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Identify and discuss current legal issues related to transcultural nursing within communities. Follow the discussion board guidelines below. Requirements

Identify and discuss current legal issues related to transcultural nursing within communities.

Follow the discussion board guidelines below.

Requirements for Discussion Boards:

Original Thread must:
• have a minimum of 100 words.
• have a reference cited.
• be posted during by Wednesday of the discussion board.
• reflect critical thinking of the topic under discussion and incorporate information from the required readings (cite references).
You may attach an article if you find it interesting and it is related to the content of the discussion.

FIN 500 – critical thinking 9

Complete the following problems:

Problem 9.1: Bond Valuation
Problem 9.2: Yield to Maturity
Problem 9.3: Bond Valuation w/Semiannual Coupon Payment
Problem 9.4: Bond Valuation w/Zero Coupon Payment
Problem 9:5: Bondholder’s Expected Rate of Return
You can access the problem details by clicking on the Week 9 Critical Thinking Problems file attached to this assignment.
Complete the problems in an Excel spreadsheet. Be sure to show all your work on the Excel spreadsheet to receive a credit; no hard keys.

English Question

Identify and discuss current legal issues related to transcultural nursing within communities. Follow the discussion board guidelines below. Requirements We will cover more bibliographic citation methodology in the coming Modules.
Any idea, thought, word, or phrase from the original source must be cited.
Reading responses need to be 250 words in length. They should be titled and follow MLA conventions.
Remember, too that I gave the full version of this prompt on the “Readers Write!” Page.
Instructions:To begin this assignment, compose your Response 1 by addressing the following requirements:
Read all of the assigned essays (Stokel-Walker (Links to an external site.), McNamee (Links to an external site.), Mangu-Ward (Links to an external site.), Reilly (Links to an external site.), Herold (Links to an external site.), and Zalaznick (Links to an external site.)), but respond to only one.
In the opening sentences, give the author’s full name and “Essay Title” in a complete sentence.
Give your reactions, opinions, and thoughts about the material.
You need not mention the author again unless you quote or summarize the material.
If you give the author’s name again, use last name only.
If you use the author’s words (quote) or ideas (summary), cite both in text and bibliographically.
Remember to title your response.
Write your answer in a short paragraph (250 words).
The associated rubric will be used to provide feedback–please be sure to review the rubric before starting and before submitting your assignment.
CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeResponse
8 to >4.0 ptsMeets Expectations
The response depicts good interaction and understanding of the essay.
4 to >0.0 ptsAlmost There
The response is predominantly summary; the interaction and understanding of the essay is not illustrated.
0 ptsNeeds Improvement
The response was not submitted.
8 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCitations
6 to >3.0 ptsMeets Expectations
The sources are cited both parenthetically and bibliographically.
3 to >0.0 ptsAlmost There
The sources are cited only parenthetically or bibliographically.
0 ptsNeeds Improvement
The sources are not cited.
6 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSpecificationsResponse is titled, includes author name and essay title, and meets 250 word count
3 to >2.0 ptsMeets Expectations
All specifications were met.
2 to >0.0 ptsAlmost There
Some, but not all, specifications were met.
0 ptsNeeds Improvement
The specifications were not met.
3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting ConventionsGrammar, punctuation, style
3 to >2.0 ptsMeets Expectations
The writing is articulate and relatively free of errors.
2 to >0.0 ptsAlmost There
The writing has some errors, but they do not impact comprehension.
0 ptsNeeds Improvement
The writing is filled with errors to the point of being not comprehensible.
3 pts
Total Points: 20

Editing an annotated bibliography

There are two points missing from the annotated bibliography
Answer this question: What are the personal and/or communal ethical factors that may be involved in determining the moral position of either side in that debate?
Next, articulate and then evaluate the ethical positions using Kantian ethics (that is, the categorical imperative) relative to the long standing debate (that is your topic chosen in the last assignment).
I will attach both the requirements and the annotated bibliography along with the course textbook

Cultural Considerations Presentation (sensation and perception)

Cultural Considerations Presentation (sensation and perception).

Your Learning Team has been chosen to develop a training model for a local company that provides mental health services. Consider the topics and models covered on attachment sensation and perception. Create a 4 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that provides this organization with scenarios that would help them to identify when cultural aspects should be considered. Each slide should list the model or theory addressed and a scenario to help the organization grasp the key concepts.

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Discussion question: You have been selected by your nonprofit agency or school to evaluate client satisfaction with various clinical services.

Discussion question: You have been selected by your nonprofit agency or school to evaluate client satisfaction with various clinical services. The agency serves approximately 2,000 clients. How would you go about planning a process to evaluate client satisfaction with services? Classmate response: Before implementing anything, I would need to find out what exactly the agency wants to be evaluated. I understand that they want to evaluate client satisfaction with various clinical services, but satisfaction with what? Do they just want a general gauge of client satisfaction or are they looking for something more specific. The design of any evaluation begins by defining the audience for the evaluation findings, what they need to know, and when. These questions determine which types of evaluation should be implemented (Tanner, 2001). Once this is done, I would then select a method of assessment that is not only appropriate for what wants to be evaluated, but also for the clients that are being asked to complete the evaluations. Since the number of clients is so high, I would suggest using a client satisfaction questionnaire. Other options would be face to face to telephone interviews, however, these would be very time consuming and are not cost effective (Tanner, 2001). Tanner, B. A. (2001). Factors influencing client satisfaction with mental health services. Evaluation and Program Planning, 4, 279­286.

Multinational Corporations

Multinational Corporations.


It has been suggested that the skills and techniques of an MNC are very different from those of an organization without a global presence. Create a chart comparing the skills and technique of a manager in an MNC versus a manager in an organization that does not have a global presence. In a narrative following your chart, discuss the findings suggesting the management approach that is most relevant for an MNC manager. Your chart and subsequent narrative must adhere to the following parameters: Be 5-6 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. Be supported by five scholarly references (3 are provided and must be used). Remember, you must support your thinking and prior knowledge with references; all facts must be supported; in-text references used throughout the assignment must be included in an APA-formatted reference list. Please include relevant introduction and conclusion paragraphs

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