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Identify a Position or Profession to Pursue after Graduation

Identify a Position or Profession to Pursue after Graduation. Paper Details: Identify then describe a professional position or profession you want to pursue upon graduation. You may want to pursue your first entry-level position, advance within your present organization, seek a new position or profession with another organization, or may be looking to change careers. Regardless, identify then describe the position you will pursue after graduation. Explain why you want to pursue this position/profession. Explain how your leadership strengths (identified in your past assessments) will assist you in this position/profession. This is critical for our course as the remainder of this course will focus you on the position/profession you identify during this assignment. The length is one to three pages. Use the proper APA format to include cover sheet, page numbers, and references. Submit your Position/Profession to Pursue using this link.Identify a Position or Profession to Pursue after Graduation
Blackjack Program written in JAVA and must use MVC framework.

I need a GUI Blackjack program written in Java which MUST use the MVC framework. The rules and a sample Java MVC project is attached.In addition, there are three additional requirements.1. The project must include 2 Views (ability to swap views would be great)2. The GUI must be responsive (when window size changes the contents of the window scales appropriately).3. The code must be fully commented.As a courtesy, I’ve also attached a Java Blackjack program that IS NOT in MVC if it will help in some way. Just to reiterate, the solution I’m looking for MUST be in MVC.

Blackjack Program written in JAVA and must use MVC framework

Female Participation in the Sri Lanka Tourist Industry

Female Participation in the Sri Lanka Tourist Industry. RESTRICTED CHAPTER SIX CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS INTRODUCTION 1.Sri Lanka has a growing tourism industry. After independence in 1948 Sri Lanka Continues to attract foreign investors and tourist to the island. The hospitality is one of the main parts of the tourism industry. It includes hospitality unit such as restaurant, hotels, parks there servers, house keepers, porters, kitchen workers,, management, marketing and human resources, person who is working in this field is very much important and working in direct contact with customer. Now tourism has become a popular global leisure activity. Presently tourism is a major income source for many countries. Sri Lanka is the 6 th largest foreign exchange earning country to the economy. 2.Present scenario in Sri Lanka is that female contribution approximately half of the population of Sri Lanka. Female play a vital role in the Sri Lanka economy and those economy sectors are the backbone of the important secretors of the economy such as plantation, garment, manufacture industry and migrant workers. As a whole unemployment rate is higher in females than males. According to work force with university degrees is concerned 48% of them were female in 2012. Those with the advance level qualification also same. 2.In Sri Lanka employment of female in tourism industry is very less. There are many reasons which have effected. to less participation in tourism industry. CONCLUTION 16.Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the economy in Sri Lanka. It has an aim reach its target of 2.5 million tourist arrival by 2016. Tourism industry has witnessed a rapid growth after 30 years civil war in north and east. Tourist arrival has doubled during the period and to expanding tourism industry. 17.To achieve the expected achievement the industry may face many challenges such as improved service standards, increasing room capacity including conditions of the room, more qualified trained staff, the number of trained hospitality staff. They are inadequate to meet the needs of a growing industry. Because of that there is an urgent requeipment to establish new training school, encourage current employs to obtain higher certification multi skill development. By doing so those would increase the skilled workers, there by improving the service standards in the industry. MAIN REASONS FOR LAW LEVEL OF LABOUR FORCE PARTICIPATION OF FEMALE 18.There are some significant reasons which affect to the less female participation in the tourism industry: a.Social and cultural situation in Sri Lanka. b.Limited range of skills that acquired by females and it has lead to law skilled occupations in tourism industry. c.Lack of knowle of handling of foreign language d.lack of professional knowledge which required for tourism industry. e.In the labor market there is inequitable gender division. This inequitable situation still represent in the labor market. f.In some occasion the demand for law cost female labor. g.Multiple or duel work of the female, family responsibility and reproductive role h.In Sri Lanka there is a tendency to law participations in decision making process. iIn tourism industry discrimination in the work environment may be one of the reason for less participation. j. No flexible hours has allocated for female. 18.On going mega project in the hotel sector will expecte to raise to achieve the targeted tourist arrivals. The continuing collaboration between the state and private sector would be necessary for the sustainable development of the tourism industry. 19.Tourism industry provides formal and informal opportunities for females. It can significantly impact on poverty reduction in rural community. 19.Employment of female in the various sectors in the Sri Lanka it is more similar to male and female. When it come to the tourism industry there is a less female participation. It was fund that reasons of this situation are social and cultural situation in Sri Lanka, professional qualification , language problem. 20.Tourism presents borth opportunities and challengers for gender equality and women empowerment. How ever less attention has been paid to the unequal ways in which the benefits of tourism are distributed between men and female particularly in the developing world. In the present world it is indicating to assess the extent to which tourism is advancing the needs of women in the developing world. Now a day it has potential to be a vehicle for the empowerment of female in developing region. 21.In order to support the development of tourism industry it is clear that female can contribute more. There should have professional female to perform such a job in tourism industry effectively. 22.There are some challengers female are facing in tourism. Female are often law status law paid and precious job in tourism industry . Women manly tend to perform job such as cooking, clearing and hospitality . much tourist employment is seasonal and fluctuates. According to volatile nature of the industry. In some destinations the links have been found between tourism and the sex industry which could make women more vulnerable to sexual exploitation. 23.In the world we have many examples and experiences for female employment in tourism industry. Country like Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives, Turkey, those countries have more employment of female in the tourism field and those countries have more development on tourism industry. 22.Though present condition of the female employment in tourism industry is less, employment of the female can enhance a better development of the tourism industry. There are many vacancies for female to perform in this industry. Employment of more female in tourism industry can be develop the industry as well as development of economy. RECOMANDATION 1.Increasing of formal training. 2. It is clear that there is no that much of female has involved in management level for that it should have same programs to get involve female to tourism industry and aggressive recruitment of women at the management level. 3.There are some organizations which have influenced with same barrier and should make it as a flexible way and rules and regulation of union also should be very flexible. 4.There are many circumstances that women are not able to perform their job at any time for that Flexible hours and scheduling should be imposed for women. 5.Allowing more autonomy in the integration of work and home obligation. 6.Many tourism related occupation are not allowed pension because of that Pensions after retirement should be implemented. 7.Increase awareness of the important economic role that women play in the tourism industry. 8.Strengthen legal protection for women in tourism employment such protection include minimum wage regulations and equal pay laws. 9.Improve maternity leave requirement, flexile houses, work from options and arrangement for childcare. 10.Providing appropriate training and resources to support women’s enterprises. 11.Promote women’s participation in tourism education and training and improve the educational level of women already working in different areas of the industry through a targeted and strategic program of action. 12.Support women’s tourism leadership at all levels public sector private sector and community management by establishing leadership programs at the national level and in large and small scale tourism industries. 13Ensure that women’s contribution to the community development is properly recognized and work by monitoring tourism activities carried out in the house hold and in the community. 14.Call on the government, the international community civil society organizations and the private sector to project women’s rights in tourism and to monitor progress in the employment of women through tourism. POLICY IMPLEMENTATION 15.Researcher suggests to implement following for the government in order to develop tourism in Sri Lanka. a.Action should be taken to encourage female to employ in tourism industry to better contribution to industry. b.Introduce some effective courses to enhance professional knowledge of employees in various field in tourism industry. c. Government should implement law with refer to tourism industry specially for employees. d.Encourage small industry to create effective enterprise to create indirect job opportunity . 6- 1 RESTRICTED Female Participation in the Sri Lanka Tourist Industry

Unethical Influence Tactics

assignment writing services Unethical Influence Tactics.

Think about a time when you experienced a leader who used negative or unethical influence tactics in an organization, or research a leader known for the use of negative or unethical influence tactics. You must identify the leader and organization, and provide a URL to the website of one or the other as part of a narrated presentation.Instructions:Provide a brief overview of the leader and the organization, the situation, and any other key players relevant to the situation.Describe the specific unethical influence tactics that were used in the situation. Then, analyze those influence tactics in terms of the leader’s overall leadership strategy and use of power within the organization. What was the outcome of the situation? If you were the leader in that situation, what would you have done differently?Presentation Requirements:Your presentation should be either a 5- to 8-minute video or 10-12 narrated slides with images and detailed speaker notes (between 75 to 100 words per slide), not counting the title and reference page slides, which you must include in both the video and slide presentation.You may use your smartphone, webcam, or other video recording device, PowerPoint or an internet-based program such as Prezi or Slide Rocket. Be sure to include the URL of your presentation when using internet-based tools. Paste the URL into a Word document and upload it with your presentation.You may also record your audio/video presentation using the Schoology tools. Click here for a Schoology tutorial on how to add audio or video to an assignment. Incorporate two scholarly references that are not required readings for this module. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find your sources.Follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA. See the Example PPT Presentation in the Online Research and Writing Lab for information on
Unethical Influence Tactics

Bernard Arnault’s Leadership Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Arnault as a Leader Strengths and weaknesses Arnault as an Effective Leader Conclusion References Introduction Many are the times that people pose to evaluate others whom they consider as leaders. A major mistake that they (people) all make is to associate leadership with public visibility and greatness. This perception inhibits one’s capacity to develop and nurture leadership skills (Ogbonna

How childhood sexual abuse impacts homeless population and strategies and resources for healing and recovery for those in treatment.

How childhood sexual abuse impacts homeless population and strategies and resources for healing and recovery for those in treatment.. Paper details   How childhood sexual abuse impacts homeless population and strategies and resources for healing and recovery for those in treatment. Please use 3-5 reputable sources. Using APA format.How childhood sexual abuse impacts homeless population and strategies and resources for healing and recovery for those in treatment.