immediate emancipation.

You have been divided into two groups.

Group A (last name starts with A-M) will support gradual emancipation position.

Group B (last name starts with N-Z) will support immediate emancipation.

To participate in the debate, you need to research both positions.Please remember this debate take place during the 1850s. Before the Civil War, before Emancipation Proclamation and after Jefferson has been dead for more than 35 years.The required work will help you.

Who will you be in the debate?

Your character does not have to be an actual historical figure. You can be, for example, journalist, politician, teacher, a domestic servant or a sharecropper. Just make sure that you ground your analysis in academic sources and you demonstrate you have done all the required work by integrating it into your debate positions.

Stay in character for your responses means if you say you are a certain name than each response should have this person’s name or that of the person your are corresponding with in each response is part of the debating.

Also no modern day history facts should be used…in this debate Lincoln is still alive…meaning discussing the Emancipation Proclamation is not appropriate but the rumor of it can be discussed…remember the Emancipation Proclamation was a gradual emancipation document because it only freed slaves in the Confederate states but allowed Union states to still continue slavery.[supanova_question]

Polaroid corporation case study

Polaroid corporation case study.

This case focuses on Polaroid’s capital structure, in particular how to determine an optimal mixture of debt and equity and implement it. Answer the following questions in your analysis and make proper recommendations based on your results. Always use market value

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The Tempest by Shakespear.

immediate emancipation. The Tempest by Shakespear..

Description Most critics feel Caliban is superior to Stephano and Trinculo in the play. Write an essay comparing Caliban to Stephano and Trinculo. Compare the language of the three characters. Why does Caliban speak in verse? Why do Trinculo and Stephano speak in prose? Does Shakespeare consider Caliban superior?

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Cianna Carson’s Belfast Confetti

Cianna Carson’s Belfast Confetti.

Use Cianna Carson’s Belfast Confetti Length and format: 2-3 pages. Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1” margins, double-spaced This close reading essay is an in-depth analysis of a single poem by one of the contemporary Irish poets that we have studied. You may choose a poem from the anthology, the Irish poets packet on Canvas, or research a particular poet to find more of their work. If you are interested in particular themes or topics, I can make some suggestions. Research element: To enhance your reading of this poem, you should research and include some relevant historical context for the specific poem that you choose. This should not be the focus on your essay, but rather a judiciously used supplement. For most of these poets, history relating to the Troubles in Northern Ireland will be the most relevant. After carefully annotating the poem of your choice, you will write an organized essay that: Introduces the poem and the author Provides necessary context for the poem Identifies 1-2 major theme(s) that you see in the poem Analyzes lines from the poem and makes connections back to the overall theme(s) Your essay will be graded following the poetry close reading rubric. The percentage weights on the rubric indicate how much each category will affect your overall grade on the assignment.

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