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IFS 225 York College of Pennsylvania Programming Techniques Lab Report

IFS 225 York College of Pennsylvania Programming Techniques Lab Report.

I’m working on a python project and need support to help me learn.

Hello, need help with a code, a few improvements need to be done to the code. The code is in a file attached. I am open to prices to help me. I need the help before 10pm. The improvements that need to be done are as follows; 1. Add a menu option to save the inventory to a file and another menu option to load inventory from the file. You should ask the user what file to save to and what file to retrieve from. The idea is that every evening at closing the inventory would be “dumped” from the lists or dictionaries you created into the file and it can be reloaded in the morning. In this way the information is not lost every time the program is terminated. To simplify matters you do not need to worry about saving the CashBalance in the file. Save only the book titles, authors, and prices.HINT: Consider saving your data into a text file, one field per line. HINT2: Do not “hardcode” the full file path. Just use the file name without any directories or folders.2. Convert your menu using object-oriented programming techniques into an object called CountryClubBookstore, a member of the Bookstore class. Be sure to add appropriate methods such as AddBook, SellBook, ReducePrices, etc. Ensure your class has the __init__ method appropriately defined.
IFS 225 York College of Pennsylvania Programming Techniques Lab Report

Should we be vegetarians? This essay will argue that in western society we ought to adopt a vegetarian diet. This is because causing a sentient being to suffer without good reason is morally wrong. It will begin by stating that animals have an interest in avoiding suffering and this interest is worthy of some moral consideration. Evidence suggests current pastoral practices subject animals to severe physical and psychological suffering. It will argue that the trivial pleasure of taste sensation does not justify exploiting an animal’s interest in avoiding this suffering. The discussion will then reflect on the “impotence of the individual” objection. It will concede that on an individual level, consumer choices rarely have any direct effect upon the number of animals that are killed for the purpose of production. However, not only does refusing to engage in meat consumption make the possibility of pastoral reform more likely, but there is something morally objectionable in benefitting from an act that is founded upon unnecessary harm. It will conclude that individuals are required to actively oppose practices which support the unjust systematic suffering of animals. Given both the nature and structure of the farming industry, this may necessitate the adoption of not only a vegetarian, but a vegan diet. [1] Research and observation demonstrate that sentient beings have an interest in avoiding suffering. Traditionally, we accept that this interest is worthy of some moral consideration. (Frey, 2014) This is reflected in widely adopted state laws that prohibit animal cruelty. Accepting this statement does not require accepting that animal interests are morally equivalent to human interests. Instead, it simply concedes that since animals’ interests are worthy of some moral consideration, we have a prima facie obligation to respect them. Causing animals to suffer without good reason fails to ascribe them with adequate moral consideration and does not respect their interests as moral beings. Therefore, to deliberately cause a sentient being to suffer without good reason is wrong. The use of the term, “Good reason” in this context refers to a situation where not causing an animal to suffer would significantly compromise human lives. We have sufficient evidence to accept that conventional farming methods subject animals to a severe amount of suffering. In order to justify the suffering, we would need a good reason for consuming its produce. This criterion may be met in areas of the world where the consumption of meat is necessary for a stable diet. However, given the availability of vegetarian alternatives, abstaining from meat eating, generally, does not compromise human life. Subsequently, eating meat unnecessarily exploits an animal’s interest in avoiding suffering and is therefore morally wrong. Considering we should not do things that are morally wrong, we are required to adopt a vegetarian diet. Those who advocate for meat consumption may do so based on “the impotence of the individual.” This objection can be formulated in two was. Firstly, it maintains that given the scale of the market, individuals who abstain from eating meat are causally impotent in decreasing the overall number of animals raised for food. (Garrett, 2007, 224.)[i] Secondly, it states that the contribution of buying and consuming meat that has already been killed is causally inefficacious. Therefore, in both cases the link from the wrongness of harming and killing animals to the wrongness of an individual’s purchasing and consuming them appears to be fractured. (Cumutt, 1997, p.97-107)[ii] Adopting this position allows an individual to consume meat whilst maintaining that causing animals to suffer without good reason is morally wrong. On the surface the objections appear compelling. It is difficult to deny that on an individual level consumer choice does not yield any significant consequence on the level of meat production. However, when an individual orders a vegetarian meal it is not from the assumption that their action will directly cause the restaurant to purchase less meat from its supplier, subsequently preventing animal suffering. (Although it may increase the likelihood of this happening.) Instead, the individual should choose the vegetarian option because, given what we know about the process of meat production, it would be morally wrong not to. Vegetarianism is not simply a dietary preference, but an ethical position against the unnecessary exploitation of animals. Each individual consumer choice provides an opportunity to oppose or support unjust systematic practices. (Almassi, 2011, p.398) There is something morally intolerable about supporting a practice that is founded upon a moral wrong. This applies even if the individual is casually impotent in the practice. For example, we would probably regard it unpalatable to buy wigs made from the hair of girls murdered by serial killers. This is not because in doing so we would be contributing to their harm. Instead, it is because by wearing the wig or consuming the product, an individual is benefitting from another’s misfortune. A truly moral and admirable person would not gain satisfaction from such action. It seems a moral contradiction to oppose animal cruelty yet support a practice whose success is dependent upon that very cruelty. Only through dissociating one’s self from the practice of meat production can an individual display a moral intolerance towards unnecessary animal suffering. It is worth recognising that given the structure of farming practices, it is perhaps not enough to oppose only the meat industry. Morally, we ought to oppose all practices that contribute to unnecessary animal suffering. There is sufficient reason to regard the dairy industry as supporting the meat industry. For example, when dairy cows give birth to male calves, they are fed into the veal trade. These calves are severely confined, force fed and then typically slaughtered between 16-18 weeks of age. ( ) If we accept the wrongness of this unnecessary suffering we ought to abstain from all animal products produced in conditions that support the unjust suffering of animals. Collectively adopting this ethical position will have a significant causal impact, reducing the demand for future animal products and subsequently decreasing the number of animals unnecessarily harmed in its production. There is little dispute that sentient creatures have an interest in avoiding suffering. Our trivial pleasure of taste sensation is not a sufficient justification to overrule this interest. The “ignorance of the individual” does not provide compelling enough reasons to defend the consumption of meat in our modernised society. An individual may appear causally impotent in transforming unjust pastoral practice and production. However, it seems there is something morally objectionable about benefitting from the misfortune of others. Only through abstaining from the consumption of animal products can we acknowledge and eventually prevent the moral wrongness of conventional farming practices. Word Count: Bibliography Almassi, B., 2011. The consequences of individual consumption: A defence of threshold arguments for vegetarianism and consumer ethics. Journal of Applied Philosophy, 28(4), pp.396-411. Curnutt, J., 1997. A new argument for vegetarianism. Journal Of Social Philosophy-Augusta-, 28, pp.153-172. “Farm Animal Welfare: Cows • MSPCA-Angell”, MSPCA-Angell, 2019 [Accessed 21 October 2019] Frey, R. G. (2014) ‘Moral Standing, the Values of Lives, and Speciesism’, in Hugh LaFollette (ed.) Ethics in Practice: An Anthology, 4th edition, John Wiley
Table of Contents Introduction Objectives and methodology Linkage with the Public Administration Issues References Introduction Emirates airlines is an air services provider based in Dubai. It is ranked as one of the best performing airlines worldwide. This company according to Namaki (2008) “has played a major role in the economic development of the United Arab Emirates by promoting tourism besides the region being the rich in oil deposits” (35). Before the inception of emirates airlines, the main airline was the Gulf air whose relationship with the leadership of Dubai was faulted by the fact that Dubai had refused to open up its skies for the company’s operations. This prompted the Gulf air to end and withdraw bigger percentage of its operations in Dubai, leading to a partial paralysis of travels in and out of the region. Emirate airline was incepted to facilitate movement of people and goods in and out of Gulf region. Observations made on the growing trends of Airline companies indicate that, Emirates Airlines is steadily growing, serving more than 100 destinations all over the world. The success of this company is mainly based on strict management practices anchored in the company culture hence guaranteeing a sustainable survival. Objectives and methodology The study of the management practices in Emirates airlines are meant to ravel the strengths of the company that have ensured its continuity to growth over the years. Middle East is one of the areas despite being endowed with natural resources; it is hard for companies to survive, owing to the political climate of the region. This region has been facing political instability since civilization existed. It is therefore amazing how this company has managed to survive in this area and rise above many other companies which are operating in the most stable economies (Kuye, 2002). Research shows that Dubai, the headquarters of emirates airlines, is also the fastest growing tourists’ destination. Perhaps, this may be due to the hostility in the neighboring regions. Many researchers believe that the presence of Emirates airlines has played a major role in development of this city into a leading tourist destination. Again, this leaves one wondering the reasons behind such credibility to Emirates airline that started with a few numbers of operations in the region. The research questions in this case, therefore include, what is the management structure in the company, how management duties allocated are and how the management team guarantees accountability (Pathi, 2010). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The methodology for conducting this research will involve an intensive data collection activity. The main methods to be used in collecting the data will involve using structured questionnaires to obtain information from the Emirates airlines branches, obtaining performance information from airports authorities and researching through the company’s publications. This will also require data collection from secondary sources which will form the literature review of the study. The data analysis and presentation techniques that will come in handy in this research includes using tables to record the data and coding continuous data to give it discrete values for easy manipulation. This will be followed by writing a report on the research findings and this report should mainly concentrate on findings related to the management practices that have contributed to the success of Emirates airlines. It should also highlight the weaknesses that need to be addressed in order for the company to maintain the growth prospects in many years to come. Linkage with the Public Administration Issues This research on the management of Emirates Airlines is related to public administration because; the company is owned and managed by the government of Dubai. The topic of public administration deals with the “implementation of government policies and the administration of government services” (Theaker, 2008, p. 265). Another definition of this is, the study of the decision making strategies applied by the government in policy making and analysis as well as the inputs that led to the development of these policies. The management of Emirates airlines is done directly from the government offices and any issues affecting the government affects this company as well. Some of these issues include the political instability in the Middle East which has been a hindrance for development in this area for a very long time. The United Arab Emirates is has however never been affected by this political tension directly, but the instability in the neighboring regions in threatening. Another public administration issue when it comes to the management of public companies is competition from the private sectors (Kuye, 2002). In most cases, the private operations do well compared to the public ones and this can be as a result of the private companies being more innovative hence taking over the market. In this case for example, Emirates airlines is facing stiff competition from Qatar and Etihad airlines and if the management of emirates does not take protective measures against this competition, they may end up losing their already established market to these new companies. It is hard for an existing company to regain its initial position once its operations begin to decline especially when the cause of the decline it competition from upcoming companies. We will write a custom Essay on Emirates Airlines specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References Kuye, J., 2002, Critical Perspectives on Public Administration: Issues for Consideration, Heinemann, Sandown Namaki, M., 2008, Strategy and Entrepreneurship in Arab Countries, Palgrave Macmillan, London Pathi, S., 2010, Public Administration Today: Macro and Micro Issues, Dominant Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi Theaker, A., 2008, The Public Relations Handbook, Routledge, New Jersey
Languages homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the acquisitions and equity investments made by The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,Acquisitions and equity investments made by,Preparation,Search the Internet for acquisitions and equity investments made by over the past five years. Review the 10-K of,Instructions,Write a 3–4 page paper in which you:,Firstly, examine the influence of three or more global and domestic retail growth strategies employed by and indicate whether the strategies were successful., Secondly, assess the financial value of the acquisitions and investments made by and the influence of the acquisitions and investments on profitability during the accounting period., Thirdly, analyze the effect of the equity investments and impairments resulting from the acquisitions and investments by on the financial statements and indicate whether the strategy was a creative one., Fourthly, provide support for your rationale.,Create an argument that growth in the European market can have a significant impact on current earnings and profit for, Provide support for your rationale., Use at least two quality academic resources in this assignment from the Internet and/or Basic Search: University Online Library. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as academic resources., This course requires the use of ,Strayer Writing Standards,. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.,The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:,Assess the financial impact of a company’s growth strategy alternatives, acquisitions, and investments.,Remember, ensure that the pages are exclusive of the cover and the reference pages. Also, ensure that you include all the references you use in finding research for this assignment paper. References should be at least three for the paper. All references, citation, and writing should follow the APA formatting and styling guidelines. Finally, ensure you focus on the assignment topic in detail.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Languages homework help

Orange Coast College Working Efficiently With Emails in Business Discussion

Orange Coast College Working Efficiently With Emails in Business Discussion.

Please choose ONE of the following prompts to answer. You have your choice, so select ONE of the following prompts and respond to it in order to receive credit for this week’s discussion.Option OneE-mail is used extensively to communicate in the business world; therefore, it is important to use this communication tool effectively and professionally. What is the most important advice you have for using e-mail in the workplace? How do you manage receiving dozens of e-mails a day at your job? Share your advice with your classmates. Be as detailed as possible.Option TwoA U.S. gymnast said the following during an Associated Press interview: “All the girls were like, ‘You can do it, it’s fine.’ I was like, ‘C’mon guys. I’m fine.’ I’m like, ‘OK, I’ve done this routine so many times.” Do you or anyone you know use the word like in this way? Why do you think this use is so common today? Is this type of language appropriate in the workplace? Explain.Your discussion posting, worth 25 points, will be graded on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You must also type complete sentences, no fragments. One or two sentence postings will NOT receive credit. Your responses must reflect thoughtfulness about the topic you choose. Remember to use good judgment and to be professional with what you post!
Orange Coast College Working Efficiently With Emails in Business Discussion

College of Central Florida International Monetary System Question

online dissertation writing College of Central Florida International Monetary System Question.

I’m working on a international economics discussion question and need guidance to help me study.

4 pages minimum Briefly describe the current International Monetary System. How does the Current systems differ from the system that was in place prior to August 1971.Prior to 1971, the world operated on a fixed exchange rate system. The value of the U. S. Dollar links to gold at the fixed price of $35 per ounce, and the values of other currencies are then tied to the dollar. For example, in 1964, the British pound was fixed at $2.80 for 1 pound, with a 1 percent permissible fluctuation around this rate. Thus, the British government had regularly intervened in the foreign exchange market to keep the pound in the range of $2.77 to $2.83. When the pound fell, the Bank of England had to buy pounds, offering foreign currencies or gold in exchange. Conversely, if the pound reached the top of the range, the Bank of England would sell pounds. The official exchange rates were occasionally “reset” to reflect changing economic conditions.The current international monetary system for most industrialized nations is a floating rate system. In this system, currency exchange rates are allowed to fluctuate in response to market conditions with a minimum of governmental intervention. Changes in currency demand can be due to trade deficits (i.e., one nation imports more from another nation than it does exports, causing higher relative demand for the currency of the bigger exporter). It can also be due to capital movements. For example, if interest rates are relatively high in one country, investors might seek to purchase that country’s securities, increasing its currency?————————————————–Please use three peer review articles but main book chapter 17 provided to get main concepts from the book.Then articles as references: minimum 3 articles Bordo, M. D. (1993). The Bretton Woods international monetary system: a historical overview. In A retrospective on the Bretton Woods system: Lessons for international monetary reform (pp. 3-108). University of Chicago Press.Dominick, S. (2000). The present international monetary system: Problems, complications, and reforms. Open Economies Review, 11(1), 133-148. Retrieved from…Efremenko, I. N., Haabazoka, L., & Larionov, V. A. (2017). Development of the international monetary system conditions of globalization. European Research Studies, 20(3), 269-279. Retrieved from…Eichengreen, B. (2019). Globalizing capital: a history of the international monetary system. Princeton University Press.Obstfeld, M., & Taylor, A. M. (2017). International monetary relations: Taking finance seriously. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 31(3), 3-28. doi:, E., & Maggiori, M. (2018). A model of the international monetary system. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 133(1), 295-355.Bordo, M. D., & James, H. (2000). The International Monetary Fund: its present role in historical perspective (No. w7724). National Bureau of Economic Research.Borio, C. E., James, H., & Shin, H. S. (2014). The international monetary and financial system: A capital account historical perspective.McKinnon, R. I. (1993). The rules of the game: international money in historical perspective. Journal of Economic Literature, 31(1), 1-44.Eichengreen, B., & Razo-Garcia, R. (2006). The international monetary system in the last and next 20 years. Economic Policy, 21(47), 393-442. doi: Eichengreen, Raul Razo-Garcia, The international monetary system in the last and next 20 years, Economic Policy, Volume 21, Issue 47, 1 July 2006, Pages 394–442,
College of Central Florida International Monetary System Question

San Diego State University Universal Accessibility Evaluation Discussion

San Diego State University Universal Accessibility Evaluation Discussion.

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Accessibility EvaluationAs we have discussed in class, there are many ways to make our community more inclusive and accessible. The hope with this assignment is to open your eyes to the ways that our community can be accessible and inaccessible for people with disabilities, and the ways that we can be proactive in ensuring that accessibility features are present within our communities. (Remember: Accessibility is not only for those with visible disabilities but also for invisible disabilities such as heart conditions, anxiety disorders, etc.)Learning Objectives:Students will compare and contrast locations that are accessible and inaccessible. Students will apply their knowledge of accessibility and universal design to assess accessibility in their own field of study or career path.Students will apply concepts discussed in the course to articulate what needs to happen to make their field a more inclusive field.Assignment Content Requirements:For this assignment you will watch two short videos on accessibility: After, you will thoroughly respond to the following questions. After watching the Ed Roberts Campus videos, paraphrase what you learned. Explain the features of the campus that surprised you. Who was Ed Roberts and what values did he encompass? What is important about this campus? Think about your career path, the nature of the work, the environment you may work in and the people you might work with. In what ways is access a feature of that environment? In what ways is access not valued or provided? What are some solutions to any lack of access in your projected career field, tools of your trade, work environments, and opportunities for full inclusion and contribution? Compare and contrast two real places that showcase poor accessibility and excellent accessibility. You may use online images or go out into your community and environments. Describe the features of both places and how they are accessible or inaccessible. Elaborate on the features that make the environment accessible to some and potentially inaccessible to others. Include a photo of each example. Assignment Format Requirements2-3 pages
San Diego State University Universal Accessibility Evaluation Discussion

The Usage of Broadband Access Networks Essay

The usage of broadband access networks has skyrocketed over the last decade, which has led to the emergence of novel web applications. This scenario has also heralded the birth of revolutionary Internet usage via free-of-charge applications through datacenters. In most cases, the end user enjoys the transparency of these datacenters. Therefore, the trend is shifting from traditional carriers to content-based carriers like Google and Comcast, which are non-traditional carriers. Private bandwidth usage escalated from 2002 to 2008 to stand at approximately 47% annually. The network landscape is reshaping fast with the entry of content distribution networks (CDN) and cloud computing and providers of such contents like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon among others have become key players in optical network deployments. Internet-style computing underscores the connectivity of different mega datacenters located in disparate regional locations using large-capacity networks, thus forming a cloud, hence the term ‘cloud computing’. To users accessing the cloud of networks, the datacenter network stands out as a solitary computer, which can be accessed via one’s local network providers through Internet Points of Presence (POPs). This form of computing comes with numerous advantages including scalability, automatic backup and easy data sharing platforms. In addition, users incur low costs in terms of operational expenses and the capital needed for computing machinery. Intra-datacenter communication is a web of interconnected datacenters in a bid to realize optimal performance coupled with reduced costs. However, in a bid to understand intra-datacenter communications, it is important to define a ‘datacenter’, which is a “massively parallel super-computing infrastructure, which consists of clusters with thousands of servers networked together” (Lam et al. 33). In intra-datacenter communications, different servers are grouped into racks, with each rack carrying a maximum of 40 machines. Servers hosting machines in the same rack share connectivity via a top of rack (TOR) switch. The switches hosting different racks are then connected using cluster switches, which ultimately connect different racks coupled with forming clusters at the same time, ultimately making warehouse scale computing. Conventionally, the best prototype for intra-datacenter network would be the one that connects all servers within a datacenter, but such a design is very costly. Therefore, the commonly used intra-datacenter network entails cluster interconnections of switch fabrics with different racks. The density of the ports in a switch determines the number of servers that can be linked to a certain switch. In addition, “the scaling of the centralized controller will limit the number of nodes that can be managed in one cluster…maximizing the switch port density and the number of nodes of a cluster is an important concern for intra-datacenter networking equipment design” (Lam et al. 34). Conventionally, datacenters are distributed across different geographical locations by considering disparate factors like power stations and costs. For instance, rural areas with reliable power supply and low-cost land are the best-suited geographical areas for datacenters. However, the dispersed locations of datacenters pose a challenge whilst moving traffic to population centers from datacenters as long-haul optical networks are needed due to lack of fibers in inter-datacenter communication, which underscores communication between datacenters. This form of communication involves huge volumes of data, which calls for efficiency in terms of capacity and spectral aspects. In addition, inter-datacenter communications are costly due to the nature of work and volumes of data involved. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore, in cases where fibers are readily available, it is advisable to utilize them instead of expensive technology to achieve the same purpose. However, in areas where fibers are not available, adopting modern transmission technology is inevitable. Nevertheless, whichever method is used, network operators seek to minimize the cost per bit while maximizing the total capacity. Therefore, commercial equipment vendors should go beyond C-band, while infrastructure providers should “deploy low-loss, low-nonlinearity, and large-core optical fibers in new fiber builds” (Lam 39). Works Cited Lam, Cedric, Hong Liu, Bikash Koley, Xiaoxue Zhao, Valey Kamalov, and Vijay Gill. “Fiber Optic Communication Technologies: What’s Needed for Datacenter Network Operations.” IEEE Communications Magazine 2010: 32-39. Print.

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