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Impacts of Rape on the Victim

The Hardships of Rape Often times, the topic of rape is misunderstood or avoided. Rape is defined as the enforcement of sexual intentions onto another’s body. It is a crime that may be committed between two people of the same gender or of different genders. On the other hand, rape can be defined as any forced sexual maneuvers such as oral, penetrative, or anal sex. Rape victims frequently suffer from physical and psychological trauma and statistics say that, “there are 321,500 victims of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States.” (RAINN). Rape can be painful to any victim psychologically or physically, but by today’s society stereotyping it into a gender issue can make it significantly more painful for the victim to cope or receive help. There are several different types of rape that can be investigated. Intercourse between a minor and an adult is considered statutory rape and any adult involved can be convicted even if it was willingly sex. Date rape is another type of rape and is defined when the victim was drugged and forced to have sexual intercourse that was unwanted in a date like setting. Surprisingly, incest is commonly a situation of rape, whether it be between a parent and a child or any other kind of relationship. “Of surveyed college women, about 90% of rape and sexual assault victims knew their attacker prior to the assault.” (WCSAP). The fact that the rape victim knew their rapist prior to the attack can lead to an excess of any painful outcomes that may take place, especially PTSD and fear. Many rape victims previously knew their rapist, therefore, the victim loses trust in multiple people whether they’ve known the person for years or not. Along those lines, rape cannot be avoided in any one particular way. There isn’t a right or wrong way for one to protect themselves from the horrible crime of rape. Rape may be avoided by not walking alone at night or by not trusting someone that one may not know well to come into ones house while one is home alone. If one feels followed they may turn a corner, approach a place where there will be activity, or turn around and ask what the person wants. If the last option is one’s only option they should be prepared by carrying a form of weapon. There are a lot of negative outcomes that are inflicted onto a rape victim and any way that one could protect or defend themselves is strongly advised. There are various physical or psychological, painful side effects for any victim of rape. If the results are physical symptoms, they may include; STD’s, bruising, abrasions, UTI’s, or pregnancy. Bleeding and soreness are the most common physical symptoms associated with rape since it is normally forced sexual intentions and the victim of such incident is probably fighting the crime. If the results are psychological they may included; guilt, depression, anger, PTSD, flashbacks, or disappointment. Depression and PTSD are the most common psychological side effects of rape because it can cause personal feelings and withdraws from oneself. The increase of drugs or alcohol may increase after the math and Ph.D. scholar, G. Kilpatrick, stated in an article that “almost one-third (31%) of all rape victims developed PTSD sometime during their lifetime; and more than one in ten rape victims (11%) still has PTSD today.” ( National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center). Sexual dysfunction can occur and women may have issues with their fertility or menstrual cycle. When one is raped, any outcome possible will be negative whether it is physical or physiological. Though one would think that, since the outcomes of a rape crime are so significant, it would be easy to file a claim on the account of a rape, it is not for several reasons. Rape doesn’t always show forceful injuries, therefore, it can be hard to prove that something happened without evidence. Often times, rape is hard to identify because it doesn’t involve a male’s penis going into a woman’s vagina or male’s rectum, however, it may be other objects or body parts. “In 2014, it was discovered that the US has a backlog of over 400,000 rape kits,” therefore mistakes can happen and things may not be detected in order to prove that one was raped. (Ferguson) On the other hand, rape kits cannot detect if it was consented or not. Due to the feelings of guilt, hopelessness, and disbelief tend to persuade victims to not come forward and say something. Additionally, the idea that rape only affects women by today’s society, some men may never report the fact that they were once a rape victim and move on as if nothing happened. There are innumerable misinterpretations when one hears the word “rape.” Today’s society will stereotype and say that rape happens when a woman makes herself seem as if she is an “easy target” by overindulging on alcohol, taking drugs, or dressing provocatively. However, this is not true because men can be as easily raped as women can. Men try not to be powerless so they act courageous and sturdy by trying not to let the fact that they are a rape victim bother them. This is also part of the reason that the numbers for male rape are lower and this is shown by a statistic that says that, “as of 1998, 2.78 million men in the U.S. had been victims of attempted or completed rape” (RAINN). This number of 2.78 million can be compared to the number of women that have been raped, “as of 1998, at an estimated 17.7 million American women.” While the number difference is so large we can still see that men do indeed get raped. Even though the number is less significant any act of a rape crime should be handled seriously and those numbers should be lowered. The people of today will say that a male will spike a female’s beverage while out at a party or dinner to take control of her. A total of 19.4 percent of the population in 2018 was in a form of a date rape crime. While this number seems low, we can look at the difference between the male population being 1.4 percent while the female population was 18 percent. The male population is again extremely low, however, it is still the simple fact that 19.4 percent of our population was raped at some point or another and that amount of people is outrageous. (P, Kim) On the other hand, most victims of rape do not acknowledge that what they went through was considered rape. They twist and turn the situation in any way that will make it seem like they were in the wrong and not a victim of rape. Most unwanted sexual interactions lead to the victim suffering from a form of PTSD that will overcome their emotions and due to the fact that many areas seem to have different laws as to what rape or sexual assault is, it may be hard for a victim to understand if what they experienced was really rape or not. Looking at a rape victims story may shed light onto the pain and suffering victims may encounter. Brigid Harry had a severely impactful rape story that took her lots of power and ambition to be able to tell. Brigid was enlisted into the army and when her base doctor offered her to dinner and the movies off base she took it upon herself to go have fun. The nurse made it very clear that there was to be no intimate feelings or actions included on this “date” and that it was only a friendly outgoing. He picked her up and stopped by his house saying he had to get something and offered her to come inside. Reluctantly, Brigid went inside and they decided to make chicken at his apartment. The nurse poured her multiple drinks, one after another, and after the 3rd drink Brigid realized she was buzzed and asked when the chicken would be finished. At the same moment she asked about the chicken, the nurse leaned in to kiss her. She pulled away and excused herself to the bathroom. When she came out the man was standing outside the door with his pants on the ground. He firmly grabbed Brigid and forced her to have sex with him. Other than being emotionally impacted, Brigid only had a small abrasion on her inner thighs due to her jeans. She went back to base that night and the next day she informed her base’s chaplain and he seemed to only be worried about whether or not she was pregnant. When she called her mother, she was only worried about paperwork, so Brigid didn’t know what to do. She wrote an article about her story and how it may not have been the worst rape of her life, however, it did impact her mindset and the fact that nobody was super worried concerned her. She became a journalist in the navy and helped victims of rape. Statistics say that “somewhere in America, a woman is raped every two minutes.” (WCSAP). If a woman is raped every two minutes that is equivalent to 720 women raped a day and an average of 21,600 woman raped every month. Many rape crimes are committed by the same rapist since hundreds of women do not speak out so the police can find and convict the criminal. Rape is often dismissed due to lack of information or continuity of the story from the victim, therefore, the victim of rape may be released back out with the rapist in a 25 mile radius of her house. Rape is an undermined crime that has been stereotyped by many people in our society. Today’s people are cruel, corrupt, and manipulative. Rape crimes should be listened to, supported, and dealt with. Works Cited “Effects of Rape: Psychological and Physical Effects of Rape.” HealthyPlace, Ferguson, Sian. “4 Reasons Why Medical Examinations Can’t Always Prove If Someone Was Raped.”Everyday Feminism, 16 Oct. 2016, “Hesperian Health Guides.”How to Avoid Rape – Hesperian Health Guides,, Jr, William C. Shiel. “Definition of Rape.” MedicineNet, Lowen, Linda. “Get One Woman’s Horrifying Story of Rape in the Military.” ThoughtCo, ThoughtCo, 18 Sept. 2018, Mental Health Impact of Rape, Manager, Program. “How Often Does It Happen?”Program Manager , P, Kim. “Date Rape Statistics.”CreditDonkey, Ro, Christine. “Future – Why Most Rape Victims Never Acknowledge What Happened.” BBC, BBC, 6 Nov. 2018, “Victims of Sexual Violence: Statistics.” RAINN,
Table of Contents Introduction Veteran Health Administration Program Evaluation and Measurement References Footnotes Introduction Program evaluation refers to the process of collecting and analyzing information with an aim of assessing programs and projects. The main aim of evaluating programs is to assess their efficiency and effectiveness either in public or private domains. Program evaluation is a vital assessment method for potential funders or sponsors to understand the efficiency or effectiveness of funding a program. The following paper explains how program evaluation done to measure whether Veteran Health administration, a state- run program, is meeting its goals. It clearly gives an outline of the program, stakeholders, goals and objectives, and describes how the program can be evaluated. Veteran Health Administration Program Veterans Health Administration is a state- run facility that gives health care to the nation’s service men that fought for the country. It started as a soldier’s home back in the 1800s due to the increasing number of casualties caused by the civil war. In some cases, soldiers would be injured such that they became totally disabled and there was a need to create a home for them 1. Over the years, more hospitals were established in different states to serve more veterans who got affected by the war. In the 1980s, the president of United States created the department of Veteran affairs, which would oversee all the work of the above institution. Today, the evaluation at the Veteran Health Administration hospital shows that the customer service level is high and even higher than that of private clinics. The hospital seems to offer quality care to patients, and one of the studies done showed that patients with diabetes got more care than in other health care systems. Veterans Health Administration hospital has managed to extend its efforts to give care to veterans whether homeless or not. It has also assisted in training doctors and other health practitioners with an aim of improving the services. The hospital has ensured growth and improvement through doing research in various fields than concern them 2. This hospital has helped many veterans who suffered various problems during the war. Some soldiers became blind; others became physically disabled while others suffer mental conditions. It has been a significant facility to the veterans since they should be recognized as heroes of their country after fighting in wars such as the Vietnam War. Stakeholders in Veterans Health administration hospital includes: Staff of the hospital that include medical workers, trainees, receptionists, voluntary workers and non-clinical workers. The outpatients and inpatients and their families– These refer to patients admitted to the hospital or those visiting the hospital. They could be receiving medical care such as palliative care, receiving regular drugs or undergoing surgery and other specialized treatments. Organizations related to veterans of war- There are various organizations related to the caring of veterans, which can be termed as VHA’s external stakeholders. Agencies that deal with public health issues. Media and press. VHA consists of various Mission goals and objectives such as: Provide excellent Health care value- The Veteran Health administration has an emphasis on value of the health care provided across the facilities. Provide excellent in Service as defined by customers- The facility emphasizes on the need to get feedback from clients and patients about the health care provided to them Provide excellence in education and research- VHA emphasizes on the need to get extensive research and education with an aim of improving all areas relating to patient care priorities. Be an organization that characterized by exceptional accountability- This goal focuses on extensive performance measurement system for the facility by collecting, analyzing and assessing data to ensure accountability. Be an employer of choice- This goal comes with the conviction that Veteran health administration values people as the most significant resource. Evaluation and Measurement Performance indicators can be used to characterize the areas of health care that concern patients and customers’ experiences. The importance of using performance indicator tool is that they reflect health care recommended by most guidelines, and they are reliable sources of information since they consist of face value validity especially in areas of general expert opinion 3. The methods used to measure and evaluate the program should be qualitative and quantitative in nature. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is because the mission goals consist of aspects that need to get evaluated using different methods of data collection and analysis 4. Program accountability and effectiveness must be considered by engaging the stakeholders, describing the program, focusing the evaluation, gathering credible evidence and justifying the conclusions. Implementations, effectiveness, efficiency, cost- effectiveness, attribution need to be evaluated in regards to the mission goals and objectives. To ensure that the first and second goals are evaluated, the most crucial point to consider is domains of value in relation to the two goals (Provision of excellence in health care value and service as defined by Customers). The domains can be termed as the vital factors that contribute to health care value. The domains include technical quality of applications, technologies and techniques used in offering medical attention to clients and the results of such interventions. Another factor considered in the domains of value is cost of appropriated funds and other prices used in operating the program. Service satisfaction needs to be evaluated thoroughly to come up with the views and opinions of the customers, patients and their families in regards to the health care facility. Access to services also needs to be checked in order to determine the time taken to get medical care; the distance travelled to reach the facility and ease of enjoying the services offered by the program. Functional status has to be scrutinized to express the ability of patients to work normally after getting the medical attention and interventions from VHA. To evaluate the third, fourth and fifth mission goals, a lot of attention must be given to strategic themes that provide measurements to goals success- factors. In providing excellence in research and education, there needs to be a capitalization of needs and any outstanding opportunities available in the facility. Education and research would also need to be linked to all current and expected requirements of the patients (the veterans). There must be an enhanced level of external awareness and collaborative tasks so as to achieve the strategic theme of ensuring excellence in education and research. For VHA to be an organization that has exceptional accountability, performance measurements need to be linked with reward, promotion and recognition. In addition, individual accountability must be assessed, and aim at creating a culture of team- based efforts. For VHA to be an employer of choice, the administration must maintain high levels of job satisfaction and safe environment 5. Employment should be offered as an equal opportunity activity, and ones employed, the workers should get continuous quality improvement. The above points explain the way the evaluation should be carried out to determine if indeed the program meets its stated goals and objectives. If the qualities provided are characterized by the facility, then one can conclude that the program indeed meets its goals. References Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General Healthcare Inspection. Progress in implementing the Veterans Health Administration’s Uniform Mental Health Services Handbook, Washington, DC: VA Office of Inspector General, 2010. We will write a custom Essay on Veteran Health Administration Program specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Mayo, Rachel. “Veteran’s Health Administration: The Best Value in Healthcare” (2006): 1-8. McDavid, James C., and Laura R. L. Hawthorn. Program evaluation
DeVry University Fraud Literature Review and Business Expansion Capstone.

The Term Paper is an opportunity for you to conduct research and explore in depth an issue pertinent to the role of an accountant in your chosen area of interest. The objective of the Term Paper is to research, evaluate, and propose practical applications of the concepts you learned from many courses and from your chosen area of interest in your MSAC degree program. Accordingly, you will be able to choose a topic from any of the following broad areas. Financial accounting and reportingGovernmental accounting and reportingNonprofit accounting and reportingManagerial accountingAuditing—publicAuditing—internalTaxationFraudOther topic from a course that you took in your MSAC program Although the topic areas are fairly open-ended, it is expected that your paper will document theoretical underpinnings as well as practical implications. Suppose, for example, your interest is in auditing for fraud. An ideal paper would include not only a discussion of why fraud occurs but also recommendations for a business or other entity to guard against fraud. Hence, a deeper discussion of internal control procedures and the role of internal and external auditors would be appropriate. In effect, both the why and how of implementing relevant tools, technologies, process, procedures, and policies would need to be addressed. Research and summarize a review of the literature on your Term Paper topic, briefly describing the literature and how it relates to your Term Paper. Submit your Week 4 Term Paper Literature Review no later than midnight Sunday at the end of Week 4. Literature Review The segment referred to as a review of the literature is intended as a starting point for your research. In effect, you should research what other experts and commentators have already analyzed with respect to the problem you are scrutinizing.
DeVry University Fraud Literature Review and Business Expansion Capstone

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Chapter 6 What is the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970? How has the advent of computer technologies created ways around this Act? What is phishing? How does phishing fit into the problem of identity theft?Chapter 7 What is the difference between a virus and other types of malicious code? What are the most common types of viruses?What variables are used to distinguish and classify viruses? What is a Trojan horse? What are the various types of Trojan horses? What is a worm? How do worms differ from traditional viruses? What are virus hoaxes? Why are the hoaxes sometimes more dangerous than an actual virus? Describe how the creation of malicious software is changing due to varying motives?Chapter 8 What are the various types of exploitation that can occur over the Internet? What are the characteristics of the typical victims of Internet exploitation crimes? What are the characteristics of the typical perpetrators of Internet exploitation crimes? What is cyberbullying, and how is it different from real- world bullying? What is cyberstalking? What types of offenses can occur that could be defined as cyberstalking? What are the primary types or categories of stalkers? What are the primary federal laws that target Internet exploitation? How prevalent is child pornography on the Internet? How do pedophiles and other child exploiters use the Internet to commit their crimes? What role does child pornography play in child moles-tation? How has the Internet changed the landscape of prosti-tution and the sex trade? What is sex tourism? What are the primary challenges that law enforcement agencies face in investigating cyber exploitation?Writing Requirements3–4 pages in length, in APA format (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
University of the Potomac Viruses and Other Types of Malicious Code Essay


education. Paper details Note from the syllabus on the final paper: Each team will submit a final research paper. The cumulative research paper will synthesize, analyze, and evaluate aspects learned from working collaboratively as a team, the steps and activities performed to develop a graduate-level course, and any obstacles encountered. Include and cite the source materials previously referenced in the development of the graduate-level healthcare leadership course. The final paper should be: ▪ Typed, 1.5 spaces, ▪ One-inch margins on all sides, ▪ Font – 12 pt. with Times New Roman, ▪ Page numbers, ▪ 15 pages (maximum length). ( I need a 2-page paper all study methods below are to be included. I have included the first paragraph writer block set in after that can you finish this for me I only need the two pages because this is a group project please leave the first paragraph. –Study Methods • Coaching methods used in teams • Motivational interviewing • Positive psychology to affirm team member success • Obstacles with there is misalignment amongst teams • Impact on health when stress is introduced • Ability to multitask • Utilizing protected title statutes • Unified and formalized training within the scope of health and wellness coaching • Acceptance of nationally accredited boards to administer titles and certification • Protection to public health To protect the public from those providing misguided or misinformation on the fields of nutrition, health and wellness coaching, states, individually, have implemented statutes on who can provide nutrition advice and counseling and scope of health coaching and wellness. This extra step protects the health and welfare of the residents, but also provides a legal ramification if one does not practice either within their scope or to those who have limited or no training holding themselves out with “protected titles.” education

HIST 115 Grossmont College History Discussion

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Answer the following questions: Provide detail, examples, and explanations from the reading. Write in paragraph form (no bullet points). Use the reading only cited by name and page or by use the proper citation. Do not use outside (internet) sources. One paragraph per question.please follow the will be chapter 4-51. How did the European relations between England, France, Portugal, and Spain effect the colonies in the Americas? Give examples.2. What was the major disagreement between Spain and England during Queen Elizabeth’s reign? What event gave England the upper hand in the war with Spain? 3. Why did England consider Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh national heroes but Spain considered them pirates? 4. How did British colonization of North America differ from that of Spain and Portugal? Discuss religion, transculturation, slavery, and caste systems.
HIST 115 Grossmont College History Discussion

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Personal Statement Essay. Paper Details:This paper is personal statement for pharmacy, Describing how my personal, educational, and professional background will help you achieve your goals. I am attaching my resume which has my education and professional background. I have an interest in field of pharmacy since I started my first job as cashier in retail pharmacy and then became a pharmacy technician. I love helping others and giving back to community and pharmacy is great career to fulfill that. My career goals are to be successful Pharmacist and provide patient centered care with my knowledge and give back to the community Continue learning about new drug development and find ways to help make drugs more affordablePersonal Statement Essay

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act State Essay

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act State Essay.

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The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) states, as the sole exception to its anti-bribery provisions, that those provisions shall not apply to “any facilitating or expediting payment to a foreign official, political party, or party official the purpose of which is to expedite or to secure the performance of a routine governmental action by a foreign official, political party, or party official.” Select any three of the categories of actions that the FCPA defines as “routine governmental action,” and for each of those provide a one- to three-sentence explanation of why you think that category was included in the definition of “routine governmental action.”
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act State Essay

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