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In need of answers for a case study that needs to be in a PPT format with Script explaining every slide on an MSWORD format. It would be presented on 6 mins video so i just need short explanations based on the case.

In need of answers for a case study that needs to be in a PPT format with Script explaining every slide on an MSWORD format. It would be presented on 6 mins video so i just need short explanations based on the case..

I’m working on a business plans case study and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Description:In this case you will learn:How to use a PESTEL analysis to assess local market conditionsIdentify sustainable competitive advantage using Porter’s Value ChainAssess mode of entry / market entry strategies for global marketsResponse InstructionsPlease submit a video (6 min max) of you and your partner presenting your response to the following. Remember to identify what are the key issue(s) in this case or explain what this case is trying to address at the beginning of your Case Response.1. Evaluate Walmart’s globalization strategy over the last two decades using a PESTEL Analysis. Where did the retailer struggle? Where did it do well? Can market characteristics explain the differences in Walmart’s performance?2. What is Walmart’s competitive advantage? How do they provide value to their customers? Back up your conclusions by using Porter’s value chain.3. In 2013, Walmart decided to enter the Indian market in a joint-venture with Bharti Enterprises. Considering your PESTEL analysis of Walmart’s global expansion up to that point, do you think it was a good idea to go to India? Why / Why not? What is your opinion of a joint-venture as the mode of entry?4. In general, what do you think is the best way to enter a new market: acquisition, joint-venture, or greenfield investment? What are the market characteristics that affect the decision? What are the firm characteristics that affect this decision? What industry characteristics affect this decision?
In need of answers for a case study that needs to be in a PPT format with Script explaining every slide on an MSWORD format. It would be presented on 6 mins video so i just need short explanations based on the case.

The entities which are operating in more than one country are called Multinational Corporations. The typical Multinational Corporation functions with a headquarter in one country while other facilities are based in other countries. Multinational Corporation is also referred to transnational corporation. The model of the Multinational Corporation may vary but its simplest form is one that is headquarter in one country and its working units in other countries. Its main reason is that companies take advantage of reducing cost for the production of goods and also for the services. It’s another form is that all main functions are performed in the origin country of parent company and subsidiaries are less function independently. The start of such kind of business is traced is very old near about 17th century but in the 21st century. Multinational Corporation also comes in existence due to merger of different companies in different countries. Advantages of Multinational Corporation: There are many different reasons why a company practices as a Multinational Corporation. These reasons are given below: Multinational companies can avoid or reduce their transportation cost. Economies of scale also can be achieved. Multinational companies have less chance of bankruptcy than small or non-multinational companies. Research and development process is also more in practice. Wage level in different countries is different, which is a major advantage. Due to globalization, different markets are available. Currency Fluctuations: Currency fluctuation is referred to the changes of a relative value in one currency when compared to other country. The process of currency fluctuation is occurring every day which brings changes in rate of exchange of different currencies of different countries. It is the currency fluctuation which attracts is investors to invest in different currencies for gaining the profit. There are upward or downward movement in the currencies that refers to appreciate or depreciate of currencies. If an investor invests in a currency if that currency depreciates in accordance to investors own currency then there is a profit while if that currency appreciates in accordance of the investors own currency then there is a loss. Political issues may cause the currency fluctuation. If there are political issues of currency fluctuation there will be short term impact also it may be long term. What is FOREX (Foreign Exchange)? Foreign exchange is trading of one type of currency for another. Foreign exchange has no physical location and no central exchange like other financial markets. It operates through a global network of banks, corporations and individuals trading one currency for another. The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest financial market which works 24 hours in a day which trades a huge amount of currencies of different countries. Not like any other financial market, investors can counter to currency fluctuations caused by economic, political and social events at the time when they occur, without having to wait for exchanges to open. The currency markets are not new that they have been around for as long as banks have been established for the dealing and transactions of money. What is relatively new is the openness of these markets to the individual investor, mainly the small- to medium-sized trader. A Short History of the Foreign Exchange Trading Market: Foreign exchange markets mainly established to make easy cross border trade in which there is involvement of different currencies by governments, companies and individual investors. More ever these markets generally existed to supply for the international movement of capital and money, even the initial markets had speculators. Today, a great part of Foreign Exchange market working is being determined by assumption, arbitrage and professional dealing, in which currencies are traded like any other commodity. The Retail Investors only means of gaining contact to the foreign exchange market was through banks that transacted in a huge amount of currencies for commercial and speculation purposes. After exchange rates were allowed to float freely in 1971, the volume of trade has been increased over the time. Most of the world’s major currencies were pegged to the US dollar due to an agreement that is called the Britton Woods Agreement. The participating countries try to maintain the value of their currencies against US Dollar also with the rate of the gold. These countries are bounded to devalue their currencies for the purpose of gaining advantage. Types of markets and transactions: There are two types of markets or transaction which are very common. Spot market / spot transaction Forward market / forward transactions In spot transactions, buying and selling certain amount of foreign currency are based on current market rate and settlement are made and paid for without more ado. On the other hand, Forward transactions, are deals arranged for future settlement, to be paid for on decided dates on or after delivery. Characteristics of Foreign Exchange Market: There are some characteristics of Foreign Exchange Markets such as: Volume of trading is very huge. By the use of technologies like internet the foreign exchange trading centers are linked together to get updated information and for the trading. Due to the integration of trading centers there is no significant arbitrage. Functions of Foreign Exchange Markets: What kind of functions of Foreign Exchange Market performs are give below: Transfer of purchasing power. Financing of inventory in transit. Hedging. Conversion of currencies. Reducing of foreign exchange risks. Participants of the Foreign Exchange Market: There are the participants of the Foreign Exchange Markets those participates in dealing and transactions. Banks
SWOT on Best Buy.

Begin by reading the linked article:Kuzeljevich, J. (2013). A need for speed. Canadian Transportation & Logistics, 116(3), 30-33. Best Buy’s supply chain manager, Ms. Thompson, has asked you to provide a situational analysis on the transportation aspect of the business. Complete this task using the information from the linked article for Best Buy specific information as well as 2 other sources relating to transportation in general.Create a memo to Ms. Thompson that includes:An introduction on the topic (1 paragraph)SWOT analysis of Best Buy’s current transportation system with 3-5 aspects under each of the headingsCreate a table and ensure it is professionally presentedUse full phrases to share your findings clearlySupport your statements with further detail in the memo. In paragraph form, support the SWOT grid with further details on how the different aspects are impacting Best Buy. (2-3 paragraphs for each of the SWOT= 8-12 paragraphs total)Conclusion with 2+ recommendations based on the analysis presented (2 paragraphs)Include your APA formatted reference page and in-text citations with your memoRemember, you must present yourself professionally to Ms. Thompson. Check for grammar and professionalism!
SWOT on Best Buy

Sustainability, business and finance homework help.

FINC225-1603A-03Financial Statement AnalysisTYPE: Individual ProjectUNIT:  SustainabilityDUE DATE:  Mon, 8/1/16DELIVERABLE LENGTH: Excel spreadsheet + a Word document (1–2 pages)You have been hired as a junior financial analyst by a major, international consulting firm. For your first assignment, you have been asked by a senior financial analyst to demonstrate your skills by assessing the performance of a publicly trading company; preferably one with inventories and receivables. The senior analyst expects you to evaluate at least two years’ worth of financial statements, but you know three years would be better in order to really understand the financial health of your subject company. Each week over the next five weeks, the senior analyst expects you to complete and submit at least one task associated with this assignment and to regularly discuss what you have been learning with you other junior associates, as they will be preforming the same project as you, albeit with a different company, and most likely in a different industry. Using the Lockheed Martin’s company’s financial statements, calculate and evaluate the firm’s sustainable growth rate (SGR) for the last 2–3 years, and summarize your findings in your paper. Be sure to address the following:What are the sustainable growth rates for your subject company over the period that you studied?How do they compare with the actual growth rates that the company experienced over the period studied?What are the consequences faced by firms that grow at a rate that is not consistent with their sustainable rate?If the firm grew at a rate above or below the SGR, how did it finance its excessive growth or reward its stockholders for the underperformance?Based on your analysis, do you believe the firm’s growth strategy is sound and maximizes the value of the firm with reasonable levels of risk? Be sure to document your statements with credible sources, in-text citations, and references using proper APA format.
Sustainability, business and finance homework help

Saudi Electronic University Macro Economics Questions

Saudi Electronic University Macro Economics Questions.

Q1: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources recently announced an increase to the monthly minimum wage from 3000 SAR to 4000 SAR for full-time Saudi workers in April 2021, and introduced a Labor Reform Initiative (LRI) scheduled to take effect on 14th March 2021.Discuss the implications of the above topic.Will this impact unemployment in the country? How?Q2: Three students have each saved $1,000. Each has an investment opportunity in which he or she can invest up to $2,000. Here are the rates of return on the students’ investment projects: Harry 5 percentRon 8 percent Hermione 20 percent a. If borrowing and lending is prohibited, so each student uses only his or her saving to finance his or her own investment project, how much will each student have a year later when the project pays its return? b. Now suppose their school opens up a market for loanable funds in which students can borrow and lend among themselves at an interest rate r. What would determine whether a student would choose to be a borrower or lender in this market? c. Among these three students, what would be the quantity of loanable funds supplied and quantity demanded at an interest rate of 7 percent? At 10 percent?d. At what interest rate would the loanable funds market among these three students be in equilibrium? At this interest rate, which student(s) would borrow, and which student(s) would lend? e. At the equilibrium interest rate, how much does each student have a year later after the investment projects pay their return and loans have been repaid? Compare your answers to those you gave in part (a). Who benefits from the existence of the loanable funds market—the borrowers or the lenders? Is anyone worse off?
Saudi Electronic University Macro Economics Questions

Discussion Question

programming assignment help Discussion Question. I’m studying for my Economics class and need an explanation.

Week 3 Discussion

GUIDES Worksheet Analysis
In preparation for Assignment 2, respond to the prompts below:

What stage of the Business Cycle is both your home and target country in?
What stage of the Business Cycle is your industry in, and your company in?
How can you use this data to understand your company’s prospects in your target country?
What innovations, if any, are present to help your company grow its business?

Make sure to restate your target country and your company as part of your initial post.
Discussion Question

Compensation Project – Job Analysis and Job Evaluation

Compensation Project – Job Analysis and Job Evaluation.

Performing a job analysis allows compensation professionals to ensure the job description actually matches the duties performed by an employee. It is important to regularly perform a job analysis on the position you have created for this project.Now that you have your job description in place, begin your detailed compensation plan and include the following:Create and describe a job analysis process and job evaluation process. Discuss the importance of each process for your position.Design a basic pay structure for the position.Evaluate how the process and pay structure relates to the organization success.This part of your project should be 2-3 pages and in APA format. Add citations Attached some guide or resource from class*****
Compensation Project – Job Analysis and Job Evaluation

The Civil Rights Movement

The civil rights movement was an epic stand by the African Americans against racism and discrimination by the whites. The movement united all the blacks across cities, towns and villages to tackle and counter racism. The blacks lived in hardship and had a poor lifestyle due to lack of opportunity and a deficient economy. African Americans always thought they were inferior and the whites were superior. This changed when leaders such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King stepped up to educate and inspire the African Americans to fight for their rights and battle for freedom. The battle for freedom caused many changes. Youths of other ethnicity, such as white and Hispanics began to absorb Black culture such as slang and hip hop. The Black middle class were treated much better however the working class were generally punished as they were less educated. Malcolm X discussed the difference between the Negros who work in the field and the Negros that work in the house. Malcolm was associated as the field Negro that generally intimidated the white ruling class. He used the power of words to put his point across and portray the truth to the African Americans. Malcolm was determined to bring a change and wanted the racism against the blacks to stop. In my opinion Malcolm X was one of the great leaders and a hero that inspired African Americans to unite against the whites and stop racism. His fighting spirit demonstrated what freedom and equality meant to the African Americans. Not only was he intelligent and expressive, but fearless. The Organization of Afro-American Unity, which declared to encourage peace and tranquilty among all cultures and races, was started by Malcolm X; this ensured that African Americans united across the world. Moreover Malcolm X advocated black pride, economic self-reliance, and encouraged other blacks to enter politics to make a difference. Personally I felt the autobiography portrayed the racism and injustice the African Americans had to suffer. Malcolm X did not come from a rich background hence had lived in hardship His aspirations were different to any other African American as he felt free and unbound by white racism suppressed on the blacks. Reading his auto biography I interpret the civil rights movement as a road to freedom and a fight against injustice and discrimination. African American Muslims like Malcolm X, Elijah Mohammad formed the Nation of Islam. The nation of Islam had made significant contributions to the civil rights movement. Similar to Harlem Renaissance the Nation of Islam sought to change attitudes of blacks about themselves and their place in society. They also highlighted that the Blacks were mislead by public schools with intent of preserving white domination. The Nation of Islam thought that blacks were superior and referred to the whites as blue eyed devils and blamed white politics for supremacy of white class. The nation of Islam did not play a major contribution in the civil rights movement however they did inspire the blacks to be more confident and convert a few African Americans to Islam and promote justice and righteousness. The organization promoted self defence and would describe the fight for freedom as a revolution which repelled the public as it was interpreted as an extreme idea. Malcolm X was generally pressurized and brainwashed by Elijah Muhammad to hate all whites and ignore a non violent, peaceful method to the road of freedom. He initially did not believe in the civil rights movement which decreased his audience numbers; however this made no difference to him as long as he was true to himself and spoke about matters which were important to him. This was one of the major reasons why the Nation of Islam could not influence as many people to fight with them against white supremacy. In conclusion after reading the autobiography of Malcolm X I was able to understand his passion for freedom and equality. His childhood as described in the book had reflected his views about whites and had led him towards drugs and crime. Subjected to racism since he was a child, Malcolm X wanted to fight against the white race and against racism. During his time in prison Malcolm relished his real talent which allowed him to contribute in the civil rights movement. After leaving the Nation of Islam and attending the holy pilgrimage, Malcolm decided to really free and help the African Americans by joining hands with other leading organizations and civil right leaders that promote integration and peace. Overall Malcolm X was a hero to me and other African Americans as her contributed to their freedoms and showed them how to fight for their rights.