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Impact of Transcultural Nursing Society Website on Nursing Health Care Analytical Essay

The Transcultural Nursing Society website is critical in shaping nursing healthcare practices in current society. The society has established a guiding framework in transcultural nursing. The framework is crafted to mirror comprehensive standards of practice for a cultural health care that nurses can use to lead in clinical practices, surveys, education and administration. The standards established are anchored on social justice implying that an individual or a group is eligible to rational and equal rights and involvement in economic, social and educational practices framed in a health care environment. Consequently, by application of the principles of social justice and provision of ethnically focused health care, disparities in health care outcomes is set to reduce. Transcultural Nursing Society (2010) points out that, shortage of nurses and ever increasing migration of the population have surged thus prompts a need to instill knowledge in nurses to deliver racially compliant and competent health care for a diverse population regardless of geographic location and demographic trend. Transcultural Nursing Society (2010) further argues that cultural standards prevails within economic political and social systems, thus many health care institutions around the world have defined health care encompassing these systems. The disparities amongst the criterions and the setting in which principles are practiced are noted to impede a distinct set that all cultures are assured to address their needs. The standards outlined by Transcultural Nursing Society (2010) are diverse, and they include; social knowledge of cultures, competence in cultural health care systems and institutions, patient activism and empowerment, multiracial labor force, cross cultural communications and leadership and strategy development among other standards. Nonverbal indicators of anxiety A nonverbal sign, which is commonly, present in patients who do not speak English is agoraphobia. This sign is characterized by the fear of open places or where help is not forthcoming. Also, a compulsion sign is evident in patients who cannot speak English. Compulsion is an enticing instinct, wish or an urge to perform an irrational action that relieves anxiety (Andrews and Boyle, 2008). Other signs include panic attacks visible through signs such as; trembling, blushing, sweating and palpitation among other signs. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Anxiety assumes the trend of behaviors and mindset that serves as an obstacle to intercultural communication (The Office of Minority Health, 2007). Thus, it shows fear of unknown, perceived cultural superiority and discrimination hence, to enhance effective communication with patients who do not understand English will need to collect information about their culture and background. Office of Minority Health Recommended Standards for Nursing Health Care Office of Minority Health has devised standards commonly known as the National Standards on culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services, CLAS. The standards have been directed towards the health care institutions, although individuals health care providers have been encouraged to apply the standards to ensure that their practices are more culturally and linguistically compliant. Some of the standards proposed by the Office of Minority Health are diverse. One of them is that health care institutions have to ensure that the clients receive from healthcare’s staff utmost understanding and respect which is in tandem with their language, practices and cultural health beliefs (The Office of Minority Health, 2007). Secondly, strategies for recruitment, retaining and promoting health care staff should represent demographic elements of the service area. Thirdly, the organizations should endeavor to provide continuous education and training in culture and linguistics which fits the service delivery. Last but not the least, health care organizations, should aim at providing language assistance services. Involving bilingual staff and interpreter services at no extra costs to patients who have limited English proficiency and understanding (The Office of Minority Health, 2007). We will write a custom Essay on Impact of Transcultural Nursing Society Website on Nursing Health Care specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References List Andrews, M.M., and Boyle, J.S., (2008). Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care. Philadelphia; Lippincott Williams

Kidscity in Melbourne, Australia Essay

Need for Kidscity Kidcity is not a simple entertaining center, it is a unique edutainment where children can work and get salary. Many students have problems with profession choice as they do not know what responsibilities each occupation comprises. It is important to entertain children with something. It is also important to understand that the main purpose of edutainment is to attract children’s attention to one of the issues and hold it for some time there. Thus, children learn something without being made (Okan 2003). Kidscity Concept Kidcity is the centre which is going to offer children different occupations, pay them money, and offer the shops where they can spend earned money. This Kidcity is aimed at providing with the possibilities for trying jobs on the basis of KidZania, a theme park in Japan (Spooky 2009). Working as firefighters, doctors, etc. children can try different jobs, have their money and understand the value of it while spending them in the center on the territory of Kidcity. Only children between 4 and 16 are going to be allowed in the center. Others, including parents, will not. This is going to be a replica of a real city with streets, buildings, retails and different vehicle going around city. A theme park is a place where children can decide what they want to be when they grow up by actually doing the job and earn money. The currency in the Kidscity is called ‘Kidzos’. Center Development Possibilities The center has many opportunities in the development, starting with the implementation of new jobs connected with the infrastructure development and concluding with the territorial increase (with the possibility to creation of another city with different jobs). Market and Competition Having considered the child care industry in Melbourne, it is possible to state that there is no such center in the city, as well as in the whole country. Considering a venture as an educative one, it may be stated that it is not going change the secondary school attendance, as we have absolutely different direction and our center is not compulsory (McMIllan 2011b). Moreover, the child care services in Australia are usually provided for children under 12 years old (McMIllan 2011a). Our Kidcity is going to reduce this level up to 4 years and work with children of more varied age. Thus, the business is not going to experience high competition. Economics Having considered the success of the similar ventures in Japan, we would like to base our prices on theirs $50 per shift (Hours and admission fees 2011). The approximate admission from parents for their children for a shift in Kidcity is going to be $50-100 depending on the position. A child will get about $10 as payment for their job in ‘Kidzos’. 1 dollar equals 5 Kidzos to make children interested in possession much money. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Initial Investment and Expected profitability of Venture The venture requires much investment as to build the basic infrastructure (a hospital, several offices, houses, streets, shops, etc.) costs too much (about $50,000-$8,000) as the whole city should be built from the very beginning. Being a profitable business, it is possible to attract investors, both national and foreign. It can be easy to explain the profitability to Japanese investors as having the same center they can easily follow its profit. Moreover, having low competition, the business will ring more profit. The profit will not be gained at once as it is necessary to cover the costs spent on the center building. Exit strategy of the company should be directed at the reforming and restructuring the center into an entertainment facility where both children and parents can have fun. Reference List ‘Hours and admission fees’ 2011, KidZania. Web. McMillan, P 2011a, ‘Child care services in Australia’, IBIS World Industry Report. McMillan, P 2011b, ‘Preschool education in Australia’, IBIS World Industry Report. Okan, Z 2003, ‘Edutainment: is learning at risk?’, British Journal of Education Technology, vol. 34, no. 3, pp. 255-264. We will write a custom Essay on Kidscity in Melbourne, Australia specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Spooky 2009, ‘KidZania – Career-Building Theme Park for Kids’, Oddity Central, September 24,

MKT 271 ASU Business Case Culinarian Cookware Marketing Strategy Porposal

custom writing service MKT 271 ASU Business Case Culinarian Cookware Marketing Strategy Porposal.

You should assume that you have been hired by the leadership at Culinarian Cookware as a marketing consultant and you have been selected to answer several questions related to their marketing efforts. You must advise the company, Donald Janus and Victoria Brown on what to do.In November of 2006, senior executives at Culinarian Cookware were debating the merits of price promotions for the company’s premium cookware products. The VP of Marketing, Donald Janus, and Senior Sales Manager, Victoria Brown, had different views. Janus felt price promotions were unnecessary, potentially damaging to the brand image, and possibly encouraged retailer hoarding; Brown believed the promotions strengthened trade support, improved brand awareness, and stimulated sales from both new and existing customers. The issue was complicated by a consultant’s study of the firm’s 2004 price promotions which concluded that these promotions had a negative impact on profits. Janus trusted the results, but Brown, believing the study assumptions were flawed and required further analysis, suspected the promotions had actually produced positive results. The pressing decision is whether to run a price promotion in 2007 and, if so, to determine what merchandise to promote and on what terms. The broader issue is what strategy Culinarian should pursue to achieve sales growth goals, and what role, if any, price promotion should play.You must read the HBS case and prepare a response. Read the scenario carefully and develop your position using supporting arguments from the text reading material and any supporting videos. You must outline your position clearly. Any questions at the end of the case are suggestions to prompt your thinking and do not need to be answered in sequence.
MKT 271 ASU Business Case Culinarian Cookware Marketing Strategy Porposal

CJA 474 University of Phoenix Socialization Process Stages Presentation

CJA 474 University of Phoenix Socialization Process Stages Presentation.

Assignment #Read the Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Units case study starting on p. 335, Ch. 11 of Criminal Justice Organizations. Note: Access the case study via the Criminal Justice Organizations Case Study link in the Wk 4 Learning Activities folder.Week 4 teaches CJ students about key People-Management knowledge skills such as conflict resolution, handling confrontation, and how cultural differences play roles in occupational socialization, and how the team works together to meet the missionWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper answering the questions at the end of the case study. Emphasize strategies that could have prevented much of the conflict that occurred in the scenario. Use the questions in “Think like an Administrator” on p. 337 for possible topics to cover.Write answers to the following case study questions in the form of a full narrative-style paper; do not just answer questions. This paper and all papers require research in all topics each and every week, even if the paper is a case study, and must meet minimum Research Standards.CASE STUDY QUESTIONS1. What type of conflict is described in the case study?2. Multi-jurisdictional drug units are common across the country. What issues should be discussed and by whom before such a unit is created? How much of the impetus for the creation of these units can be attributed to increased federal funding and the irrational fear of drugs?3. Suggest ways in which the conflict described in this case study could have been managed more effectively. Should the unit have ever existed?Remember to write a strong introduction and strong conclusion paragraphs. Also, be sure you use the correct case study questions for the Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Unit case study.THE CASE STUDY ARE THE PICTURES ATTACHED.Assignment#2In leadership roles, it is important that when presented with a situation, you are able to determine if you can delegate work to others. If you empower employees to be critical thinkers and make decisions, they will show that they are capable of learning more and taking on more responsibility. In this assignment, you will review a few scenarios and discuss the possible outcomes.Complete the Empowerment and Delegation assignment. Download the Empowerment and Delegation assignment instruction sheet above and follow the instructions as written. You will be graded on following instructions, your proper writing, and using critical thinking in your writing and context.Organize and submit 2 PARTS for your Assignment, in 2 separate papers, in the following manner:PART-1: Analysis of individual empowerment and delegation scenarios.PART-2: Empowerment and Delegation narrative paper.THE FILE ATTACHMENT IS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IS THE EMPOWERMENT AND DELEGATION ASSIGNMENT MENTIONED ABOVE.Assignment #3Team Assignment ContentWeek 4 teaches CJ students about key People-Management knowledge skills such as conflict resolution, handling confrontation, and how cultural differences play roles in occupational socialization, and how the team works together to meet the missionThink about the first time you entered the workplace. Each workplace has a different feel and levels of supervision. Criminal justice organizations have unique challenges related to socialization.1. Research socialization within criminal justice organizations.2. Discuss with your team your research and provide some strategies to aid the socialization process.3. Compare strategies for socialization used by team members’ organizations. Use this discussion in the assignment.Then for your Assignment, develop a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you:1. Identify the socialization process, stages, and models of influence.2. Identify problems in the socialization process, including issues in police agencies, correctional agencies, and community expectations.3. Describe strategies for socialization, including those used in team members’ organizations.Make each of the 3 assignment topics above a Level 1 Slide Heading in your presentation so your key points are easy to find. Remember to write a strong introduction slide and a strong conclusion slide, both using bullets, not paragraph narrative. See the attached PowerPoint scoring rubric to understand what areas are scored on a presentation.THE RUBRIC FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IS ALSO ATTACHED.
CJA 474 University of Phoenix Socialization Process Stages Presentation

Managing Negative Emotions

Managing Negative Emotions. Paper details Describe two recent instances illustrating how you typically manage negative emotion. Discuss how your early experiences, gender, and culture background have influenced your style of emotional self regulation. Please use the textbook below and 2 additional scholarly , peer reviewed sources to substantiate the response. Textbook: Berk, L. (2018). Development through the lifespan (7th ed.). Pearson Assignment length is no less than 400 words. (Assignment length does not include the title page and reference section). APA format should be used for title page, header with page numbering, citations and reference section.Managing Negative Emotions