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Impact of Sea Transport on the Aquatic Environment Research Paper

Introduction Study problem Marine pollution is increasingly becoming a major concern as the world becomes a global village. Sea transport is one of the most used forms of transport in the modern society as goods move from one part of the world to another. However, the footprints left behind by major shipping companies are leaving a devastating impact on the maritime environment. According to Grech, Horeberry, and Koester (2008), a good example of the devastating impact that human activities have on the maritime environment is the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spillage of 2010. This was a case where BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, leading to a massive oil spillage on the oil floor that lasted close to 90 days (Grammelis 2016). The incident had a massive impact on aquatic life and it also affected human lifestyles, especially of those who rely on deep-water fishing and tourism. The shipping companies also have a serious impact on the maritime environment in terms of the wastes often released into the water. One of the three major pillars of sustainability is the need to protect the environment. For the shipping companies, there is a burden of responsibility to protect the maritime environment at all costs. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has come up with policies that should be followed by shipping companies to ensure that their activities do not have a significant impact on the aquatic environment (International Maritime Organization 2011). Individual firms should also develop their policies, in line with the regulations of IMO, to enhance their ability to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. ADNATCO-NGSCO should be one of those firms taking a leading role in protecting the maritime environment. Research questions ADNATCO-NGSCO has experienced a long period of success due to the oil business on which the entire region of the Middle East relies. As Horck (2005) notes, the Middle East is known for its rich oil reserves, and countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait rely on oil export to support their economy. The biggest worry is the impact oil exportation has on the maritime environment (Karim 2014). For ADNATCO-NGSCO, it is important to have ways of ensuring that its operations do not affect the sea environment. The study will look at ways in which the firm’s operations can be safe for the environment. The following are the research questions that will be used in collecting data. Are there adequate reception facilities in ships and shores? What are some of the factors that influence the transferability and cost-effectiveness of this project? Are there significant impacts of this project on the performance and reputation of ADNATCO
California National University Personal Physical Activity Plan Analysis.

This assignment has THREE steps. Each step builds on the next. You will need to complete and submit all four parts for full credit.STEP 1For the next seven days, record:The number of minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity (3-5.9 METS) you accumulate daily.Vigorous-intensity physical activity (>6 METS) you accumulate daily.You will note the amount of time you spend in sedentary activity (sitting) other than sleeping.The normal week would be reflective of your regular lifestyle.For the week that you choose to record, be honest. Do not do extra (beyond normal) physical activity or exercise than usual.Day (activities performed)Type of activity & Minutes in moderate-instensityphysical activity
Type of activity & Minutes in vigorous-intensity physical activityTotal minutes of physical activityMinutes of sedentary time1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Totals (hrs & minutes) The information will be submitted in a chart format. It can be a word document chart.Once you have determined the total minutes of moderate and vigorous physical activity and exercise along with total minutes accumulated per week, go to the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines and answer the following questions:What are the minimum physical activity recommendations for adults ages 18-65? Include citations/references.Did you achieve or exceed the minimum recommendations for adults ages 18 to 65 during the week?Why were you able to achieve or not achieve the guidelines?Was this a typical week for you? Why or why not?STEP 2 Now that you have assessed your current physical activity levels, develop and describe a personalized plan to meet the minimal levels of the guidelines to become or remain physically active in the future.Complete the following information requested and use the 2018 guidelines (see pages 23-36 in the text for more) to help you develop a personal physical activity and exercise plan if you do not have experience doing so.Describe and list your personal health goals (Improve cardiorespiratory health, maintain weight, reduce risk of or control diabetes, etc..)Aerobic activity goals (Frequency, intensity, duration per day, total minutes per week, etc…)Muscle-strengthening activity goals (Frequency, muscle groups used, number of sets and repetitions, type (amount) of resistance used)STEP THREE Write up a 3-4 page APA report which describes your plan to continue to be physically active to meet the 2018 physical activity guidelines and also evaluate your success/failure to achieve/maintain the physical activity plan you set for yourself. Answer the following questions:What was your personal activity and exercise plan? Provide a detailed explanation. Include health, aerobic, and muscle-strengthening activity goals.Was each of your goals easy, moderate or difficult to achieve? Can you continue these goals long-term?How did you try to achieve your goals? Explain in detail.If you were unable to achieve your goals, explain why you think this happened. What are your personal recommendations for achieving/maintaining these goals in the future?Provide evidence-based advice for achieving the goal if the goal was not attained.Provide evidence-based advice/support for continuing the goals or increasing the goals.View student example paper here here – Alternative FormatsPoints for spelling, grammar, APASubmit each step together as one single document. Each step is needed to complete the assignment.ResourcesMET Calculator: Intensity Table:… PA Overview:… – Heart Rate:… Measuring – Perceived Exertion:… PA Guideline Videos:…Struggling to find evidence to support your population choice for your presentation? Remember to check out the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Part F. The Science Base.
California National University Personal Physical Activity Plan Analysis

Jewish Studies Question.

I’m working on a jewish studies question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

1. The entire movie on DVD is found on at 2. You paper should be 3-4 pages, double-spaced. Please cite the textbook: Aaron Hahn Tapper’s book, Judaisms and the YouTube video. Please have an introduction and conclusion. APA format!!!!! 3. READ THIS BEFORE YOU START: THE BACKGROUND!This disputation or debate, one of many held in the Medieval period, was held over 5 days in June of 1263. The dialogue in the movie was written by a Jewish scholar named Hyam Maccoby, but it was based on a pamphlet published by Rabbi Moshe son of Nachman Gerondi. The individuals who appear in the movie are:a. King James 1 of Aragon. Aragon was a kingdom in what later would become Spain. He was a very important king, as a crusader, a patron of literature and the arts, and a conqueror.b. His wife Queen Yolanda who bore him 10 children.c. His mistress (one of several lovers mentioned by historians).d. Pablo Christiani, a monk from the Dominican order, who was formerly a Jew.e. Rabbi Moshe son of Nachman Gerondi, known in Jewish circles as Ramban but also Nachmanides. He was a commentator on the Bible, a philosopher, and physician, and generally a leading Jewish intellect of the Middle Ages.f. Raymond de Penyafort, the superior of Christiani and the confessor of King James.Another aspect of the film you should understand before you watch is an issue of Jewish Law. Look at Judaisms, p.77, for the distinction between halakhah (legal material) and aggadah (stories or tradition intended for teaching purposes but which are not always to be taken literally.) See also the material on the messiah, Judaisms, pp.64-67. Read the questions before you start the movie so you know what to look for and then take notes as you go. Here are the questions; there are 9; you can leave out 1 question. a. What did Queen Yolanda and Raymond hope to accomplish by holding a disputation?b. What is a disputation?c. What stipulation allowed Rabbi Moshe to agree to participate?d. From Rabbi Moshe’s arguments with Pablo Christiani, what did you learn about certain portions of the Talmud (and Judaism’s Scriptures)? Are Jews obligated to believe everything uncritically? e. What were the subjects covered by the debate/disputation?f. In what ways do Jews and Christians understand the messiah differently?g. What circumstances put an end to the debate?h. How does the movie portray King James? (Character flaws, virtues)i. What did you learn about medieval Christianity from this film?
Jewish Studies Question

UMUC Hang Em High Directed by Ted Post Film essay.

Part 1: View a feature film made between 1940 – 1970 you have not worked on for this course (nor will see later in this class) by a great director. If you would like to see an American film, consider seeing something directed by Frank Capra, George Cukor, John Ford, George Stevens, Preston Sturges, Billy Wilder, or William Wyler. If you would like to try a foreign film, consider Ingmar Bergman (Swedish), Luis Buñuel (Spanish), Claude Chabrol (French), Federico Fellini (Italian), Akira Kurosawa (Japanese), Lina Wertmuller (Italian) or the British team known as “The Archers” made up of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. These are suggestions, but not a comprehensive list of possibilities. For a much more extensive list, you might want to visit (Note that many directors were active both before and after 1970. Make sure you see a pre-1970 film, make sure it’s a film you have not seen before, and make sure it is a feature. Don’t, for example, see Buñuel’s UN CHIEN ANDALOU, which is a short, not a feature.)Comment on the specific film you saw. Pay particular attention to the camerawork (cinematography), the editing (montage), and the sound (this can include the music). What did you like, and what did you dislike, about what you saw? Why do you like the things you like, and why do you dislike the things you dislike? Is the film a good film, or is it not? (Note: This is not the same question as whether or not you liked it. It is entirely possible to like a film that you are aware is not very good.) You should comment on the film both as a representative of its genre and as a film.Part 2: Now that you have commented on the specific film you viewed, see if you can draw some general conclusions about the work of the director and one of the main actors or actresses. For example, let us say you watched the 2012 film Prometheus (no this is a not a film you can watch for this paper). Did you like Ridley Scott as a filmmaker? Did you like Michael Fassbender in the roll of an emotionless android? Why, or why not? Be sure to comment on the overall impression you had of the film, including how you see it as an example of the its genre and time period. Remember, this is not a research paper. I am interested in what you have to say, not in what you can learn by reading up on the film or the filmmaker.Part 3: On a separate page, insert the heading “My Criteria for Quality in Film.” Under that heading, use your comments about this film and its filmmaker as guidelines toward proposing five general statements indicative of your personal taste in movies. These statements should be numbered (1) through (5), and they should be written as complete sentences or a short paragraph. It might be useful to introduce each statement with such language as “Excellent movies feature,” or “A movie is more likely to be good if,” or “A characteristic of high-quality cinema is.” (For example, if you commented in the body of your essay that you liked the acting because it was realistic and you liked the script because it had a happy ending, you could propose these two statements as criteria for quality: “(1) Excellent movies feature realistic acting. (2) A movie is more likely to be good if it ends happily.” Do not just put something like “Good movies feature good acting.” The point here is for you to think about—and then explain—what such quality words as good, excellent, and effective actually mean. Be sure to save your “My Criteria” page to your hard drive—you will be adding more items to this list and resubmitting an expanded version of it with for the second paper later in this course.
UMUC Hang Em High Directed by Ted Post Film essay

answering 2 finance questions

answering 2 finance questions.

answer these two questions below1.Your firm is based in southern Ireland (and thereby operates in euro, not pounds) and is considering an investment in the United States.The project involves selling widgets: you project a sales volume of 50,000 widgets per year, sales price of $20 per widget with a contribution margin of $15 per widget.The project will last for 5 years, require an investment of $1,000,000 at time zero (which will be depreciated straight-line to $10,000 over the 5 years). If undertaken, the shareholders will contribute $200,000 cash and borrow $800,000 at 5 percent with an interest-only loan with a maturity of 5 years and annual interest payments. Salvage value for the equipment is projected to be $10,000. The project will operate in rented quarters: $300,000 rent is due at the start of each year from year 0 to year 4 as fixed cost.The corporate tax rate is 12.5 percent in Ireland and 40 percent in the U.S. For simplicity, assume that taxes are paid like sales taxes: immediately. The spot exchange rate is $1.50 = €1.00.The cost of capital to the Irish firm for a domestic project of this risk (K = rWACC) is 8 percent. i = rDEBT = 5%. Ku = rASSETS = 10%. Kl = rEQUITY = 15.3%. The U.S. risk-free rate is 3 percent; the Irish risk-free rate is 2 percent.CF0 = -$1,180,000 = $1,000,000 investment + (1 – 0.4) x $300,000 lease payment.CF1 – 4 = $349,200 = ($1,000,000 – 250,000 – 300,000) x (1 – 0.4) + $198,000 x 0.4CF5 = 539,200 = ($1,000,000 – 250,000) x (1 – 0.4) + $198,000 x 0.4 + 10,000a.What is the NPV of the project using the WACC methodology? And the decision? b.What is the NPV of the project using the APV methodology? And the decision? 2.Assume that interaffiliate cash flows are uncorrelated with one another. Assume that each affiliate will have to make all planned payments before it receives any cash. Under a conservative policy, 3 times of S.D. cash for precautionary purpose as the sufficient cash to cover 99.87% of transactions under either decentralized system or centralized system.AffiliateExpected ReceiptsExpected DisbursementsStandard DeviationU.S.$100,000$140,000$40,000Germany$150,000$135,000$60,000Mexico$175,000$125,000$30,000Japan$200,000$130,000$70,000a.Calculate the sufficient amount of cash for precautionary purpose 1) by the centralized depository. b.Calculate the sufficient amount of cash for precautionary purpose if depository system is decentralized. c.Can you confirm that the centralized depository is more beneficial to the company? If so, How?
answering 2 finance questions

HCI 300 CTU Project Standards and Regulations Discussion

java assignment help HCI 300 CTU Project Standards and Regulations Discussion.

Deliverable Length: 2–3 pages (not including title and reference pages) Key Assignment Draft Now that you have identified some of the individuals who will be part of the EHR implementation team, you will begin your needs analysis in preparation for selecting the vendor. You have also been informed that all of the computers in the facility are outdated. You will need to keep in mind your knowledge of data sets, EHR and CPOE systems, and patient demographic information data elements that will be needed to assist you in selection of the appropriate vendor. You will present the following information to the executive team in 2–3 pages: Identify and describe your needs analysis plan to prepare for the EHR implementation. Assignment Objectives Conduct a needs analysis from the identification of the problem or opportunity through the steps associated with the implementation of the selected solution. Describe characteristics and services and interrelationships of different types of healthcare organizations (e.g., hospitals, clinics, ambulatory centers, community).
HCI 300 CTU Project Standards and Regulations Discussion

University of South Florida Easy Sociology Modern Lifestyle Discussion

University of South Florida Easy Sociology Modern Lifestyle Discussion.

This assignment also requires to provide feedback to two other students about the 3 concepts that they chose to operationalize. It can be just a few sentences putting input on their post, etc. I will send the responses of 2 of my classmates when this assignment is done.Choose 3 concepts from the list below and operationalize them to create 3 different dependent variables. You will design a question in order to measure your dependent variable. For example, if your concept for your dependent variable is outdoor yard work, then you will create a question to measure the concept of doing yard work outside. You can design a question such as How many hours do you do yard work per week? Possible responses would be 0 hours, 1-2 hours, 3-4 hours, 5-6 hours, 7-8 hours, 9-10 hours, or 11 or more hours per week. Notice that I offer a lot of responses because this will become my data. Create a question to measure the dependent variables and provide responses. Concept 1: Social DistancingConcept 2: Pet ownershipConcept 3: Eating healthyConcept 4: Physical ExerciseConcept 5: Social MediaConcept 6: Academic SuccessProvide your feedback to two other students about the 3 concepts that they chose to operationalize. What problems do you see with their dependent variables? Please fix them if you can. By the way, there are always measurement limitations associated with a variable. You just have to learn how to think through these limitations and then decide if there is another variable that would be better at assessing your research question. This is part of the limitations of quantitative research designs. The important point is that you recognize these limitations in advance and act on them.
University of South Florida Easy Sociology Modern Lifestyle Discussion

physics work needed

physics work needed.

Talk about how the information systems you have chosen for your organization can be used to transform data into information, and information into knowledge.Describe why you think it is important for an organization to obtain knowledge from its data, and what happens to organizations that do not take this step?In a posting of 2-3 paragraphs, define the terms, and discuss their implementation.
physics work needed