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In my research, I will go to Costa Rica to study ecotourism with the use of Critical Discourse Analysis.

In my research, I will go to Costa Rica to study ecotourism with the use of Critical Discourse Analysis. I am currently working on my thesis, and most of it has already been written, but as I have no experience with CDA, I find myself having trouble with constructing the Conceptual Framework, and to a lesser extent with the theoretical framework as well. I could the help of someone who is good (!) at constructing good looking and sense making conceptual frameworks. Further, I’d like to have help with finishing my theoretical framework and operationalization table. I can only use like a 1000 more words, so it shouldnt have to take too much time for someone who has experience with CDA, critical analysis more generally and constructing conceptual frameworks.

350 words details below

350 words details below. I’m trying to study for my Writing course and I need some help to understand this question.

The purpose of theory is to offer an understanding of a complex world and
the various interactions that take place within this environment. It is
theory that allows us to think systematically. Fitting events into
theory and using theory to explain and predict events are what separate
the study of political science from a study of current events.

Select at least two of the articles assigned this week, and compare and
contrast how each one applies theory. Use examples from the reading to
discuss the type(s) of international events the theory is most and least
useful for explaining.
Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 350 words.

350 words details below

The Threat of the Rich and Poor Gap to Social Institutions

essay helper free Introduction Social problems are large topics up for debate in American society. The steadily increasing gap between the rich and the poor is a prevalent social problem in our society. A social problem is a term used to describe a substantial problem in society that affects large amounts of people (Barkan 2015). Going along with this definition, the subject of the gap between the rich and the poor most definitely falls under the category of a social problem. This social problem is a huge issue and should be addressed with a solution. Extent The gap between the rich and the poor is a threat to social institutions such as education, politics, and healthcare. Education. Inequality regarding the rich and the poor is a predominant issue in educational services. For some people, education is the pathway to finding opportunities that they may not have been offered before due to their background or social class. Although this is true, along with the gap between the rich and poor increasing, the number of skilled individuals able to work in the economy have decreased. A study in 2015 states that as inequality increases, individuals who come from a lower-class background have become less likely to graduate from a four-year college and more likely to undergo periods of unemployment while higher-class individuals are shown to ultimately do better in school, and are more likely to go to a four-year college and earn a higher income in whatever career they pursue (Brian 2015). Government and Politics. Additionally, the gap between the rich and the poor can impact the government and politics. Political campaigns in America are largely influenced by wealth ultimately meaning those who have a higher income usually have a bigger say in political arguments. Even big businesses have power in their ability to influence political outcomes. This is also called lobbying. American business in the past have been hesitant to become involved in political activities and the government in general, but over time those businesses have become more aggressive and forceful in their lobbying efforts (Drutman 2015). Health care. The growing gap between the rich and the poor is a huge influencer of increasing negative health outcomes and unmet health care needs. While the health care system in the United States has the potential to reduce income-based health issues, it often makes them worse. Individuals in the lower-class may have no access to health care services compared to the health care that the upper-class receives. Although lower-class individuals may receive partial coverage, many remain uninsured and do not receive the services that they need. An article written in 2017 states that the life expectancy of the wealthiest Americans surpasses the life expectancy of the poorest by 10-15 years. (Dickman, Himmelstein

Write Journal Please consider lessons and concepts covered during the previous week and make an effort to observe or put into practice those concepts. Write your thoughts and reflections and submit t

  Write your thoughts and reflections and submit them here in a Word document (should be at least 2 paragraphs in length – but I am really looking for quality over quantity).  Considerations: What is a leadership principle that you have learned so far in this course and have either began putting into practice or already have put into practice?

Develop a 1–2-page prospectus (a streamlined proposal) for a chosen organization

Develop a 1–2-page prospectus (a streamlined proposal) for a chosen organization. I don’t understand this Business question and need help to study.

****I was initially thinking of doing the project on organization –department of veterans affairs, or VA hospitals…but don’t know if that is too broad to find adequate information for. (thoughts?)

Project ExpectationsThe project must meet these expectations:

The organization you choose to analyze must meet the requirements listed below under Choosing an Organization.
The scope of effort required should be such that the project can be planned and completed in six to eight weeks.
Show Less Choosing an OrganizationBefore you can begin your project, you will need to choose an organization on which to focus your project. The audience for your project will be the key stakeholders within the organization pertaining to your project. The organization you choose must meet the following requirements:

The organization must be real, not fictitious.
You may choose an organization to which you have direct access for data gathering or one for which you will gather data via published sources. In either case, it must be an organization for which you can gather the data needed to complete the project.
If need be, you may be allowed to use a disguised name for the organization in the project report, but you must disclose to the instructor the actual organization you are using as the setting for the project.
Note: You may choose nearly any company that you wish. If you choose a company that you work for, you must receive permission from a supervisor at your work place to use the company before submitting Assessment 1. In addition, you may not choose any one of the organizations listed below:

Proctor and Gamble.
Johnson and Johnson.
Harley Davidson.
Pepsi or Coke.
Project ExamplesYou will choose the type of project you will complete for your. Examples of project types that meet the project requirements include but are not limited to the following:

Preparation of a strategic plan for an organization.
A strategic analysis of all or a selected part of an organization.
Development of a case study of all or a selected part of an organization.
Development of an intervention, such as a workshop or training activity, that is broad-based enough to demonstrate the program-level outcomes.
Development of a consulting report on a problematic issue within an organization, provided that the issue is broad-based enough to demonstrate program-level outcomes.
You may propose other structures for the project so long as you are able to identify how the proposed project satisfies the requirement of demonstrating the program-level outcomes.

Before beginning this assessment, complete the following:

Choose an organization for your project. The audience of your project will be the key stakeholders within the organization pertaining to the project’s focus. If you have not yet chosen an organization for your project, review Choosing an Organization in the Context for the requirements for the chosen organization.
Choose a project type. Examples of project types are listed in the Context.
Review the Project Outline in the Course Summary. Keep the program outcomes in mind as you select an organization and project type.
For this assessment, develop a prospectus (a streamlined proposal) for your chosen organization. The prospectus is a brief, one-page overview of what your project will be. You will receive feedback on your prospectus that will reflect on the appropriateness of your project in demonstrating your program outcomes and the feasibility of the project. Complete the following in your prospectus:

Identify your chosen organization.
Describe your project’s objectives and scope.
Describe how you will demonstrate all MBA program outcomes in your project.
The table provided below is a sample prospectus. A template for this table is linked in the Resources. You may use the template provided and, for your assessment, merely replace the text in the Description column with your own text. Or, if you prefer, you may prepare a document in an alternative format that addresses all of the entries shown in the table.

Sample Prospectus


Target Organization
R. D. Tech, Inc.

Brief Project Description
I will research various aspects of R. D. Tech to determine how we can become more cost effective in our processes.

Access and Data Availability
I am employed by R. D. Tech and have permission to gather the required data. In the actual case document, the company name will be disguised.

Program Outcomes

Apply foundational knowledge and an understanding of business systems, processes, and technology within and across core disciplines.
The case study will cover all organizational components and functions, including marketing, operations, finance, and administration. It will examine the company’s upstream and downstream supply chain and the information and materials flows involved.

Integrate information across disciplines and from differing perspectives.
The case will examine the interrelationships among the different organizational functions in light of the challenges the company is facing. It will present the perspectives of major points of view, including the marketing, finance, and operations teams, as well as senior management.

Lead and collaborate in virtual, global, and culturally diverse environments.
The case will assess issues involved in the company’s investigation of overseas market prospects, including the establishment of overseas branches.

Integrate principles of ethics and integrity into business decisions.
The company is considering a change to its full employment policy, as dairies in its local two-state area consolidate and it considers expansion abroad. The ethical issues of changing the implied contract with employees will be examined as part of the case.

Estimate expected length.
My paper will be approximately 30 pages, double-spaced, not including cover page, contents, and references. It will include at least 10 references. My PowerPoint presentation will include 10–20 slides.

Additional Requirements

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Use APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
Number of resources: None required at this stage.
Length of paper: 1–2 typed, double-spaced pages (not including cover page or references).
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Develop a 1–2-page prospectus (a streamlined proposal) for a chosen organization

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