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Identify the core principles that could be used to explain why credit card issuers charge such high rates of

Identify the core principles that could be used to explain why credit card issuers charge such high rates of interest.

Explain why the following statement is true: “Money is an asset, but not all assets are money.”

Identify the four fundamental characteristics that determine the value of a financial instrument.

If a borrower and a lender agree on a long-term loan at a nominal interest rate that is fixed over the duration of the loan, explain how a higher-than-expected rate of inflation will impact the parties, if at all.

HIM-422 Ethical/Legal Consideration HIPAA

write a journal post that includes the following critical elements:
Summarize the importance of policies around the use of social media, mobile technologies, and telehealth.
Justify the value of having the HIPAA privacy and security rules in place.
Explain the purpose of the Notice of Privacy Practices and how the patient information is utilized for treatment, payment, and healthcare operations.

Traceability Matrix

Identify the core principles that could be used to explain why credit card issuers charge such high rates of Traceability Matrix.

Using the project you selected ; Develop a WBS, WBSD with Tangible Outcomes (No verbs/activities), a Traceability Matrix, Success Criteria/Quality Standards (Note: remember that processes, activities and milestones belong in the schedule…not the WBS) NOTE: Format: Double line spacing between paragraphs but 1.5 spacing within the paragraph, 11-point Times Roman, 1-inch margins. Please use footnotes or end-notes and citations as well as 12-14 point font, bold headings and subheadings.

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do you think that the United States has taken appropriate action for prevention and preparedness

do you think that the United States has taken appropriate action for prevention and preparedness.

 part you think that the United States has taken appropriate action for prevention and preparedness? Did the United States do what it needed to do to ensure that it does not have another 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina? What has the United States done right? What does the United States still need to do? part 3.Do you like the forum-centric approach, the debates, and cases?

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Personal historical interpretation

Personal historical interpretation.

 The core assignment of this course is a documented research paper (1500-2000 words in length = approx. 6-8 pages double-spaced, 12-point font). The paper should support a thesis statement with information gained from research or investigation. The paper will not be just a report presenting information but will be a paper that carefully examines and presents your own historical interpretation of the topic you have chosen and your interpretation of the information you have gathered. The paper may include consideration of problems and solutions, define key terms, or refute arguments against your thesis statement. It will be important to choose a topic of interest to you.

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Money supply and macro-economy

Money supply and macro-economy.

A literature review on the impact of money supply on the macroeconomy. find the academic paper about money supply and macroeconomy. only the academic paper and no matter which country or area. find three papers write about this topic and summary that and write a literature review. have to relate the topic. money supply and monetary policy and macroeconomy

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Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

For the purpose of this assignment provide the following :

* Common Signs and symptoms seen

*Screening assessment tools

*Recommended diagnostic tests (if any)

*Treatment plans both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic based on current clinical practice guidelines Must have References APA style. References must be less than 5 years old, and must be journals, books or peer reviewed. May also be official sites like American Cancer Society, or Educational (University) publications. Need 5 references

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United Way analysis

United Way analysis.

You can choose an organization (United Way). Analyze the organization through the lens of one of the following course topics (globalization, structure, decision-making, leadership, motivation, ethics, and diversity). A brief description of the organization is required but does not count towards the word limit.

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Ancient Political Theory

Ancient Political Theory.

Two: What are Crito’s reasons for wanting Socrates to escape? What are Socrates’ reasons for refusing? Is Socrates’ reasoning in Crito (in)consistent with his defense speech in the Apology?

Three: What are the definitions of justice put forward by the main characters in Book I of the Republic? What are the replies offered by Socrates to these definitions? What definition/s of justice is/are most compelling? Four: What is Plato trying to illustrate with the allegory of the cave? How is the allegory of the cave related to the discussion of justice? How do the different characters, actions, and stages of the cave narrative relate to contemporary life? Five: Why does Socrates suggest that it would be useful to examine justice in a polis? What, finally, constitutes justice in the city? How is this justice related to justice in an individual?

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New Jack – Guarding Sing Sing

New Jack – Guarding Sing Sing.

 You must have access to Ted Conover’s Book called New Jack – Guarding Sing Sing to complete this assignment. To begin, identify and discuss three ways that training doesn’t properly prepare COs to work in Sing Sing. In other words, what are three ways that the disconnect between training and the realities of the job for COs is apparent within the book? Be specific with your examples.

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Indigenous Resilience

Indigenous Resilience.

 Evaluate and discuss the evolution of the social safety net within North America and elaborate how it has helped a specific marginalized group of society to rise above its circumstances and how retrenchment has impacted this group. Draw on your own reflections of the main concepts from the course to support your position.

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