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Image transcriptions Show all Unit 2 Project Use the attached problem to create the following. The following

Image transcriptions Show all Unit 2 Project Use the attached problem to create the following. The following. Question Image transcriptions Show all Unit 2 Project Use the attached problem to create the following. The following sample data set lists the number of minutes 50 Internet subscribers spent of the Internet during their most recent session. Construct a frequency distribution that has seven classes. 50, 40, 41, 17, 11, 7, 22, 44, 28, 21, 19, 23, 37, 51, 54, 42, 88, 41, 78, 56, 17, 7, 69, 30, 80, 56, 29, 33, 46, 31, 39, 20, 18, 29, 34, 59, 73, 77, 36, 39, 30, 62, 54, 67, 39, 31, 53, 44 . Create your frequency distribution table with: : Frequency Table Class Limits Class Boundaries Frequency Midpoint Relative LowerUpper LowerUpper Frequency . Next turn the data into graphs. I want to see the following graphs … Circle graph, Bar graph, Frequency Histogram, Relative Frequency Histogram . This needs to be neat…On Google Slides and turned in by 3/8 at 4 pm. Image transcriptions Show all Unit 2 Project Use the attached problem to create the following. The following
DQ6 Pathophysiology 6th edition APA format. I don’t understand this Health & Medical question and need help to study.

Please answer ONE of the following DQ’s. Please provide the questions that is being answered as the heading. Incomplete answers will be marked as “0.”
Chapter 29
People who have chronic high blood pressure often have stiff and noncompliant arteries due to atherosclerosis. Explain how this will affect the following:
a. Blood flow through the arteries
b. Left ventricular afterload
Chapter 30
How would you distinguish the clinical manifestations of peripheral artery disease from the manifestations peripheral venous disease?
Chapter 31
A 56-year-old patient with newly diagnosed stage I hypertension has been referred to you for counseling regarding lifestyle modifications. He is married, with four children––two in high school, two in college. His job as a senior vice-president for a major retail chain requires that he work long hours and frequently eat at restaurants. He smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, has a body mass index (BMI) of 29 kg/m2, and a waist–hip ratio of 1.6. He usually drinks one to two dry martinis to relax after he gets home from work.
a. How would you develop a realistic plan to help this patient reduce his blood pressure and prevent complications?
b. Which risk factors would be among your top two or three priorities for this patient, and what interventions or recommendations would you provide for modifying these?
DQ6 Pathophysiology 6th edition APA format

Chemistry in Context Measurement Uncertainty and Mathematical Treatment Paper

Chemistry in Context Measurement Uncertainty and Mathematical Treatment Paper.

from chapter 1 Please complete the following assignments:1.1 Chemistry in Context # 51.2 Phases # 13, 17, & 251.3 Physical & Chemical Properties # 27, 29 & 321.4 Measurements # 391.5 Measurement Uncertainty # 45, 51 & 531.6 Mathematical Treatment # 77, 81 & 87from chapter 2, Please complete the following assignments:# 5, 7, 11, 17, 19 27, 29, 31, 33, 37, 39, 43, 45, 47, 49, 51, 53, 55 & 59from chapter 3 Please complete the following assignments:1 (c, d), 3 (c, d, e), 5 (a, d), 9, 13 (c, d), 15 (d, e), 35, 39, 43, 47 (c, d), 49, 51 (a, d).from chapter 4, Please complete the following assignments:3, 5 (a, b), 7 (a, b), 9 (a, b), 11, 13, 17 (a – d), 19, 29, 33, 47, 61, 63, 75.
Chemistry in Context Measurement Uncertainty and Mathematical Treatment Paper

Complete Early Childhood Tasks (SHASTA)

help writing Complete Early Childhood Tasks (SHASTA). I need an explanation for this Philosophy question to help me study.

You will log in and complete these two tasks:
They are interactive tasks…you read and answer some questions along with way
Just click BEGIN Activity once you are in each assignment task….VERY SIMPLE

Data Connections: Historical Highlights of the Science of Human DevelopmentDue Oct 31 at 11:59pm Oct 31 at 11:59pm-/5 ptsNo submission for this assignment. 5 points possible.
AssignmentLearningCurve 1a) Understanding How and Why

Complete Early Childhood Tasks (SHASTA)

Dissolution of the Roman Empire Essay

The dissolution of the Roman Empire was a monumental occurrence that continues to elicit varied reactions from theorists and scholars around the world. Historians seeking to determine the actual cause of the decline and eventual dissolution of the Roman Empire have formulated several theories. Such theories interrogate the decline of political, economic, military, and related social entities, owing to external aggression and sabotage within the ranks of the empire. The decline of the empire spanned four centuries. The ultimate dissolution occurred on 4th September 476 with the ouster of Romulus Augustus by Odoacer. Several factors precipitated dissolution of the Roman Empire. During the 5th century, the territories in Europe and Africa suffered attacks from aggressive indigenes. Historians argue that the population in the empire was diminishing at alarming rates. They argue that some areas within the empire were completely unoccupied. Towards the end of 3rd century, power decentralized from Rome to other cities in the empire. The dispersal of administrative power undermined effective consolidation of power and other administrative functions. This weakened the authority by giving rise to competing and antagonistic forces. These forces were instrumental in the eventual weakening and dissolution of the empire. Historians argue that the Roman Empire founded on poor ideological foundation. According to Gibbon, it was difficult to enhance cohesion for an entity that had no ideological identity. He blames Christianity for the fall of the empire. He argues that the principles and teachings of Christianity had negative effects on the basic tenets of the empire. Some scholars argue that the dissolution was not pre-meditated and should not be viewed as a deliberate act. They attribute the fall to undue pressure occasioned by migration of people. According to them, migration applied excessive pressure on the structure of the empire. Other scholars attribute the fall to abrupt transformations that distorted the social setup within the empire. According to Gibbon, roman citizens abdicated their civic duties by allowing barbarian mercenaries to assume the role of guarding and defending the empire. The mercenaries eventually turned against the Romans. He argued that Christianity taught the people that they should abandon worldly desires and seek the heavenly kingdom. As a result, people did not see a reason to guard and protect the empire from external aggression. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This effectively increased the vulnerability of Romans to attacks by external aggressors. The military also deteriorated due to admission of German mercenaries into the top echelons of power and control. This lowered the requisite levels of loyalty and allegiance to the government of Rome. The fall resulted from weakness and ineptitude within the empire. Proponents of this view argue that the Roman Empire was weak and mediocre and could not stand pressures in a dynamic society. The empire had poor management of resources. They embezzled resources, thereby putting the empire in a state of jeopardy. They plundered resources through systematic looting and extensive corruption and greed. This pattern of behaviour weakened the economy of the empire. Naturally, the empire became insolvent and unviable. Therefore, the decline of the empire resulted from poor economic policies and mismanagement of resources. The decline and dissolution also resulted from adjustments within the Roman society. It is evident that the dissolution of the Roman Empire resulted from several internal and external factors. These factors were influential in determining the fate of the empire.

list definition and examples

list definition and examples. Can you help me understand this Psychology question?

As you begin studying for the final exam, here are some topics to think about in preparing for the
essay portion of the test. While the study guides will be useful for more specific questions, I
would like for you to think about the big picture of the course by integrating concepts. The essay
questions will ask you to tie aspects of the whole course together in some way. In order to help
you think critically about these issues and to encourage you to study in a way that prepares you
to give concrete examples, I have provided some global questions and suggestions that may help
focus your studying. All of the essay questions will come from these general categories. Again, I
HIGHLY recommend studying with other students and working to generate numerous examples
for each of these questions. Also, preparing questions to take to the review sessions will be
list definition and examples