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In APA format, write a 3 page summary over Piaget’s Constructivist Theory from The Life Span 4th edition book,

In APA format, write a 3 page summary over Piaget’s Constructivist Theory from The Life Span 4th edition book, chapter 3, and in question and answer format from the child interviewed. Make connections from the interview to the book. Include Header, Title Page, and Reference Page in APA format.

Michael Graves

Michael Graves.

 Your assignment is to choose ONE architect from the class text or video lectures (you can select from ANY module) to finish a 6,000 words minimum paper. How to write an academic paper? you may refer to UF writing center: Remember: Find Something Important to YOU! You don’t have to cover everything that the architect ever did, just find something to research that interests you so that this paper can benefit you in some way. This paper requires a significant effort on your part – so be inspired to write about an aspect of architecture that brings you joy! Yes, you should discuss major accomplishments and/or influences of this architect. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to buildings – architecture is far more interesting than that – consider literature, stylistic movements, architectural philosophy and impacts on architectural education. You can also zero in on one minute detail that interests you and expand upon it. For example: If you like gardens, then research the gardens in and around the buildings; write about garden design during that time. Another example: If your architect designed furniture, your whole paper can be about his/her furniture design; write about the history of furniture design and how this architect fit into it. 

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Managing Digital Organizations

In APA format, write a 3 page summary over Piaget’s Constructivist Theory from The Life Span 4th edition book, Managing Digital Organizations.

This assignment requires you to research a topic pertaining to contemporary digital issues facing organisations

Your research must be based on a critical analysis of your chosen topic against a framework which is a distillation of the critical elements you have synthesised from your review of relevant literature and empirical evidence. You are expected to provide convincing evidence derived from secondary sources in your review, analysis and discussion

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Strategic Planning for the Supply Chain

Strategic Planning for the Supply Chain.

You will investigate the current strategy of an organisation of your choice, using a case study based method and critically assessing the strategy and effect of information management on supply chain management. Once the analysis is complete, you should be able to redesign an appropriate strategy for the success of the organisation. 3000 word Report, consisting of an evaluation of current strategy and development for a new or enhanced strategy within the supply chain.

Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:

1. Evaluate the impact Information Systems (IS) have on business performance and the strategic development of organisations.

2. Appraise the creation of future resilient supply chains including business continuity, knowledge and innovation, waste minimisation in the supply chain and supply chain visibility.

3. Perform a detailed analysis of a firm’s strategic planning system focusing on demand chain development, sourcing added value, global v sub-optimisation, the design and reduction of complexity and lead times compression. 

For the selected case (organisation) you are familiar with, or for an organisation you are interested in, you are to write a report similar to the sample template provided on moodle. You will investigate the current strategy of an organisation using a case study method and critically assess the existing strategy and effects of information management on the supply chain. Once the analysis is complete, you should be able to re-design an appropriate strategy for the success of the organisation. The report will contain strategic analysis of an organisation for the impact of information on the strategic development of supply chains. You will analyse a given case study, its current status on a strategic level, and evaluate their strategy, providing competitive analysis and market positioning of the organisation in comparison to industry and its norms. In addition, you will provide an alternative strategy for execution with the organisation, taking into account resourcing, cost, quality, time and the wider external environment, in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. The following recommendations are suggested for the 3000 word report:

 Abstract and Introduction

 A concise literature review

 Methodolgy/Approach

 Findings/Discussions

 Conclusion and Recommendations

You are advised to include the following areas in your report:

 Strategic Planning/Development

 Supply chain Management


 Supply Chain visibility (future and waste as examples)

 Implementation and Optimisation

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Small business management case 2 assignment.

Small business management case 2 assignment..

 Conrad’s Photographer’s Supplies (pg. 270 in text) Question 1. If the Bingley’s decided to organize a photography store from scratch discuss how this decision would compare to the other two methods of getting into the business on a. risk b. independence c. information requirements. One point (comment) for each – nine marks total. Question 2. In evaluating this business in order to purchase it, discuss concerns you would have about a. the previous owner b. financial information c. assets of the business. (2 comments for each topic – 12 marks total). Question 3. Assuming the information in the financial statements is accurate, is Shelly Conrad’s asking price a reasonable one? Use the book value and capitalization of earnings methods to help you answer this question. Use 8% as the interest rate (rate they will pay on the loan). Six marks total. Question 4. There is at least 1 adjustment to the balance sheet (2 marks) and 2 to the income statement (four marks) that should be made to make these statements more accurate and which will affect the calculation of the price of the business. Make the adjustments and re-evaluate the asking price based on your adjustments. Comment on the asking price, is it fair or not fair (four marks)?

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The Use of Reversal Designs for Functional Analysis

The Use of Reversal Designs for Functional Analysis.

 For this Learning Activity, please review The Use of Reversal Designs for Functional Analysis text in your template. After reviewing, please read an article from a behavior analysis literature that demonstrates the use of the A-B-A design to conduct a functional analysis in a general education setting. Please also access the following article by clicking on the link below: Ishuin, T. (2009). Linking brief functional analysis to intervention design in general education settings. The Behavior Analyst Today, 10(1), 47–53. Retrieved on September 6, 2014 from

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Apply information to Case Study to address a research question

Apply information to Case Study to address a research question.

please this particular work is the continuation of the work i sent to you last week . it the part B of the work . i will upload the actual work i had from you people thus the part A in case you want to make reference to and also will upload the actual work due in couple days which is the part B. am trusting you guys for a better work. since last week for the part A was good enough.

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Napoleon Summary

Napoleon Summary.

Description Discuss Napoleon’s successes and failures as a general. Should he be regarded as one of the great commanders, was he simply lucky, or some of both? The paper will be double-spaced, employ a minimum of ten references to at least five source materials (in footnote form), a bibliography (which is not part of the five-to-seven-page requirement for length). possible links to sources that can be utilized

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