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I need someone to watch when they see us on netflix which are only four episodes and write my streaming discussion

Streaming Discussion 3 – When They See UsFrom COM4014-22Spring 0M01No unread replies.No replies.
By this date, you should have finished watching your show and will move from individual analysis and group discussion to group conclusions based on your findings.
Using on the original assignment parameters – which of these areas are most prevalent in your show and what do you want to focus on for your final deliverable (all groups must examine the first three).
You should be focused on:
Assessing characters on Sandra Bem’s scale of Masculine and Feminine Identification
Schafer and Olsen’s Five Facets of Intimacy
Biological Assignment, Sex – Gender – Romantic Identification
Feminist or Anti-Feminist Behavior
Toxic Masculinity and Masculine Oppression
Systemic Gender Bias
Religious Impact on Gendered perspectives
Intersectionality of Gendered Communication and Issues
Gendered Violence
Take “field notes” As you watch, and then write up a summary of your findings after each episode – You can add notes in your group discussion here as you stream, but beware of posting early and creating spoilers!

I have uploaded a pic on how the series poster looks like on Netflix