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IITK Drugs Among the Youth Quantitative Research Article Analysis Research Paper

IITK Drugs Among the Youth Quantitative Research Article Analysis Research Paper.

our report paper should meet the following requirements:Be approximately 3-5 pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.Follow APA guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.The UC Library is a great place to find resources.Be clear with well-written, concise, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing.Scholarly articles can be found in the UC Online Library, in databases such as JSTOR or ProQuest. At least the article must be peer-reviewed, full-text article that used quantitative research methods from scholarly journals.Note: When reading an article use the PECO to analyze the paper:P – Population being study, techniques used in the paperE – Exposure (what)C – Control(how)O- outcomeScoring Rubric:The research paper used quantitative statistical methods to addressed the problems —20/20The paper is 3 to 5 pages excluding the cover page and references pages—-10/10The paper is APA formatted——10/10Infer Stats in Decision-Making (DSRT-734-M21) – Full Term ContentBe clear with well-written, concise, using excellent grammar and style techniques.—-10
IITK Drugs Among the Youth Quantitative Research Article Analysis Research Paper

NVCC Typical Components of Mosque Architecture Discussion.

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Islamic Architecture44 unread replies.44 replies.Islam rapidly spread across the tip of North Africa from the Near East, and into both India and Spain. Despite geographic contrasts, what features do mosques typically have in common?List the common components of mosque architecture, with an example of a mosque that we have not covered in class. Discuss how those elements have been constructed and are articulated in the mosque you have chosen, including its decorative elements and materials used. You must address at least 5 features of mosque architecture that you have learned, and include an image of the mosque you have chosen.
NVCC Typical Components of Mosque Architecture Discussion

New England Business & Finance Project Life Cycle & CSR Questions.

Task 1Question I – Go online and search for project life cycle models. Identify at least two that are different from the PMI model, and compare and contrast the phases. Be sure to cite your sources.Question II – How does the application of a phased approach to project management vary in different industries? Do you think that the phases work the same in construction as they do in event management or software development?Need 2 to 3 pages for task 1Task 2Review the corporate social responsibility report of a company. Determine the stakeholders addressed by the company’s CSR report. Then select one stakeholder group and determine how the company addressed the five key questions of stakeholder management with regards to the selected stakeholder: (1) Who Are Our Stakeholders?; (2) What Are Our Stakeholders’ Stakes?; (3) What Opportunities and Challenges Do Our Stakeholders Present?; (4) What Responsibilities Does the Firm Have to Its Stakeholders? and (5) What Strategies or Actions Should Management Take?The assignment is to answer the question provided above in essay form. This is to be in narrative form and should be as thorough as possible. Bullet points should not to be used. The paper should be at least 1.5 – 2 pages in length, Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins and utilizing at least one outside scholarly or professional source related to competitive strategy. The textbook should also be utilized. Do not insert excess line spacing. APA formatting and citation should be used.Need to be orginal work
New England Business & Finance Project Life Cycle & CSR Questions

Carbon Nanotubes for Drug Delivery Review. Using the functionalized carbon nanotubes and other nanomaterials to deliver the antimicrobial drugs, is one of the most applications of carbon nanotubes. Several studies were conducted about this topic. Amphotericin B (AMB) is one of the first antimicrobials to be delivered with CNTs. Wei Wu et al. studied the Targeted Delivery of Amphotericin B to Cells by using Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes, they used oxidized MWCNTs that were functionalized with AMB and FITC. They found that at equivalent AMB concentration of 10 µg/mL, this CNT conjugate was found to be significantly less cytotoxic to Human Jurkat lymphoma T cells as compared to pristine AMB. This CNT-AMB construct was able to penetrate cells rapidly within 1 h of incubation by spontaneous piercing mechanism without causing cell death. Finally, They evaluated the antifungal activity of CNTs,functionalized with AmB, against three species of fungi(Candida parapsilosis, Cryptococcus neoformans, Candida albicans). In this experiment, they used AmB that was covalently linked to ammonium functionalized multi- and single-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNT-AmB and SWNT-AmB). The functionlized forms was found to be more potent than free AMB possibly due to enhanced drug solubility and the presence of multiple copies of AMB per CNT molecule (i.e. the multivalence effect) leading to improved binding affinity between the drug and its target.177 In another separate paper by the same group, a similar MWCNTs AMB construct and a newly designed SWCNTs-AMB conjugate with PEG linker were prepared with AMB loading of 25% and 10% w/w, respectively. These conjugates were tested for their antifungal activities in comparison to pristine AMB and a conventional colloidal dispersion AMB deoxycholate formulation. Both MWCNTs-AMB construct and SWCNTs-AMB conjugate were considerably more than AMB alone. Some fugal strains which were resistant to free AMB showed a significant response to the MWCNT-based AMB conjugate.178 In another study performed by Pruthi et al., AMB was physically adsorbed on mannosylated MWCNTs inorder to treat leishmaniasis by achieving specific delivery of the drug to macrophages. the mannosylated MWCNTs had high affinity to bind lectins and were able to be uptaken by macrophages in sufficient amount. but the result of this study is unfortunately insufficient to support macrophage-targeting because a control experiment with non-mannosylated MWCNTs was not performed. Although AMB was adsorbed onto the mannosylated MWCNTs and demonstrated a sustained in vitro release profile, the use of Rh B-loaded mannosylated MWCNTs for intracellular fluorescence imaging of macrophages is inconclusive because Rh B could be detached from the MWCNTs before it enters macrophages, which means that the observed fluorescence is due to free Rh B not the MWCNTs-loaded with Rh B.179 Apart from AMB, dapsone is another example of antimicrobial that has been successfully delivered with CNTs. It is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drug that can be used to treat many diseases such as malaria, leprosy, AIDS-associated toxoplasmosis and other diseases.180 Some bacterial species developed resistance to dapsone so experiments was started to deliver dapsone with CNTs and fortunately it was delivered successfully. Dap-MWCNTs was formed by functionalizing dapsone onto oxidized MWCNTs. Dap-MWCNTs were first tested on rat peritoneal macrophages it was rapidly ingested with predominant endosomal localization without significant cytotoxicity. Dap-MWCNTs showed many advantages as it induced less apoptosis than oxidized MWCNTs and had a lower degree of oxidative stress. On the other hand, apoptosis of macrophages is important for clearance of intracellular pathogen, so the delayed apoptosis seen by Dap-MWCNTs may be counterintuitive in the treatment of infection.181 In anoter study, Pazufloxacin mesylate, an antibiotic belonging to the class of fluoroquinolones, was adsorbed onto MWCNTs functionalized with ethylenediamine. In vitro release suggested that the adsorption of pazufloxacin consists of two phases, the first one is a rapid burst release followed by a second phase of sustained release. The total amount of released pazufloxacin from the amino-functionalized CNTs was higher at pH 5.7 than pH 7.0, due to increase hydrophilicity in acidic condition. This could be advantageous in the treatment of infections, due to the acidic environment of the infected cells.182 In another hand, gentamicin, an aminoglycoside antibiotic, was incorporated into collagen hydrogel doped with 1% w/w CNTs which served as an additive to enhance the physical stability of the hydrogel and retard the release of gentamicin. The retarded release effect had took a place in the formation of irregular CNT network in the hydrogel which impeded solvent diffusion. However, The presence of CNTs can induce a simple chemical attraction between CNTs and gentamicin, and hence improve the drug loading which could affect the drug release rate.183 In addition, chloroquine is an anti-malarial drug that also possesses lysomotropic effect. Due to their ability to cause swelling and rupture of endocytic vesicles, lyosomotropic compounds have been proposed to be used as an additive to enhance gene transfection by enabling timely escape and minimizing degradation of delivered genetic material in lysosomes. For further enhancement of gene delivery with CNTs, chloroquine was loaded onto DWCNTs coated with cationic polymer PEI and plasmid encoding for luciferase. Chloroquine can be released from the CNTs in acidic condition.Coating chloroquine with cationic polymer and plasmid can strongly affect chloroquine loading. Transfection efficiency can be improved up to five folds by introduction of chloroquine compared to a non-chloroquine loaded control. Unfortunately this construct has limited uses as a biocompatible transfecting agent because it was found to have more cytotoxic effects to cells than the non-chloroquine loaded control and free chloroquine. In the future, this construct might prove to be effective as a treatment of intracellular malaria infection and the excellent intracellular delivery of chloroquine can explain the higher observed cytotoxicity.184 In another study, Annamalai Senthil Kumar et al. used an electrochemical route for highly selective immobilization of amoxicillin (AMX) on multiwalled carbon nanotube modified glassy carbon electrodes (GCE/[email protected]), without any linkers and surface functionalization. In order to reveal the immobilization of AMX both on the inner and outer (surface) walls of the carbon nanotubes. They usedX-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Finally, they tested its antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus subtilis in comparison with the unmodified AMX and MWNT using disk diffusion method. They found that [email protected] has enhanced antibacterial activity against the three bacterial pathogens185 Liangliang Ji et al. studied the adsorption of two sulfonamide to MWCNTs. Nonporous, pure graphite was used as a comparative adsorbent The results revealed thatthe two sulfonamides have a strong adsorption to both MWNT and graphite which can be explained by( π-π electron coupling)186 In another study, Xin Zhang et al, studied the adsorption of sulfamethoxazole on different carbon nanotube typesand compared the results with the adsorption to natural sorbents including soils, sediments and sludges. Many properties of carbon nanotubes contributed to the adsorption process such as surface area, diameters and surface functional groups. They showed that the adsorption coefficients of SMX on CNTs were generally twicehigher in magnitude than other natural sorbents..187 Also, Liangliang Ji et al. studied the effect of aqueous solution chemical characteristics on the tetracycline adsorption onSWNT and MWNTsuch as the effect of ionic strength (NaCl and CaCl2), the results showed that there is an inverse relationship between the ionic strength and the tetracycline adsorption on both SWNT and MWNT. They also studied the effect of Cu2‏ ion (7.5 mg/L) that showeda higher tetracycline adsorption rate to both SWNT and MWNT due to cation bridging mechanism. They finally studied the effect of dissolved soilCarbon Nanotubes for Drug Delivery Review

HIS 460 SNHU Bolshevik Revolution and the Long Cold War Presentation

HIS 460 SNHU Bolshevik Revolution and the Long Cold War Presentation.

6-8 slide PowerPoint presentation that accompanies the final project thesis paper that was already submitted ( this will be attached, as will the grading rubric [see capstone component 2 : presentation] ) Prompt: Capstone Component 2: Public Presentation
For the second and final component of your capstone, you will create a brief (6- to 8-slide) presentation of your research that explains your topic and its
relevance to a public, non-academic audience. This audience may be museum patrons, a parent teacher organization, a city council, or any other public, nonacademic audience for which your topic is applicable. Be sure to identify your audience early in the presentation. Within your presentation, you will discuss the
process and outcomes of your research project as well as its relevance to the general public. The presentation should focus on the application of your research
to the public realm, how it is valuable to your audience, and suggestions for additional study. Save your public presentation and submit it to your instructor. In the final component of this capstone, be sure to include the following:  Overview of the importance of history for society  Thesis and conclusion of research  Importance of this topic to the discipline of history  Importance of this topic to the public realm  Potential for future research with applications to the public realm
HIS 460 SNHU Bolshevik Revolution and the Long Cold War Presentation

Final Research Paper

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Task 1
Discuss the topic: Heart attack and/or stroke

Task 2
Write a 2-6 (double-spaced) page paper that addresses the following:

A brief overview of the health topic, including a description of the condition and incidence/prevalence trends in the U.S.
A discussion about the relationship between race, gender, education, and economics and how these factors influence your chosen health outcome.
A brief description of current policies or policy development addressing disparities for your chosen health outcome.
Please include an introduction and conclusion paragraph.
Include at least 2 outside sources, properly cited using APA format.

Final Research Paper

The Process Of Building Social Relationships

A social relationship is an interaction of two or people, also a social group. They are believed to shape the behavior of individuals in different ways, as the saying goes, ‘show me your friends and I tell you your character’. At some point most people especially the women and also research shows that social relationships reduce pain. When women are in a relationship they are happy because they have someone to lean on. Social support is seen as a very important factor for both physical and mental health. Stressful and painful experiences can be reduced through engaging in social relationships as one will get moral support and encouragement thus is able to face the problems easily. Building social relationships begins as early as at birth. That is the relation of the child with the mother and the other family members. The process does not stop there but goes to the society as one grows up and becomes able to decide where he or she wants to belong. In the past building social relationships was much easier because most of the properties were communally owned that is to say that they shared a lot and thus interaction was easy and regular. Newman (2009) observes that the 21st century time is challenging and strange when it comes to deciding the kind of relationships one should have in creating a foundation of ones social life. People may want to be in social relationships due to different reason. For example may be one want to benefit from the other and after getting what he or she wanted it comes to a time to withdraw. All the same it is important to note that building social relationships is very necessary to every individual. When building social relationships one must have the social interaction skills. These are behavior that help one be able to stick to the social relationship because they keep you out of trouble and avoid conflicts. According to Bellini (2006) social skills are behavior that are learned and are socially accepted that help a person to be able to interact with other people without negative responses. He also notes that these skills the building blocks of a successful social relationships. This skills are usually taught by the parent to there children at a tender age. All the same as one grows into an adult basically the very skills are still applicable in building social relationship. Another thing that comes along in building social relationships is the art of being friendly to all. Every day we meet different people with different personalities. It is therefore up to us to be able to fit and interact freely. We should have friendly skills like greeting people when we meet, be able to offer a sit to someone, shake hands, say words like thank you, am sorry, excuse me, please and many other ways that is friendly. Be able to treat people the same way you would want them to treat you. As the saying goes: “put yourself in one’s shoes”. In this way one is able to interact freely without many difficulties thus building social relationships. The factor of age or we can also say peer group also is important in building social relationships. This will help connectivity to be much easier because people of the same age tend to think more alike. Meersman and Tari (2003) observe that communication between people of the same peer group is easy and they refer this to architecture of communication. Here what they simply mean is that the construction of communication in such a social group is well defined. These categories of people include; the children, teenagers, young adults, adults and the old. Social relationships are based in this age set and you find they all act in the same manor. In the various societies that exit today we have social institutions and community organizations that play a major role in building social relationships. The family is usually seen as the most important social institution in the society because this is where one builds the foundation of his or her social life. We have other institutions like; religious institution for example the church, temple, and mosque. The school, hospital, peer groups, community based organizations, and not forgetting the working places. These are places where people from different back grounds meet and get to know each other thus interact. It is therefore important for people to always belong to one or as many as possible of any this groups. We build social relationships to understand the knowledge of the mind. This helps us to continually monitor or check our own behavior and also be able to predict the behavior of those that we interact with. Bellini (2006) notes that the theory of the mind was coined by Permack and Woodruff (1978).this refers to the ability of one to understand and explain the things that are not seen I a person directly. These include feelings, thoughts, beliefs, desire, and intentions. He continues to say that knowledge of the mind is a successful component of building social relationships. In building social relationship the element of trust is necessary. Once an individual decides to get involved with a particular social group it automatically means that he or she trusts the people they are interacting with and they too trust them. This is so because when one gets a problem for example, it will need someone trust worthy to talk to. One who will keep your talk confidential. These kinds of people are the people we interact with daily and we have had enough time together so we are so familiar with them. Language is an aspect that is of value in that people look at in building social relationships. People can only interact well when a common language is used. This enhances good communication and understanding in the group. Gee (2005) also sees language as an important aspect in social relationships. He further notes that in the interaction process people need to use the same social language. Different social groups have different social language. For example, children, adolescents, adults and the old all have different social languages that they use. In building social relationships people also base in there social values. These social values include things like sex, beliefs, roles, and even structures. Depending on these values different social groups are formed. One would want to fit in a group that he or she will feel comfortable and proud to be there. It will help them to be constructive and optimistic. These values also help shape there daily life to there own interest thus happy people. Social relationships are also built basing on the family origin, unconscious motives, one’s habits, personality, and relationships and life experiences. For the sake of a social relation lasting there is need to match this concepts to each person. This will ensure stability of the group by avoiding constant movement of members in search of a group where they best fit or that they find suitable to them. Change is inevitable in life and we as human beings should be able to adapt to the daily changes of life. When building social relationships people are expected to witness a lot of change in the social group. It can either be the members or that group itself changes. When this happens it is up to the social group to accept and adjust to the change rather than moving to another new social group. It does not have to be the same through out and that is why the members of a particular social group have to be always flexible. According to Young (1990) the social life of morality is not found in an individual person because it is comprised of a small structure of the self. He instead say that social morality is found in the relationship between individuals and the society. Here is where things like belief, trust and faith are found. It is also believe to shape human behavior so as to know good and evil. One will stay away from evil so as to belong to the society. Transparency is an important element in building social relationships. Because there is the element of trust people should be open in with they are doing in life. The issue of ‘you cannot judge a book by its cover’ should not arise. Openness should be evident. Let the people know you as you are both in the inner self and outside and this should be the same. Activities of the group should also be carried out in a transparent manner as well, without having anything to hide. The need for human relation is also the reason for building social relationships. Every human being was created in such a way that they always have a sense of wanting to relate in any way. They a want to belong in a particular group or with other people apart from the self. These relations are a basic to every individual in life. The importance / advantages The study of Newnan (2009) shows that building social relationships plays an important role in group ties in people’s daily life. He gives an example of Japan and India where people consider duty and sacrifice more than individual achievement or personal success. they believe that group connections is the best foundation for any individual wellbeing because it come along with things like loyalty, connection with people , responsibility of one self and other people as well and it also creates a sense of belonging. Building social relationships bring come with a lot of changes in the society. These changes include both individual development and the community at large. Rosenberg and Rehr (1983) say that the involvement of one in institutions like self help groups, social work, church, school and being close to your family helps reduce conflicts and they bring about development. This is through coming together to do social work or fund raising contributions and even come together to advocate for changes in health care policies. Through this development the people are assured of a better living. Building social relationships also promote peace love harmony and unity in the society. This is true because people living together and there social life is well build up will not have conflicts. They appreciate each other and offer moral support to one another. Such a society will always it together as one and solve issues that may arise in a more organize way. Building social relationships is important in everyone’s life. This is because in times of depression and stress one always needs someone to talk to and relieve the burden. This now where the people you have been interacting with come in to offer that moral support. Just as we know that this an important factor both in physical and mental health of a person. Frumkin, Frank,

UC Data Mining Entails Exploring and Analyzing Practical Connection Discussion

UC Data Mining Entails Exploring and Analyzing Practical Connection Discussion.

For this project, you will write a 2-3 pages APA formatted paper with zero plagarirm on a how your job/occupation or school major connects to Data Mining. You will select a particular industry you may be associated with and describe how you personally connect with that industry and Data Mining. You should provide discussion, references, and so on, in sufficient details.The paper should include the following sections each called out with a Headers.Introduction: Overview of the Discussion.Background: The section should include history and background of organization’s name, and the industry associated with the organization.References: Please include a separate reference page any necessary references.The paper must adhere to APA guidelines including Title and Reference pages. There should be at least two scholarly sources listed on the reference page. Each source should be cited in the body of the paper to give credit where due. Per APA, the paper should use a 12-point Time New Roman font, should be double spaced throughout, and the first sentence of each paragraph should be indented .5 inches.
UC Data Mining Entails Exploring and Analyzing Practical Connection Discussion