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In Google scholar,looked up 4 source about the advantages of having a leisure area in the office (such as reducing stress, attracting more talent, increasing employee loyalty, etc.)

In Google scholar,looked up 4 source about the advantages of having a leisure area in the office (such as reducing stress, attracting more talent, increasing employee loyalty, etc.).

Annotated BibliographyIn this location, use APA to properly cite one source that will be used in your Problem/Solution Essay.In this location, after properly citing the source above, write a brief paragraph (approximately 150 words, double-spaced lines) that provides three things: 1) description of the source to show how it is relevant to the essay; 2) detailed evaluation of the quality of source information as it connects to the essay; 3) example(s) of ways the source will be used to attain the goals of the essay.Example:Ehrenreich, B. (2001). Nickel and dimed: On (not) getting by in America. New York: Henry Holt and Company.In this book of nonfiction based on the journalist’s experiential research, Ehrenreich studies if it is possible for an individual to live on a minimum-wage in America. Taking jobs as a waitress, a maid in a cleaning service, and a Walmart sales employee, the author summarizes and reflects on her work, her relationships with fellow workers, and her financial struggles in each situation.An experienced journalist, Ehrenreich is aware of the limitations of her experiment and the ethical implications of her experiential research tactics and reflects on these issues in the text. The author is forthcoming about her methods and supplements her experiences with scholarly research on her places of employment, the economy, and the rising cost of living in America. Ehrenreich’s project is timely, descriptive, and well-researched. This research can be used in support of the argument that the national minimum wage in the US should be raised and tied in with inflation in order for Americans to have economic stability.
In Google scholar,looked up 4 source about the advantages of having a leisure area in the office (such as reducing stress, attracting more talent, increasing employee loyalty, etc.)

Philosophy’s Main Themes Essay. Introduction Philosophy can be described as the general study of different fundamental problems that affect our society. This revolves around a wide range and array of issues that touch on aspects like existence, reason, and knowledge. Philosophy can also study the mind and language which are issues that the society has had to examine now and then due to their position and place. As much as there are other ways of dealing with such problems, philosophy is different based on its critical and systematic approach. In this case, it should be understood that philosophy relies a lot on rational arguments which is distinct in its way. Philosophy has been occasionally identified with the love for wisdom which can be traced on what it has always stood for (Cottingham 34). We can say that philosophy is the love of wisdom which can be attained by effective intellectual means. Therefore, it should occur that philosophy might also revolve around understanding various aspects of nature through empirical methods and continued logical reasoning. As much as there are different definitions of the word philosophy, nobody can underestimate the importance that it has in our society. This is because it involves some critical analysis of different beliefs that have occasionally defined our co-existence and relationships. Therefore, this means that it is a discipline that combines a set of ideas that ultimately relate to different activities (Katherine 57). Philosophy is very important in our lives because it sets a lot of values by which we ultimately live. All in all, this paper will touch on this issue by looking at various branches of philosophy which is good for general understanding. Discussion Philosophy can be divided into different branches based on the prevailing circumstances under which they are applied. In this case, there are four main branches of philosophy though others have been coming up as time goes by. These main branches are ethics, logic, metaphysics, and epistemology. Logic revolves around different rules that relate in one way or the other to rational thought. This is normally done by trying to codify existing rules as time goes by. In this case, it is done by looking at different structures of arguments that can give way to truth. In the process, full extraction of knowledge is emphasized to give good evidence on what is being argued about. This is a very important tool because it is mostly used in inquiries. Logic is a very important branch because it helps philosophers to cope with various problems based on the difficult to understand the nature of language (Juergensmeyer 20). Epistemology should be understood as the study of knowledge from different perspectives. This mostly revolves around the criteria that must be satisfied for a proper understanding of different things. In this case, there are instances where we might need to believe in something for it to count. There are certain things that need to be understood for a given position and preposition to be true in real life situations. Metaphysics is mostly concerned with the nature of things. In this case, there is some pursuit to try and understand things that do exist. The structure and composition of things that do exist should be understood in this case (Blackburn 44). All in all, metaphysics tries to understand the reasoning behind the fact that people might either have free will or not. There is questioning as per to why abstract objects can be said to be existing. This branch of philosophy tries to understand why brains are always in a capacity to give rise to minds. Ethics is a branch of philosophy that explains the nature of rights and wrongs in our society. In a broad perspective, it looks at good and evil things in the community. The foundations of morality are evaluated in this branch of philosophy by looking at existing and practical considerations. This means that finer details of the society’s moral conduct are put into consideration about practicability (Cottingham 61). There have been different arguments by various philosophers on whether there is something as moral facts at all. This is based on investigative questions that have continued to emerge as time goes by. Morality is a very complex issue that will emerge and re-emerge because of different complexities that are prevalent in our society. In this case, there are issues that will arise thereby shaking the foundations upon which ethics in the society are built upon. Conclusion The analysis of these branches of philosophy helps broadly to understand the role that they play in our society. Philosophy is supposed to help in coming up with good solutions to different problems that will give us a better understanding of morals, knowledge and to a large extend rationality (Katherine 88). As much as there are other branches of philosophy, they are related to the four main branches above. This means that philosophy covers a wide area of different societal aspects that need to be understood. The nature of philosophy differs from other disciplines which might require critical thinkers. Works Cited Blackburn, Simon. The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994. Print. Cottingham, John. Western Philosophy: An Anthology. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2008. Print. Juergensmeyer, Mark. Religion in global civil society. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005. Print. Katherine, Evans. Philosophy: A Beginner’s Guide. New York: Blackwell Publishing, 1999. Print. Philosophy’s Main Themes Essay
The world has goals in different sectors, which include economic, health, transport and communication among others. The international health goals have led to gains in human life expectancy over the years; however, there are still inequalities in health considering that there is still persistence in the differences between the rich and poor. As the processes of globalization are taking place they bring effects to the health and lifestyle around the world; this is because the processes have an impact on the health and lifestyle determinants. This paper will discuss how globalization affects health and lifestyle. Health policies are among the determinants of health, both locally and internationally, and this has been realized by those in global governance. World organizations such as the World Bank and the World Health Organization influence the formulation of health related policies, according to these organizations, good health is important for economic development (Huynen, Martens, and Hilderink, 2005). Therefore, these international organizations support policies that alleviate health in low-income countries, for instance in 1999, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank came up with a policy to reduce poverty in such countries. The policy has an effect on health and lifestyle of the people; when poverty is alleviated more people eat well balanced meals, which keep away nutrition related diseases. Also, more people seek professional medical health, and this reduces death caused by diseases and conditions that can be corrected. An organization such as WTO, through its trade policies, it can influence health around the world or vulnerable areas; in 2002, WTO supported the ban on importation of products that contained asbestos (Huynen et al, 2005). Such policies affect health because the citizens in the area are protected from health risks posed by asbestos. International Economic development also has an effect on health and lifestyle; however, this depends on one’s view about global economic markets. According to optimists, global markets promote economic growth and security, and this, in turn, affects the health of the people. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Optimists believe that globalization reduces the level of inequalities between and within nations; some countries or people within and between nations can be richer through globalization, but the level of absolute poverty between and within them is reduced, which affects health and lifestyle of those living in poverty in a positive way. Om the other hand, According to pessimists, economic markets exclude other nations from economic growth dynamics, and those excluded may not be successful like others, and this might affect their health and lifestyle. Global trading system and markets increase trade across the world, and those countries that participate in such trades and markets increase their citizens’ well being as well as access to different products, which are not available in their countries (Huynen et al, 2005). All these improves the health of citizens of these countries and their general well being; the funds from trading globally are used in health care and improving the nutritional value of the foods taken by citizens. Social interaction globalization is an event that also affects health and lifestyle of the people. There has been much improvement in transport and communication and this increased human migration, and as they migrate, they interact with other people from different walks of lives (WHO, 2002). Terrorist attacks, which took place in Washington and New York, has led to the speculation that globalization might be a contributor to conflicts. Conflicts affect human health, in a way that they lead to violent activities, which affects nutrition and causes injury to people thus causing poor health. However, social globalization can reduce tensions and conflicts; different societies interact more and depend on each other. This means that everyone will live in peace with the neighbors across the border and within the country, and any health issues that are caused by conflicts are reduced or completely eliminated. When countries interact globally, they do so under different cultural norms and values, and there is a possibility that they can influence each other and bring about social equity and solidarity, and this affects their lifestyle. This makes people live in harmony, and encourage them to participate in social activities, as well as civic decisions on material sources and employment. This help improve social health, as well as economic well being of the people within and across nations, and people access good health care and healthy foods without fear of social inequalities, which improves their lifestyle as well. (Woodward, Drager, Beaglehole

Overview Of New Look And ASOS

The fashion retail industry is a very sophisticated, constantly growing sector. It is the second largest industry in the UK. However Studies show that 80% of clothing retailers fail within the first five years (Power home biz). Consumer taste and preferences relentlessly changes thus organisations have to constantly evaluate the market to ensure the strategies fit with those of environment. According to Michael Porter, 1980s in order to compete in the market, organisation has to be either a cost leader or a differentiator. He went on further in his value chain analysis model to state that organisations who gain competitive advantage exploit their core competences to create value for both the organisation and the customers. However, the fashion retail industry encompasses many opportunities for growth as well as many threats that can negatively affect an organisation. In their quest to gain competitive advantage and grow many organisation adopted different strategies; they are organic growth by reducing the cost in all value chain activities while others has grown through merger, acquisitions and or strategic alliances. In order to gain an insight into why some organisations remain competitive this project will Undertake a detailed analysis of two companies within the retail industry by evaluating their past and current corporate strategies using supporting evidence from quantitative and qualitative data. Identify the ways in which these organisation are gearing up to cope with the current global crisis Background to models Every organisation must have strategies. According to an ancient Greek writer Xenophon (Cummings 1993: 134) “strategy is knowing what business you propose to carry out.”(MacMillan and Tampoe, 2000). There are many academic contributions to strategy, Writers such as Drucker (1995), chandler (1962), Ansoff (1987) and Andrew (1971) has all provided the framework for the classical school approach. Tom Peters and Robert Waterman developed the McKinsey 7S model in the early 1980s the underlying principle is that there are seven internal characteristics that need to work together in order for the organisation to thrive. This seen as an Out-of-date approach because ignores personality factors Also; it creates structures where people can has limited control over their work situation. However there are many other frameworks to understanding strategic position such as PEST analysis, Michael Porter five forces or even the BCG Matrix. According to Mintzberg, Ahlstrand and Lampel (1998) there are 10 school that can be used to understand strategic thought, the first three are design, planning and positioning which is classified as prescriptive on the other hand entrepreneurial, cognitive, learning, power cultural environmental and configuration the classified as the descriptive John and Scholes, (2008). Methodology An analysis Asos and New look was done using Secondary data. These companies have adopted unique strategies which enabled them to remain competitive in the airline industry. However, the secondary sources used were journal articles text books, websites, annual reports, press releases, newspaper clippings and other studies. Secondary analysis was chosen because of time constraints and the kind of information requested, it was impossible to collect it using other research methods. Secondary data analysis, saved time and money and also information were readily available. Conversely, some data was of questionable accuracy and reliability and furthermore the data was old and did not reflect the changing market conditions. Overview of New Look and Asos New Look and Asos are both Public limited companies located in the UK. These organisations operate in the fashion retail industry. However, they have equally enjoyed success but have adopted diverse strategies. On one side of the continuum is New Look which was established in 1969 in Taunton. Its core target is 9-15 children and 15-35 year old males and females. The company headquarters is located in Weymouth. The company has combined both block and mortar and online services in order to gain competitive edge through the use of low cost strategies. On the other end of the Continuum is Asos which is an online retail store which was established in 2000 with its headquarter in London. It has over 35, 000 branded and own label products available and over 1500 new lines added each week. The organisations core target is 16-34 years old male and female. Internal analysis of Asos and New Look using Mc Kinsey’s 7s model According to the learning school successful organisations have unique core competences. Diagram (www.mind Qualitative analysis Structure: The structure of an organisation is important for innovation, expansion and transformation. New Look headed by its Chief Executive Officer Carl Mc Phail since 2008 has continued to prosper by grasping every opportunity and addressing challenges. The structure is one where teamwork is encouraged, and resources are spent developing employees also there is high investment in processes which creates value for stakeholders. As part of their overall objectives, an evaluation was undertaken of the way the company is structured and the difficulties faced consequently organisational functions such as merchandising, design and marketing was moved from its headquarters in Weymouth to London which resulted in increased access to the existing talent pool, this strategy is a shift from centralised decision making process to more decentralised process that enables flexibility. On the other hand Asos is managed by a Board of directors who are responsible making decisions at all levels, they constantly asses progress in order for effective and efficient operations within the workplace. The structure is one where there is a lot of bureaucracy (Max Weber) in the decision making process, hence Asos has adopted the Classical School Approach. System: New Look has combined offline and online operations in order to gain competitive advantage. It has utilised its core competences to develop an ecommerce operation which has allowed the company to reach a large audience with no extra cost for marketing. Additionally they provide for customers who need to make immediate purchase, as a result of its efficient stock rotation, with stores receiving fresh stock weekly, this has encouraged shoppers to return frequently. The efficient use of human resources, proper stock management has reduced cost significantly. This has also provided marketing synergies with the international store roll-out to strengthen the brand. On the other hand Asos has only adopted the online approach to business thus the organisation has the ability to constantly increase its product offerings with no extra cost for promotion and advertising. They have invested in systems to maintain functions for example buying, merchandising and fulfilment. This recently installed warehouse management system at the Hemel Hempstead will sustain the increasing range of merchandise and worldwide expansion, creates an exclusive distribution platform for its brand partners. Style: New look has a transformational leader who believes in change through communication. Hence in September 2008, a major company communications day was held in London to embrace the growing international status and clearly communicate the strategy and goals. Also a web forum called ‘my Look staff’ was created to allow employees to communicate directly with each other and also tell express their opinion and make suggestions. On the other hand Asos has a transactional leader who works with the current organisational structure, where by the board make the decisions, which are considered to be more effective by such writer such as Weber. Staff: New Look has many experienced staff, which are considered stars and a few learner and a few deadwood in order to continuous attract the best employees they have introduced a fair recruitment and induction programme which highlights areas and the job that will give people the best possible start to their career with New Look. Also the company has launched initiatives to develop the learners and retain the star employees these programmes includes leadership training programmes, further management workshops and development of our Staff Council consultations. On the other hand Asos as an online retailer deals with limited staff in comparison to new look. Similarly they have training programmes that encourages employees to develop. Skills: New Look through it skills and experience is now producing 71% of its products, an increase from 62% in 2008 which enabled the organisation to continue make further market share gains. With its powerful brand, seasoned management team and dedicated employees, new looks is able to gain competitive advantage. On the hand Asos is heavily dependent on their IT communications hence a failure in these systems could adversely affect the business. To prevent this problem a proactive approach is used to ensure continual integrity and efficiency of its systems. Shared Values: New Look has a strong culture that encourages employees to be more involved in the decision making process, this enables them to develop their leadership skills. According to Herzberg, it creates motivation that leads to higher productivity and efficiency. On the other hand Asos retain control through centralised decision making, this type of management speeds up the decision making process but it could act as a de-motivator. Strategy: New Look has adopted a value-priced strategy which is dress smart for cheap featuring low-priced fashions often imitating the ready to wear designer labels. These items are as much as 10 to 15 percent lower than competitors. Also as part of it expansion strategy, it is constantly relocating from smaller stores in existing markets to larger stores. Alternatively Asos acts an online department store which provides high fashion and own label brands at a lower cost. This strategy has enabled the company to have a large selection of products at no extra cost. Quantitative Analysis of New look and Asos Market Share According to the annual report of 2008-2009, New Look has a market share of 2.99% whereas Asos has a market share of 5.13% this resulted from more user friendly application by Asos such as the 360 degree view and cat walk feature and which makes the website more interesting. Figure 2 below gives full graphical presentation of the market share of Asos and New Look Operating Profit New look’s operation profit decreases significantly from £138.6 million to £138.2 million a decrease of £.4 million this was as a result of increased administrative cost. On the other hand Asos operating profit increased by 100% to £13. 9 million but the operating margins declined from 8.6% in 2007-2008 to 8.4 % in 2008-2009. The 270 basis point gross profit margin decline was offset by an improvement in operating cost ration. Figure 3 give a graphical explanation of the Operating Profit (millions) Net profit or Loss Similarly, New Looks experienced net loss which increased from £ .1m to £.4m a difference in loss by £.3 million. Alternatively Asos achieved a net profit increased of 98% from 5.1 million in 2008 to £10 milion in 2009. Figure 3 below gives full graphical presentation of Asos and New Look net profit / loss margin in (millions) Revenues New Look revenues has increased from 1169.10 million in 2008 to 1332.6 million in 2009 an increase of 2.1milion it was due to an increase in concession whereas Asos revenues increased from £81 million in 2008 to £163.4 million in 2009 a difference of £ 82.4 million Net cash flow According to the annual account of 2008-2009 New look net cash flow has increased from £211.6 million in 2008 to 220.7 a difference of £9.1 million in 2009 this was as a result of working capital management, which enabled the company to increase its net cash flow from operating activities. Whereas Asos net cash flow has increased from £8.1m in 2008 to £16.54 in 2009 an increase of 105% in comparison to 2008, this was as result of enhanced product choices coupled with compelling promotions. Earnings per Share Asos, earnings per share increased from 6.9% in 2008 to 13.6 in 2009 and increase by 6.7 on the other hand there was no earning per share for new look. Trade Receivables and Payables New looks trade payables have increased from to £207.5m in 2008 to £260.8m in 2009 a difference of £53.3 million and similarly its receivables increase from £6.7m to £7.8 million a difference of £1.1million conversely Asos trade payables remained constant at 381 million while trade receivables increase from £0.47miliion to £0.50 million a difference of .3million. An assessment of the current Corporate and business strategies of New look and Asos. Business organisation operates in a very dynamic environment which requires organisation to develop strategies to ensure future success. In order to prevent strategic drift an organisations objectives must be “alignment” with the long term goals furthermore the business strategies and organisation strategies must “fit” with the environment. As a result value would be created for stakeholders. Objective of New Look “The goal is to be The Favourite International Fashion Value Group, with a significant presence outside the UK.” Objective of Asos “The goal is to be the leading fashion Website in the UK and attract a growing number of overseas markets.” Joint Ventures New Look has a product supply joint venture in Turkey and an office in Singapore to co-ordinate the shipment of stock sourced from the Far East this. Similarly Asos joint venture with Crooked Tongue allows them to participate in sales from additional customer segment these joint ventures enables to reduce cost by creating efficiency and increase profitability hence market growth. IT strategies Secondly, the investment in IT strategy enables better management of information systems; this in turn reduces cost and increase efficiency. This investment support back office operation such as buying, merchandising and execution. With the unique distribution platform, supersaver option, premium same day delivery including Saturdays and 85 % of traceable orders, all create value for the organisation and customers. Additionally the installation of the new warehouse management at Hemel Hempstead supported the increased in international expansion, returns option, size range, and the demand for an advance delivery. Motivational Strategies In addition, New Look encourages and maintains experienced staff by competitive monetary remuneration and benefit packages, which are linked to the performance of the organisation. An Employee Share Ownership Trust that has been established for the issue of shares to managers, which encourages them in the ownership and success of the organisation. Incentives also include a 50% discount on in-store purchases. Conversely, Asos combines a list of Motivational strategies such as bonuses, performance share option scheme, and share and management incentive plan with these type of encouragement employees are motivated to go the extra mile. Expansion Strategies New look and Asos has both expanded into international market, but Asos has used a low cost mode of entry by extending its shipment to 58 different countries through low cost distribution, While New look used the franchising mode of entry, these modes reduce risks. Low cost and marketing Strategies New look and Asos used similar product and marketing strategies by offering emulated cat walk features and similar brands from designer for lower cost. Similarly they have both used designers to market their own labels, but Asos differ from New look slightly because they offer a vast range of high branded products through it strategies alliances. Additionally both organisation offer magazines that provide customer information about the latest trends and fashion; these marketing strategies help the organisation to penetrate the marketing using low cost strategies a term supported by (Ignor Ansoff). CRM Strategies Finally both New Look and Asos focus on Customer Relationship Management, through its social networking such as Twitter, Bebo and Facebook, this enabled the organisation to interact with customer to gain comment on their product or service. However, Asos has 24 hours online customer care, which gives the organisation the competitive edge. SQUARE FEET OF Plans to cope with the current global crisis The global economic crisis has forced organisation such as New look and Asos to think outside the box in order to survive. Thus these organisations have developed strategies cope in the current economic crisis. New Look and Asos will continuously focus on customer satisfaction through improved customer service and providing quality for cheaper prices. Secondly, New Look and Asos will increase expansion into overseas market. However Asos wishes to maximise efficiency by investing heavily in Management Information Systems and logistics to meet their international expansion strategies. While New Look plans to open new stores in new markets and develop the small stores in the existing market. New Look has now developed a programme to ensure that all the systems are fit for future international expansion. This future operating model will take almost three years to complete, this is expected to offer significant benefits in operating. Additionally both companies wish to expand their product ranges and further develop their website to create a better customer experience. Additionally, New Look will focus on building its worldwide press coverage and expand celebrity associations. Conclusion In conclusion technology has brought many dimensions to the shopping, product are just a click away, consequently retailers have to be innovative, and constantly monitor the market to identify the trends, fashion and changing consumer taste so that their products could meet the need and wants of the target market. From the analysis above New Look and Asos are two organisations that operate in the retail industry. New look has been successful for the last 40 years because their flexibility, and ability to innovate, they have combined both off line and online operations, through reduced cost, quality and exploitation of resources this has increased profitability. Whereas, Asos is an online retail organisation through the efficient use of Management information systems, its unique core competences and efficient utilisation of human resources has achieved success. However, this organisation has adopted more a classical school approach to management. According to the “Blue Ocean theory,” organisation has to develop a unique strategy achieve success; this is evident in these organisation analysis of Asos and New Look. Recommendations Even though these organisations have experienced high growth there are still there are areas that need addressing: Asos Asos should offer incentives not only to senior management as stated but to all members of staff in order to increase motivation which could in turn increase efficiency. Additionally they should adopt a more participative approach in the decision making process. Asos should carry out research and development activities which may well help the organisation to identify a niche which could create an economic advanatge. Also, the Organisation should be involved in more corporate social responsibilities activities. Asos should adopt the Boston Matrix Analysis to assess the value of different product categories. It must manage the dogs by removing or cuttings cost and convert question marks and stars into cash cows through promotion, this will increase the overall profitability of the business. New Look New Look needs to increase shareholders value, this could be done using Michael Porter Value chain Analysis, this would help the organisation to invest resources on areas that gives the most value and subcontract those that add value which will increase effectiveness Also New Look should reduce its overhead and administrative cost which is affecting the profitability. In this case the company should focus more on line shopping which reduces operating cost such as administration, salaries and wages etc. Also New Look should focus on other entry modes into international market that would create profitability with low risk such as exporting, distribution until they have studied the market. However in order for New look and Asos to develop strategies that satisfies all its stakeholders it should adopt the Balance Score Card model by Norton and Kaplan, this combine both qualitative and quantitative measures, acknowledges the expectations of stakeholders and relate an assessment of performance to choice of strategy Johnson and Scholes (2008).

Gods Worldview to Science Based Views & Philosophical Ideas Discussion

essay writer free Gods Worldview to Science Based Views & Philosophical Ideas Discussion.

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Based on the material presented in class so far, makea critical assessment ofthe following narrative in an essaycontaining between 750 and 1000 words. Sometime in the sixteenth century in the parts of west Europe, the so-called rational worldview, based on empirical evidence and one replacing the God-centered view of the world, started to develop. This new worldview, fueled by the development of science and technology, has since marginalized religion in the public sphere there, separated it from state institutions, and created modern political concepts such as the constitutional nation-state (and the rule of law associated with it) and individual rights. It first came to dominate in Europe, then in North America, and finally spread to other corners of the globe. Its spread beyond the West starting with the second half of the nineteenth century, particularly to the Muslim world (but also elsewhere) has been resisted by traditional, deeply religious, technologically underdeveloped, and socially conservative communities. Over the next century and a half, in the Muslim world, this rationalistic worldview has never successfully been able to break the organic link between religion and state. The tension between religion and the so-called modernity in the Muslim-majority states is what is standing in the way of developing the constitutional nation-state and individual rights there. But it is also what influences the mutual perceptions of Muslims and non-Muslims in the West and undermines the ability of Muslims to integrate successfully in western societies of Europe and North America. It goes without saying that there is more than one way of making this critical assessment. What is accurate in the narrative above? What is less accurate or inaccurate in it? Could there be an alternative narrative of what happened as the world moved away from the worldview based on God to the one based on rational and science-based view? How deep of a change did this shift in worldviews make in Europe and North America? How much of a change it made in the Muslim world? How much of a change that happened in the Muslim-majority states affect Muslims living in the West? Use your own words as much as you can. You are welcome to draw from outside sources but are in no way obliged to. If you do draw from outside sources, make sure you provide appropriate information about each source you use. I strongly discourage the use of direct quotes in your essays! Your essay will be evaluated according to the points breakdown indicated below.Content90 points Style5 points – spelling/grammar/readability5 points – overall organizationGood luck!
Gods Worldview to Science Based Views & Philosophical Ideas Discussion

Survey of customer satisfaction in company HDFC Standard

Introduction The future is never certain, so it’s rightly said, “AN INSURANCE POLICY IN HAND KEEPS THE TENSION AWAY.” India`s one the leading life insurance company is HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd. which gives variety of individual and group insurance solutions. It is a joint venture between HDFC Ltd. (Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited). It compete one of the best LIC Insurance Company in the market just because of its cheaper rate, strategy, plan and features. In these days, insurance is only one business which has an effect on all walks of life. Insurance industry dwell in a very important place among financial services run in the globe. Therefore a proper knowledge of what insurance is and what purpose does it serve to individual or an organization is therefore necessary. Today`s Insurance business growing at the rate 15-20 % (percent) annually and presently is of the order of Rs 1560.41 billion (for the financial year 2006-2007). It adds about 7% to the county`s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with banking services. And gross premium collection is nearly 2% of GDP and Funds available with LIC for Investments Are *% of the GDP. Reasons to select this topic:- Insurance is just creating protections for you and your family. As Indian investors are now more exposed to capital markets and have started understanding its working, they want to multiply their money rapidly. Therefore the only reasons for selecting this topic are:- To get further information about existing customer`s perception about HDFC SLIC To analyze the quality of service the customers are getting from the company. The reason for choosing this organization:- As a student of management, I had to choose a company which carry on its activities on a large scale, which has strong distribution network and which was diversifies into various business. The company has been successful in understanding the consumers market and the competitors and works in pace with the global technological developments. The company is diversified into various businesses such as mutual funds, safety bonds, online trading and other financial instruments. Due its strong distribution and service network and concert launch strategy, unique packages HDFC has emerged as a strong Player in the market. HDFC SLIC has :- 6 Zonal offices 29 regional offices 276 Branch offices 203 Spoke location Competitor of HDFC SCIL There are many competitors of HDFC SCIL in the market as following. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) Tata AIG life Insurance Co. Ltd. Birla Sun Life Insurance ICICI prudential Life Insurance Aviva Life Insurance Max New York Life Insurance SBI life Insurance Bharti Axa Life Insurance Reliance life Insurance ING Vysya life Insurance Project Background The History of life insurance in India dates back to 1818 when it was conceived as a mean to provide for English Widows. In those days a higher premium was charged for lives then the non-Indian lives, as Indian lives were considered more risky to cover. But the Bombay mutual life insurance society started its business in 1870.this is the first company which charges the same premium for both Indian and non-Indian lives. Then first general insurance company established in the 1850 in Calcutta by the British. The insurance business was almost at the end of overseas company till the end of nineteenth century. The insurance business lifts at a quicker pace after independence. In 1956, the government of India brought together over 240 private life insurers and provident societies under one nationalized monopoly corporation and Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) was born. In 1972 the general insurance Industry was nationalized, with this, nearly 107 insurer were combined and clustered into four companies- National Insurance Company, New Indian Assurance Company, Oriental Insurance company and united India Insurance Company. After so many time on 14th August 2000 HDFC Life insurance company Ltd. is Established in India. It is a joint venture between HDFC Limited – India’s foremost housing finance institution, and also it is a Group Company of the Standard Life Plc, UK. HDFC is the majority stakeholder in the insurance JV with 81.4% staple And Standard of as a staple 18.6% Mr. Deepak Satwalekar is the MD and CEO Of the venture. In India, It is offering a variety of individual and cluster insurance solutions. Being a joint venture of top financial services groups, , The Company’s new business premium income stood at Rs. 1,839.70 Crores as on 31 December 2008; it has covered over 812,811 lives so far. There are following list of policies and products which offer by HDFC Standard Life Insurance: Protection Plans Children’s Plans Retirement Plans Savings

SOC 145 UCSB Social Inequality Poverty & Health Disparities in America Essay

SOC 145 UCSB Social Inequality Poverty & Health Disparities in America Essay.

Social inequalities essay on poverty in the U.S. healthcare system. Page Length: 5 pages, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt in Times New RomanThis essay represents a thorough exploration of a form of social inequality that you are interested toexamine more closely.1. Select a form of inequality that you would like to explore more in-dpeth: i.e. incarceration andrace, sexual harassment, poverty, educational inequalities, health disparities etc.2. Search through academic literature for theoretical approaches and/or empirical studies thataddress this topic. Make sure you narrow down your focus (i.e. one cannot examine “poverty” in fivepages, but you can discuss “poverty and access to health care” or “poverty and environmental racism”or “poverty and residential segregation”).3. Outline your paper as follows with labeled sections I-IV (but not with sub-sections a,b,c, etc.):I. Introduction (1 page)a. Introduce your topici.e. “This essay explores the relationship between educational inequalities and socialclass, as reflected in the differential academic outcomes of various socioeconomicgroups.”b. Provide an overview of the problem.i.e. “The ‘achievement gap’, as it is discussed in the relevant literature reflects thediscrepancy between the test scores, GPA scores, and other achievement measures ofchildren from working- and lower-middle class and upper-middle and upper-class.”c. Conclude with a thesis statement that summarizes your argument.i.e. “Given the apparent injustices entrenched in the broader society, I argue that theeducational system reproduces social inequalities…”II. Discussion (4-5 pages)a. Review the literature that addressed this form of inequality and discuss:i. Its causes (what historical circumstances gave rise to it, how is it perpetuated,which ideologies/traditions/laws/norms justify/rationalize its presence).ii. Its relationship with social institutions (how are the institutions of law, politics,education, family, media, labor market etc. implicated in this process; whichspecific institutional policies and practices produce this inequality.Focus on one or two cases (no need to address each and every institution ofthe above list).iii. Its consequences (who benefits and who suffers from this arrangement,what is the impact on different social groups,This is a literature review, which means you need to draw substantially fromthe articles/book chapters you identified (not use your own opinion).Paraphrase or use direct quotes. Be sure to cite these sources within the text and in your references section at the end of your paper. Make sure youincorporate concepts and terminology that we encountered in our readings or in thearticles you found.III. Conclusion (½ page)a. Summarize what you did in this paper.b. Conclude with your thesis statement (not copied pasted!) that shows how what youexplained above supports its legitimacy.IV. References or Works Cited (1 additional page)a. On a separate page, cite the sources used within your paper, including both academicand non-academic.b. Required Number of References: 5 academic sources. Use 1-2 articles from theassigned readings and 3-4 other academic sources; you can also use additional nonacademic sources if you want (i.e. newspaper articles, white papers etc.).c. Use the ASA style for citations and references. You can find the ASA guide ongauchospace under “Resources”.d. Make sure your references are in alphabetical order.
SOC 145 UCSB Social Inequality Poverty & Health Disparities in America Essay

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