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-Helping the costumers witch satisfying service so they would come back. – Helping costumers to purchase the correct items that they really need. – Great health and 401k benefits, excellent company culture and values. 1)EXTERNAL: UNICEF –international partners

– IKEA Social Initiative supports national and state-led strategic interventions to address the causes of high mortality among children and mothers, and to improve the nutritional status of children, with a special focus on disadvantaged populations. -IKEA helps children in India to gain education and and to prevent the from working as a child labour. -IKEA has created a position within its organization that deal specifically with with the issue of Saving the Children -For over 15 years Ikea has given big amounts of money in order to fight with poverty , child labour and hunger all over the world 2) EXTERNAL: Building and Wood Worker’s international

– IKEA and BWI meet continuously to exchange experiences and discuss working conditions and social responsibility – long-term co-operation and an agreement on Purchasing Home Furnishing Products – two companies meet continuously to exchange experiences and to discuss working conditions and social responsibility, which are two very important factors in organizations 3) EXTERNAL: Better Cotton Initiative

-IKEA is a member to its group -promoting measurable improvements in the key environmental and social impacts of cotton cultivation worldwide -bringing together cotton’s complex supply chain, from the farmers to the retailers