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Impact of Emerging Technology on the Economy of the Country

Note that this assignment will be used as the basis for your Benchmark – Executive Summary assignment in Topic 8.Define a current problem in the selected country. Who is affected? Where are the individuals located? What are the resulting socioeconomic costs of the problem to the affected individuals?What global or local technologies are emerging that could be used to solve the problem? What are the costs associated with implementing the technology solution?Apply the Hype Cycle and the 6 Ds of disruption model (also known as 6 Ds of exponential change) to the emerging technology.To what extent will this emerging technology foster sustainability practices on the economy in the selected country?Explanation of how an existing MNC in the selected country could solve the problem by implementation of the emerging technology while supporting sustainability practices.You are required to include a minimum of three sources with in-text citations and references.

FOMC Meeting Analysis

FOMC Meeting Analysis.

Assignment Instructions for FOMC Meeting Analysis

1. Watch the press conference given after the Sept 25-26 meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), or read the transcript (both posted on LMS). 2. Read the statement of the Nov. 7-8 meeting of the FOMC. 3. Write a 2 page essay (1.5 spacing, 11 pt font size, margins no larger than one inch) including the following content: a. What policy decisions were made (open market operations, federal funds rate, etc.)? b. Why were these decisions made (state of the economy: unemployment rate, inflation rate, real GDP)? c. Where there any policy changes made in the Nov meeting from the Sept meeting? d. Pick at least 2 questions asked by reporters during the Sept press conference and summarize Chair Powell’s answer e. You may add your own response and evaluation to any of the above.

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GLOBAL Experience

Impact of Emerging Technology on the Economy of the Country Requirements for Completion
Overview of Global Experience
This unit is designed to recognise the skills and experience developed through international learning engagement.
Examples of Eligible Activity:
Bond Aid Program (30pts)
Study Abroad