I need to answer these two questions in my thesis. *Q1. Why do I want to be a physician Essay

I need to answer these two questions in my thesis.

*Q1. Why do I want to be a physician
*Q2. Why I will be a great physician

In addition, In conclusion I need to rewrite my thesis and why I will be a good doctor and how I will be a good doctor



This is an Individual reportLearning Outcomes:
1. Identify and plan for the human resource needs of a department, taking into account labour market analysis.
2. Manage your own career development, including labour market analysis, skills of being interviewed and managing one’s online presence.
Assessment task:
The purpose of this assignment is to gain an understanding of the recruitment process from an employer’s perspective. Employers are interested in candidates who are able to demonstrate clearly how they will fit into the organisation and meet the organisation’s needs. By taking on the role of an employer, you will be able to reflect on the implications of this assignment for preparing effective job applications. The ability to research an organisation in the manner set out in this assignment will also help you to be aware of wider issues in the labour market, which is an important part of career management.
You are a member of the Human Resource Department of an organisation that shares a number of features with the organisation in ONE of the three scenarios that follows. Your task is to:
i. Choose ONE scenario and identify a real world organisation that bears some similarities with the one based in the scenario.
ii. Identify and research the sector your organisation is located in.
iii. Analyse the cause(s) of labour problem, primarily the skills gap outlined in your chosen scenario. This will contribute to the rationale for producing a new role.
iv. Propose an additional role with the aim of solving the problem based on your understanding of the skills gap outlined in your chosen scenario.
v. Articulate the human resource solution by creating an appropriate job profile/person specification followed by details of your recruitment initiative.
Choose one from A, B,C !!!!
Labour Problem Scenarios: A, B and C
Scenario A
Company A is an innovative recycling machines and solutions company that was established 5 years ago. The Sales team are passionate high-achievers who both feel strongly about the green industry as well as successfully meeting sales target year on year.
Recently, an equally passionate Sales Director joined the team and has done a review and analysis of the sales performance. A few important findings are identified:
• The Sales Director struggled to find a consolidated tracker or database that shows all customer and sales records.
• In the process of collating all sales records, it was discovered that some orders made were based on email correspondence without proper contracts being signed, even though standard contracts with standard terms and conditions are readily available.
• It was also established that not all outstanding instalment payments by customers are being followed up. While most major payments are duly made, smaller payments such as those for annual warranties are sometimes ignored.
• The analysis shows that the team have consistently excelled at reaching out to new customers but seriously underperformed regarding repeat business with existing customers.
• The analysis shows that the team have succeeded in selling equipment but underperformed in respect of selling support and maintenance services to existing customers.

A new headcount has been made available to the Sales Department. The Sales Director has invited a Human Resources colleague to look into the findings established. If you were the HR colleague, what role would you create for the Sales team to address the problems identified and help improve the sales performance?

Scenario B

Company B is a well-established market research company. The company has had a Top 10 market share in the UK. It specialises in TV media research helping TV executives make programming and marketing decisions by collating market data, conducting focus group and providing analysis and recommendations.

A Board member of the Company has recently been invited to a conference on artificial intelligence (AI). The Board member was most inspired after attending the conference. Yet, she has also become very anxious about how complacent, and perhaps backwards, Company B is in the deployment of AI. The Board member has had a discussion with fellow Board members and decided to put aside some budget to look into the following:

• Uses of social media data.
• Uses of Big Data analysis.
• Application of automation.
• Development potential from TV media to other media.
• Development potential from advising on programming and marketing decisions to communication strategies.
• Strategies related to the above to move the Company forward.

The Board member has invited a Human Resources colleague to look into the objectives set out and how to make use of the budget set aside. If you were the HR colleague, what role would you create for the Board to achieve the above objectives?

Scenario C

Company C is a loosely formed ‘company’. While it is an officially registered company with designated premises for training, it is in essence a team of 5 eSports players and a coach. The team has been playing in professional tournaments for just over a year with much success. The coach has been covering not only coaching but managing all commercial and logistic matters. With the recent success and increasing public interest in the team, they find that they are encountering the following problems:
• The coach is constantly being distracted to deal with logistics, coordination and commercial issues, and cannot focus on training the players.
• The games have become increasingly competitive and the demand on the coach is mounting.
• With the recent success of the team, multiple sponsors have approached the team to offer support. Yet, the team is apprehensive about negotiating commercial deals with these major sponsors.
• With the recent success of the team, few high-profile tournament organisers from Asia, notably in Korea and China, have invited the team to join their games. Due to the lack of time and communication skills among the team members, they have already missed one opportunity to join a major game in Hong Kong.
• The Twitter accounts of the team players are experiencing a spike yet the players cannot spare enough time to respond to all fans’ tweets.

Company C has saved up some prize monies over the year. They have also considered the prospect of securing sponsorship in the near future. They have therefore decided to create an additional role to solve the problems above. Company C does not have a HR department. However, if you are the HR expert friend of Company C, what kind of role could you help Company C create to address the problems they have encountered and help them develop their career?

How to approach the assessment task:
This is a formal report and should be written in the 3rd person. You will need to include headings and/or subheadings. A suggested structure is as follows:
Executive Summary (excluded from word count)
A concise overview of all parts of the report and the conclusions reached.
1. Introduction (Suggested word count: 200)
You could explain the choice of organisation and sector.
2. Organisational background (Suggested word count: 600)
(i) Identify the organisation’s market position in the sector.
(ii) What are the trends affecting the sector? At what stage of the development cycle is the sector in? You could briefly examine the future prospects of the sector.
(iii) What are the skills requirement for the sector and organisation?
3. Rationale (Suggested word count: 600)
Analyse the problem(s) in your chosen scenario and define how this new role solves the problem in the scenario.
4. Approach to Recruitment (Suggested word count: 400)
How to recruit for this new role. The description of the approach should include:
a. On what platforms are you going to place the advertisement and why? (Consider what makes some advertising platforms stand out more than others)
b. Effectiveness of using such advertising platforms in recruiting the right candidate
5. Conclusion (Suggested word count 200)
6. References (excluded from word count)
7. Appendices (excluded from word count)
Attach the Job Description/Person Specification here.
Develop a Job Description/Person Specification for the additional role required by the chosen scenario. Suggested layout:
a. Job Title
b. Organisation Information
c. Job Description
d. Essential Skills and Experience – a see sample: Table 4.1, p. 107, Banfield and Kay (2012)
e. Reporting Line
f. Nature of Contract

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How does your sleep routine affect your nutrition?

I need to answer these two questions in my thesis. *Q1. Why do I want to be a physician Essay How does your sleep routine affect your nutrition?.

Gather your resources. Be mindful where you decide to look for information. Identify the best resources for your topic. Your research and resources must include at least three (3) peer reviewed professional journal articles and at least two (2) additional academic sources. Sources range from a professional in the field or valid website. Literature cited must be from reputable and appropriate sources. Please include 2 references that apply to the topic you plan to use. The references need to be in APA format, please do not submit websites. Be sure that one of them is from a professional journal that is peer reviewed such as Journal of the American Medical Association, American Journal of Public Health, etc. Prepare a well thought out research paper effectively addressing your topic. Each research paper will consist of three (3) full pages, plus a cover page, and a Bibliography page. Please do not exceed the three page limit for written material. The paper must be typed, double spaced, in 12 point arial/times new roman font with 1 inch margins. Be sure to proof read your paper. Spelling and grammatical errors will result in a point deduction. Present your findings in a professional powerpoint presentation. Students will create 5-10 slides to share your findings. The presentation must be well-organized and professional. Please include graphics, images, videos, charts, personal narratives, or other materials. If you prefer to create a video presentation in place of the powerpoint presentation, please email the instructor for approval. Your final powerpoint presentation may be posted on the discussion board forum Research Projects. Please include a cover page with only the following information. Title of Your Paper Your Full Name HSC 4139: Weight Management Professor SPRING 2019 My Personal Details: Three pages is good for the body. Provide 5 slides for the powerpoint.Use the following resources but its not a must. Resource 1: Knutson, K. L., Spiegel, K., Penev, P., & Cauter, E. V. (2007). The metabolic consequences of sleep deprivation. Sleep Medicine Reviews,11(3), 163-178. doi:10.1016/j.smrv.2007.01.002 Resource 2: Jarrin, D., Mcgrath, J., & Drake, C. (2013). Beyond sleep duration: Distinct sleep dimensions are associated with obesity in children and adolescents. Sleep Medicine,14. doi:10.1016/j.sleep.2013.11.367

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Scary movie

Scary movie.

Choose a favorite horror film and analyze it in terms of what Freud writes about the ways children internalize frightening moments or terrors and repress them, only to be forced to re-experience those old fears later in adolescence,adulthood or in confronting troubling situations in adult relationships


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A case study of a New York City arts organization

A case study of a New York City arts organization.

The final assignment will require students to write a full case study of a New York City arts organization (Please do not use New Museum or Whitney Museum) of their choosing. This study will thoroughly explore the way your chosen organization integrates technology and/or digital media into its programming. Successful projects will take a probing, nuanced, and critical look at the true practical and sociological function of technology in the institutional space: is technology present for its own sake, or is it functioning in a way that truly further some fundamental aspect of the organization’s mission? Can or does technology “create community” within the organization?

Does it add to or detract from the visitor’s experience? You must visit the organization in person—likely more than once!—and conduct observational research of its use of technology or digital media applications within the social, public space of the museum or gallery. Your project should be comprised of the following: — A written report of approximately 2,000 words that does the following: — Identifies a New York City-based arts organization and its points of digital or technical engagement. — Provides a detailed in-depth case study of the project at hand (for example, the museum’s online collection), detailing the project’s history, etc. You may wish to contact the museum and ask them to interview the staff member in charge of the project, even by email. — Provides well-researched and observed critical analysis and argument for or against the project’s effectiveness. Questions might include: How does the project impact the visitor’s experience of the organization? What could have been done better or differently? How does the project impact or otherwise position the organization, both internally and externally?

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APNs and State Regulations

APNs and State Regulations.

Develop a personal philosophy and framework acknowledging professional and accrediting agency competencies relating to the role and scope of practice of the family nurse practitioner. Identify a nurse theorist or professional accrediting agency that provides the foundation for this philosophy development. Describe the type of educational courses and professional requirements required for APN professional certification and licensing within the state that you will practice in and compare to at least one other state for evaluation purposes. Identify the precise application process for boards, your state regulations for application for prescriptive practice, and issues related to APN practice within your state. Evaluate and discuss APN roles and prescriptive privileges and impact on client safety and care Compare the differences between prescriptive authority, credentialing, and clinical privileges and how each of these impact client safety and care Evaluate the development of the advanced practice nurse role from a global perspective. Compare at least 2 countries and how similar or dissimilar the APN roles are in other countries. Parameters: ***1500 words ***5 or more sources not including websites ***APA FORMAT FOR STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA

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Politicians rely on the media to communicate with voters both in their campaigns and in their efforts to shape policy. What are two specific ways that this reliance on the media has affected politicians’ behavior?

Politicians rely on the media to communicate with voters both in their campaigns and in their efforts to shape policy. What are two specific ways that this reliance on the media has affected politicians’ behavior?.

In a 750-1000 word essay, answer the following questions, and provide arguments supporting your answers: Politicians rely on the media to communicate with voters both in their campaigns and in their efforts to shape policy. What are two specific ways that this reliance on the media has affected politicians’ behavior?

Is this reliance on the media compatible with politicians representing their constituents effectively? In answering these questions, please refer to the course readings for Weeks 9, 10, and 11. You are welcome to refer to additional sources beyond our course readings, but you are not expected to do so. If you do make use of sources beyond the course readings, please provide citations for your sources. For information about citing sources properly, I suggest looking online at Purdue’s Online Writing Lab [Purdue OWL] or at the Chicago Manual of Style.

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FBUY3411 Sourcing and Supply: Sustainable Global Sourcing Report

FBUY3411 Sourcing and Supply: Sustainable Global Sourcing Report.

Overview:  To remain competitive fashion retailers need to ensure they not only develop

commercial product, but ensure they deliver to the right place at the right time, profitably.

To achieve this, retailers must develop an effective, sustainable supply chain for each product.


Task:  You will assume the role of a Buyer for a named fashion retailer, your task is to source a new product (e.g. A printed shirt-dress from Next) and analyse the sourcing processes required to bring the product to market in a sustainable manner.

Write a report to demonstrate your understanding of your garment’s supply chain giving evidence of your research and critical analysis which will inform your sourcing decision-making processes.


Word count: 3500 (-/+ 10%) Remember to be concise.  Additional information can be added to appendices.


Harvard referencing conventions to be used throughout (reference lists and citations within the text)




      Where is the sourcing destination of your product? What are the risks and rewards?


      Recommend an improved sourcing strategy which would optimise efficiencies across the supply chain. (eg in terms of product, cost, quality management, logistics, sustainability, speed to market, reacting to sales)


      What are the current challenges on modern retail which may conflict with CSR principles and affect your retailers sourcing decisions? 



      Which new sourcing destinations could optimise their supply chain? Consider your retailer’s ethos and strategy? (E.g. example are they fast-fashion, slow-fashion or value-orientated?)


      How can their CSR policy be improved? 


      Recommend creative developments or practises which may improve sustainability across people, product and planet.


      Consider the future of fashion retail and sourcing, what changes may occur within the next 10 years and beyond.



Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of the assignment you will have met the following learning outcomes:

  1. Work independently applying taught knowledge to a personally managed project set in a ‘commercial context’.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the sourcing and supply process of textile products across international markets.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to make justifiable decisions based on commercial information.
  4. Demonstrate an awareness of the scope of supply chain management within the context of the textile industry and be able to demonstrate the practical application of this knowledge.

Demonstrate the availability to research commercial practice and compare this with theoretical concepts.

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Historical Film Review Guidelines HIST 1302

Historical Film Review Guidelines HIST 1302.

Each student will write a historical review of a movie based on historical events that occurred

during the time covered by the class (1877 – 1989). Students have 750 to 1,000 words (+/- 10%) to complete this assignment. Each paper will be submitted electronically (via D2L) and will be in MS Word document format (if document submitted is NOT a Microsoft Word document, the assignment will have points deducted outside of late policy). All papers will be in Times New Roman, 12-font, double spaced with 1-inch margins.Failuretocomplywiththeseregulationswillresultinreductionstothegrade.


Film Choice:

·         The film must cover a time period from 1877 to 1989.

·         There will be a document that you will put up to 3 movie choices that will be approved by the professor, Mr. Buie.  So it will be up to you to check the document after listing your movie choices to see if your choices has been approved.




All submissions will be submitted through D2L per the syllabus.



Paper Goals:


The primary goal of this paper is to get the student to begin thinking and writing like a historian. Students will need to watch their respective film multiple times. Students will then research the event and/or events that are portrayed in each film and discuss whether the film maker accurately portrayed the event based on historical research and if the said film could be useful in furthering a student’s understanding of History.



Basic Paper Criteria:

·         The paper will be 750 to 1,000 words (+/- 10%)

·         The paper will be submitted as a MS Word Document

o   Font: Times New Roman

o   Font Size: 12point

o   Margins: 1 inch on all sides

o   Double spaced

·         The paper will use the Chicago or Turabian writing manuals

·         The paper will have a title page (not included in word count) and will consist of:

o   Title

o   Student’s Name

o   The date it is handed in

o   Word count

·         The paper will have a properly formatted Bibliography (not included in the word count)

·         The paper must also be properly cited using footnotes

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