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Impact of the Textile Industry on Pakistan’s Economy

Impact of the Textile Industry on Pakistan’s Economy. CHAPTER 1 The study investigated the effects of textile industry on the growth of economy of Pakistan before and after establishment of world trade organization, 1995. The aim of the study was to gain insight about the effects of textile industry on the growth of Pakistan’s economy. The reason for selecting the topic “The effects of textile industry on the growth of economy of Pakistan before and after establishment of world trade organization, 1995” was to explore this topic in Pakistan that how our textile industry is directly affects our economy. Although there are many researches conducted just to explore that how Pakistan’s economy is affected before and after the establishment of world trade organization. Industry is considered as the basic element of any country especially textile industry contributes significantly to the country’s GDP (Gross domestic product), exports as well as employment. The textile industry is one of the most important sectors of Pakistan. It is, in fact, the backbone of the Pakistani economy. It has a total established spinning capacity of 1550 million kgs of yarn, weaving capacity of 4368 million square meters of fabric and finishing capacity of 4000 million square meters. The industry has a production capacity of 670 million units of garments, 400 million units of knitwear and 53 million kgs of towels. The industry has a total of 1221 units engaged in ginning and 442 units engaged in spinning. There are around 124 large units that undertake weaving and 425 small units. There are around 20600 power looms in operation in the industry. The industry also houses around 10 large finishing units and 625 small units. Pakistani textile industry has about 50 large and 2500 small garment manufacturing units. Moreover, it also houses around 600 knitwear-producing units and 400 towel-producing units. According to Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig (2010) the current global situation of the textile industry and the share of the Pakistan in global textile industry is the main subject of our topic. The textile demand in the world increased massively in last few decades. The global share of the textile increase about 18$ trillion and it is expected to increase 6.5% in future year. China is known as the major exporter country of the textile goods in the world. The world wide textile export is around 400$ billion. The Asian Countries have the major share in global textile export .The share of the china is around 55$ billion, the share of the Hong Kong is around 38$ billion, the share of the Korea is around 35$ billion, the share of the Taiwan is around 16$ billion and the share of the Indonesia is around 9$ billion, India also emerged as the major exporter of textile goods. In case of Pakistan, Pakistan also emerged as the textile exporter in the world. Pakistan emerged as the major exporter of the cotton and cotton yarn, Pakistan export the 30% of textile cotton yarn and 8% cotton fabric to the world. Pakistan total textile export is 7.4$ billion in 2002 which account the 1.2% share in the world textile export. Pakistan mostly exports the textile raw materials to the world and did not export the value added items, this is the main problem of Pakistan textile sector. Pakistan should learn from Bangladesh who imports the raw cotton from Pakistan and other countries and then made the value added items and export it to the world. If we want to increase our textile revenue then we focus on the value added items in future exports. 1: TEXTILE INDUSTRY IN Nationwide Financial System: Fabric visualization-2005 has been aimed at an open market, unique, market driven and vibrant textile sector, which is globally incorporated, worldwide spirited and fully equipped to abuse the opportunities shaped by Fabric goods are the vital individual necessities after then food. Textile sector in Pakistan playing the important role in the growth of our national economy, it has the big share in our GDP growth rate. It is playing the impotent role in our export sector, employment sector and investment sector. It has the major share in our foreign exchange earnings. It has the largest share in our manufacturing sector. Textile share in overall manufacturing is about 46%; foreign export earning is about 68% and 38% share in services sector. In spite of the government’s efforts to diversify the exports sector and as well as industrial sector, the textiles sector of Pakistan still the backbone of industrial activity in the country. FABRIC VISUALIZATION 2005: According to survey (2005) Fabric visualization 2005 is a vision about the new techniques introduce in sector. The vision about the, free entry and exist, barrier free markets, concept of competitive markets, dynamic and innovative which is internationally integrated and fully equipped to exploit opportunities created by the Multi Fiber arrangement at international level. At present Pakistan hold the 8th position in Asian countries Pakistan can take the 5th or 4th position if Pakistan fully exploits the opportunities created by MFA. THE FUTURE AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE TEXTILE EXPORTS The development of the textile industry is heavily depending upon the GATT rounds which ultimately become the reason of the establishment of WTO in 1995. The main agenda of the GATT rounds is to obligation of quotas system, unilaterally, bilaterally, multilaterally in the textile sector. It means that there will be no quota on textile products. Pakistan is also the member of the GATT rounds and then after the member of the WTO and the benefits of the GATT rules. In GATT rounds and WTO, USA and EU was in favor of the some restriction on China’s textile exports. Pakistan and India treated most favorite nation because both are the founding nations. 1.1.3. QUOTA NATIONS PART IN PSKISTAN’S TEXTILE EXPORTS USA 44.5% EU 50% CANADA 1.7% TURKEY 3.6% 1.1.4. STRENGTH AND LIMITATIONS OF PAKISTAN: The share of the textile sector of overall world export is around 6%, which is accounted nearly370$ billion. The share of the clothing goods is around 210$ billion and remaining the share of the yarn and raw cotton. In case of Pakistan, the textile sector has the major share in Pakistan export. The 60% to 70% export of the Pakistan is depend on the textile sector which is accounted nearly 7$billion in year 2002-2003.The share of the raw cotton and yarn is about 30% and share of the fabric is nearly 35% (Ayesha Fayyaz, 2010). 1: The 15 EU member’s countries are the highly developed countries of the world and they are the main importers of textile goods. On 1st may 2004 the ten others countries are also join the EU, these 10 newly members are comparatively less developed and more economical to compare with 15 countries thus EU companies relocate their units in those countries for cheap textile manufacturing and export more textile goods. The EU export increased and became 11% of the world textile export. 2. The EU member’s countries increase the employment level in this sector. That’s why they are more focus on development of this sector. The 2.5 to 3.5 million people are employed in this sector. 3. Presently another threat of Pakistani exporter is that if EU withdraws his 0% duty under EU GSP scheme, then Pakistani exporters face the damages in her expert volume. 4. In case of the USA more than one million people are employed in the textile sector. In USA there are thousands of companies who produce the textile goods. The companies mainly in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and state of Alabama. These state protested against the 0% duty on textile goods. After the establishment of WTO and Asian crises nearly 250 units shut down and more then two laces people lost their jobs. Thus in 2004-2005 the USA Government impose the quota with different percentage on textile goods. Composition of Quota Goods USA EU CANADA TURKEY TOTAL Fabric 69% 12.4% Quota free 2.2% 21.5% Garments 30% 18.4% 1.1% 0% 49.5% Made Up 7.6% 17.2% 0.6% 0% 25.4% Yarn Quota free 2.2% Quota free 1.4% 3.6% Total 44.6% 52.2% 1.7% 3.6% 100% At present USA will also concentrate on the high tech textile goods to compete the modern world. USA focuses on non-woven, particularly focus on the hygiene products like children’s diapers and wipes, feminine hygiene, adult incontinence and highly end fashion items, particularly for women’s wear. USA and EU wants the better market access to their textile products and on the other hand they also want to implement the rules of the WTO on tariffs, quota and intellectual property rights. They also want to implement the rules which are mentioned in GATS and WTO like environmental conditions, laborers facilities, wage rate and tax collection system. Pakistani exporters will prepare to fight these challenges of the modern world. USA imposes safety measures on textile exports, which can also effect on Pakistan exports, but the Pakistani exporters having the chance to get the benefit from the quota restriction on China and Vietnam imposed by the USA in 2005 as cited in Dawn NewsImpact of the Textile Industry on Pakistan’s Economy
It is important that the roles are clearly defined and distinguished from each other in terms of functionality. Although there are many functions that are similar for the DT, Reseller and Super User, all of the functionality available to each role will be permission based in a hierarchical way, i.e. DT will allow certain functions to be available to the Reseller, the Reseller will allow a subset of these functions to be available to their Enterprise Super User and the Super User will allow a subset to be made available to their Users in the Enterprise. In addition certain functions will only be available within a certain role, so for example if DT was willing to go direct to enterprise and by pass a Reseller then they need to set themselves up as a Reseller on the system and log in as a Reseller to manage the Enterprise customer. Similarly if a User within the Enterprise wants to participate in social networking with other consumers of the enterprises either internal or external then they need to register as a Consumer on the service to do so. 1. Set up Dedicated Number for IVR Callers: The first step to setting up an IVR service is to request a dedicated number to be assigned to the Enterprise. Depending on the location of the Enterprise and the availability of phone lines etc this process might take days or weeks, as such the first step is to apply on line to get a dedicated IVR number in place for the Enterprise. If the Enterprise already has a dedicated line in place they will need to route this number to the IVR number assigned to them. There is also a cost associated with setting up and operating this number, this cost plus a margin will need to be shown on screen for the Enterprise before they accept standard terms and conditions to apply for a number. Once a number has been set up this number will be made available to the Enterprise. If standard numbers are already available and are held in stock then the Enterprise will be able to select a number from a list while on line and once they accept the terms for using this number the number will be dedicated to this Enterprise and they will be billed accordingly. 2. Create IVR decision Tree: Once a number is assigned to the Enterprise the Super User will go to the I-COMMS section of the portal, select the IVR service button and enter a page that is dedicated to managing the IVR system. Within the IVR page the Super User will select the IVR Number they want to manage. After selecting the number they will be asked to create a decision tree on line. This decision tree will dictate how many options are available after the caller hears the first message and depending on which option the caller selects the Super User then needs to tell the system how many options are available after the next message and so on until they have built out a decision three. This decision tree will be visible on line as a family tree working from left to right, i.e. start with call the number, then show x options to select, once selected show x options for next step etc. Once created the decision tree can be updated and saved to allow for changes on an ongoing basis. (Look at DU Power Bill Demo to see decision tree online) 3. Add audio files: Once the decision tree has been created the Super User must add the audio files at each decision node. Depending on the decision tree that the Super User has created for the specific phone number there will need to be an audio file for each decision node. These audio files should be visible on the decision tree, so at each node the User can click the audio file to add, edit or delete it, when clicked the full details of the current audio file are displayed. These audio files can be added using the following options: Text to Speech: The Super user will type in the text of the audio file and the system will automatically convert this text to audio. This is not an ideal solution but it is easy to use and cost effective and in many circumstances it will be sufficient for the Enterprises needs. Load Audio File: The system will allow the Super user to Browse for a file on a local hard drive on their PC and simply load an audio file that the Super User created outside these services. This might be difficult to facilitate within the IVR so we will only do if easy to do. We probably need to restrict the type of audio files that can be loaded to WAV and WMA or MP3. Speak the message to the Phone: The most likely way and probably the best way to get the audio file in to the IVR system is to dial the dedicated number and walk through voice driven prompts that will ask you to speak the message as the system records it to the right decision node (similar to using voice mail on your mobile). This may also be the best option to edit audio messages over time. A user will dial the dedicated IVR number and on answering can interrupt the message by typing in an Admin Password, once typed in the User can control the system and add new messages etc. The access code needs to be unique to the User. We could alternatively have a single Admin Number that all user can dial to add audio files, once the user dials this number they are asked to input their unique user password number which identifies their IVR number and then the system will walk them through adding audio files at each decision node. 4. Execution Rules: These are the rules that tell the IVR system what to do after it has reached the end of a decision three, so assuming the caller has dialed the number and has gone through the various decision options and they have come to the end of those options. The system now needs to do the following: Hang Up: After the caller has heard the message this might be the end of the call so the Super User wants to set a rule at the end of this decision tree to hang up when message completes. Collect Votes: The caller might be asked to select one of a number of options before the system hangs up. So for example a restaurant owner will create a campaign each day to call all booked customers at say 5.00pm to check if they are confirming or cancelling their booking, as such the Customer will be asked to “press 1 to confirm your booking with us tonight or press 2 to cancel it”. In this situation the User of the system will set an option for the IVR to automatically confirm diary appointments in his on line calendar, as the IVR system collects the information from the callers it will automatically update the calendar to give a status report, red to indicate they have cancelled, green to indicate they have confirmed or amber to show that they want to make a change. If a change is requested then the User call use click to dial to speak to the customer and make a new appointment or they can use SMS to collect the information. If the system is collecting votes then it needs to collate the information in to a report and send to the User on regular basis by e-mail or SMS at intervals as selected by the User. All communications will be stored against a customer profile where they have one created on the system. Trigger something to happen: The system could trigger say and SMS to be sent to the customer, a letter, e-mail etc providing additional information. So for example a retailer could use it to get customers to order a new catalogue, in this situation the caller will need to record their name and address, or if it is already on the system simply click a number and trigger the system to post a catalogue. For us all we need to do is generate an e-mail or SMS to the User they need to do the sending etc. E-commerce: Ideally the system can handle e-commerce transactions and collect credit card details to pay for a service such as renewing the TV license, booking a hotel room; paying for goods or services etc. this can wait for a later edition. 5. Create reports from IVR system: The IVR system must create reports for the Super User each time a Consumer makes contact with the system. These reports can be collated and sent on regular intervals or a message can be sent to the Super user immediately after a caller hangs up to let them know what the outcome of the call was. The Super user will want to configure these reports to be delivered on a timed basis or in a format that suits such as SMS or e-mail. If it is too difficult to create an option to configure the reports over web then the system will automatically send the update reports in a pre specified way to the Super User. 6. Track History: As the IVR number is used the system will automatically track all the Consumer history with the IVR system. This will probably be done by identifying the callers CLI when they call in to or when the system dials out to the Consumer to match them to a profile record on file and to store the information about the call and its outcome in their communications history. Where this is not possible the caller may be required to identify themselves using a unique account or campaign number that the IVR system will request at the start of a call, if practicable. 7. IVR Billing: All calls to or from the IVR system will be charge to the Enterprise Customer at a rate that has been set by the Reseller on a per minute basis. Describe your relationship and communications with client management / user management / end users. DT: Administer the System, Do Billing Runs, Operate Customer Care, Run Reports, and Manage Reseller Accounts, administer functional permissions. Reseller: Create and manage Enterprise accounts, administer functional permissions, run reports, bill customers, and customer care. Enterprise Super User: Create and manage User Accounts, administer functional permissions, run reports, manage databases, create and manage groups, manage calendar and campaigns, operate comms services. (Key Functionality for Database managements will come from Anaeko) Enterprise User: As above but permission based, they may not be allowed access or update data bases, they may not be able to use comms functions etc. But key function here is to actively data mine, create groups, manage groups and run campaigns using SMS, e-mail etc (more likely to be external consumers). (key functionality will come from Miko and or Presence Networks) Consumers: Consumer may only be non participating recipients of communications from the Enterprise but in all cases they will be able to reply to the comms and give feedback to the Enterprise. Those that choose to participate in social networking with the enterprise or peer groups who are customers of the enterprise can share content, share files, blog, IM, rate content etc all of which is the social networking application. (This will be all the functionality available within Huzu). The system Operators primary function is to administer the entire system on behalf of its reseller users. If DT go direct to an Enterprise customer then they need to log in as a Reseller to set up that Enterprise Customer (Super User). DT will be able to set up new Telco or Reseller customers and manage those customers and all of their activities through a partitioned view of their account. A Telco can set up new users of the system, typically their enterprise customers. Once an enterprise customer is set up they can then create multiple user accounts, user account holders can create groups, send premium rate communications to members of the group etc (license fees will be based on the number of Users active on the system, eg €10 per user per month for a Telco License). End consumers are the recipients of the service from the enterprise, if they are internal consumers then they might create content, share it and communicate with other group members, however if they are not a registered User of the service they cannot use any premium services. At the end of a month all Users premium rate activity is collected together to create a single bill per Enterprise which will be grouped in to a single bill per Telco. If the end consumer is external to the enterprise then they may not interact with the service at all, they may not register as a user and just receive communications from the enterprise, if they do register they can participate in the social network created by the enterprise. Solution Discuss your contribution to the solution, project or engagement including the rationale behind key choices. Please enumerate the alternatives you considered and your reasons for their rejection. As mentioned earlier my main contribution and responsibility was working as a system analyst in this project. The key contribution was Requirement gathering, Feasibility study, Engage in Architecture designing of a Software, Preparing test plan, and finally to ensure the proper execution of software (performance). Enumerate and describe the key decisions you made, and the reasons for making them as you did. This project was an important and one of the major projects for my team and our software house. So I had to make sure that the team that is selected by is the best. The main decision made by me was to include to senior programmers so that they can support me just in case if the task gets difficult or I am stuck in the development phase. This was an expensive decision but looking at the importance of the project it was worth going for this option. Describe the design method you used on this project and the rationale for its selection. We use Service Oriented Architecture in this software. A service-oriented architecture is essentially a collection of services. These services communicate with each other. The communication can involve either simple data passing or it could involve two or more services coordinating some activity. Some means of connecting services to each other is needed. Service-oriented architectures are not a new thing. The first service-oriented architecture for many people in the past was with the use DCOM or Object Request Brokers (ORBs) based on the CORBA specification. List the design tools you selected for use on this project and discuss the rationale for their selection. Visual studio 2008 Framework 3.0 Crystal Report for reporting. SQL Server 2005 as a Database. Visio ERWIN List the major deliverables of the project that you were responsible for or contributed to, and summarize the reason for their inclusion. The project’s main deliverable was that it enabled the organization to develop an interactive communications application for Enterprise that allows it to manage its communications and interactions with people both internal and external using the latest digital and Telecoms technologies. Results Was your solution implemented? If so, describe the role, if any, you had in the implementation. If not explain why not. Yes the Software was implemented and is still working smoothly at Assess the overall success or failure of the project. Comment on client satisfaction, attainment of objectives, and ultimate versus proposed cost and schedule. Project is smoothly running at overall the project was a success. All the goals were met successfully, main problems which were faced were: Integration with astricx For voice calling And by implementing this project these goals were achieved successfully. Lessons Learned In retrospect, what you might have done differently on this project and what lessons did you learn? First time enterprise application was developed and implemented stress testing was done. It gave me clear understanding of the architecture
An engineering manager has four main fields of responsibility, that is, supervising engineers or technicians, project management, interacting with clients, and offering suggestion and representative as a resourcefulness. An engineering manager should be a completely permit and specialized. All job seeker must finish a university undergraduate degree in engineering. Engineering management is the field involved with the application of engineering principles to the planning and manipulative management of manufacturing and industrial organizations. Engineering managers requires an integration of technical skills, soft skills, and conceptual skills as well. Technical skills are the elementary type of skills. Engineering manager is a leader of the team; normally consist of a group of engineers, technicians and workers. Engineering managers should have a unique skill in a specific area which can leading them to stand out among the public. Along with the proficient of technical skills, the engineering manager will able to understand the requirement and specification of the whole project. Beside that, engineering managers should have self-confidence while leading the group. Show the ability that can resolve the technical problem and hence the employees might convinced to him. As an engineering manager, the continuing study and upgrading the knowledge is required. This will help them in solving the specific problem. Admittedly, to develop employees effective, the soft skills are needful for engineering manager. Actually, for engineering manager, technical skills are generally less important, and their professional development focal point should be on skills that will assists a manager become a good leader at the organization. People who like to interact with others, are congenital leaders, and are capable engineers discover this type of position remunerative. There is a standard of direction or instruction as stage of this position that is a fresh skill for great majority of engineers. Interpersonal skills and communication skills are extremely importance in this responsibility. In addition, conceptual skills are needed for engineering managers. These essential skills are regard as a fundamental requirement for managers who located in highest level of management position. A successful engineering manager with specific skills normally has brilliant cognitive abilities to deliberate creativity. The conceptual skills involved thinking creativity, analysis and diagnosis, recognizes, psychological skills, planning intelligence, emotional intelligence and problem solving skills. Engineering managers who provided with conceptual skills are able to investigate complex problems, imagine details, and effective practice of behavior. Overall, management is an integrated new profession for engineers. Engineers who take on management position should emulate and study new set of specific skills. From beginning, engineering managers may often confront an intercession period that requires accepting a whole fresh skill and mentality. Engineering manager should change their natural instincts such as straightforward answers and seriousness. The important principles for engineering managers may and must be flexible. Always put effort on additional skills, will bring good results. CHAPTER 1 TECHNICAL SKILLS Technical skills are those skills, such as intellectual and mastery that managers use to complete their task in specialized areas such as engineering or information technology. Technical skills must be come out by entire standards of administrative. High level of management use technical skills to develop project plans and for making conceptual decisions, and to focus on the individual decision making process. Technical skills give lower-level managers the capability, intellectual and practiced in a designated field, not only to perform tasks, but also to regulate the tasks of employee in that area. Technical skill can define as the most fundamental type of skills that should have to achieve in our life. The technical skills required of life general as well as the particular technical skills required of specific job or task. The technical skill suggests an understanding in a specific kind of task. It involves specialized knowledge, analytical ability, and facilities in the use of the equipments of the specific branch of learning. Occupational practical training programmes mostly do a great job in developing this kind of skill. Engineers may evolution to transform into technical specialists or to monitor a team of technicians and engineers. Some may ultimately become engineering managers or to participate other managerial tasks. In business, an engineering intellectual will offers them to discuss a project’s technical specification and helps in production planning, assembly, and utilize. Unique Skills Engineers who always succeed the greatest in their profession are engineers who have unique skills in a specific area leading them to stand out among the public. It might be the difference between banality and distinct. Upgrading the Knowledge People who able to take his skill levels in a specific area one level higher than his have now, and always taking up the effort in value adding process. This effort may even bring long term extra pay or reward from an unimaginable source. Technical skill building is an on-going, and it is a never-ending process. Constantly upgrade the skills, make continuous education, and always stay at a distinct advantage of changes and developments. For example: An engineering manager who hadn’t had a consulting project of any considerable order in over half a year, and he realize that the relationship between his effort for improvement with his life’s better response to the effort. He tried to improve his knowledge by continuous learning some higher level skills. Within a short period, he was contacted by a company to produce a large consulting project. Mechanical and electronic engineering manager The technical skills are fundamental to the job. The computer skilful is very important. Most professionals task widely with computer drafting software and other specific programs to help them design a new product. Besides that, engineers always work on physically building prototypes, which need manual practised and particular knowledge of various types of tools and assemble techniques. Normally, it is require working rapidly and efficiently, without skipping any steps in the building procedure. After the prototypes has been completed, the engineer manager will passing the idea to the development team’s member, and supervise them to complete the task according to the initial concept. Information Technology engineering manager The hardware support is the basic technical skill for information technology engineer, it depend on specialized training in hardware installation, software application, and computer networking. As an information technology engineer manager, the continuing study and upgrading the knowledge is required. Else, that will be difficult in certain kind of problem solving. The information technology is rapidly changing, the technology tends to evolve rather quickly, such as telecommunication, and there is an evolution from 3G to 4G, just taking a short period. The information technology manager should always review and estimate the current applications are satisfying the demands of the company. Besides that, the manager must be able to verify the new technologies to improve the objective of the company. Fully Integrated Skill As a skill gets carried out over and over again, it becomes nearly second. As the skill grows more integrated into out being, it transform from our conscious awareness of carry out the action involved in the skill fall into a subconscious stage where it is manipulate on an nearly automatic of implement. It is done without any effort and is done with a meaning of impassive. Technical Responsibilities Technical responsibilities can change greatly; it is depending on the scale and composition of the company. Identify Identify conclusive process scope that controls the reliability, quality and performance of the final product. Leading Lead the commercial grade design and progress a high volume manufacturing line in order to meet the requirement. Managing Manage the evolution of mechanical, electronic and electrical, and software systems for carry out, inspecting and controlling all field of the manufacturing process. Inspection Manage the design of electrical and mechanical measurement tools for received good monitoring, post-process inspection and final inspection. Evolution Evolution and refine the innovative product line to meet the requirement of client. Engineer manager will be working closely with the CEO, clients, contractors and manufacture groups. CHAPTER 2 SOFT SKILLS Soft skills also define as interpersonal skills. Engineering managers require interpersonal skills to be efficient. Without the capability to influences others, produce good decision making and control many preferential, the excellent of technical skills aren’t going to dedicate completely to the administrative of the team. As a engineering manager, who realize themselves badly off in interpersonal skill, must try to aspire training at any time to support up leadership skills, human skills, communications skills, management skills, presentation skills and so on. An administrative management must hold out such training. Engineering managers requires an integration of technical skills and interpersonal skills as well. For engineering manager, technical skills are generally less important, and their professional evolution focal point should be on skills that will assist a manager become a primary leader of the business. For those engineering managers who are not willing to spend those specialize into leadership path, may not be the greatest rightness for engineering management responsibilities. Human Skills Human skills include realizing how to interact nicely with people. Normally, nobody like to working for a manger that is impolite and inconsiderate. A manger lack in human skills can decrease both spirit and productivity of the team. However, engineering manager with effective human skills always has employees with a positive manner and a tough desire to boost up company productivity. It is important for engineering manager to work effectively with positional, subordinates, and supervisors. Always entertaining employees or workers with respectful and polite together with the ability to expressive a vision for the task are main element to a manager to archiving an interpersonal skills. Well communication skills and the intelligence to associate with people are the essential to become a successful engineering manager, or else, they will not be able to express their opinion for the business with the involved person. A successful engineering manager able to complete the task in all kind of responsibilities by cooperates with workers, technicians, managers and clients. Leadership Responsibilities Every organization requires certain people to take leadership responsibilities. Anyone can be a leader, as long as they are proficient in leadership skills. The organization will develop well if everyone expends their professional skills into proper leadership roles. A leader is someone who looks for works that haven’t been completed or pursue to improve the team’s objectives to make it become more efficient. Leaders are responsible for employing, training, inspiring, counseling, and disciplining their employees. They always pursue to inspiring and utilize the energies and skills of employees to guarantee a productivity and efficient work. Besides that, they must always instill positive thinking or manners, to ensure that all the employees are working towards an achievement of same goal. Be a good example As usual, there are leaders and there are followers. Developing good leadership skills can bring about the excellence between the two. Some of the people claim that, a strong leader is born and not made. This is not to conclude that, the leadership skill does not be able to learn. As an engineering manager, try to developing yourself to stimulate become a good leader. People always follow a good leader due to he is stand for the beliefs of a team. This person is always well focused on a main objective and resolves the difficulties. In the same time, the employees will be happy to provide the support for the team in order to succeed in accomplishes their goals. Background Skills for a Manager In order to processing the effectively influencing of the team’s activities, a leader should also need to influence their employees through some characters such as personal glamour, expertise, command of language, and the produce of mutual respect or polite. The engineering manager should also require to handling some background skills such as mentoring, decision making, group works, delegation and motivating others. Mentoring Become a trusted advisor and assistant with experience in a specific field. Actively sustaining and directing someone to develop their experience and knowledge in order to achieve career goals. A mentoring relationship could be formal or informal, but must include trust, respect, acceptance and commitment as both sides work together to accomplish a common goal. Group work Team work defines as any activity in which members work together. It also explains as an activity that has been specifically designed so that members can work in a team. An engineering manager should able to supervise the task for each member in the group. Help each other with their task given in order to achieve the common objective. Always corporately and working efficiently with other team members. Decision Making Evaluate proper evidence and balance up that evidence to make an option. As an engineering manager, should always taking responsibility for a decision and its consequence. Delegation An engineering manager should taking responsibilities for ensuring when to request someone else to carry out a decision for the task. In order to increasing the efficiency and productivity of the task, engineering manager should assigning responsibilities and power in a team by giving someone else the judgment to carry out the decision. Network Building As a leader, should always creating contacts with other people and keeping those contacts. For example, meeting and bring together with someone at a seminar with similar interests, and interchanging email addresses with them. Obtaining and keeping information about those who might be beneficial contacts for certain intention. Make use of a contact in an ethical way to help each other achieve particular goals. Motivating Others Engineer should always produce devotion and capability by being positively. Besides that, focusing on researching solutions and holding a positive manner even when thing are going bad. A good leader should always ask his employees about the ways to overcome the problem. Inspiring the team member to come out the solutions, and try to listening carefully to their opinion. Always prepared to support employees in taking agree with them, calculated risk, and not criticizing and blaming others when the thing is going wrong. Counseling Counseling defines as a personal talk with someone who need for helps in individual problem. Everyone has confronted with problems from time to time. As a good leader, employees will grow to respect him, and they will ready to come to him with problems. A leader always recognizes employees with problems, and he cannot let them suffer or just move them away. If the serious problem has been ignored, that will almost consequently become a group problem. Furthermore, counseling can also defines as listening. From the view of employees, when they get into trouble, they just need to talk it out about their worries and show the difficulties faced. After their worries and difficulties have been heard by leader gives the sufferer a feeling that his/her worries and difficulties are rational. Hence, by using this way, the self-confidence of employees might increase, handling the problem easily. Management Skills Engineering manager requires understanding many aspects of the business in running a task. The important skills related on special skill or knowledge in the area of organization, finance, marketing surveying, communication, and human resources. Based on the research, great majority of the projects fail because the management skills distribution of the project has not obtained enough notice. The human element has not been sufficiently concerned. For an organization or individual, the transform or change is stressful. It the manager is capability to develop this kind of change; he will accomplish his objective or goal easily. Planning Planning is an essential skill. It provides a common conceptual system to integrate a variety of related skills, involving problem solving skills, scheduling, to develop estimates of the time and resources needed to complete the project, negotiation with client, and conflict resolution. Planning is a sequential process, where a decision at certain stage helps transparent your choices in the next stage. As a manager, he can utilize the suggestion after each stage to help define the particulars for each task. The efficient utilize of planning will do more than any other technical skill to advance both obtaining the job done and managing the group together. Planning is advantage in team organization and individual. Managing Risk Engineering manager can also learned how to recognize problem of risk by establish a project permit that transparent the objectives, opportunity, limits, resources, and timing for the project. Manager require to know how to apply management skills to develop these ricks, Some of the organizations had provided certain kind of certification courses of training for this specific skills for new of future engineering managers. Budgeting An engineering manager should understand how to use the budget. It is another fundamental management skill, even though the organization has hired a team of profession accountants to manage the financial path. There are three important steps to a budgeting, first is preparing it, second is writing it, and final step is monitoring it. Although the finance department are responsible to charged with perform these matters for manager, but as a good engineering manager have the responsibility for the project’s budget planning. Besides that, engineering manager also require to understand what have been told about the project’s budget. To fully integrate into budgeting, engineering manager need to know about the logically challenge of project cost overrun. By develop this essential skill; engineering manager can be able to managing the budget efficiency. Team work The effective team work will assist an engineering manager to developing his/her project effectively. A good engineering manager also is a team leader as well. Always prepared to help and work with team member to accomplish the common goals. A good manager will able to set up a culture of teamwork into all direction of the task given. Furthermore, there will be a high self-respect within all of the team members, and it sense that they already feel personally included in the whole process of the project. Hence, the project will be success. Decision Making Decision making defines as an action of selecting between two or more type of option. Nevertheless, it might often be bear in mind that there may not always be a right decision making among the available choices. Sometimes there may have been a greater choice that had not been regarded at the suitable time. It is important for a manager to take notes of all decision and the reasons for each decision were made in order to make the improvement in the future time. Besides that, by using this way, we can easy to justify for any decision taken when problem is occurs. Time Management Engineering managers require the ability to organize themselves and others by implement of time management. Always require to examine precisely what had spending your time on and how significant are those task and distributions of time to the successful accomplish of the project give. For example, as an engineering manager, you could spend a lot of time per day just for reading the emails. Actually, this task can be distributed to your clerk or personal assistant. They might tell you what needs follow up with immediately and what can be keep until later or just ignore. By using this way, a manager could save a lot of time and concentrate in another part of the project like checking on progression or inspecting the quality and so on. The time management skills should be applies, and do take note that, it is not necessary to manage the entire task by yourself. The greatest way to improve the time management skills is to further up our self-control and hence can develop the task without terribly upset. Communication Communication is fundamental for effective operation in every stage of an organization. Even though finance, marketing, production, and technical department, may receive guidance from overall objectives and goals, the communication will connects them together and easier become organizational achievement. Communication is required to improves efficiency, quality, give satisfaction for customer, and hence create renovation products. Effective communication is very crucial for company success. That shouldn’t only for manager, but also their employees and team members must be efficient in communication. The responsibilities of an engineering manager is to assist their employees improve their communication skills. The good manger must be able to established collaborative relationships through active listening. If all of the team members can communicate efficiently with each other, the performance of the team will be improved. Several ways to improve the relationship between manager and employees: Manager should Always identify employees training requires. Give feedback or suggestion on employee’s performance. Form a principle for staff decision is necessary, such as promotions, disciplinary actions, allowances, and salary increases. Offer the chance for company diagnosis and development. Demonstrate staff hiring techniques and human resource policies. Interact with client Beside that, interacting with the client also act as an important stage of the role of engineering manager. An engineering manager is usually involved in the beginning meeting, examining, designing of the product, and supervising of the team members. Frequently scheduled meetings with clients are normally planned by the engineering. The ability to operate well with an extensive range of people, and always share opinion and experience with employees is important. Now, many engineering manager attend additional courses in order to advance their communication skills that will help them to managing the employees. Controlling the Group As a good manager, always balances getting the job completed and managing the team together. Control is always a public behavior of the engineering manager. To control the team efficiency, an engineering manager should: Set the tempo A good manager should illustrate his volunteer to do anything asked from team members. Beside that, always sets a good model and example. Observes Observes the team and communicates with the team members but it is not necessary to dominate. Always tends to give suggestions for improvement, it is better than orders. Instructs Communicate clearly with employees. A good manager always allows team members to use their own idea. Although there is a mistake occurs, try to correct the mistake with mutual respect and without blaming. If the work is going well by employees, do not disturb. If necessary, try to offer direct support and instruction. Counsels A leader should be ready and willing to support their employees with certain needs. Always recognizes employees with problems, and he cannot let them suffer or just move them away. Beside that, encourages all of the team members to show their best. Inspects Practice and manage a positive thinking and does not appraise or blaming. Praises good work, in the same time silently provides suggestions to correct the errors. Avoid making employees fall into contempt. Reacts Identifies that responsibilities for lose or breakdown is on the leader, do not shift the blame on employees or team members. Always remain humble and constantly work hard to give service to the team. Human Resources Responsibilities Broadcast and Advertises Engineering Duty Moreover to supervising production, engineering managers always undertake human resources responsibilities as well. Manager broadcast and advertises engineering duty open to public in order to hire new workman and offer practically training. Human resources consist of all elements of employee management, such as recruiting, hiring, training, reserving and dismissal. Within each given area, they are verified effective human resource administration strategies. Effective human resources management skills The successful human resources management skills are needed for a productive organization that can accomplish the goal which is higher profit. All of the employees are a required resource in any organization. If the company does not using effective human resources management skills can be a bad bargain for a business. Human resource management skill is the anticipative developing of people. It needs opinion in advance, and planning methods for an organization to meet the requirement of its employees. In the same time, it also the employees also will meet the requirements of the organization. By using this way, the effective improvement of productivity will appear. A good human resource management should always improve everything from recruiting, hiring, training to evaluate skill and discipline. By improving the employees keeping proportion can reduce the cost for organization to training or hiring new employees. CHAPTER 3 CONCEPTUAL SKILLS Conceptual skills are skills that use the capability of a human to produce concepts. Conceptual skills also defines as a skills that manager should have to think and to conceptualize about digest, abstract and complicated condition. By using this essential skill, managers should be able to observe the company as an integrated, know the relationships between different subunits, and imagine how the company suits to its wider environment. These substantial skills are most significant at the highest grade of management. An engineering manager at the highest level of the companies have the responsibility for making the decision for whole sense of organization and set up the objective and goal that impact the whole organization. In the business field, these essential skills are regard as a fundamental need for managers who located in highest level of management position. Good engineering managers with specific skills normally have brilliant cognitive abilities to deliberate creatively hence resolve problems. A manager be provided with these essential skills are able to investigate a complicated issue and visualize details, and effective practice of behavior. To apply conceptual skills to produce concepts, progressing solution and resolving difficulties. They are some important steps need to follow: Ensure the outcome to be accomplished or explain the problem. Investigate and analyze all required information Evaluate the choices by using problem solving skills Analyze the feasibility of each option. Determine and perform most appropriate solution. Thinking Creativity and Visualizing Abstractions A concept is a series of ideas. A concept manages many ideas jointly; an idea is similar to a brick, it is not a final formation for a building. The final formation is the concept. Do not start a project without a creative concept. The creative concept is the way or the plan that you will use to produce the required outcome. As an engineering manager, you are requiring the ability to comprehend a situation or difficulties by evaluating and cope with possible issues and limits. Conceptual thinking involves organizing the sections of an issues or condition is a regular way and being able to visualize opinions and ideas. Hence, you can extend abstract ideas from certain case. Analysis and Diagnosis A manager should observe at models in events or objects. Always understand how to visualize the ideas. Engineering manager requires analyzing and diagnosis complicated situations which need them to learn conceptual skills. They are able to make the process rationally and make clear with available information. Beside that, engineering manager must be able to determine problems, identify correct option, estimate them and pick the greatest one in order to make a rational decision. Nevertheless, some managers lose in the direction due to lack of ability in rationally processing and illustrating information, managing the results in mind. An individual with conceptual skills can determine how ideas are relevance. They effectually see individual compositions in relationship to the entire project. Inspecting complicated situations and difficulties are important for an engineering manager. Furthermore, problem solving is an important skill that includes both creativity and analysis. A leader with strong conceptual skills always recognized as effective managers, due to their ability to comprehend the whole organization and develop the creativity strategies. Recognizes Recognizing how the different functions and operations of the company depend on one another, and how varies in any one part impact all the other. Recognizing also extends to visualizing the relationship of the personal business to the manufacture, the society, and the governmental, social and financial condition forces of the whole country. Recognizing also involves the thinking in terms of the following: Relative emphasis and proprieties among debating the standards and objectives. Relative tendencies and probabilities, rather than determinate case. Difficult relevancies and patterns among compositions, rather than legible and cause/effect relationships. Training Skills Training can improve previously developed conceptual skills. In developing the conceptual skills, some of the best consequences have been accomplish through guiding of employees by managers. By using the training techniques, manager can help his employees by supervising a specific responsibility. If there is an employee who confront with problem, try to reply with expedition question or opinion, rather than straight way giving answer. By using this way, the employees might learn to solve the problem, and hence their work performance also improved

Is The Internet Destroying Tv Media Essay

Is the Internet demolishes the television industry or not? Internet is a way of communication betwixt the people belong from one or different countries of the world. It is a universal system betwixt the computers connected with eachother. Whereas television is also a source of communication but it is somewhat restricted as compare to internet in many aspects, but there are some pros and some cons of these restrictions discussed later on in the paper. Television is a device on which we see the videos that are transmitted in the form of signals through television stations. Critics said that the television industry is now at verge where five years earlier newspaper industry was standing, and now newspaper industry lose its market because people prefer to catch all the information on the internet. But for newspaper people have to pay some price but if they read the news on the internet then they do not have to pay extra price because they already have the internet connection. But there is much difference betwixt the television and the newspaper industry, news can be read on the internet, no doubt the fashion shows, dramas, films are all available on the internet but to see all that on the television, has its own charm. It is depicted that television industry is not taking the issue seriously, just like the affected newspaper industry, they bragged on the basis of their revenues and earnings. Now before proceeding further, there comes a question across the mind that either the television industry cannot perceive that challenge or they want to close their eyes. Basically there are brain barriers and because of these barriers we cannot judge the right path and if judge then we cannot follow that path, we can quote the example of Motorola and Nokia in this regard. Again comes to the point that what is the ground behind this topic. Everyone looks for ease and for its wellbeing, so he/she always prefer, who becomes able to take care and fulfill his/her demands. Business models on which television industry works from its existence is that there must be no other option for the people besides the television for entertainment purposes. Now as the videos and documentaries are the basis on the base of which television industry makes business, so they ever never wants that these contents must be available from some other source. There must be no alternative other than television for employers to advertize their products. Cable operators are allowed to transmit their programs. Besides this all television companies made check points in the path of cables and they spend a lot of money in order to make it sure that either all the restrictions are followed at that check points or not. Now look at the other side a lot of new options are available for the people for entertainment and creativity purposes on the internet. As on the internet mini games are available and besides this many social sites are present on the internet and on these sites you become interconnect with a lot of people belonging from all the regions, cultures and religions of the world. On these social sites you share your views and ideas with your friends and with the other people and have a lot more fun than just seeing the programs on the television. Because here you receives a sudden response of your thoughts and the questions raised in your minds from the people you care for. Beside this a lot more things are available on these sites for passing time and making fun, these sites are like Facebook, Tagged, Orkut etc. All the programs dramas and television shows are now available on the internet on the sites like YouTube, Googlevideo, Hulu, Netflix etc. On television there is restriction that everyone has to watch the program on its time and if time passed then you cannot watch that particular episode of that drama. But on the internet there is no time scheduling, whenever you have some time free and you want to have some entertainment then sit in front of your computer system and log onto the desired site and see the episode that you want or whatever other you want to see. Besides this many other videos like movies and shows are uploaded on the internet and if not bragging then whatever you want is available on the internet. If we come from entertainment side to education side then also there is no competitor that provides more help to the students. All type of books, scholarly articles, research papers and software are present on the internet. It can be said that someone using internet finds all he/she wants from education point of view to entertainment point of view, there’s no need to go here and there. If simply said then there is no need to run behind the useless options. Keeping in view all these factors television industry responds to this situation by taking some turns, like the viewers should have choice and their views gets importance that which program they want to see and which not. Time schedule of the admired shows are changed so that they will be played on that time on which most of the viewer ship is available. Television industry owners start a plan that every program that runs on the television set is made available for downloading and available up to 24 hours. Educational programs are started that also constitute video libraries and scholar’s guidance online. But besides this, who wants to pay such high licensing fees for television sets, whereas they do not have to see all the programs, in the Finland the licensing fee is betwixt 224.30 to 232.20 euro per month. Because of Satellite technology internet is available all over the world. Therefore, why someone restrict his/herself to see only 5, 10 or 50 channels? Now no matter where you are, either you are in home or you are travelling, you can see millions of television channels on your mobile set. It cannot be said that the producers or fun creators are demolished, because if they have talent and capabilities then they can post their creations to YouTube and make money, and many of the people do that. NO doubt that television remains as a decoration piece for the bed rooms, guest rooms and it considers as a symbol that provides a time in which all the members of a family sit together and watch the program but now internet gradually makes television existence unnecessary in the homes. One of the main reasons that why people love internet or give internet priority over the television is because of time. Somehow it is discussed earlier that internet can be used according to the time schedule that you made but television cannot be watched according to your time schedule. You should have to change your time table according to the programs you want to watch on the television. This is a big reason, we live in the age of machines and to exist in this world everyone have to behave like a machine otherwise someone other push him aside and takes his/her place. So in this busy schedule no one have enough time to spare in order to watch the television program and feel free. But besides this incase of internet, whenever he/she found some extra or spare time he/she sit in front of personal computer and log onto his/her desired site and watch what he/she wants to see or read newspapers, journals, blogs, play games and many other things to do. On these sites like hulu, every episode of every show that runs on the television is present. Recording shows present on these sites unlike on the television in which many commercials are present that makes the mood off, includes some commercials not with more than thirty second play time. According to a common observation YouTube is considered better among the people or viewers as compares to the television. Now, why it is better? It is better because just on one site everyone can find, whatever he/she wants. On this site every type of video include music programs, recorded and live programs of every singer, dramas and fashion shows in short all that, someone can thinks of is in front of him/her. Then who goes and sit in front of television to see the program. Every program that runs on television, after sometime usually less than one and a half day is posted and can be seen on the YouTube. Internet no doubt adversely affects the television industry, because televisions programs are present on their sites, on some sites you can see live television channels. Now when something is available all the time on the internet and everyone is sure about this, then who view that program on the television. So television industries acclaim their rights. On television most of the programs are telecasted two or three times for the viewers that who cannot see the program one time can see it again. But now if that program is found on the internet sites before it’s repeat telecast on the television then who see that episode. Now when the advertising companies, who give their adds to the television industries for the advertisement comes to know that this television has no viewership then they take their ads back from them and give to others. So it is a matter to worry about because no ads means no money to the television companies from this side and they cannot survive on the license fees. Internet is becoming a platform for the international businesses today and millions of ads are present on the internet on various sites. On the internet illegal or corrupt businesses is on its peak. There are lots of techniques available to cheat the people on the internet, because on internet you are not face to face with the people, whom you in contact and you can easily deceive the other person. The u torrents and bit torrents sites from which people download movies are illegal sites that cause damage to the film and television industry in millions of dollars. Because earlier when movies are released then people watched that movie in the cinema, on television and after that they purchased compact discs and digital video discs to see the movie. But now majority of the people do not go cinema and wait that when it is available on the internet. Similarly television sites available on the internet basically steal the data from televisions and illegally posted it on the internet. So television industries want that there must be restrict copyright laws and no one can dare to forbid those laws. Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme is established and television industry invested a lot of money on this but no gain. This scheme restricts downloads from the illegal television sites but in spite of all this television industry squander billions of dollars because of piracy. Besides all this if television industry has to survive, then they should build their own site on which one can see the live programs. And all the programs that are being played, their saved copies must be present on the site, so that if someone misses that particular episode then they can watch it on some other time. Advertisements should be less and of short duration during the drama or show because it takes away all the charm. Advertisements must be creative that gains the attention of everyone and no one get bored. The dramas and shows must be consists of less episodes, and the time and routine of programs must be arranged by the people who go into the communities and perceive ideas from the viewers that on which time which program should be telecasted. In order to protect their selves, owners of television industries must have to take all matters seriously and be keen to sort out solution for these problems otherwise this mighty flood of internet sweep away all of them. In last it is concluded that, internet destroying the television. Internet offers so much diversity that no one can leave it. Internet becomes the need of time; everyone who wants to succeed in this life must have solid know how about internet. Internet gains the attention of people from all walks of life just because of its diversity. A student gets notes, books, research papers and a lot more knowledge regarding his/her particular subject on the internet. A businessman can found a lot of skills, techniques and paths to improve his/her business. Nowadays online business moves forward to wrap the whole world. Similarly musicians, and for those who just login to entertain their selves, internet equips all what they need. So in short it can be said that oneself sit in front of his/her personal computer and open the internet interface then he/she explore whole new world, in which he/she can visit wherever he/she wants. Now there is so much charm present in it that you lost yourself when you use internet. More precisely it can be said that people become ‘internet worms’. Whereas in case of television, it cannot be said that television has no popularity but its popularity is decreasing day by day and might be the reason is that people gets the alternative path. Because this is the nature of human beings that wherever they see some more lightening they go there. Similar is the case here, as discussed above that television has no such type of options, as offered by the internet. So people use internet because whatever they see on the television is now available on the internet, but the videos, information and options available on the internet is not in television. So automatically the side of internet becomes heavy. And gradually internet took away the business of television industries. But internet is just like a sea in which all sort of information, and all type of videos either they are good or not present. Now it is on the users that how much he/she is mature. For example internet offers option of chat and various sites allowed this as MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Tagged and soft-wares like Skype and many more. But it depends on a particular person that he/she used these benefits in the positive way or not, like he/she interacts with his/her colleagues or classmates for discussing something relating to business or education, or he/she only chitchat with others or make others fool. This is behind approach to discuss pros and cons of internet in this paper, but just to make it clear that no doubt television industry is destroyed by the internet, but everything can be seen from two perspectives, and after seeing both sides one must have to decide that either this is wrong or not. Television industry besides some disadvantages has the advantage that all the programs telecasted on it are watchable with family members and as no one can change their schedule therefore habit to manage time is developed. And as no one can proceed forward or backward the program according to his/her will, so a sense is developed that it is impossible that everything in the life is according to our will so we have to control ourselves. But whatever the results, circumstances and facts told that the future is of internet, no television, no radio, no newspaper can compete with the internet technology. WORK CITED Keen, Andrew. The Cult of the Amateur: How blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and the rest of today’s user-generated media are destroying our economy, our culture, and our values . Reprint Edition. . :Broadway Business. 2008. STELTER, BRIAN . “In TV Versus Internet, TV Still Wins.” New york times. 18 Oct, 2007. , Web. 27 April, 2010. . Nicholas, David . The Internet:its impact and evaluation . First. . London, UK:Aslib/IMI. 2000. Print.

Southern New Hampshire University Science and Technology Discussion

assignment writer Southern New Hampshire University Science and Technology Discussion.

For this module’s discussion, research a recent science news event that has occurred in the last six months. The event should come from a well-known news source, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, NPR, PBS, BBC, National Geographic, The New York Times, and so on. Post a link to the news story, and in your initial post:Summarize your news story and its contributions to the science or STEM fieldsIf your news event is overtly related to technology, explain how this event contributes to technology studies? If your news event does not directly relate to technology, how could the science behind your event be applied to technology studies?
Southern New Hampshire University Science and Technology Discussion

Disaster management is planet management Report

Disaster management refers to supervision and organization of assets and errands designed for dealing with all humanitarian features of response, vigilance, crisis and resurgence with an aim of diminishing the impact of crisis (Quarantelli 1998). In every community there is a certain type of disaster though the vulnerability differs. The kind of disasters striking these communities differs from; multifaceted emergencies, epidemic emergencies, ecological/environmental emergencies as well as natural disasters. Any type of disaster can interfere with the vital services in a community hence affecting the social, financial and health networks in a community (Alexander 2002). However most these disaster can be prevented via a number of activities like: – disaster preparedness, disaster recovery and disaster relief. There is no precision, efficacy; completeness or even reliability in the explained views, proposals, opinion or specifics made. Generally, the content of the text was aimed at putting across important information that can help the community at large. The text does not at any point give an assurance or credibility on the kind of the data it contains (Quarantelli 1998). This is well shown on the kind words used to explain the data given in the text. For instance, there is no precise figure of the population living in the urban areas and thus, terms like about and approximately are often applied. According to the research that was conducted on disaster management, it appeared acceptable to make use of words that would in one way or the other give an alert of any arousing facet that may be there. Terms like can not, may, will, can and should are frequently used in the text pointing out that the author is not certain with the kind of information he gives. On the other hand, words like must are not used in the text indicating that he was sure on the kind of particulars found. From the content of the text, the priority and message was easily determined. This is because the author put a lot of emphasis on areas that he discussed and the points given could be elaborated easily as he tackled the issues that one is conversant with (Drabek 1986). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The actual information that is put to the public is that some types of damages can easily be prevented despite the challenges that are faced in the effort to diminish them however; other damages especially those caused by natural disasters like those of 2007 mostly wild fires, flooding, hurricanes and earthquakes can not be prevented. Other important issues discussed in the content are the causes of the disaster in a community one of them being the population of people in a community. The population of people in a given area governs other factors that contribute to a disaster (Drabek 1986). It was found out that when the number of people increases in a given area, there was a high possibility of that area experiencing drought which in turn results to global disasters. Also on an increased populace, the need for water also increases hence water reduction which is also termed as a global disaster. Kuepper undertake to relate people water and disasters by stating that according to the report by the world water development, it is predicted that within the next twenty years the amount of water available to everyone is likely to reduce by thirty percent (Creswell 2009). The increase in the number of people, results to decrease in the water capacities hence leading to a disaster. World population, economy, disaster costs, climatic change and global warming, environmental issues, science and technology, water crises and outlook are all causes of global crisis. This therefore, calls for the community to come up with workable strategies that can help to reduce or else completely do away with the disasters. There is much relationship between increase and decrease in the text. For instance, the availability of water may decrease with increase in the number of people. This may result from amplification of water usage by the growing population (Alexander 2002). There is also likelihood of increase in severity of weather related disasters as a result of people engaging in various activities like industrialization which directly interfere with the weather due to poor management of the exhausts. This eventually leads to increased disasters that are weather related. We will write a custom Report on Disaster management is planet management specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More According to the statistical analysis that was carried out on the content provided by the author, it was found out that generally the information was accurate. However, a number of the facts were old as from the year two thousand and four (Creswell 2009). Looking into the relationship between sign, strength and direction, there is an increased relationship between people and economy in that, the economy in a community is dependent on the management of such crisis like disasters that might strongly determine the direction of the economy. In the text, the author brought out the community to be lowering economically with time (Alexander 2002).The number of those above poverty line was reducing as the number of people increased. Due to the increased global warming as well as climatic changes, the community was found out to be prone to disasters like weather related disasters, flooding and also drought. In conclusion, disaster management ought to be looked into in depth to ensure that all possible causes of disaster are diminished. This will eventually help in managing it and at the same time manage the planet. References Alexander (2002). Principles of Emergency planning and Management.6th ed., Terra Publishing. Creswell ,J.W. (2009). Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, And Mixed Methods Approaches. 3rd ed., Sage publications. Drabek, Thomas E. (1986). Human System Responses to Disaster. New York: McGraw-Hill. Quarantelli E.L. (1998). Where We Have Been and Where We Might Go In.What is disaster.9th ed.,London. Not sure if you can write a paper on Disaster management is planet management by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More

Walden University Counseling Program Goal Statement Paper

Walden University Counseling Program Goal Statement Paper.

What should be included in my counseling program goal statement?Answer: We are excited that you have decided to apply to Walden University’s School of Counseling. Our counseling programs meet the rigor of the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), and our faculty is committed to positive social change. We commend you for beginning this personally enriching and professionally fulfilling journey; we are ready to meet you and eager to count you as one of our colleagues in a few years.Name: You must provide your full name (first and last) on your goal statement for it to be accepted by admissions.Degree and concentration: You must clearly indicate to which degree program you are applying as well as the concentration you wish to pursue within that degree program.Content: There are five sections described below. Please include the following information when preparing your goal statement. While not required, we strongly suggest that you format your goal statement by heading each section with the headings shown below. Write your information in paragraph form and do not use bullet format under the section headings.Please note that applicants with incomplete goal statements will not be considered for admission.Counselor DefinitionIn a few sentences, describe what led you to graduate education in the counseling profession and your career goals.Life SkillsMany life experiences and skills developed in your past will serve you as a professional counselor. Consider skills (do not include technology skills) you have obtained from current or past employment, community volunteer services, or extracurricular activity experiences. Summarize two or three skills that will make you a competent professional counselor.Program:: MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling – General Program**PLEASE PROOFREAD AND SAVE AS GOOGLE DOCUMENT**
Walden University Counseling Program Goal Statement Paper

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