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In America, Education is a vital part in someone’s life. It determines whether or not one has the skills to perform different tasks, it tests one’s ability to retain material, and serves as a determinant of one’s status in society. It is very important for America to give everyone, from children to adults, the chance to receive an education.

No one in America should be able to say, “I can’t” when it comes to education. Having an education opens so many doors for opportunities in the future, such as a career, a promising future, and success. Sure, there are other means of guaranteeing one’s success in the future, but the most effective and efficient way to have a great future is through an education. Education should not be restricted to Americans because of the success that can come following a great education. In “The Allegory of the Cave”, Plato flaunts the effects of education on the human soul.

Plato asks the audience to imagine this: A group of people who have lived, since birth, in a cave, without any exposure to the outside world. The group of people are tied up so that they are restricted to seeing one another, and can only look forward. Behind the group is a fire and behind the fire is a wall. On top of the wall are statues, operated by other people, who are staying out of sight. Due to the fire, the statues are displayed as shadows to the group. The group watches as the shadows act out, and because of their exposure to this, the shadows are the only things that the group knows.

Plato goes on to imagine what happens if one of the people escape from their bonds. The prisoner is finally exposed to reality, and begins to comprehend how amazing the real world is. The allegory of the cave represents two halves of learning. One half is the visible realm, things that one can grasp with their senses. The other half is the intelligible realm, things that one can grasp with the mind. When the person is trapped in the cave, they are in the visible realm. The visible realm represents learning abilities as a child.

As a child, one learns by feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling, hearing, and tasting. Although, a child may not know what certain things or concepts truly mean, the child is familiar with the thing or concept. As the child matures and gets a grasp of reality, the child also makes the decision to get an education about his surroundings and certain concepts. The learning process that involves one’s mind is the intelligible realm. In this half of learning, one has to be able to put the pieces of certain things with their mind.

The allegory of the cave demonstrates the importance of having an education that exposes oneself to both halves of learning, the visible and intelligible realm. In Wayne C. Booth’s essay, “Is There Any Knowledge That a Man Must Have? ”, Booth argues about what it really means to be human. He continues by saying that there are three classes of human. Humans as machine, humans as animal, and man as part of a larger unit working to fulfill society’s needs. This essay relates to the importance of education because of the purpose that one tries to fulfill through learning.

After one receives the education that they wished for, they fall under one of the classes. The status of one’s knowledge determines where the person falls into. Education is very vital not only for Americans, but for everyone in the world. In order for one to strive in society, an education would be best for that success. With so many opportunities that open up with an education, there is no reason why anyone should pass it up. There are many ways of learning that can one finish school. Education is the key to one’s class in society.

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