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Imagine that you are the campaign manager for Eva Peron running for office before a big political rally. Your

Imagine that you are the campaign manager for Eva Peron running for office before a big political rally. Your assignment is to prepare your boss with a “rough script” for his/her performance. For me as reader of your rough script, start with a brief description of who the boss is, and what performance, he/she will be giving for which audience. The “rough script” can be in the form of a memo or bullet points. If you use regular text, that is fine, but keep the paragraphs short. Remember, the boss is busy and under a lot of pressure, so you need to keep your “rough script” to about 1000 words or perhaps a bit more – he/she doesn’t have the bandwidth to absorb more. Hint: you might want to annotate in red why a particular element of the rough script is particularly important for your boss to pay attention to in terms of his/her audience. Things to keep in mind: 1) The audience to whom the performance is pitched 2) the bullet points that the boss needs to make in his/her performance 3) the “backstage preparation” (costume, make up, shoes) 4) the bodily elements of the performance (body language, movement, eye contact, voice)
Enclosed is report of cloud computing solutions for Celcom Axiata Berhard for your reference and consideration. This report is a summary of findings from study, online researches, and depth interview during March – May 2011 as part of assignment for Management Information System in University of Southern Queensland. The report include overview of cloud computing solutions, analysis of current IT infrastructure issues and challenges, and how cloud computing can be beneficial to your company. Cloud computing is latest current disruptive technologies and is the fastest growing form of computing, with an estimated market size in 2009 of $8 billion, and a projected size of $160 billion in 2012 (Gartner, 2008; Merrill Lynch, 2008). As mobile and social computing are growing faster in the history of technology, and enterprise applications will need to adapt to provide similar concept inside company to increase business collaboration and at the end will improve business processes, as well cost reduction. We thank you for good corporation from Celcom IT Infrastructure department by facilitating depth interview and group discussion within IT team during our research. If you have any questions and/or comments regarding of this report please feel free to contact us. Yours sincerely, Sriyani, A’an
I dont understand microeconomics.

Clearly answer the following questions. Type your answers. Use Diagrams where necessary (using Word graphing tools). Be sure the graphs are clearly labeled. Do not attach or insert photos into your Word document.Table: iPhonesYearQuantity ProducedPrice2000100$100201090$1101. (Table: iPhones) This table shows data for a country producing only iPhones. What is nominal GDP in 2010? What is the growth rate of real GDP between 2000 and 2010 (in 2000 dollars)? 2. What is the formula for calculating GDP using the national spending approach? GDP=C+I+G+(Ex-lm)3. What are “incentives” and why are they important in the growth process?4. Use a figure of the loanable funds market to briefly explain what will happen to the equilibrium interest rate and the equilibrium quantity of savings and borrowing if an improvement in healthcare services increases people’s life expectancy.5. Explain how an increase in government borrowing reduces private consumption spending and investment spending. What is this effect called?
6. If Congress passes legislation making it more difficult for firms to fire workers, how will this legislation affect the nation’s level of unemployment? (An example might be a law requiring severance pay for fired workers.) Explain.7. What would you expect to happen to the unemployment rate during a recession? How about the natural rate of unemployment? 8. Suppose that you are buying your first home. Current interest rates on a 30-year fixed- rate mortgage are 5%. Lenders expect an inflation rate of 2% over the next 30 years, thus giving them an expected real return of 3%. If actual inflation over the next 30 years is 4% because of a continued rapid expansion of the money supply, would you be better off or worse off by taking out a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage?9. Table: CPI ScheduleYearCPIInflation Rate19981171999121A2000130B2001127C2002131DUse the end-of-year CPI values shown in the table to answer the following questions.A) Calculate the inflation rate for the cells marked A–D in the table.B) In which year did this economy experience deflation?C) In which year did this economy experience the lowest level of inflation?10. Use the quantity theory of money to explain how an increase in the money supply leads to an increase in the price level.11. Explain why periods of high inflation but low growth in output are so difficult for policy makers to deal with.12. Using the AD-AS model, show and explain how real GDP growth and inflation would change in both the short run and long run if the growth rate of the money supply increases unexpectedly.
13.Briefly explain this statement: “In the long run, money is neutral.” Does this statement mean the money supply has no effect at all on real economic activity? Explain.14. How does the nature of irreversible investments affect the impact of a negative shock on the economy?15. Define collateral damage and explain why collateral damage reduces bank lending.
I dont understand microeconomics

Intersection of Communities

Intersection of Communities.

PurposeThe purpose of this activity is to consider the characteristics of communities by analyzing two to which you belong in Brownsville, TexasShort powerpoint addressing the questions down below.Consider and Address:Describe at least two communities or more you belong to.How do these communities intersect and why?Explain each community in terms of one of the organizational theories you have studied.How do each of these relate to your personal concept of power?How do each of these support personal empowerment?How do each of these support social empowerment?Why are social and personal empowerment important in each community?
Intersection of Communities

Relative dates are based on the arrangement of artifacts or events in a sequence

write my term paper Relative dates are based on the arrangement of artifacts or events in a sequence.

There are two primary techniques used to determine the age of fossils or related materials: relative and absolute.Relative dates are based on the arrangement of artifacts or events in a sequence. Dates produced with this measurement are relative to one another but lack ties to calendrically measured time. As a result, relative dates are expressed as a range of time (date and +/- years). One example would be the arrangement of artifacts or fossils in a typological sequence or seriation based on stratigraphic analysis. Age is inferred based on the evidence surrounding the deposit/artifact/fossil. Here is an example of stratigraphic layers at an archaeological site in Canterbury. The same method applies to paleoanthropological efforts. Unless intrusion has occurred, generally, the deeper levels will be the oldest because they were deposited first.By contrast, absolute (chronometric) dating methods rely on measurements derived from processing chemical, organic, or radiometric material. These are accurate and precise but do not always reflect when human interaction occurred. Some of these techniques can date rock material but that does not differentiate when a rock might have been shaped into a tool. Carbon dating is a well-known absolute method of dating based on the decay rate of the half-life of carbon isotopes. It is important to remember that each technique has strengths and weaknesses. When dating paleontological material, the greater the number of techniques and dates that can be determined about a site or find, the stronger the evidence to support conclusions based on those discoveries. Here is a hypothetical C14 dating sample. The textbook lists many of the most common dating techniques and methods but there are tons of others, some quite unusual, you are welcome to explore.Understanding how the past is dated is important so that we can assess other changes:For example, let’s consider that not all hominid characteristics evolved at the same time. The act of becoming human was a process of adding different components such as bipedalism, the manipulation of objects into tools, the physiological expansion of the brain, etc. These events occurred at different times in the history of hominin development…so… trying to determine the actual moment when our ancestors became recognizable as humans is complex. This is a highly contentious argument – you’ll find different answers dependent upon identifying criteria.THE TASK:Provide an example of both relative and absolute dating techniques. (5 points each)Explain how we define the moment our ancestors crossed the threshold into humanness. (10 points)Your post should be a minimum of 100+ words – please cite any resources used. (5 points)
Relative dates are based on the arrangement of artifacts or events in a sequence

Assignment 4 paper

Assignment 4 paper. I need support with this Economics question so I can learn better.

JWI 515: Managerial Economics Academic Submissions and Evaluation©Strayer University. All Rights Reserved. This document contains Strayer University confidential and proprietary information and may not be copied, further distributed, or otherwisedisclosed,in whole or in part, without the expressed written permission of Strayer University.JWI 515 –Assignment 4(1198)Page 1of 5Assignment 4: Industry and Company Analysis(Weight: 25%)Due by Sunday, Midnight of Week 9Your AssignmentNext month, you will be meeting with a group of investors to discuss the possibility of a capital investment in yourcurrent company (or a company of interest)to significantly expand operations. The company’s Board of Directors will also attend the meeting. To prepare for your presentation to these decision-makers and stakeholders, you need to conduct a thorough and honest evaluation of your company and its products or services.InstructionsWrite a paper of 5 to 7 pages in which you address the topics below. To createthe structure -sections and subsections -of your paper, we recommend you to use the Sample Outlineprovided at the end of these Instructions.You should refer to the course content and show that you have used online resources to gather both quantitative and qualitative information related to your company. 1.Describe your company and its major products or services, using termsand concepts learned in this course. Include the following:a.Market sector andindustryb.Market structure—pure competition, monopoly, monopsony, oroligopolyc.Major products and/or services2.Describe theeconomic environment in which your company is doing business,using terms and concepts learned in this course. Include the following:a.Elasticity and the factors that affect product or service supply anddemandb.Other relevant economic characteristics, such as utility, type of good,etc.c.Non-economic forces that impact sales and profitability, such as weather, business cycles, technology releases, orregulations3.Evaluate your company’s short-term and long-term economicoutlook. Include the following:a.Using GUIDES, choose one macroeconomic indicator that poses anexternal concern or points to an area of risk. Explain its implications. Assignment 4 paper

Our Lady of the Lake University Ethical and Cultural Challenges Report

Our Lady of the Lake University Ethical and Cultural Challenges Report.

The purpose of this peer exchange is to critically examine potential ethical and cultural competency challenges based on your memo assignment.
Think back to your memo assignment. Record a 3-5 minute video in VoiceThread explaining potential ethical issues and how you will address them. Additionally, identify any issues related to cultural competency that may arise by your intervention selection and single subject design.
Your video presentation needs to include:

A brief explanation of your intervention in relation to your population.
Ideas about how your intervention may or may not be culturally relevant for your population or subgroups in your population.
Ideas about ethical challenges related to your single subject design and how you might address those issues.

Our Lady of the Lake University Ethical and Cultural Challenges Report

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