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I need to submit an outline for a final paper proposal. I will be doing a separate order for

I need to submit an outline for a final paper proposal. I will be doing a separate order for the actual final paper as well but I will include those details in these instructions. The first part that need submitted now is this:

For the final paper, you need to write an original examination of a social problem. It may be the one you identified in Application Exercise 1, a different one reviewed in this course, or another one of your own choosing.

Please submit an outline of what you plan to research for your final paper and how you plan to discuss and investigate your chosen social problem in the paper. Your instructor will give you feedback. In your proposal, you must explain why your social problem qualifies as a “social problem” under the criteria you learned at the beginning of the semester.

Remember that this is a course on the sociology of social problems. Be careful not to propose an approach that is more appropriate to the study of psychology, biology, law, etc. You will need to concentrate on the social factors relevant to understanding the problem you identify.

The info for the final paper is this (as mentioned, I will do a separate order for that (as soon as the writer is assigned to this current assignment)

Here are the details for the final paper – this should help with the current assignment (as mentioned, I will submit an order separately for the final paper)

Your final in this course is an original research paper investigating a social problem of your choosing. In this paper, you must address the following aspects of your problem:

-What sociological causes and explanations have been linked to this problem? Keep in mind the various theoretical perspectives.
-What social factors (structural, cultural, interactional, political, etc.) contribute to the existence of the problem?
-What do sociologists or other experts believe may be potential solutions to this problem?

Your paper must meet the following requirements:
-must be 5-8 pages, double spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font
-must be submitted in .doc or .docx format
-must cite at least three scholarly sources*
-must include a reference page in APA format.

*”Scholarly sources” include articles published in peer-reviewed journals and books published by university presses and other reputable presses for scholarly material. Many sources are available using the Library available via your EGCC Gateway, which provides guides for searching and allows you to restrict your search results to peer-reviewed publications. If you have questions regarding whether your sources are acceptable, please contact your instructor. Note that news articles, Internet pages, and Wikipedia will not be accepted as scholarly sources, no matter how good they sound.

To assist you in writing your paper in APA format, please visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab by clicking on the link.

Information Summary

Information Summary.

This module is assessed via a 2,000-word essay and a piece of political journalism each worth 50 per cent of the module mark.

 The essay should address one of the following: 

·         Critically evaluate the significance of media convergence for approaches to, and expectations of, political journalism.

  • Assess the impact of the lobby system in political journalism.
  • Assess the impact of social media in election campaigns.

·         Analyse the role of the spin doctor in political journalism.


A piece of political journalism. 


This is to include original research and an interview with a politician or political activist. The story could come from a variety of sources – community campaign, election coverage, council meeting,  reaction from MPs/councillors/ Freedom of Information. This can be presented in a variety of formats; television, radio, blog, magazine or newspaper article. Print should be 450 words, radio 3 mins, TV 2 mins. You also need to submit a 500-word rationale.


Students are expected to engage fully with a wide range of political journalism including print, online, radio and television.


Recommended reading includes:

Barnett, S and Gaber, I, (2001) Westminster Tales: The 21st Century Crisis in British Political Journalism. Continuum

Brooke, H (2010) The Silent State  London:Heinemann

Curran, J & Seaton, J (2009) Power Without Responsibility, Oxon: Routledge

Franklin, B (1994), Packaging Politics, Edward Arnold

Gunn, S (2011) So You Want to be a Political Journalist?, London: Biteback Publishing

Jones B, & Norton P (2013) Politics UK, London: Pearson Education

Kuhn, R & Neveu (2013) Political Journalism: New Challenges, New Practices, Oxon: Routledge/ECPR

Marr, Andrew (2004) My Trade: a Short History of British Journalism, London: Macmillan.

McNair, B (2007) An Introduction to Political Communication (4th ed) Oxon: Routledge


Snow, Jon (2005) Shooting History: a Personal Journey, London: Harper Perennial.


Assessment criteria for module:

  1. Understanding of political journalism in regional, national and international contexts
  2. Critical analysis of political processes
  3. Ability to engage the reader and present an argument
  4. Evidence of engagement with wider reading


  1. Interview skills
  2. Newsworthiness
  3. Writing style

Originality, editorial judgement and presentation

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This is a survey essay.Please write and type your essay based on the following instructions. Make sure that you do not have spelling and grammatical errors in your essay. 1. Develop an interview guide that focuses on criminal justice

I need to submit an outline for a final paper proposal. I will be doing a separate order for This is a survey essay.Please write and type your essay based on the following instructions. Make sure that you do not have spelling and grammatical errors in your essay. 1. Develop an interview guide that focuses on criminal justice.

Please write and type your essay based on the following instructions. Make sure that you do not have spelling and grammatical errors in your essay.

1. Develop an interview guide that focuses on criminal justice

2. Using this guide, conduct an intensive interview with one person who is involved with the topic / issue in some ways.
3. Take only brief notes during the interview; then write up as complete record of the interview as you can immediately afterward. You need to type your questions and the answer in an organized form. 
4. Write a summary of the evaluation of your interview, the findings and what you learned. Papers must be typed in MS Word format, double spaced, with page number, 1” all around margin and Times New Roman 12 point font size. The citation and referencing should be based on APA or ASA style.

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Compare Canada and Mexico

Compare Canada and Mexico.

 Description Assignment: Compare Canada and Mexico. 1-Which country is a richer country? 2-Explain the definition of a country being rich (what is the criteria from economic point of view). 3-Also, explain the reasons for one country being richer than the other. 4-Draw a production possibility curve reflecting Canada’s production possibilities and another production possibilities curve for Mexico. 5-Show and explain Canada’s production possibilities bigger or Mexico’s.

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Commercial Management in Construction

Commercial Management in Construction.

You are employed as a commercial manager by a regional construction company, reporting directly to the managing director. 60% of the company is owned by a substantial regional property developer, and the two organisations frequently work closely together.

Following a discussion between your managing director and the managing director or the property developer, you have been asked to prepare a report setting out your views on the Federated Investment Bank’s proposal for the redevelopment of their headquarters building as described in the Appendix.


Prepare a report for your managing director that critically evaluates the commercial management aspects of the proposal and includes reasoned recommendations that support your advice for an appropriate course of action.

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How well can the juvenile justice system predict who will desist and who will persist in juvenile delinquency?

How well can the juvenile justice system predict who will desist and who will persist in juvenile delinquency?.

Your final paper will consist of an 6-8-page paper answering a question that you ask about juvenile delinquency. The first step is to select a question that can be answered using empirical research. Once you have done so, you will want to find and read research that can help answer the question you ask. Your paper should be 6-8 pages long (not including the cover page or references), and it should answer a question that you ask about juvenile delinquency. How to develop a question: What interests you from this course? What do you want to spend a significant amount of time reading and writing about? That is how you start to develop a question. A good question begins with a “wh-“ or “how” stem, as it can lead to a more complex and interesting answer than a question that can be answered with a “yes” or a “no.” In addition, a good question is clear; each word is easily understood. Finally, a good question is answerable using research. Here are some examples of appropriate questions. What are the consequences of transferring youth to adult court? What is the most effective intervention strategy for youth who are in gangs? How do youth form their attitudes about the police? How do neighborhoods influence juvenile delinquency? Why do most youth desist from delinquency by early adulthood? How does brain development make youth susceptible to delinquency? How are youth competent or incompetent to make legal decisions in the juvenile justice system? What are issues of measurement in understanding how many youths engage in delinquency? How are youth susceptible to police investigations and interrogations? How does disproportionate minority contact influence the juvenile justice system? How well can the juvenile justice system predict who will desist and who will persist in juvenile delinquency? What factors predict persistence in juvenile offending, leading to adult criminal behavior? How does childhood victimization relate to juvenile delinquency? What are the effects of bullying on juvenile delinquency? Once again – this is not a comprehensive list – just a starting point to get you interested in thinking about what you might want to ask and answer. Empirical, scholarly, or peer-reviewed research: Empirical/scholarly/peer-reviewed papers derive knowledge from findings, study and logic, not from emotion or anecdote. Your primary source citations should come from “peer-reviewed” journals – meaning that these papers were evaluated by other experts before they were published, allowing them to have more credence. Everything provided under “connecting it to research” throughout this course meets these criteria. As such, these articles could provide a good starting point for your paper. However, they are not comprehensive, and it is expected that to do well on this paper you will need to find additional primary sources. You can find these articles through the ASU library or google scholar – both have selection criteria for only showing results that are peer-reviewed. This means that if you choose to include additional sources, such as case studies, news articles, documentaries, or non-peer-reviewed papers, they cannot be primary sources or evidence. You can use these other secondary sources to supplement your writing, but most of your evidence should come from primary sources which are peer-reviewed, or scholarly, journal articles. Structure of the paper: Your paper should begin with an introductory paragraph where you introduce the topic of examination. Somewhere in that paragraph, you will want to explicitly state the question you aim to answer, as well as an outline for what you will cover in your paper. The body of your paper should assess what the state of knowledge is, based on research that you read and summarize, to help answer your question. Your paper should conclude with an original evaluation of the state of the field. What is the best answer to the question you ask, currently? How clear is this answer? Is there conflicting evidence or dissent? What still is unknown? What are future areas for research on this topic? It is not enough to conclude by restating what is known – your conclusion should summarize and expand on what you’ve learned.


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Creative Writing Question

Please answer attached questions. For each question, make your answer between 150 to 200 words
1.You have been offered an opportunity to interview for an internship with a company that is on your target list. The interview is on Wednesday at 10 AM on the north side of town. On Tuesday, you receive an offer from your top choice company to interview on the same day at 11 AM. The companies are 45 minutes apart by car. This is your dream opportunity, however, you have already made a commitment to the other company. What do you do?
2.A student has been extremely busy trying to wrap up a project for his/her internship employer, so unfortunately the student has not devoted a sufficient amount of time toward the completion of his/her final paper. The final paper is due tomorrow and the student still has not finished the paper, but the supervisor of the internship has requested that he/she join the team out at a local restaurant to celebrate the finalization of the project. Faced with this dilemma, what should the student do?
3.For the first time in many years the basketball team has made it to the championship game. In order for a player to be eligible they must have a “C”grade average. A few days prior to the game the coach learns that his two star players have dropped below the required grade average. According to policy, they should be suspended from the team but, if they are suspended, they won’t play in the championship and the whole team is depending on them. What should the coach do?
4.A student is selected as Class President and is scheduled to accept the position and speak to the entire student body on Friday. On Wednesday it is discovered that the student has not completed a self-study course requirement that is mandatory for all students enate representatives. The course takes a week to be completed. Given that the student has not started the coursework and will not be able to finish before the announcement on Friday, please describe what actions should be taken in order to resolve the situation.

Critical analysis of an article

Critical analysis of an article.

Use this article : The writing assignment involves a critical analysis of a recent article Based on your knowledge of basic accounting principles (GAAP), you are to critically analyze the article related to a topic covered in this course. Based on your analysis, you are to report whether or not the author’s information is in accordance with GAAP. Some information may be “in line with” GAAP and other information may not be. Once you have clearly identified what is GAAP and what is not GAAP (if applicable), please report whether or not you agree with the author’s main point of view (i.e. thesis) and why.

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