i would like to present the idea of establishing 3d printer shop where the customer can create and innovate

i would like to present the idea of establishing 3d printer shop where the customer can create and innovate any shape they want through our shop

provide the segment and who will benefit from this shop. who are the customers what products they might order from us[supanova_question]

Psycho-oncology adjusting to life after cancer

Psycho-oncology adjusting to life after cancer.


The essay question is: Discuss a particular psychosocial area (eg. schooling, relationships, psychological adjustment/wellbeing, cognitive function, health-related quality of life, etc.) that may be impacted by a childhood cancer and critically evaluate the interventions aimed at addressing this psychosocial issue.

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The Neuropsychology of Spiritual/Religious Experiences

i would like to present the idea of establishing 3d printer shop where the customer can create and innovate The Neuropsychology of Spiritual/Religious Experiences.

This paper would focus on the intersection between neuropsychology and spiritual/religious experiences.


Research into brain structures, neurobiology, neurochemistry and genetics implicated in religious/spiritual experiences; how the knowledge can inform our understanding of religious experiences; impact of findings and how it can be understood by different religious traditions, with emphasis on christianity; studies identifying neuropsychological profile of people with religious/spiritual experiences; neuropsychological assessment of religious/spiritual experiences, etc. 


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Teaching abstract

Teaching abstract.


Prepare an abstract for your teaching program. An abstract of your teaching program is a summary written in a scholarly writing style that represents a clear picture of a teaching program.

Purpose: The abstract will be based on the beginning development for your assessment 2 item, where you will be developing and preparing a teaching plan for a clinical education program (please read the outline of assessment 2 for further information). The teaching plan template (in assessment 2 folder) will direct you in developing up the teaching plan that you’re abstract will be based on. The abstract should provide details on the purpose of your teaching program, the type of learning environment, the audience or learners at which your program is aimed, and the objectives of your teaching program. You will be given formative feedback on your abstract that you can use in Assessment 2

The function of an Abstract is to inform the reader of the contents of the program so that the reader can see in advance the key areas covered and the main points, so it will provide a brief, descriptive summary of your teaching plan. The introduction sets up the context of your chosen education topic, the reasons that this education is necessary (outline of main points) and may provide some background information (orientation to the topic). Abstracts are usually quite succinct and vary in length. For the purposes of this activity, you have a word limit of 500 words

Six components to include:

Background and Purpose of teaching program – Set a context for the topic. What problem, question, or hypothesis is going to be covered? Why would it be of interest?

Learning theory informing the teaching program (your philosophy)
Audience at which teaching program is aimed (who are your learners)
Type of learning environment
Teaching program objectives (outline the material you intend to cover)
Types of Teaching strategies

Format of Abstract:

The text of your abstract has an allocation of 500 words.

Must be typed, double spaced 12-point font with 1-inchmargins.
Theories / concepts should be supported with the literature.
Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation are expected.


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Modernism speech

Modernism speech.

 Description “Modernism was born in part out of the need to find fresh ways of expression, to describe a new world that was unlike anything that had gone before.” Margaret Macmillan (Historian and professor at the University of Oxford). To what extent has your study of Modernism reflect the statement above? Prepare an engaging 4 minute speech that evaluates the statement above in light of ONE of the prescribed Modernist texts studied in class and ONE related Modernist text of your own choosing NOT studied in class. Ensure you demonstrate an understanding of the key ideas of Modernism and explain how each text has been shaped by its context. One bell will be rung at 3 minutes and 30 seconds to indicate you have 30 seconds left. At 4 minutes and 10 seconds, your speech will be stopped by the marker. first book is brave new world, second should be another modernist text

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philosophy argument paper on Does God Exist Earnest Nagel vs why God allows evil richard swinbune

philosophy argument paper on Does God Exist Earnest Nagel vs why God allows evil richard swinbune.

2nd Paper Outline: Argument Paper

Begin by choosing two articles from either the topic of freewill versus determinism, or the existence

of God. There is no need to write a standard introduction, but please include a short one that says

which two articles you’ll be discussing and the main arguments you’ll be focusing on from those


Part 1: Paraphrase the arguments (or an argument) from each article. Paraphrasing does not mean

restating every point; it means putting the main points into your own words. You can choose to

paraphrase one or two central arguments, rather than the entire article, due to space constraints.

You may have to make choices about which premises to a given argument you should include. Some

premises may be more important than others depending on the overall direction of your paper. You  may also want to occasionally quote from the article to make particular points explicit, but don’t

over­quote! (See rules for quoting below.)

Part 2: Consider disagreements, and how one of the authors might respond to the other author’s

points. You should begin this part by discussing one or two central points of disagreement between

the two authors you’ve chosen. For example, do they define terms differently? Do they draw different

conclusions overall?

Next, discuss any counterarguments one of the authors might give to the other. For example,

regarding God, Swinburne argues that natural evils like hurricanes are allowed by God to give humans

a greater range of choice. Given what you know about his view, how might Nagel respond back to

Swinburne? Consider this sort of back and forth in relation to whichever two articles you’ve chosen.

Citations: There should be no need to quote any sources outside of the readings. If you really want

to do so, please clear it with me first. Otherwise, please simply indicate the author and put the page

number from the article in parentheses. For example, Harris claims that “his case against free will does

not depend on philosophical materialism” (11). Make sure you are clear about the author and page


What should the final product look like?: You should turn in a 3­5 page, 12­point font, doublespaced

paper that addresses parts 1 and 2 above.

How will you grade my paper?: I will grade you on the following criteria.

Organization (25%): The paper is clear, consistent, and easy to follow. Each sentence logically

contributes to the next and paragraphs are divided appropriately by content.

Analysis (50%): The paper accurately and appropriately paraphrases the arguments of the articles and

anticipates counterarguments.

Format (25%): The paper is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Sources are cited clearly and

properly according to the simple criteria laid out above

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Finance Case Analysis – Arundel

Finance Case Analysis – Arundel.


 A case analysis for Arundel, both case itself, key questions and an Excel file we were provided to update/show our work. One request if you would – so I can ensure to learn & follow, can you please provide your calculations, preferably if you do calculation in excel and provide in addition to the write up? Showing work for me is key. I have included on 4 page request, but happy to pay for however much more is required to show your work. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. 

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