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Importance of talent management

Introduction Changes to the environment in which banks operate was caused by high risk lending which now have higher capital requirements, tougher regulations and scarcer funding. The economic downturn has affected the banking industry in such a way that fighting for survival is a must; to avoid liquidation, acquisition, closures, takeovers and mergers. As a result, banks are faced with managing risks, compensation and growth itself. According to Marcus, who did 25 years of research found out that the most successful organisations were those people who focused on what they did best. The bank’s approach was to “accentuate the positive through talent management and leadership development with a goal of measurably increasing its leadership capacity by 2011”. Using the strength based philosophy in the transitional change process, which is valuable in an international environment that is vastly diversified. Importance of talent management Talent management involves individuals and organisational development in response to a changing and complex environment. Talent management focuses on driving superior business results through people by: • Attracting the right people to the industry. • Maintaining and keeping employees fully engaged in their work. • Identifying and developing potential leaders. • Motivating and rewarding employees’ efforts in innovative ways. • Aligning human resource programs, policies and processes to business goals. Why Talent Management? ➢ For banks to survive at this period they need to strategise a long term goal of managing employees during the recession which is short term and after the recession which is long term through the continuous individual personal development(CIPD), right from the recruitment stage. As Haley says “it’s everybody’s Holy Grail to create local internal pipelines and there having continuous supply of talent”. Banks will survive the recession period because of the talent they retain and develop, as Haley said ”there is not enough supply, so you have to develop your own people”. Without the continuous use of talent management, they will not be able to cope once the recession is over, because they will not have the necessary skills to fill positions quickly to meet evolving business needs. The fight for existence has lead to a wide scale of redundancies hence a significant lost of talent. With the continuous use of talents management, banks will grow, expand and develop in a competitive market with the skills and talents they continuously develop after redundancies, because the demand out ways the supply for talented people during the recession. Banks tend to cut down cost, especially on the training and development of employees, forgetting that people and their development is the key to the success of any organisation no matter what the economic climate is. Cutting down cost on training and development can have a long term effect on an organisation, which can lead the organisation to loosing its market share. The bank gains competitive advantages over its competitors by continuously improving its talent. By identifying the key innovative employees to the organisation that can be further trained and equip to anticipate or solve future problems that may arise. This could be the company’s core competence and being the success factor which could be its competitive edge over competitors. It develops employees innovative skills needed for and after the recession. Haley said ”its base on the idea that people will be successful because they play to their strengths not because they manage their weakness”, Skills will be available once the recession is over because innovation comes from the best people who are drivers of long term change. It increases the productivity of employees, hence high quality, effectiveness and efficiency is maintained. The risk of loosing employees to competitors due to lack of motivation during the recession, talent management motivates employees to stay with the organisation long term, knowing there is an opportunity for growth and development. Motivation gives the employees the confidence that they need to carry out their job properly hence innovative skills can be transferred or adopted. With staff engagement, career planning and continuous personal development plans from the Human resources development department, there will be enough supply of skills and creative innovation. The organisation’s brand will be recognised for its training and development policy, which will attract the best people with the appropriate skills for the Job who can add value to the industry. Importance of change management Change is the process of transforming the manner in which individuals or organisations act and requires most employees to learn new skills. Change is perennial in the economic situation that we currently facing, implementing talent management to incorporate change is essential for the success of standard bank which explores new opportunities for growth and increase productivity. It can be very effective when people are involved in the change process, by providing training in new values, skills and behaviours. Change affects the manager’s leadership roles and employees in which they are all subjects to the same reactions of resistance and constraints. It is vital that the change process is managed properly to reduce the level of resistance. Change management could have a long term effect of being cost effective; it could reduce the cost of future uncertainties that may occur, hence improving the quality of products in the global economy. Conclusion The continued use of talent management minimises change resistance, it maintains key skills to boost up the bank hence the talent management is incorporated into the banks’ culture. In order to maximise the talent management process it is essential that the bank adopts Dave Ulrich’s (1997) three legged stool model of Shared Service Centre, Business Partners and Centres of Expertise to make sure the team is well motivated.
Read the text book: American Government e2 chapter4&5, and answer two questions (double space, 1 page per question). Please write two different assignments because one of them is for my classmate. So total will be 4 pages of writing.. I don’t know how to handle this Political Science question and need guidance.

Chapter 4 Question (10 points) (half a page or more of writing per question/response):According to the text, there is a right to privacy generally in the Constitution (Bill of Rights) and further formulated and refined in Supreme Court cases. In terms of online privacy, do you believe this right to privacy extends to the internet/social media? Are you concerned with your privacy online? If so, how exactly? If not, why not? If you think there should be protections on privacy online, what do you suggest we do to provide further protections ? consider this article:
Chapter 5 Question (10 points – half a page or more) From your reading of the chapter, are civil rights throughout


history self-enforcing? Meaning, if there is a civil rights violation does the government or courts immediately and automatically come to your rescue and assert your civil rights claim? What does the nature of how civil rights have been won tell us about how groups achieve civil rights and any lessons for groups fighting for rights in the future? Again, feel free to bring in outside sources of information and cite properly.
Textbook Link:
Read the text book: American Government e2 chapter4&5, and answer two questions (double space, 1 page per question). Please write two different assignments because one of them is for my classmate. So total will be 4 pages of writing.

Physics homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the Consulting relationship report details for Organizational Development plan. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,Consulting relationship report details for Organizational Development plan,Imagine you are the HR manager of a healthcare organization with 250 employees. You have been asked to determine skills required for the new IT system that will be implemented in the purchasing department. The new system will impact all non-supervisory employees. Implementation of the new system has an aggressive timeline and the needs analysis will require effective techniques to uncover skill gaps and provide training as needed. In addition to the time constraint, there have also been performance issues in the purchasing department related to relationships with pharmaceutical organizations.,Organizational leadership would like to see an Organizational Development plan, and for you to assess whether an internal or external OD consultant should be used.,Create a report that details the consulting relationship you are looking for, and also how that person can best contract with the organization.,Write an approximately 1,050-word report that includes the following components:,Summary of your thinking on the pros and cons of ,internal and external consultants,.,Recommendations for how to address organizational constraints related to time and performance,Recommend the best option for choosing a consultant, including your rationale for selecting this option,Your recommendations for how that person can best contract with your company.,Use the textbook readings from this week.,Cite the text and any outside sources according to APA formatting guidelines.,Remember, ensure that the pages are exclusive of the cover and the reference pages. Also, ensure that you include all the references you use in finding research for this assignment paper. References should be at least three for the paper. All references, citation, and writing should follow the APA formatting and styling guidelines. Finally, ensure you focus on the assignment topic in detail.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Physics homework help
Dublin Business School Sentiment Analysis of Restaurant Review Paper.

a) Select ONE of the special use cases below and detail the methods, tools, and algorithms that you would use to mine the data.i. Sentiment analysis of restaurant reviewsii. Demand series forecasting[15]b) Propose a practical use case of graph/network mining for ONE of the groups below. Select an appropriate algorithm to apply. Your answer should include a description of how the algorithm works. You may use pseudo-code to describe the algorithm.i. Centrality (power); orii. Community detection (clustering/partitioning) oriii. Link prediction[10]c) Identify and describe key differences between collaborative neighbourhood based and collaborative latent factor methods in building a recommendation engine.[10]
Dublin Business School Sentiment Analysis of Restaurant Review Paper

Car2go Company’s Distribution Management Research Paper

Bargaining Power Of Suppliers Car2go is a subsidiary of the Daimler AG. As such, Daimler happens to be the sole supplier of Car2go in its areas of operations. Nevertheless, we will have to consider the elements of time and cost that will be used in the project. Since Car2go already has an established system of supply from the mother manufacturer of the smart cars which get to supply internationally in countries and regions such as U.S.A, U.K, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands; the company will still make use of the same supply distribution for the purposes of cost and time efficicacy. However, there are instances that there may be complications like delays by the suppliers or even jurisdictional restriction by traffic laws thus limiting some transportations (Watanabe, ). In times like this, Daimler will subcontract other suppliers so that the company is able to duly serve its new customers at Osaka, Japan. In this regard, Car2go will have to add some suppliers for their Japanese market so that it is not affected by any market fluctuations. However, such a change will occur when the need arises. Distribution Management and Logistics Distribution management and logistics refer to the movement and transportation, warehousing, and branding of products (Kapoor 101). In logistics, there is the need to analyse the transportation costs that may be involved as well as the delivery options so as to point out the required changes that have to be reached at ( Berken 23).The operations on a daily basis for Car2go will have to be perfectly and routinely managed. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Car2go has an uphill task of redesigning its smart cars to be left hand driven compared to European market right hand driven smart cars. In this case, Car2go will procure smart cars from Daimler that fit the bill mentioned above. This has some cost implications but however necessary to comply with the Japanese legal frameworks. To avoid supplying more than required smart cars, the company will periodically conduct the demand forecasting in the market to ascertain the approximate number of cars that the company will have to procure for its Japanese market. Car2go should have a warehouse that will house its cars in one place. The ware house will also serve as an area where the cars will periodically undergo servicing or replacements for any spoilt parts. For the purposes of cost minimisation, the company feels that instead of having many hotspots within the town like in Ulm, Germany, that may require monthly rental payments for the company, it will be prudent for the company to find a central warehouse within Osaka’s Central Business district that should serve as the nervous centre. This will also serve as the regional headquarters housing the regional organisational offices, the garages, and the parking spaces for the cars awaiting orders from the clients. This will ease the task for clients identifying where Car2go is based since it will be a single place that can be easily found in Osaka. We will write a custom Research Paper on Car2go Company’s Distribution Management specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The issue of order processing appears to be a daunting task that Daimler should carefully undertake. This is aimed at avoiding instances of double booking or having many orders at one time than the available smart cars. For this purpose, all the cars will have special numbers. Once one is booked, it is marked as taken and the next available free number put up for the next booking. However, if the forecasts show that the clientele size has grown, then the company will have to increase the number of its fleet to sere the market and not risk the danger of client substitution for other players in the industry. The company endeavours to offer the best customer service in the market. Daimler’s vision is to offer excellent service to its customers in all its regional operations; thus, Car2go will have to maintain the same in Japan. Car2go will have support services for its clients. Customers will be able to communicate to the support staff by phone calls or through internet chat services that will be operational on a 24 hour service. For this purpose, the company will have a number issued for such services as well as the company website where customers can ask questions through chat concerning the company’s services. We owe this thanks to the growth of smart phone technology and computer technology in the Japanese market. Bran name and image is a central factor that builds customer loyalty (Scott, The company will brand all its cars in a manner that will maintain the prestige of both the company as well as the clients. Not sure if you can write a paper on Car2go Company’s Distribution Management by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The intention is to build the image of Car2go as prestige services that all the clients will feel honoured to associate with. In addition, the company finds it as a matter of importance to control its fleet using the latest tracking technology to monitor the movement of its fleet. This means that all the vehicles will be fitted with tracking devices that will help the management monitor each car. Works Cited Berken, Peters. Knowing when Logistics is good for you. London, Prentice Hall, 2010. Print. Kapoor, Satish. Basics of Distribution management: A Logistical Approach. New York: Irwin, 2006. Print. Scott, Philip. Logistics and Distribution Management. n.d. Web. June 2012. Watanabe, Ryo. Overview of the Public Transport System and Policy in Japan. March 2005. Web. June 2012.

Los Angeles Film School – Hollywood Dialogue Writing Composition

essay help online Los Angeles Film School – Hollywood Dialogue Writing Composition.

The following scene is full of obvious exposition. Rewrite the scene using conflict, humor, or a confidante to replace obvious exposition.Please carefully read the powerpoint and use the example from pdf file. SAL So when did you move to Cleveland? TED About two years ago. SAL You are kidding.I moved here two years ago myself. TED What are you doing now? SAL I work for a large investment banker. TED I’m a successful umpire. SAL I love baseball.But I have no time to go anymore, let alone play.I used to be a pitcher on the bank’s softball team. TED I’m getting a little bored with it, actually. SAL How could you? Everyone loves baseball.My kids especially do. TED I have no kids. SAL I thought you were married. TED I was. We divorced.My wife was very selfish; she didn’t want to ruin her figure with children. SAL I have three great kids. TED That’s great. SAL One from each of my marriages.But the third time is the charm; my new wife is a wonderful woman.
Los Angeles Film School – Hollywood Dialogue Writing Composition

PSY101DiscussionsWeek 3 – Discussion

PSY101DiscussionsWeek 3 – Discussion. I don’t understand this Psychology question and need help to study.

A-M: Learning: Classroom of Life
Based on Chapter 5 and Classical and Operant Conditioning, consider how we learn from a behaviorist perspective by explaining operant conditioning and applying it to a real-life scenario.
To complete this activity,

Choose one of the following situations from everyday life in which learning (i.e., a relatively permanent change in behavior) is desirable.

Margot wants her husband, Todd, to stop leaving his dirty laundry on the floor.
Coach K wants to increase his basketball players’ free-throw percentages.
Moore wants his dog to stop jumping up on visitors.
Biggs Boss wants his employees to arrive on time.
O’Neill wants her preschoolers to raise their hands before speaking.
Joe wants his son to earn good grades.
Jack wants his girlfriend, Jill, to show more affection.
Marty wants his friend, Dave, to stop smoking.
Insert your own situation: ____________________________________

Prepare a plan utilizing operant conditioning principles to change the behavior of the targeted individual(s), clearly identifying and justifying suitable reinforcers or punishers to attain your desired outcome.

Example: If I want my son to eat his vegetables (i.e., increase a desired behavior), I could do several things.

If he eats his vegetables, I could apply a positive reinforcer by adding something he does like, such as screen time; alternatively, I could apply a negative reinforcer by taking away something he does not like, such as one of his weekly chores.
If he does not eat his vegetables, I could apply a positive punisher by adding something he does not like, such as a new weekly chore; alternatively, I could apply a negative punisher by taking away something he does like, such as screen time.

After you have shared your plan, discuss at least three factors that might impact the success of your plan, including social and cultural considerations.
Describe at least one ethical consideration as relevant to operant conditioning.

N-Z: Intelligence: Street Smarts
Based on Chapter 6 in your textbook and Chapter 1: In a Nutshell (pp. 3–24) and Chapter 10: Assessment in Context: The Alternative to Standardized Testing (pp. 167–192) in Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons, as well as Cultural Explorations of Human Intelligence Around the World (Links to an external site.), consider theories of intelligence.
To complete this activity,

Choose a famous person (or fictional character) who you believe epitomizes successful intelligence as outlined in the textbook and assigned readings.
Illustrate why you believe this person demonstrates successful intelligence through specific characteristics or behaviors (at least three) that support your selection with regard to analytical, creative, and practical abilities. Also consider other perspectives on intelligence, such as multiple intelligences.
Explain how both nature and nurture (including social and cultural factors) may have played a role in the development of this individual’s intelligence.
Predict whether this person would do well on a standard intelligence test, based on what you have read, providing rationales.

To fully demonstrate content knowledge and critical thinking, the Learning and Intelligence discussion must

Appraise course concepts explicitly, applying them to your personal experiences/observations, and cite the required readings as appropriate.
Be thorough and specific, structuring your work intentionally (with an introductory and concluding sentence or two), providing clear context, and concisely and precisely explaining relevant course concepts.
Use personal examples to illustrate as appropriate, but do be sure to provide an objective analysis too, referencing required materials and using additional credible sources as needed to support your insight. For more, see Summary vs. Analysis (Links to an external site.).
Use your own Academic Voice (Links to an external site.) and apply in-text citations appropriately throughout your post. For more, see APA: Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.).
Your original post should be a minimum of 300 words.

Peer Responses: Review several of your classmates’ posts. Provide a substantive response to at least two of your peers, at least one of whom was assigned the content area different from yours, in a minimum of 300 words (each reply), by Day 7 (Monday). Based on your understanding of the reading, add important information to the conversation. Please note that because you are only required to post an original response to one of the two options above, expectations are amplified for your peer replies. Be thorough, adding insight and encouraging dialogue.
With regard to “learning”:

Review the suggestions provided by your peer and provide useful input on the potential effectiveness.
Discuss other strategies that align with operational conditioning that could also sculpt the behavior in your peer’s choice of scenario. Would classical conditioning be effective? Does observational learning play a role in this behavior?
If you did not post originally on this content, share you own behavioral modification plan.

With regard to “intelligence”:

Express your belief regarding the divergent theories and the individual your peer identified and give examples to support your view.

Regarding successful intelligence, does he or she clearly exhibit the associated characteristics of the analytical, practical, and creative components? Would this individual meet the definition of successful intelligence in a different context (i.e., are his/her skills culturally relative or would they be universally applicable)?
Regarding multiple intelligences, does he or she clearly exhibit the main characteristics of the identified intelligence? Would his or her occupation fit well?
If you did not post originally on this content, share you own analysis of an individual.

PSY101DiscussionsWeek 3 – Discussion

Corporate Cybersecurity research Presentation

Corporate Cybersecurity research Presentation.

The instructions is -Choose an interesting cybersecurity company or significant major cybersecurity event and present an overview of the company, history of the company, what happened or how that company evolved into cybersecurity, corporate officers, significant personnel profiles of that company and how the company plays a significant role in cybersecurity.Produce a set of ten (10) PowerPoint Slides complete with graphics and charts with a summary, conclusion and question slides not included the ten (10) slide count……………………………………………………………………………………………Please follow his instructions carefully. and I need you to pick interesting points for the powerpoint . Then in word document write down what should i say in front of the class for each slide numbered. Please do not make it long and use more easy common words . thanks
Corporate Cybersecurity research Presentation

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