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Identifying Personal Strengths And Weaknesses English Language Essay

A reason for identifying personal strengths and weaknesses is to help achieve success in my professional life, personal life, as well as the role that I play in a learning team to be most effective goals. We also have under developed areas or weaknesses that need improvement. By identifying these strengths and weaknesses, we can better ourselves, and we can improve the weaker areas while using our strengths to our advantage. Part of what makes every person unique is a personality that consists of both strengths and weaknesses. My personal strengths are having a good sense of humour, taking responsibility for my actions, ability to be trained quickly, and finding the most efficient way to execute a process. My weaknesses consist of having a lack of discipline to complete undesirable tasks, procrastination, punctuality, and introversion. MAIN BODY I believe that finding the humour in any situation is my key to maintaining a positive attitude. Having a good sense of humour is very important and helps me deal with life’s day-to-day stresses. I enjoy an open banter with close friends and making fun of their decisions which, in hindsight, were found to be unwise. In addition, I can also laugh about something absurd that I did. It is important that I take responsibility for my decisions and actions. More often, it seems that people are not held accountable. Society, in general, seems to be tolerant of excuses and reasons why a person should not be blamed. If I made a mistake, I am able to accept the consequences of my action. Learning how to do things has always come easily to me. Once I have been shown how to operate something or what process to follow, I am able to repeat it correctly. As a child I effortlessly learned how to play several instruments; the piano and flute. As an adult, when I am given an assignment to complete at college, I will find the quickest and easiest way in order to complete the task. I hope to maintain my effortless ability to learn as I continue through school. My lack of discipline often causes me to procrastinate with getting things done. If I know something can be accomplished on another day then I will wait. This weakness has caused me to rush around at the last minute to get things done. Often, I get frustrated with myself for not starting sooner, but procrastinating continues to be a challenge. This weakness also leads to my inability to be punctual. I am frequently late to many functions because I do not leave myself enough time to prepare. Luckily, I have close friends who are tolerant and continue to include me on their invitations. At times, I paid the consequences for being late; doctors’ appointments had to be rescheduled and opportunities were missed. Because one of my weaknesses is being an introvert, I am often viewed as snobbish and boring. This makes it difficult for most people to relate to me and makes it harder for me to make acquaintances. I look forward to working in teams at school to help me overcome this obstacle. As I spend more time with someone, I get more relaxed around that person and become more outgoing. I am thankful to have a small group of close friends with whom I am very comfortable. These attributes are a result of outside influences and life experiences. By recognizing my weaknesses, I am able to take the following steps towards making progress in order to avoid procrastinating, I have begun utilizing my planner to schedule my time wisely; whenever I find myself being critical, I remind myself that I am in no position to be judgmental; and when I catch myself being reclusive, I remind myself to not be afraid of making a stupid comment. Everyone has personal weaknesses. Those of us who are wise recognize them and try to overcome these character flaws. Others ignore their personal weaknesses and find themselves repeating mistakes and leading unfulfilled lives. The secret to self-improvement is to discover your fallibilities and either correct them, or find a way to turn them into strengths. I have many weaknesses. Only my mother thinks that I am perfect. But I see the flaws. Just as I look into a mirror and examine my face for wrinkles and gravy hairs on a daily basis, I also look into my soul to see my inner imperfections. While a little Botox and hair colouring can fix your outer defects, the inner journey to self-improvement is not quite as easy. You have to be able to see your own faults. The secret of how to overcome your personal weaknesses lies within you and how willing you are to look within your true self. CONCLUSION What one person considers strength could be viewed by another as a weakness. Knowing my weaknesses helps me to plan ways to overcome them when I am doing tasks and interacting with others. I need to be kinder to myself and less rigid about things being just so. I also need to be more sensitive and understanding of others who do not embrace my perfectionist habits. I believe to be a life learning experience. I have certain personal strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what I am good at and what I am weak in can help me to become better person. Recognizing weaknesses along with having the desire to improve on them is a skill that I have. If I realize I have a weakness in a certain area of my life, I will work to improve myself in that area. I also use my personal strengths to improve myself in the areas where I am weak. Greatest personal strength that permeates into other areas of my life is persistent to be good at anything that I do. I set high standards for myself. I believe in doing things well in order to be successful with what I do and with the commitments I make. QUESTION 2 INTRODUCTION To drive yourself to have passion in study to look over the material before you read it. Warm up the mind on the subject matter before you begin to study. Get yourself interested in the material that you are about to study. Imagine why it actually is important to you or else make up a reason that motivates you to pay attention. Read with total focused concentration in alpha using the tri-focus technique for the duration of your attention span. In eyes closed Alpha, imagine that you are fully confident that you know the information and will be able to recall it anytime, especially under pressure. Go back over what you just read, very quickly over what you realized that you already knew. Go very quickly over what you totally understood. Although think over, what you don’t need to know stop and study only what is left. Review what you know, study only what you didn’t get the first time through. MAIN BODY As in a real life as a student I will make myself to have the passion in studying is like I have to keep on studying every day instead of hoping the material will bring you into a focused concentration state, my focus my concentration first on my peaceful place and then shift over to the material I am learning. Another thing about paying attention is that it is much easier to pay attention to something when i have some kind of idea what I am going to pay attention to before I am pay attention to it. It’s much easier to move into the process of learning, when the mind/spirit/heart is warmed up. So step one, i scan the material. This is not reading, or even skimming. I were take a look at what I am about to read, just looking at a few words on each page, the words that pop out for me, just thinking about what subject this is, before i read it. The subject of “studies” is all connected to and revolves around human activity. A study of these is only going to improve the quality of our own life. This thought may help me to ‘love’ studies. I will make it a part of myself and my lifestyle. If i incorporate studies into my everyday schedule within a short amount of time i will find that it has become second nature for me to study. Regardless of what I am want to study and i should always try to be curious and most importantly enjoy what I am doing. I shall think of new ways to learn and try to apply what I learn to things that i see happening around me. It’s great to see myself to enthusiastic and willing to study. I might have to use fantasy. Make myself impressing with the subject I am going to studying. So what do i love in life? Bring it into my studies. While I am studding I should keep it fun….not stressful it is just my interest that i found something interesting, and then i discover how do that? That is study by practice and keenness on the subject. I ought to motivate by myself when I am studying. I provide myself to have a free time. Make sure that I am sitting in a comfortable place, with adequate lighting and no noise. In one of my articles about stress i explained how such external factors can prevent you from concentrating while studying and thus reduce the effectiveness of your studying methods. The key to effective studying isn’t cramming or studying longer, but studying smarter. I can begin studying smarter to the passion in studies. Another extremely important studying tip is to make me more passion in studies is to make sure that information is being stored inside me as long term memory and not my short term memory. By writing what i studied or by studying it over and over again me will make sure that the information was stored in my long term memory. So while I am reading i try to make it colourful and pretty of the studying pages an also I willing to choose a room that i feel comfortable being in. Like a library, in a classroom, Starbucks, Tim Horton’s… Anywhere that will make me feel motivate and inspired while I am studying. Also, try to relax, watch a funny show or do something that makes me feel good so that at the next step while am prefer to study i will have the passion to study again. As a student i also have to avoid studying all my subjects at the same time. Research shows that there is better remembering and less interference if only one subject is learned during a particular study session. I use a partner that is another good recitation strategy is to get with a partner and quiz each other. This is most effective when my partner has already done significant studying and of course not only should each partner ask for simple facts from the material, but it is especially helpful if partners make up questions for the other partner to answer. This is kind of study will make me to be passion in the studies well. I will remind myself that study is not only motivate its helps myself to have passion now and forever so all i need to do is just keep taking action on studying. CONCLUSION Lastly, I give myself the time to learn that material, rather than try to take every single bit of information in at once. I put that in the corner of my eye while I am studying. I will definitely going to have the passion in studies and i will be smarter in study with the passion. What I usually do is when i complete one of the studies I set for myself and obligation to give myself a reward. The reward system gives me more an incentive to reach that goals in part of already achieve my passion on studying. This will makes me to drive myself to have passion in study.
Theology – Biblical stories from Callings.

PART 1:undefinedSelect three of the biblical stories from Callings.undefinedAnalyze each story in terms of the following:undefinedWho was called?undefinedBy whom was the call issued and through what means?undefinedTo what was the individual called? To a task? To a job/position? To a perspective or belief? (These categories are not mutually exclusive)undefinedWho/what benefits from a response to the call?undefinedHow does the call fit into the larger plan of God at work at the time of the call?undefinedCompare the stories.undefinedHow are the stories similar?undefinedHow are they different?undefinedSynthesize the above data into a concluding statement.undefinedHow do these stories illustrate a biblical concept of calling?undefinedPART 2:undefinedCreating a Calling CardundefinedA business card not only provides information; it also gives a sense of the purpose and mission of the company and the owner of the card. For this assignment, you create a personal calling card (I apologize if you hate puns). The card is your personal card (your name on it) and should reflect your sense of purpose and calling at the beginning of the course. You will make additional versions throughout the course.undefinedPlease create a two-sided personal calling card in digital format (.jpg, .png, or .pdf). The card should be sized 2 inches by 3.5 inches. I expect you to use color, graphics and/or a logo, and text effectively to convey your sense of self. In lieu of an address and phone number, use email and/or social media links.undefinedFor ideas, see: general design help:undefinedPrinciples of design:undefined principles of design:undefined and fonts:undefined to submit one copy of your two-sided card into the assignment location and a second copy into the first discussion thread for this module.undefinedPART 3:undefinedComplete the “Calling Card 1” assignment and post both sides of your card into the first thread for module 1. Provide no more than one paragraph of explanatory description of your card. Then post a reply to three other cards analyzing how each reflects the person’s purpose(s) and calling.undefinedBe sure to employ the definitions for “purpose” and “calling” provided by Building Your Knowledge 1. Also, select for analysis cards that have few or no analyses posted to them.undefinedPART 4:undefinedIdentify two of the questions from the reading that are most interesting to you and then explain why they are so interesting. Then, in the second paragraph, discuss in general the practice of looking to the past for guidance in the present. Do you find doing so helpful or problematic? Why?undefinedRubric:undefined-Makes clear the sense of purpose and/or calling of the card holder.undefined- Attractive, eye-catching graphics or logo; excellent use of design principles.undefined- Information provided and typography chosen clearly and concisely convey the essence of the assignment.undefined- Exceptionally attractive and eye-catching, easy to read, text and graphics well placed.undefined- Addresses all components of the thread in depth with supporting documentation.undefined-Addresses all components of the thread in depth with supporting documentation.undefined- Addresses all components of the thread in depth with supporting documentation.undefined- Ideas are communicated eloquently and thoroughly. Specific examples/resources are provided to support ideas and opinions. Additional resources or application of the discussion topic are provided.undefined- Weaves more than one level of analysis throughout all posts. Fully explores, explains, and expands upon the issue(s) under discussion. Comments are based on appropriately cited sources. Connects to other relevant issues, material, experience etc.undefined- No spelling or grammar errors. Writing is clear and concise. Postings have obvious logical/sequential organization. All posts are made on a timely basis.
Theology – Biblical stories from Callings

Interaction of Retinal Ganglion Cells and Phototransduction. RETINAL GANGLION CELLS RETINL RESPONSE, AND THE INVOLVEMENT WITH CIRCADIAN RHYTHM AND NEURODEGENTERATIVE DISEASES LONG TERM REPEATED DISRUPTIONS TO THE CIRCADIAN RHYTHM AND INCREASED OXIDATIVE STRESSORS MAY LEAD TO DISEASE AND RETINAL GANGLION DAMAGE Introduction Projections of light and visual information on the retina is what allows us to interpret and see the world around us. The retina is composed of 5 different neurons in the retina, but photoreceptor cells are the heaviest involved cells which interpret photons of light creating image and non-image forming vision. This review will focus on current knowledge of the interaction of retinal ganglion cells and phototransduction and its possible role and contribution to other neuropathic diseases. Neuroanatomy of retinal ganglion cells and other photoreceptors in the mammalian circadian system The interpretation of the light stimulus is done by the projection of light through the pupil projected onto the retina known as retinal illumination. Photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs) are responsible for the interpretation from the light stimulus, thus, play a role in non-image-forming vision by the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) (Ketema et al., 2009). External light stimuli entrain the light/dark cycle via a monosynaptic pathway known as the Retinohypothalamic tract (RTH). The RTH tract contains pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide (PACAP) which is another signaling pathway contributing to circadian timing regulation, as well as retinal ganglion cells with the photopigment melanopsin, whose axons form the optic nerve, optic chiasm, and optic tract to the SCN (Hannibal et. al, 2002). Melanopsin is a photopigment of the light-sensitive retinal proteins which are g-protein coupled receptors that change shape upon detection of light, triggering the RTH tract cascade as well as signals the olivary pretectal nucleus (OPN) responsible for the pupillary light reflex which functions to allow the optimal amount of light entering the retina. The SCN of the hypothalamus coordinates the bodies timing system, acting as a “master pacemaker” with peripheral oscillators located in the tissues/organs of the body through humoral stimulus, neural signaling, and indirectly through activity and feeding behavior (Yamazaki, 2000), coordinating other physiological responses such as the sleep wake cycle, hormone levels, core body temperature, and other biological activities (Klein, 1991). The external light stimulus acts as a daily re-synchronization of circadian oscillators (zeitgeber) (Pierson et al., 2009). The other two main photoreceptors found in the retina are Rods and Cones, which are more classically known as image-forming vision which allows for differentiation, interpretation, and tracking of visual object shapes, colors, motions, and patterns (Schmidt and Kofuki, 2008; Hattar et al., 2002). Rods and cones take in light with the other light-sensitive retinal proteins rhodopsin and photopsin which convert light stimuli into a neuronal impulse projecting to the SCN. Circadian system The circadian rhythm is a 24-hour biological clock responsible for different physiological processes such as the sleep/wake cycle, feeding behavior, brain wave activity, hormone production, cell regeneration, and others which are modulated by external clues such as light. Internal circadian time is entrained by light-induced resetting (photoentrainment mechanisms) (Moore and Lenn, 1972) but requires repeated and exposure on a regular basis in order to establish the light/dark cycle (Duffy et al., 2009). With the introduction of artificial light, increased lighting exposure result in the suppression of the secretion of melatonin. These disruptions can lead to adverse effects on the physiological responses centered around the circadian rhythm (Duffy et al., 2009). The hormone melatonin ((N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) synthesized in the pineal gland is released in the nocturnal setting in the absence of light stimulus which is observed by the optic nerve sending a melatonin secretion signal. The release of melatonin induces tiredness and fatigue as an indication to the body to rest, however, prolonged exposure to light at night inhibits melatonin release, which can contribute towards difficulty sleeping. The melatonin pathway also acts as a zeitgeber due to it’s ability to stimulate the SCN, but is considered an internal feedback regulator compared to light which is a primary circadian rhythm initiator (Pfeffer et al., 2012). Research Studies examining the effects of gene ablation in mice knocking out the melanopsin gene (Opn4 -/-) found that mice deficient in melanopsin were still able to have circadian entrainment and pupillary light reflex to some degree, however, this result was only seen at high luminance levels (Hattar et al., 2002; Panda et al., 2002). Mice lacking rods, cones, and both still remain entrained to changing light stimuli which suggested that both photoreceptors are not directly necessary for circadian rhythm regulation (Freedman, 1999). Continuation of these findings found that mice lacking rods, cones, and melanopsin (Opn4 -/-) lost all retinal response to light (Hattar et al., 2003), and thus cannot suppress melatonin production pathway or entrain the circadian rhythm. The comparison of these studies suggested that rods and cones are not directly responsible for photoentrainment, however, are able to compensate up to a degree when melanopsin is lost, but losing all photoreceptors result in complete loss of retinal response to light. Similarly, blind people with no conscious perception of visual light still exhibit normal photic entrainment of the circadian rhythm (Czeisler et al., 1995), but damage to the Opn4 gene producing melanopsin has been suggested to be associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Research has also found that neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and more can also be characterized by degeneration of the optic nerve and loss of retinal ganglion cells production resulting in the loss of circadian rhythm entrainment (Hinton et al., 1986,Yu et al., 2014, and Andrade et al., 2016). Retinal ganglion cells are unique compared to other neurons or cells in the body, where they are not able to duplicate, however, this means that damage and loss of retinal ganglion cells are permanent. Wilkiing et al., 2013 suggests a connection between circadian rhythms (and disruptions) to oxidative stress due to both processes essential function to maintain homeostasis in physiological processes in health and disease. The adverse physiological effects associated with a disrupted circadian rhythm and oxidative stress are linked to neurodegenerative diseases shown by plaques in the brains, neuronal death, and late onset (Donmez, 2012), along with cancer, heart disease, and aging (Wilking et al., 2013). (Wilkiing et al., 2013’s conclusion of the direct relationship between circadian rhythm disruption and oxidative stress’ effect on health is not supported by a direct comparison/interaction, however, has evidence supporting the importance of circadian rhythm regulation and oxidative stress processes in proper functioning cellular activity. The conclusion also suggests the impairment of proper cellular/physiological health when the circadian rhythm is disrupted. The evidence from cumulative studies supports that long term continuous disrupted circadian rhythms and the cumulative environmental/physiological stressors resulting from the continuous disruptment could have an impact on retinal function and lead to irreparable damage to retinal ganglion cells. Long term disruptions of this 24 hour biological clock makes those susceptible to repetitive jet lag and shift work especially at a high risk for detrimental human health implications. Interestingly, the symptoms caused by the loss of retinal ganglion cells can be reduced by synthetic melatonin treatments in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease (Venkataramanujan et al., 2009). Long term continual disruptions of the circadian rhythm due to artificial light at night may support retinal ganglion damage Oxidative stress (if protective measures are not enough due to exposure to environmental stresses such as UV light, chemical pollutants, or heat, or physiological reasons such as poor diet life style etc, cells go into a state of oxidative stress which can result in DNA damage, lipid peroxidation, oxidation of amino acids, and can result in cell death Reactive species are produced in the mitochondria as a byproduct of metabolism or due to environmental stressors. ROS Citations The photopigment Melanopsin is Exclusively Present in Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase-Activating Polypeptide-Containing Retinal Ganglion Cells of the Retinohypothalamic Tract (Hannibal et. al, 2002) Robert. Y. Moore, Nicholas J. Lenn. A Retinohypothalamic projection in the rat. 1972. Journal of Comparative Neurology Volume 146 issue 1 Morgia, C. L., Ross-Cisneros, F. N., Sadun, A. A.,Interaction of Retinal Ganglion Cells and Phototransduction

XYZ Company on the Camel Milk’s Market Report

Executive Summary The XYZ Company will start and operate a business in the Netherlands in order to create a market for selling camel milk. The company hopes to set up the production facilities close to the retail outlets in the country so that the distribution channels work efficiently. Owing to the fact that camel milk is not quite popular in the Netherlands, the company wants to spend a considerable amount from the budget in integrated marketing communications and other promotional activities in order to create public awareness about the highly nutritious features of the drink. Total cost of the start-up is estimated to be $452,000, and the bank and the owners are going to invest 60% and 40% respectively. In addition, according to sales projections, the company will be able to reach the break-even point within one year because of accurate marketing strategies and high-level of expertise of the owners. Product Initially, the main product of the XYZ Company would be camel milk because it is a highly nutritious drink with amazing health benefits. Moreover, in a European country like the Netherlands, the availability of packaged camel milk is a relatively new concept, which means that using this, the company would be able to capture high market share. Background Camel milk is so nourishing that in ancient times, Bedouins and other tribes depended merely on it during lengthy and strenuous journeys in desert because they had very limited access to water or other food sources; in fact, this traditional scenario is still present today in rural areas of countries like Kenya, Mali, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, and the UAE. General Description It is important to note that according to a report of the Organic Information Services (2016), camel milk contains good amount of insulin, which keeps diabetes under control, while its protein, organic elements, and antibacterial ingredients enhance metabolism, boost growth, prevent calcium and iron deficiencies, cure neurological illnesses like autism, and remove harmful cholesterol. Target Country The entrepreneurs of this company have decided to start the business in the Netherlands because according to the reports of The World Bank (2016), it possesses an amazing business environment, vibrant workforce, stable economy, good weather conditions, and flexible tax regulations, which makes it one of the best markets in Europe. On the other hand, the political scenario of the country is also quite peaceful, and throughout the last few decades, there has been no incidence of any violent clashes. In addition, it is notable that the country has secured one of the best positions in the global ranking in terms of business friendliness, and this has been demonstrated in the figure below: Figure 1: The Netherlands in the global ranking. Situational Analysis Macro-Environment in the Netherlands In order to operate successfully in the Netherlands, it is quite essential for the company to conduct a thorough analysis of the macro-environment of the country because it has no earlier experience of running a business in this market. In addition, as a new market player, the business is expected to face many adverse external issues that can cause potential damage to its revenues. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Cultural It is essential for the owners of the XYZ Company to appreciate the fact that the cultural perspectives of the European countries differ greatly from the social and cultural situations in Africa and Middle East. As a result, products that are popular in Saudi Arabia may not receive the same level of recognition and love in the Netherlands automatically. Keeping this in mind, the branding and packaging must be designed in a way that attracts the people in the target market. Economic Central Intelligence Agency (2016) noted that this country has the sixth major monetary system in the EU and its financial market is extremely saturated; as a result, during the economic downturn, its economy observed a huge decline; however, to recover from the crisis the government executed considerable austerity measures in the housing and energy market. In spite of this, the country has been able to boost its economy greatly in the recent years, lowering the impact of the global financial crisis significantly (Central Intelligence Agency, 2016). However, the following table shows a synopsis of the overall economic conditions in the country in order to understand its market better: Gross domestic product (in billions of US Dollars) Per capita income (in US Dollars) Average national saving as a percentage of GDP 831 in 2015 49,300 in 2015 27% in 2015 816 in 2014 48,400 in 2014 28% in 2014 808 in 2013 47,900 in 2013 29% in 2013 National budget (in billions of US Dollars) Revenues 336 Total spending 351 Total exports (in billions of US Dollars) 488 in 2015 571 in 2014 National reserves (in billions of US Dollars) 42 in 2015 46 in 2014 Table 1: Economic overview of the Netherlands. Consumer Trading Economics (2016) noted that last year, the consumer confidence of the country had increased by one percent; however, the graph below suggests that since 2016, people are more positive about the retail buying habits, which is a positive indicator for the XYZ Company: Figure 2: Consumer confidence trends in the Netherlands. In order to assess the consumer buying habits in the retail industry profoundly, it is quite essential to look at the retail sales figure and spending patterns of the recent years: Consumer buying behavior Recent figures Last year Consumer confidence amongst Dutch citizens 1 -4 Retail Sales per month 1 percent -1 percent Retail Sales per year 2 percent (approximately) -2 percent (approximately) Consumer expenditure 70,058 million Euros 70,116 million Euros Disposable consumer earnings 306124 million Euros 296517 million Euros Consumer Savings 8 percent (approximately) Above 24 percent Table 2: Retail sales figure and spending patterns. Micro-Environment The decision makers of the XYZ Company would construct the initial corporate strategies by comprehensively evaluating the micro-environment of the market because this would help it to assess the areas that have direct influence over its operations. We will write a custom Report on XYZ Company on the Camel Milk’s Market specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Competitors The retail industry in the Netherlands is highly saturated with many companies, which offer different types of packaged foods and beverages; however, the closest rivals of the XYZ Company would be the businesses that offer bottled cow milk or other dairy-based drinks. Nevertheless, it is important to state that there is no competition in the camel milk market, as the amount of direct substitutes is very low. Under this situation, the company should put forward some groundbreaking strategic footsteps that can increase the sales of its product by creating a competitive advantage over the rivals. This should include certain programs through which people could comprehend the fact that the health benefits of camel milk is much better than cow milk, and that it is completely safe for consumption. Customers It is notable that the target customers of the XYZ Company would be almost everyone because milk is a highly essential health drink required by people of all ages, races, and gender. As a result, there is no requirement to fragment the consumer groups in order to formulate different strategic approaches for each group. However, the consumers of certain age groups may demonstrate more eagerness to buy the product from the retail shops, and so the company must give special attention to them. This implies to the fact that the company is required to treat each consumer group separately through different advertising and promotional campaigns. Characteristics Euromonitor (2016) reported that the main characteristics of the customers in the Netherlands become apparent from their buying behavior; for example, they ask for the best quality products at the cheapest possible rates and cannot tolerate bad service quality; in addition, their buying patterns are greatly affected by cultural aggression, technological advancement, online shopping, and promotional campaigns. Cultural It is notable that the Dutch culture is quite liberal and adaptable to change; as a result, it is easier for the businesses from different backgrounds to operate here successfully without having to worry about the adverse cultural repulsion. Social Euromonitor (2016) noted that the key social problem in the Netherlands is the increasing rate of aging population because they mostly depend on pensions and are accustomed with the conventional way of life; moreover, this part of the society is also reluctant to try new things. Personal It is essential to note that even though the company has carried out the market research by considering the consumer trends of the entire country, the personal tastes and preferences of the individuals can vary a lot and cause the projected sales figure to fluctuate significantly. Psychological Psychological factors would have a huge influence on the sales of the product because since ancient times, most people in the Netherlands are familiar with the taste of cow milk, and offering camel milk all of a sudden can seem bizarre in the first instance. Not sure if you can write a paper on XYZ Company on the Camel Milk’s Market by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More SWOT Analysis In order to better comprehend the external environmental issues and assess those in light of the internal resource and capabilities, it is necessary to conduct SWOT Analysis for the XYZ Company: Strengths The owners and decision makers of the company are highly educated and very much competent to deal with adverse situations The company is going to offer an excellent product that possesses a great potential for market development The highly nutritious and delicious features of the product is likely to create a huge consumer base in the Netherlands The business would possess a vibrant and skilled workforce with the ability to increase the production levels at any time during the year The manufacturing plants would be fully equipped with energy efficient and technologically advanced machines and software, which can lower the costs of operations, time, and labor The business would use cloud computing techniques to control the entire operative segment swiftly and communicate with the employees directly; in fact, it would integrate ‘hybrid cloud’ so that the regular activities become easier to manage The location of the production facility would be excellent because it would be near the retail chain stores; this means that the transportation costs are going to be lower The business would have a very efficient supply chain so that the delivery time and product wastage rates remain lower Weaknesses The company has no prior experience of operating in this market The customers may be reluctant to taste the new product initially The financial strength and capabilities of the firm would be quite weak during the first few years Training the new workers can be costly It would be nearly impossible for the company to lower the advertising expenditures for at least five years Opportunities The market conditions of the Netherlands are very much attractive, as it has one of the best business friendly environments in the entire European Union The economy of the country is booming since the last few years The purchasing power and consumer confidence are increasing greatly and the figures of the retail sales are also quite promising The level of competitive rivalry is extremely low in the camel milk market The political situation of the country is really stable and there are no chances of any violent clashes that can hamper the business environment significantly The European Union law regarding the free movement of goods allow tax and duty free trade of items between the member states; this implies to the fact that as camel milk would be produced in the Netherlands, it could be exported in other EU nation without having to pay the customs duty and tariffs Threats The unstable condition of the Eurozone and the ongoing crisis in certain European economies may cause damage to the economy of the Netherlands in the future Some other new entrants may be encouraged by the XYZ Company to offer camel milk, and this can be dangerous for its market share The strict nature of the consumer and labor protection regulations, as well as the environmental, corporate, and trade laws can harm the smooth running of the business Table 3: SWOT Analysis for the XYZ Company. Key Issues Before starting the operations, the company must consider a number of issues in order to perform efficiently in this new market, and these are discussed in the table below: Identifying the priorities Constantly attracting and preserving the consumers and understanding their needs in order to ensure loyalty Ensuring effective communications with people and examining cash flows regularly in order to avoid potential mistakes Regulating and analyzing cash flow estimations to identify potential crises or funding requirements of the company Motivating the workforce using appropriate methods, appointing qualified people, and ensuring that they are working efficiently to resolve problem areas Maintaining corporate transparency, scrutinizing worker performances, and discovering new ways of improving their productivity through training Lowering the risk factors Implementing apposite strategic steps to diminish risks drastically, setting up contingency plans, and keeping risk areas under insurance coverage Trying to create consumer loyalty to decrease the risk of falling market shares, expanding the customer base, and requesting recommendations from experts where necessary Increasing the safety features of the factory, making it an enjoyable, calm, and dynamic workplace, and resolving a trivial dispute quickly before it becomes a grave concern Increasing the skills and outputs Spending more on scientific procedures to take advantage of corporate skills Integrating lean production techniques to gain a competitive advantage by lowering costs, saving time, and boosting output Designing the strategic framework Constantly developing the short-term strategic targets, while taking assistance from the experts to formulate long-term aims to allow the company to expand Using the key success factors to amend the corporate policies and constructing methodical indicators while evaluating and updating the business plan frequently Persistently supervising the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors that can influence the overall performance Observing the rival companies and updating the goals accordingly Conforming to all the laws and regulations Corporate lawyers must be appointed in the company to help the manager to deal with the legal issues Ignoring the laws and regulations while designing the corporate strategies can be dangerous because failing to conform to a single rule can result in complex lawsuits, which can be extremely costly for the company The company should have some level of knowledge about the employment, consumer, and labor protection laws, as well as the laws on trade, IT, and taxation Addressing the weaknesses Identifying the potential weaknesses and seeking suggestions from the corporate analysts to remove those Preparing back-up plans to run the business during adverse situations Table 4: The key issues XYZ Company should consider. Goals and Objectives It is notable that the company wants to reach the break-even point by December 2017; in addition, it aims to augment the annual revenue figures of the first year by 40 percent in the second year. On the other hand, by 2018, the company has smart objective to reduce the manufacturing costs by 25 percent through the incorporation of advanced IT infrastructure; moreover, by 2020, it has targets to lower the emission levels of the greenhouse and other poisonous gases by 50 percent. From 2021, the company wants involvement of renowned celebrities in its outdoor marketing campaigns, online promotional videos, and TV advertisements. Marketing Strategy Segmentation According to Euromonitor (2016), the demands of children, teenagers, young adults, youths, and middle-aged individuals vary significantly in the Netherlands; as a result, it is possible to divide the market for camel milk in separate segments; for instance, the company expects that people aging from 15 to 50 would demonstrate the major demand for this beverage. However, the company would use different marketing tactics for people aging from 15 to 30 and 31 to 50 because the impact of online marketing, for example, is not the same on the middle-aged people as it is on the teenagers. Demographic Indexmundi (2015) noted that the total population of the country is 16,877,351 and its total education spending is almost six percent of the GDP; however, it is essential to analyze the other demographic factors as well in order to get an idea about the potential consumer groups of the company: Age configuration 0 to 14 years 16.9 percent Men 1,460,234 and women 1,393,766 15 to 24 years 12.2 percent men 1,046,323 and women 1,006,114 25 to 54 years 40.4 percent men 3,423,777 and women 3,399,378 55 to 64 years 12.9 percent men 1,088,860 and women 1,094,574 65 and above 17.6 percent men 1,331,258 and women 1,633,067 Percentage of dependent groups Percentage of dependents 52.8 percent Young dependents 25.9 percent Old dependents 26.8 percent Support-ratio 3.7 Average age of the population Average age of total population 42 years Average age of men 41 years Average age of women 42.9 years Birth and death rate Number of births per thousand population 10.83 Number of deaths per thousand population 8.57 The rate of urbanization Total urban inhabitants 83.2 percent The rate 0.74 percent per year Ethnic inhabitants Dutch population 80.7 percent Inhabitants from Indonesia 2.4 percent EU citizens 5 percent Inhabitants from Suriname 2 percent Inhabitants from Morocco 2 percent Inhabitants from Turkey 2.2 percent Inhabitants from Caribbean area 0.8 percent Other inhabitants 4.8 percent Religious groups Total Roman Catholics 28 percent Total Protestants 19 percent Other groups 11 percent (comprises around five percent Muslims and a very few numbers of Hindus and Buddhists) No religious believe 42 percent Literacy rates Total literacy rate 99 percent Men 99 percent Women 99 percent Table 5: Demographic overview of the Netherlands. Geographic The XYZ Company wants to serve the entire country for several years before it decides to expand its operations in the other nations; as a result, it is not necessary for the business to use its resource and capabilities in creating separate geographic segments of the market at this stage. Psychographic Psychographic segmentation is highly essential for the company because it has decided to conduct its marketing campaigns by focusing on the diverse characteristics and viewpoints of the different customer groups; in addition, this kind of approach would help the business to stay focused from the very beginning by successfully locating its products in the correct market segments. Behavioral Behavioral segmentation method is used by businesses that split an industry by focusing on the consumer awareness, attitudes, and reactions; however, it is important to state that the XYZ Company is going to start a new business and offer an unusual product to the customers; therefore, it would not be feasible for it to adopt this approach at this stage. Nevertheless, after two to three years, the company would be able to comprehend the actual reactions of the customers about the product and at that time, it would be able to assess and adopt this strategy. Targeting The company is not prepared to restrict the number of potential customer bases by targeting some specific group of people; moreover, camel milk is an amazing health drink, which has crucial benefits for everyone. Therefore, owing to the fact that huge proportions of the Dutch population are milk consumers, the business would prefer the entire country as the target market. Differentiation It is necessary for the XYZ Company to differentiate its beverage from the competitors’ products through a number of strategies because the uniqueness of an item is able to persuade the consumers to pay higher prices; consequently, the business would construct a wonderful packaging design and a succinct slogan to boost the exclusivity of the camel milk. Branding Kabiraj

Project Plan My College Career on pages T11-19 & 20.

assignment helper Project Plan My College Career on pages T11-19 & 20.. Can you help me understand this Excel question?

Project Plan My College Career Your best friend, Paul Bauer, is simply brilliant. He has aced all of his courses since he started college while working full time and heading three committees. Paul comes to you completely distraught. He has somehow missed one of his graduation requirements and needs to attend summer school. You are very concerned as Paul is a diligent student and if he could misunderstand his graduation requirements then there is a chance you could have done the same. You want to make sure you are on track to graduation and decide that a Gantt chart is the perfect tool to help you succeed. Rev. Confirming Pages T11-20 * Plug-In T11 Creating Gantt Charts with Excel and Microsoft Project baL6732X_pluginT11_001-021.indd T11-20 01/05/17 03:07 PM Project Focus You have many requirements (milestones) to meet before you can graduate from your current college. Create a Gantt chart in Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel that takes you from your freshman year to graduation in your senior year. Be sure your Gantt chart includes all of the following: 1. Each course you must take to graduate. 2. The time frames required to complete each course. 3. Any resources required to complete each course (you are the primary resource).
Project Plan My College Career on pages T11-19 & 20.

Frontline Petroleum Training Sys LLC v Premier Safety Management Report Paper

Frontline Petroleum Training Sys LLC v Premier Safety Management Report Paper.

Pick 4 separate facts/arguments from one or more of the cases and draft the following:4 analogies using each of the facts4 distinctions using each of the factsThe facts you chose must be stated in the cases. However, your analogies and distinctions can be based on the facts of the case or other cases or based on facts that you would like to argue that are not present in the case. Do not just copy analogies and distinctions from the cases, you must make up your own and write them in your own words. Each analogy and distinction should be 2-4 sentences long. Make sure you provide the case name where each fact you are using came from. PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTUCTION
Frontline Petroleum Training Sys LLC v Premier Safety Management Report Paper

Writing Assignment psychology

Writing Assignment psychology.

OVERVIEW: Psychological and medical studies are commonly discussed in the media. Often, the general public hears about these studies through popular press articles. It is our responsibility to critically evaluate whether the conclusions being drawn by these popular press articles are consistent with the data from the original research. The goal of this paper is to practice critical thinking and summarizing research articles. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS:For this assignment, you will pick and read one of the following pairs of articles. You will read the first pair about video and creativity or the second pair about sleep. In each pair, there is 1 popular press article and 1 peer-reviewed research article. If you have taken this class in the past, you must choose the pair of articles that you have not written about previously. If you have written about both pairs of articles previously, email your TA for an alternative pair of articles. Read the peer-reviewed article, paying close attention to their research design and findings. Then, read the popular press article, paying close attention to how the findings of the peer-reviewed article are interpreted and described. Review what you learned from lecture regarding research methods and causality.Please see the rubric for how the paper will be graded: LinkFormatting and guidelines:The final paper should be:2-3 pages longDouble-spacedSize 12 Times New Roman font1” marginsYou are only allowed up to 2 quotes in the entire paper if necessary.These quotes cannot be longer than 1 sentence.Use your own words – paraphrase the authors’ ideas carefully.Make sure your main argument is clearly identified. Give concrete examples.Make sure each paragraph makes a clear pointMake sure the ordering of points from paragraph to paragraph is logicalProper spelling, grammar, style, and writing quality are all very important.FIRST PAIR: SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONSPeer-reviewed articlePopular press articleUse the following outline:Summarize the peer-reviewed article.Identify the research hypothesis, the subject variable(s), the design of the study, and the outcome.Explain whether and how the outcome of the study supports the research hypothesis.Summarize the popular press article.The popular press article may or may not use causal language. Note any statements, phrases, or conclusions that imply causality.Evaluate whether the press article provided an accurate report of the original research.Did the author use any language that implied a causal relationship between the variables that were studied?Describe why causal conclusions cannot be made from correlational studies.Suggest and explain a possible third variable that might account for the finding that videogame playing is associated with creativity.SECOND PAIR: SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONSPeer-reviewed articlePopular press articleUse the following outline:Summarize the peer-reviewed article.Identify the research hypothesis, the subject variable(s), the design of the study, and the outcome.Explain whether and how the outcome of the study supports the research hypothesis.Summarize the popular press article.The popular press article may or may not use causal language. Note any statements, phrases, or conclusions that imply causality.Evaluate whether the press article provided an accurate report of the original research.Did the author use any language that implied a causal relationship between the variables that were studied?Describe why causal conclusions cannot be made from correlational studies.Suggest and explain a possible third variable that might account for the finding that sleep quality is associated with changes in brain structure.
Writing Assignment psychology

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