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In Jack London’s To Build A Fire, who shows greater intelligence: the dog or the main character? You can

In Jack London’s To Build A Fire, who shows greater intelligence: the dog or the main character?

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2. Your thesis sentence must be the last sentence of your introduction and answer the assigned question.

3. Your body paragraph must prove your thesis to be true.

4. Your conclusion must state why your thesis is important.

5. Each paragraph must be 5-7 sentences and the total length of your essay should be three paragraphs (introduction, body, conclusion).

6. Write only in the 3rd person. (Do not use I, you, we, us, or any other phrase outside of the 3rd person.)




Ethical Leader Behavior


Institutional Affiliation


Power can be defined as either divine or acquired ability to cause influence on people through ones actions or statements. Bertram Raven and John French were able to come up with the various styles of power. For instance, they held that legitimate power comes as a result of one being in a position of influence. It further clarifies that legitimate power is attached to the condition under which the leader holds office. Reward power just as it sounds is the authority given to a junior employee by his or her senior to be able to influence the rest of the employees towards some set goal. Expert power is observed from the feeling that one has better credentials or authority in the company and this makes the rest of the team develop a subordinate character. On the other hand, Referent power is better explained as the ability of a manager to use personal friendships within the work to influence the people. Finally, coercive power is not so new and it means trying to influence someone into a decision by taking away something from them. This may be reputation or image to respect, positions and their overall overview appraisal (Lin, Ma & Johnson, 2016).

Becoming an empowering leader

Business leaders around the world are becoming to understand the benefits of becoming empowering leaders. They very well know that networks or the lack of may be the thin line between success and failure. A leader who empowers his juniors is always relaxed because he knows that even without his present authority, the job still gets done. For this to be realized, there are several traits and standards that an information technology use the inner core route but are not contributing a gang that will turn against the ethically recognized players of the route (Lussier & Achua, 2015). A good example is learning to become a delegate in the activities under view.

A great leader who is committed to empower his people will commit to empower them with the knowledge, power or adequate resources to do the job. Secondly, a leader who wants to empower his staff needs to have a professional mentor. This is a successful person who can relate with the professional class. For one to qualify to be a mentor, they have to be successful themselves and this means that the leader will look up to their success as a bench mark. Another reason is that the leader needs to continue upgrading ones professional profile. Education is important as it keeps giving the one confidence to handle difficult situations calmly. Some surprising things and ideas about empowerment will be acquired hence being able to stand in as a better. The empowering leader is someone who is slow to anger and extremely tolerant. He rises up against ego and allows the humility part of his heart to demonstrate. He work ensures that he makes and maintains the relationships all through his tenure (Hassan, Mahsud, Yukl & Prussia, 2013). This helps him grow a support base and the stewardship to warrant him some audience. In short, an empowering leader has to be a naturally keep and reasonable so as to deal with the daily situations of a typical office.

Apple Technology Incorporated

Apple is a technology company based in California. It is one of the leading companies of the communication technology companies in the world and the second largest smart phone producer in the world. Her brands are very popular and include the iPhone, MacBook, iMac computers, iPads, iPods and accessories. Steve Jobs was one of its founders and stands out as an exceptional leader who helped the company to lay a firm foundation upon which it has managed to stand up to date. Steve believed in building people to empower them for better output and to enhance productivity. His leadership style ensured that every member of his team was offered a chance to grow and improve on his or her skills and this was encouraged by rewarding exceptional performance. By delegating duties and dividing responsibilities, he made sure that everyone was involved and this helped in making the employees feel empowered as most of them went ahead top assume better positions and credentials while their company sustained enormous growth (Steinwart & Ziegler, 2014).

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is an American car manufacturer who focuses on creating and growing the flagship brand, the electric work. The company has managed to keep growing its capabilities to adopt to every challenge that it faces without having to fold up or to display production failure. The CEO of this great start up has done a great job in sourcing funding. However, it is his ability to relate well with the rest of the car production unit. He allows them time and opportunity to be creative and also delegates important duties according to their skills and demonstrated ability. His leadership style is the very informed one because he knew that it would work for him to be free with his staff. He also values the role of everyone and therefore maintains an open day policy to explain this. The main difference between his ideas and those of Steve Jobs leadership at apple id the fact that even though Steve was involved in all the levels of production, the Tesla counterpart beat him for being the most involved of the two. This may be attributed to the fact that the car manufacturing has very many involvement chances but the phone manufacturing becomes tricky because all the workstations have to be run by engineering (Moritz, Redlich, Krenz, Conradi & Wulfsberg, 2015).

Kentucky fried chicken (KFC)

This business lies in the hospitality industry and is a part among the highly successful. The success is due to robust marketing and consistent quality of production which customers come back to every time. The management has been very successful I promoting employee welfare and working standards and all these have led to a more motivated workforce as compared to the previous years. However, it is only good to note that this company does not come anywhere closer to the previously mentioned two. Tesla Motors and the Apple Incorporated both benefit from centralized operations. This will not work with the KFC food chain because the business operates from very many different players across the world. It could have been easier for the management and business leadership to carry out empowerment programs that run across the board. It is possible that the company can try out some programs to motivate and empower its employees but this may not be a better option because the company resources will be pushed hard to meet the many employees it has (Padmavathy & Thangavel, 2015).

Organization and ethics

Ethics in politics is a relevant subject. It relies heavily on the society and the culture of the local people. Politics of ethics are however based on truth, fairness, accountability and concern. Leaders have the responsibility of extending thoughtful solutions to their people and this is completely ethical. The truth should always be said no matter how hard it can be. Dishonesty leads to lack of trust and therefore bad faith between the two parties. Unethical political behaviors are anything that violates the above code. Lack of accountability, discrimination, corruption and lack of clear information about the running of an organization may be termed as unethical. Dysfunctional politics can be controlled through reevaluation, appraisals and system overhaul. Anyone who belongs to a school of thought that believes in unclear policies should be brought to par with the rest of the pack. Finally, organizational politics are brought about by the diversity of ideas among the people and different ideologies that exist among them. The beauty of diversity means that different people have different views and opinions on a lot of things and these conflicting ideas are what primarily bring the politics of everything.


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Top 7 Block chain challenges to go mainstream in 2019

In Jack London’s To Build A Fire, who shows greater intelligence: the dog or the main character? You can Top 7 Block chain challenges to go mainstream in 2019.

Description Blockchain evolution faces great challenges in the future. Please read the paper, choose one of the challenge(s) and response to the following question(s) (but not limited to): 1. What is the challenge? 2. Why has the challenge? 3. How to solve the problems? 4. Who can solve the problems? 5. When the problem can be solved? Any road map? Student is required to write a paper of approximately 1,000 words. You have to include all reference papers in your work.

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Distribution strategy for an startup IT company that provides software platform services

Distribution strategy for an startup IT company that provides software platform services for private clinics, small construction and utility companies.
This is a subtopic of a group assignment for a marketing plan.
A brief Introduction to the company is in the attached document.
Please include references and plagiarism free.

Consumer and Social Well-Being

Consumer and Social Well-Being.

Addictive Consumption A woman in New Zealand apparently died from drinking too much Coca-Cola. Her family said she drank about 2.2 gallons of the beverage every day for years. Prior to her death she had several rotten teeth removed, and she gave birth to a baby who was born without any tooth enamel. The 31-year-old mother of eight died following a cardiac arrhythmia after consuming more than two pounds of sugar and 970 mg of caffeine a day. Coca-Cola noted that the coroner’s report, while singling out its product as a probable cause of death, stated that the company “cannot be held responsible for the health of consumers who drink unhealthy quantities of the product.”87 Though we usually equate substance abuse with addiction to alcohol, drugs, or nico-tine, it seems we can become dependent on almost anything—there is even a Chapstick Addicts support group with 250 active members!88 Consumer addiction is a physiologi-cal or psychological dependency on products or services. Many companies profit from sell-ing addictive products or from selling solutions for kicking a bad habit. A Chinese man got so upset about the amount of time his adult son spent playing videogames that he took a novel approach: He hired “digital hit men” in the form of other gamers to kill off all of his son’s characters in the games.89 How is that for “tough love?” Psychologists compare social media addiction to chemical dependency, to the point of inducing symptoms of withdrawal when users are deprived of their fix. As one noted, “Everyone is a potential addict—they’re just waiting for their drug of choice to come along, whether heroin, running, junk food or social media.”90 Indeed, a survey reported 1 in 3 smartphone owners would rather give up sex than their phones!91 And, as many of us realize this fixation grows by the “enablers” around us as they exhibit the same behav-ior. Indeed one study documented that college students are much more likely to pull out their phones when someone with whom they were sitting had just done so.92 Internet addiction has been a big headache for several years already in South Korea, where 90 percent of homes connect to cheap, high-speed broadband. Many young Koreans’ social lives revolve around the “PC bang,” dimly lit Internet parlors that sit on practically every street corner. A government study estimates that up to 30 percent of South Koreans younger than 18 are at risk of Internet addiction. Many already exhibit signs of actual addiction, including an inability to stop themselves from using computers, rising levels of tolerance that drive them to seek ever-longer sessions online, and with-drawal symptoms such as anger and craving when they can’t log on. Some users have literally dropped dead from exhaustion after playing online games for days on end.93 Other problems arise when people become overly involved in playing online games or posting on social network sites: ● In the United Kingdom, a 33-year-old widowed mother let her two dogs starve to death and neglected her three kids after becoming hooked on the online game Small World. A judge banned her from going on the Internet. The woman slept only two hours a night as she played the virtual reality game (in which dwarves and giants battle to conquer the world) almost nonstop for six months. Her children—aged 9, 10, and 13—had no hot food and “drank” cold baked beans from tins. When the family’s two dogs died from neglect, she left their bodies rotting in the dining room for two months.94 ● A U.S. woman pled guilty to a charge of second-degree murder in the death of her three-month-old son. The 22-year-old mother lost her temper when her child be-gan crying while she was playing FarmVille on Facebook; she shook the baby until it died.

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hi please help me

Jonny is planning his schedule for the weekend. One of his friends has invited him to a two-day camping trip to Catalina. Another friend has offered an invitation to binge watch the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy (extended edition) on Saturday. His cousin has invited him to a weekend beer tasting festival. Lastly, his uncle has invited him to a weekend of Dungeons and Dragons.
Why might Jonny not be able to participate in everything this weekend? Is there a concept (or concepts) in Economics which best describe Jonny’s situation? If so, please list this concept(s) and describe completely.