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Identify the character and the literary work he or she appears in, Week 2 Eng125 Discussion 2

Identify the character and the literary work he or she appears in, Week 2 Eng125 Discussion 2.

In the stories you have read in Chapters 4 through 7, you have been introduced to several kinds of characters. Select another story from your textbook that is different than the one you analyzed in the “Literary Techniques and Their Connection to Conflict in Literature” discussion and identify and consider a character you sympathize with. Reflect on why you identify with them and how that character is constructed by the author.Your initial post should be at least 200 words in length. The minimum word count does not include references.As you write your post, answer the following questions:Identify the character and the literary work he or she appears in.Why did this character interest you? What choices does the character make, and how do the choices (or the result of the choices) contribute to the theme of the story?What kind of conflict (internal/external) did this character encounter, and how did he or she handle it?How does the setting contribute to the character’s development?How does the setting contribute to the character’s experience and give the story more meaning?Incorporate readings found in Chapters 4 through 7 to help illustrate the points you make.
Identify the character and the literary work he or she appears in, Week 2 Eng125 Discussion 2

You will develop Part 1 of the ITSP for GG Freightways (GGFRT), using the outline below. Each of the topics to be included in your outline is covered in the course content readings assigned thus far. In addition to the course materials, at least two external resources (resources other than those provided in the class) must be used. Two or more cited references will earn top credit. Use a separate References page to list just the references you have cited. Remember to use the APA formatting rules and correctly cite and reference your sources with APA format. Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered everything.
Sociology homework help. This is a paper that requires the student to Issue of maintaining sex and gender binaries reflective project. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.,Issue of maintaining sex and gender binaries reflective project,For Reflective Project #3, you may choose one of the following three options. Please ensure that your paper is around 3 pages, double-space, with a heading (your name, course info, etc.) and a creative title. Remember that you must utilize ideas and concepts from the textbook, class lectures and discussions to illustrate your point. So the prompt that you choose to write about must reference any of those corresponding chapters, lectures, discussions, and/or activities. Lastly, factors such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar certainly count towards your reflection paper grade, so be sure to edit your paper beforehand.,Below are the three prompts that you may choose (one) to write about:,1) Sexual Orientation: Outline both the Kinsey model of sexual orientation (Figure 2.3 in Chapter 12) and the Klein model of sexual orientation (class mini-lecture). For your review, graphics of these two models are include. What is similar? What is different? If you’ve reviewed these two models to see where you may lie, discuss your results if you are willing. Were you surprised by your results? Why or why not? You may also discuss this in more vague terms–what do you think of these models?,Then, discuss some key points related to the issue of maintaining sex and gender binaries (male/female and masculinity/,femininity,) in society. Why are they problematic? In what ways do they influence a skewed understanding of the terms “sex” and “gender,” as well as conformity to particular sexual orientation(s)? Be sure to illustrate your answer with explanations from the text, our lectures and/or other cited research.,-OR-,2) Marriage and Family: Many Americans claim to believe that “love is blind” and that romance can spring up anywhere, as long as two people have chemistry. Chapter 14, however, argues that Cupid’s arrow is largely aimed by society. What social factors play into the mate selection process? Explain.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Sociology homework help

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Writer’s Choice. Paper details   All students know that is wrong to cheat and that it can have negative consequences. Using the five techniques of neutralization, create justifications for cheating using the five different ways. EX- Denial of Responsibility- It was not my fault, I had to cheat because my teacher did not give me the info I needed.Writer’s Choice

child prostitution or child sex in Thailand

professional essay writers child prostitution or child sex in Thailand. Paper details   I want to create a topic about child prostitution or child sex. Essay title choices are as follows: (1) Critically explore EITHER a Rights, Protection or Justice based framework for discussing an aspect of childhood and youth based experiences. (2) Focusing on a specific example of policy/practice in the field of childhood and youth, explore tensions and synergies between rights, protection and justice. (3) In what way are these both the best of times and the worst of times: Discuss. and you must use the Theory of Structural Violence (Johan Galtung)child prostitution or child sex in Thailand

Instructions Prepare a two (2) page report that discusses the following points and questions. Use APA to format your part Essay

Instructions Prepare a two (2) page report that discusses the following points and questions. Use APA to format your part of your project. An abstract is not necessary. You do not need to use any outside resources. This plan is highly introspective and reflective. If you do use a resource, cite the information from the resource, and include a references page. Create a summary of what you have learned about yourself as a leader. This summary is how you see yourself today, right now. Would you consider yourself to be a transformational leader, a transactional leader, or a combination of both? How do others see you? Does this view align with how you see yourself? Set your goals. Write them down. Create a list of at least 5 goals. Assign an area of your life or a “sphere” to each goal. For example, if your goal is to be a better father, then this goal is in in your personal sphere. If you want to open your own restaurant, then this goal is in your professional sphere. If you want to continue for a master’s degree, then this goal is in the educational sphere. Take each goal and assign an action or actions that will help you to reach that goal. In other words, what do you have to do, what steps must you take, in order to reach that goal? Assign a timeline for each goal. Plans mean nothing unless time is defined. Identify any risks or barriers for each goal and/or action. How will you overcome these barriers? Identify any resources you might need for your action plan. For example, would a mentor help you to reach your goals? Would attending a workshop help you to learn the skill you need? Now take your goals a step further and decide how can you align your goals in such a way that you build the capacity to translate vision into reality? How will you inspire others? Imagine it is five years from now. You have met your goals; your action plan worked! You are attending a dinner party given to honor you as “Leader of the Year.” One by one, your coworkers and your family stand up to talk about your contributions to them, to the organization, and to the community. Reflect back upon your life five years from now. In one paragraph, what will they say about you? What would you say about yourself? Challenge: Journaling is an important part of any professional development plan. If ideas are written down, they become real. Journals can be a source of tremendous self-reflection. Begin to keep a journal. You don’t have to write in your journal every day but do make regular entries. One year, two years, five years from now, your journal will be a great source of inspiration and pride. I challenge you to start a journal today. Give your journal a 30-day pilot. Use your journal consistently for 30 days to build a solid habit of using this tool.

GU 299 How Influencers Shape My Individuality Essay

GU 299 How Influencers Shape My Individuality Essay.

GU299 How Influencers Shape Your IndividualityRefer to the concepts in Chapter 4 of Becoming a Critical Thinker. For this assignment, you will write a 3-5 page essay with a focus on your influencers. As we grow and mature, and travel through life, we meet others who influence us along the way. These influencers shape our individuality. They help to make us who we are. Additionally, reflect on the Four Empowering Attitudes in your essay.Make a list of three or four people who have influenced you.Explain the specific effect of their influence. (For example: My mother told me not take to candy from strangers. Her warnings caused me to be wary of meeting or paying attention to strangers.) Provide some less obvious influences, too.Indicate how each of these people has effected your individuality (based on Chapter 4 in Becoming a Critical Thinker).Be sure to include the Four Empowering Attitudes in your essay. Address each one of these and provide your thoughts.
GU 299 How Influencers Shape My Individuality Essay