Importance of motivating extracurricular Activities at school

Students are finding and realizing their skills in their academic life. It is not easy to find our skills in a single day. The extracurricular activities are helps to find the interesting area and it help to build a good character for you. Extracurricular activities are not main components of academic curriculum, but those activities are integral part of learning and character building. Debate, sports, music, dance, social services, and acting or drama are extracurricular activities and these are following in academic institutions. In academic institution we can see different background students with different characters. Physically and mentally some students are facing challenges, the academic institutions are conducting extracurricular activities for developing their willpower and confidence. The main aim of extracurricular activities is to develop a good personality for students. Students need good mental and physical strength for doing their activities and study. If they have very weak physical and mental strength, they can’t continue their studies and work. The extracurricular activities are giving moral support, and emotional development and guidelines, etc.

Academic institutions are conducting extracurricular activities as part of studies. Also teachers are finding time for conduction extracurricular activities. We can see many groups the in each academic institutions for sports, arts, and other social activities. Also teachers are giving a week for extracurricular activities in each academic year. Sports day, arts day, and social services day, etc are some specific days for extracurricular activities. Also the academic societies are helping to create programs in school. The teachers are giving external marks or grade for extracurricular activities for promoting their skills. Each students taste should different. Also their learning skill and knowledge level not same with others. Through extracurricular activities students can realize their interested area under the guidelines of teachers. The creativity is important when doing a task and the talent and creativity are deciding the quality of the outcome. You can know here how each extracurricular activity helps to develop our character and personality. Each activities are different and method of treating also different.

If you are concentrating on sports, a lot advantages you will get. Sports are giving us mentally and physical relaxation. When you are participating in sports, you will improve in decision making, punctuality, emotions controlling power, etc. emotions will affect negatively and positively, some students are very anger and they will angry with their friends for a small incidents. Some persons can’t the control their emotions if they happy and sad. If you are entering sports activities you improve above mentioned qualities in your life. If you are physically fit, you will get energy to do any kinds of job. Also when we are playing a game, we must have one aim so that we concentrated only in our aim. Students are living without any planning and system. Through playing games we can follow disciplines in our life. Without disciple a man can’t develop a good personality. Also music and arts are giving more support for moral development. You can enjoy everyone through music and arts. Many students are selecting their profession as arts and music. You can express good thoughts through music and drams. Also it is part of character building. Many students are changed their character after involving in music and arts.

Students have some social responsibilities. The classroom education and text books have some limitation to explain what your responsibilities are. The text books can only give an outline, so you have to enter in social and activities to know more about your responsibility. Academic institutions are created social groups for serving people. Students can take membership there to serve the nation and society. Students’ each travel based on academic activities like, to attend the event for sports and arts and college study tour will give more lessons and experiences about social life. The text books can’t give these experiences; also students must experiences these kinds of activities for understanding their society and life. This way they will become human with a lot of qualities. Students can’t avoid their social responsibilities, so we can say honestly we need extracurricular activities in our education institutions. That’s why all academic institutions are promoting and conducting extracurricular activities.