timeline.

Use the Moody Library to research these articles. For example, if you marked a significant death in your childhood, begin researching the mental health implications that this event could have upon your developmental stage. Complete an annotated bibliography of these 2 articles. Each article will be described in 200 hundred words, detailing the rationale for the study, the study that was conducted, and the implications of the research. Each article used should be listed in proper APA format (coversheet, in-text citation, and references) and the assignment must be submitted as a Microsoft Word (pdf) document.

The Precariat is Recruiting

The Precariat is Recruiting.

Growing numbers of people are being pushed into a new and insecure workforce comprised of part-time and temporary staff. This temporary precarious labour force: the ‘precariat’, is now more numerous worldwide than any other occupational group. From de-industrialised environments to newly industrialising countries, young people represent the core of the emerging precariat where work and life are characterised by uncertainty and risk as a normal state of existence. Case Study Lucas, C. (2012) ‘Flexibility’ is what some call it; others say ‘job insecurity’. The Age, 12 March. (accessed 12 September 2018) Final Assignment Question Is it a core task for businesses in the post-industrial economy to create opportunities for decent work, or may work and jobs in the future never be reconstituted as they were in the past? Indicative Points Who are the Salariat? What is the Precariat? What are the forms of job-related security that precariats lack? Why is the Precariat growing? What are some of the key challenges likely for the future? Further Reading Burrell, G. (1996) Hard times for the Salariat. In H. Scarborough (Ed.) The Management of Expertise, pp. 48-65. London: Macmillan Business. Standing, G. (2011) The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class. New York: Bloomsbury.

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Mandatory Questions: it can be argued that the allocation of theorists to such categories as Rational Choice or Exchange Theory, Consensus or Structural Functional Theory, or Symbolic Interaction, Dramaturgical Theory, Existential Theory is arbitrary. Sel

In preparation for your Developmental Analysis Paper due in Module 7, you will complete an annotated bibliography in Modules Mandatory Questions: it can be argued that the allocation of theorists to such categories as Rational Choice or Exchange Theory, Consensus or Structural Functional Theory, or Symbolic Interaction, Dramaturgical Theory, Existential Theory is arbitrary. Sel.

Mandatory Questions: it can be argued that the allocation of theorists to such categories as Rational Choice or Exchange Theory, Consensus or Structural Functional Theory, or Symbolic Interaction, Dramaturgical Theory, Existential Theory is arbitrary. Select one theorist identified by your text or in lectures as a rational choice or exchange theorist, one identified as a consensus or functionalist theorist, and one identified as a social definitionist theorist and suggest how they might be similar in their assumptions about social life and how they might be different in such assumptions. 
Rational Choice/ Exchange Theory: How do exchange theorist such as Blau or Homans differ in terms of their assumptions of the nature of exchange relationships? How are they similar? How might each explain the responses of Houstonians to hurricanes, katrina to rita or syria to refugees? (3 part question)
Consensus/Funct.: How doo the assum. of consen. theories differ from those of conflict? Then, contrast one conflict theory w/ one conse. theory to explain the presence of social stratification and inequality. 
Social Def. Theory Question: The concept of “the self” and its linkage to ‘society” is of great importance to many “micro-interactionist” theorist. First, distinguish among symbolic interactionism phenomenology or existential sociology, and dramaturgical sociology. Then, explain how the self and society are “constructed” according to the theories of Cooley, Mead, Blumer, Husserl, Schuts, Goffman, and Garfinkel. (two-part question)

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Passion of Dance

Passion of Dance.

Passion of Dance

First, you can change the name of the paper to fit whatever it is you want to study about dance. The idea behind this paper is for students to have the opportunity to research and aspect of dance with more focus and intention. Some examples of potential topics are; contemporary ballet, Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes, Race and Ballet, Architecture and Dance, Dance Medicine, Physics of Dance, Nutrition and training, Site specific dance, Political Dance, Dance in the Media, etc. This paper should be written in MLA format, 12 pt font, double space, three citations for text, articles outside of the class text, and be at least 5 pages in length.

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Business Comm. Writing Improvement

Revise the following sentences to use plain language and familiar words. Give 2 examples for each whenever possible.
If you do not understand

a word, look it up. An online thesaurus would be helpful.
1. We are offering a pay package that is commensurate with other managers’

2. The seller tried to obfuscate the issue by mentioning closing and other costs.
3. Even after officers interrogated the suspect, solid evidence failed to materialize.
4. In dialoguing with the owner, I learned that you plan to terminate our contract
No plagiarism

Cardiff City Council Business Challenge Report

Cardiff City Council Business Challenge Report.

Background information:


Need to do research on the CCC services.


Issues that the CCC is facing are probably:

  1. Organising & Planning
  2. Financial Issues (i.e Budgetting)
  3. Operations


     We have to look at the main issue of the businesses -> most probably it is because they do not have a structure within the business.


“The council therefore is keen to evaluate alternative delivery models (ADMs) as a means of achieving key strategic objectives within the Street Scene Department, particularly in relation to the Welsh Government’s Towards Zero Waste Strategy.” – main business issue


-> need to find solution that is suitable for the business without having to spend much on reaching the solution


Theory for code of conduct

List the questions you will put to your business representatives during the visit.


–        Are you more worried about issues surrounding reduced budget from 39% (2005/6) to 24% (2017/18) or delivery of services/innovation?

o   Have you had any complaints about the delivery of services?

 Any consultation on service delivery and any proposed changes?

o   Was the loss of employees to do with satisfaction or reduction of budget?

–        Would you sacrifice cost effectiveness to increase efficiency?

–        What delivery models are used? (ADMs) – any examples of when it’s used before? From what aspects to ensure that it is indeed effective

–        What are you willing to spend from the budget towards the solution?

–        What is the street scene department? (is it similar to the newport streetscene [makes it easy to report a problem and helps the council respond quickly])

–        What are the key strategic objectives of the business?

– what is the budget for the street scene department? Is it enough for maintenance?

Who will make the decision (council structure)

 Any Constraints internally and externally that could affect our business solution?

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Accounting Standards.

Accounting Standards..

 After reading case 1-1 Standard Setting: “A Political Aspect” in the textbook, write an essay that includes the following elements: A formal introduction. Answers to questions (a) through (d) of the case, focusing on the role of accounting standard setting in the private sector. A conclusion. Your submitted paper should be at least 2-3 pages long following APA style, and properly referenced. Case Study: “This case consists of a letter from Dennis R. Beresford, chairperson of the Financial Account- ing Standards Board, to Senator Joseph I. Lieberman. The specific issue was proposed legis- lation relating to the accounting for employee stock options. Permission to reprint the following letter was obtained from the Financial Accounting Standards Board. August 3, 1993 Senator Joseph I. Lieberman United States Senate Hart Senate Office Building Room 316 Washington, DC 20510 Dear Senator Lieberman: Members of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (the FASB or the Board) and its staff routinely consult with members of Congress, their staffs, and other government officials on matters involving financial accounting. For example, FASB members and staff met with Senator Levin both before and after the introduction of his proposed legis- lation, Senate Bill 259, which also addresses accounting for employee stock options. The attachment to this letter discusses the accounting issues (we have not addressed the tax issues) raised in your proposed legislation, Senate Bill 1175, and issues raised in remarks introduced in the Congressional Record. My comments in this letter address an issue that is more important than any particular legislation or any particular accounting issue: why we have a defined process for setting financial reporting standards and why it is harmful to the public interest to distort accounting reports in an attempt to attain other worthwhile goals.” “Financial Reporting Markets are enormously efficient information processors—when they have the infor- mation and that information faithfully portrays economic events. Financial state- ments are one of the basic tools for communicating that information. The U.S. capital market system is well-developed and efficient because of users’ confidence that the fi- nancial information they receive is reliable. Common accounting standards for the preparation of financial reports contribute to their credibility. The mission of the FASB, an organization designed to be independent of all other business and professio- nal organizations, is to establish and improve financial accounting and reporting standards in the United States. Investors, creditors, regulators, and other users of financial reports make business and economic decisions based on information in financial statements. Credibility is critical whether the user is an individual contemplating a stock investment, a bank making lending decisions, or a regulatory agency reviewing solvency. Users count on financial reports that are evenhanded, neutral, and unbiased. An efficiently functioning economy requires credible financial information as a ba- sis for decisions about allocation of resources. If financial statements are to be useful, they must report economic activity without coloring the message to influence behavior in a particular direction. They must not intentionally favor one party over another. Financial statements must provide a neutral scorecard of the effects of transactions. Economic Consequences of Accounting Standards The Board often hears that we should take a broader view, that we must consider the economic consequences.

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Duopoly Reaction Curves

Duopoly Reaction Curves.

Megalomaniacs Inc., the washing powder producer has today confirmed, amidst great fanfare and publicity, that it has hired Mr Megatron, the renowned empire building manager. Mr Megatron is a controversial figure that has in the past consistently pursued vast increases in the size of the companies that he runs with limited regard to profits. The shareholders of Megalomaniacs Inc. largely voted in favour of the installation of Mr Megatron, after ousting their former manager in a stormy shareholders’ meeting last week.

WhiteEnvy is the arch rival of Megalomaniacs – the two companies between them control virtually all of the washing powder market in a tightly contested duopoly that has lasted for years. The company swiftly dismissed the move as one that will drive down profits and harm the interests of the shareholders of Megalomaniacs. For their own part, WhiteEnvy shareholders affirmed their loyalty to the existing manager as someone that has “always acted in their best interests”.

Washing powder is a largely homogeneous commodity; returns to scale in the production of this good are constant and costs are virtually identical between the two firms. Using both diagrammatic and algebraic exposition (for the former you will need to analyse the shifts in the reaction curve(s) and for the latter you need to assume a linear demand curve; do not use specific numerical values or numerical examples, only algebra) explain in detail whether the hiring of the a new manager is a good decision for Megalomaniacs’ shareholders and for the new manager himself in terms of achieving their objectives. In the same manner you need to analyse and explain to what extent the decision by WhiteEnvy to stick to its existing manager is wise for its shareholders’ interests or whether it too should consider a similar change. Please consider alternative duopoly setting scenarios carefully explaining why the actions by each firm are justified in furthering its objectives and comment on the profit implications of these actions for each company. Also algebraically calculate and comment on the consumer surplus implications of each scenario that you include and show how it compares with the initial scenario before the hiring of Mr. Megatron.

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Figurative Language

Figurative Language.

 List and label all the figurative language you find in the song. Identify how each lyric represents the figurative language that you listed.

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Study Within A Trial-Randomized Trial

Study Within A Trial-Randomized Trial.

Study Within A Trial-Randomized Trial Description Learning objectives • to identify whether it would be beneficial to have a pilot trial before your main trial • to identify a SWAT (Study Within A Trial) that might be done within your trial • to identify any issues that have not been resolved • to identify how to resolve outstanding issues about your trial • As you are resubmitting the assignment, you must follow the original assignment instructions but you must base your assignment on two new challenges or issues. You must not re-use any part of your original assignment submission. • describe a particular challenge in the conduct of a randomised trial and present either their solution to this or the approach that they would take to reach a solution. If one or • both of the assignments can take the form of the outline for a SWAT (Study Within A Trial) in which the particular challenge and a possible solution to it would be presented using the SWAT template with information on the background to the SWAT, • its objective, • the area of the trial to be investigated, • any interventions or actions that would be compared (and the method for allocating to different interventions or actions), the outcome measures to determine the effects of the interventions or actions and how these would be analysed, and any possible problems in implementing this SWAT. -two assignments 1500 each words, excluding titles, and cover page

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