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I need help doing my case study on unemployment

I need help doing my case study on unemployment. I don’t understand this Economics question and need help to study.

People need income in order to consume, and consumption leads to production, and production leads to higher demand for labor (employment), so unemployment is a crucial macroeconomic issue that confronts all modern economies. A lower unemployment rate, however, is not the end of the problem. The type of employment and the price of labor (wages) have to be sufficient for consumption (which is the major component of GDP) for the economy to be healthy. If wages are low or if the prices in the economy are high, consumption would be low and thus, production and demand for labor would be low as well. So high unemployment rate, high part-time employment rate for economic reasons, and low wages could have negative effects on economic growth.
Assignment Description
In this assignment, you need to analyze unemployment-related issues. You need to analyze only one issue (topic).
You are going to study the past trends, provide an overview of the current status, and provide solutions to overcome any problems related to the issue you are studying. You will use data, articles, and government reports to draw a clear picture of the current unemployment issues.
Some unemployment-related topics that you could choose from (choose only one topic) include the following.

Part-time employment rates for economic reasons
Unemployment rates among young college graduates
Unemployment rates by gender
Unemployment rates among Black and Hispanic communities
Low supply of labor (professionals) in certain industries
High supply of labor in education
Low wages by profession and their causes
Low demand for labor in some industry (you could choose whatever industry you wish)
Low wages in some parts of the country
High unemployment rate among workers with high school diploma or less

Your research needs to be structured with consistent and clear thoughts. It also needs to be supported by facts and data. Your results need to be based on solid facts. Your conclusion and recommended solution need to be thorough and based on your findings and understanding of unemployment and GDP.
Writing Style and Page Number Requirements
Font Type: Times New Roman or Arial
Font Size: 12
Spacing: Double
Number of Pages: Six to seven pages, along with a separate Title page and a separate References page
Outside Sources and TurnItIn Report
Using External Sources: When you use information, facts, or data from external source (articles, news, facts, etc.) in your case study, you must properly cite the sources you obtain the information from using the APA format. A link to APA writing style resources is provided at the bottom of this page.
Content Originality and TurnItIn: The majority of the text in your case study must be your own words, thoughts, opinion, interpretation, and/or viewpoints. The rule is that no more than 20% of the text in your case study can be from outside sources. Make sure you review the TurnItIn score next to your submitted document to verify that it meets the 20% (or less) requirements.
If your submitted case study receives a TurnItIn score (percentage) more than 20% on the report, this means that more than 20% of the content of your case study matches other’s work and is not original. In this situation, you will need to revise the matching text (or a portion of it) in your case study and then resubmit your assignment. Then recheck the new TurnItIn score.
To summarize, 80% or more of your final case study submission should be your own words and 20% or less can include properly cited outside sources. The TurnItIn originality report highlights the portions of the paper that are not original and closely matches another source.
Structure and Requirements

Title Page

Title of the paper
Name of the author
E-mail address of the author
Class name
Professor’s name

IntroductionInclude the following in your introduction.

A clear definition of unemployment and how and why it rises and declines in the economy
Briefly provide your understanding of the relationship between economic growth (GDP growth), high/low unemployment, high/low wages, and the way they impact one another.
An overview of the current unemployment rates in the economy using facts and statistics (tables or graphs)
A brief description of the unemployment-related issue (topic) that you are going to address in this paper

DataObtain data from at least two credible sources (not Wikipedia) to provide facts about unemployment and wages and their growth pattern and their current statuses.

Obtain data about changes in unemployment rates for a period of 10 years.
Obtain historical data (10 years or more) about GDP growth rate (percentage) and Real GDP volume (in dollar value).
Obtain historical data (10 years or more) about the issue (topic) you are going to study in this paper, as well as data about its current status.

Use tables, graphs, and figures to support your argument. You can find the latest unemployment data at (Links to an external site.) (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

AnalysisThis section needs to contain the following discussions based on the data that was gathered and your understanding of unemployment and GDP.

Unemployment Rates: Discuss the trends of unemployment rates over the past 10 years and provide your objective analysis of the changes in unemployment and the current rates. Place extra emphasis on the periods where unemployment was either too high or too low (higher or lower than the natural rate of unemployment).
Issues (your choice): Discuss the unemployment-related issue. Provide an overview of the trends and use facts to highlight the major changes in the trends and the current status. State the reasons why you believe the issue you are analyzing represents a challenge for the economy.

Conclusion and SolutionThis section needs to cover the following areas.

Highlight the causes of the issue that you selected and how it impacts the economy negatively and why it needs to be addressed by policy makers.
State your own solution. Basically, answer the following question.

What would you do to solve the issue you addressed if you were in charge of the U.S. economy? State why.

Reference ListUse at least three professional sources to support your argument. The references need to be in APA format. To learn more about APA format, click on the link below.APA Resource

I need help doing my case study on unemployment

ECON 201 SEU Macroeconomics Budget Opportunity Cost & Budget Constraints Worksheet.

Assignment 1 Question-Chapters: 1, 2, 3 & 4: – [5 Marks] Q1: Zainab has a weekly budget of $48, which she likes to spend on magazines and pies. [1 Mark] If the price of a magazine is $8 each, what is the maximum number of magazines she could buy in a week?If the price of a pie is $24, what is the maximum number of pies she could buy in a week? Draw Zainab’s budget constraint with pies on the horizontal axis and magazines on the vertical axis. What is the slope of the budget constraint? What is Zainab’s opportunity cost of purchasing a pie? Q2: Many of the goods that China’s Citizens enjoy are produced abroad, and many of the goods produced in the China are sold abroad. When goods are produced abroad and sold domestically, the process is called import and when goods are produced domestically and sold abroad, that process is called export. Suppose an average worker in China can produce one kg of soybeans in 40 minutes and one Kg of coffee in 120 minutes, while an average worker in Paraguay can produce one kg of soybeans in 100 minutes and one kg of coffee in 150 minutes. Answer the following questions.[2 Marks] Which country has the absolute advantage in coffee? Explain.Which country should produce coffee? Explain.If the two countries specialize and trade with each other, which country will import coffee? Explain.Assume that the two countries trade with each other and the country importing coffee trades 2 Kgs of soybeans for 1 Kg of coffee. Explain why both countries will benefit from this trade. Q3: Illustrates the interaction (equilibrium point) of demand and supply in the market for petrol based on the table below. And explain following conditions. [2 Marks] Show excess supply (surplus of petrol) and excess in Demand (shortage of petrol) in the same graph and explain.Suppose the government decided that, since petrol is a necessity, its price should be legally capped at $1.30 per gallon. What do you anticipate would be the outcome in the petrol market if at this price quantity supplied in the market is 575 Millions of gallons? Price (per gallon in $) Quantity Demanded (millions of gallons) Quantity Supplied (millions of gallons) 1.00 800 500 1.20 700 550 1.40 600 600 1.60 550 640 1.80 500 680
ECON 201 SEU Macroeconomics Budget Opportunity Cost & Budget Constraints Worksheet

Capital Expenditure. I’m working on a Accounting question and need guidance to help me study.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, please read Chapters 16, 17, 22, 23, 27 and 28 in your course textbook, the Capital Budgeting in Health Organizations: Application of the Multicriteria Method Promethee V1, Capital Budgeting, and Strategic Capital Planning: System Looks Toward the Future, and Overview of Capital Budgeting (Links to an external site.) articles, as well as the Capital Budgeting (Links to an external site.) web page.
The most obvious cost in a capital budget is the actual cost of the capital expenditure item. We must also consider other costs that will be incurred when we make the capital expenditure (purchase). These costs are important to include because they can be the difference between a successful implementation of the capital expenditure item and staying on budget.
After reviewing the textbook readings, provide an example of a healthcare capital expenditure. Explain the rationale behind the purpose of a capital expenditure budget. In addition, include two other cost considerations and explain their inclusion in your capital budget plan. For example, if you are installing an Electronic Medical Records (EMR), you must include future cost for maintenance, software updates, new computers, etc. These are the hidden costs of operation often not considered in a capital budget.
Capital Expenditure

University of Miami The Pianist Musical Analysis

University of Miami The Pianist Musical Analysis.

I’m working on a writing Analytical Review and need support to help me understand better.

Please review the requirements and meet all the requirements. The book class material is given below in the link: consider the following questions: * How does the music featured in the movie relate to the material that we covered in class? * How does this movie enhance your knowledge of classical music? What did you learn about the composers whose works are featured in the movie? * What did you learn about the time period portrayed in the movie and how it relates to the story and the music performed? * What do you think of the movie? The soundtrack? Why? * What dramatic elements and scenes in the movie were most compelling to you? Why?
University of Miami The Pianist Musical Analysis

Ottawa University Etsy Community in E Commerce & Business Model Paper

online dissertation writing Ottawa University Etsy Community in E Commerce & Business Model Paper.

One of Canada’s largest companies, Canadian Tire, sells a wide range of goods and services. The retail outlets are independently owned and operated. The company was using daily mailings and thick product catalogues to inform its dealers about new products, merchandise setups, best practices, product ordering, and problem resolution. It is looking for a better way to provide employees with human resources and administrative documents.The headquarters can use a daily or weekly email newsletter to disseminate a “heads up” to its retail outlet dealers that encourages them to review the Web site for new products and services, best practices, and problem resolution. A section of the Web site can be established for social interaction between dealers and retail outlets and the headquarters staff to share information and best practices. The knowledge management information system can capture input on the social network and incorporate it into other information in the knowledge management system.A company such as Etsy, which is an online marketplace for handmade items and art and craft supplies, strives to build a community among buyers and sellers.Describe the problems created by doing business without a focus on modern methods and how knowledge management systems might help. Provide options for solutions. Select a business such as Etsy and analyze its operation. Include responses to the following questions in your essay.1.What is the business model and revenue model?2.How does the company’s website, headquarters, and/or storefronts reflect the culture and values of the company?3.How important is “community” to the business? Describe all the community-building features found on the business’ website.Fully explore all of the items described above in 4-pages. Include at least 3 outside sources (not including your text) and use proper APA formatting.
Ottawa University Etsy Community in E Commerce & Business Model Paper

Corporate Gvernance, and Its Relevance in the United Kingdom Coursework

Corporate Gvernance, and Its Relevance in the United Kingdom Coursework. Introduction Corporate governance has gained a lot of relevance in the modern society where firms are faced with stiff competition due to the open market policy that is practiced by many countries around the world. It means that firms must find ways of improving their service delivery in order to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. Brayley and McLean (2008, p. 56) define corporate governance as “A set of systems, principles and processes by which a company is governed.” In their definition, these scholars emphasize the fact that corporate governance involves principles and systems that helps in the management of a company. Thatcher (2008, p. 34) says, “Corporate governance provides the guidelines as to how the company can be directed or controlled in order to fulfill its goals and objectives in a manner that adds value to the company and that is also beneficial for all stakeholders in the long term.” In this context, it would be necessary to define the stakeholders involved in the corporate governance. Coleman and Anderson (2000, p. 68) say, “Stakeholders in this case would include everyone ranging from the board of directors, management, shareholders to customers, employees and the society.” This means that corporate governance seeks to address the objectives of the stakeholders identified above in a way that would lead to the overall development of a firm. Corporate governance in the United Kingdom has overemphasized on addressing the interests of stockholders, giving little or no consideration at all on the interest of other stakeholders (Bryans 2005, p. 76). This research is focused on analyzing corporate governance, and the relevance of its system in financial resource management in the United Kingdom. Critical Review of Corporate Governance Corporate governance has become a fundamental issue in management of companies, especially those that are categorized as medium or large companies. According to Kleynhans (2006, p. 23), there should be a standard set for good practice in reference to leadership offered by board of directors and its effectiveness, the remuneration of respective stakeholders, relations with other stakeholders, and accountability of the activities of the firm and its financial expenditures should be clearly outlined (Harrington 2006, p. 35). Corporate governance offers strategic leadership to a firm. It would always dictate how successful or unsuccessful a firm would be in the market based on the set strategies. The boards of directors always form the top most management organ of a firm. It always define the futuristic strategies that a firm must set in order to make it relevant in the market despite the changing environmental factors. As Nuberg and Reid (2009, p. 56) observe, corporate governance should not be considered as an arena where the interests of shareholders are protected. In the contrary, this should be considered as an opportunity offered to the leadership of a company to champion strategies that would lead to the overall success of a firm (Thoma 2001, p. 27). Restricting the focus of this board to protecting the interests of shareholders, may not only affect the overall performance of a firm, but also affects the same shareholders, especially when the firm is forced out of the market due to its inability to implement policies that would help it remain competitive in the market (NortonCorporate Gvernance, and Its Relevance in the United Kingdom Coursework

Customer satisfaction at Friends Supermarket

This proposal relates to customer satisfaction at Friends Supermarket in Riviere Du Rempart. It will assess the level of service that is delivered to all customers. Furthermore, it will help in improving customer satisfaction particularly in areas where they need improvement like better quality of service. Without an understanding of the marketplace and customer needs and wants, it is impossible to capture value from customers in order to create profits and customer quality. Today customers are more demanding than before and businesses that don’t deliver customer satisfaction will be crowded out of the marketplace. That why Friends Supermarket will carry a research. A survey method will be used where information will be collected from a target population. The use of questionnaire will be taken into consideration which will be administered through personal interviews. Besides, in order to get to the root of the situation, a focus group will also be carried out with the employees and the targeted ones. Last but not least, SPSS 13.0, i.e, Statistical Software will be used for inputting data. With that, recommendations will be made and the report will certainly help to assist in improving performance at work that is how to improve customer satisfaction. As far as it concerns the validation of the hypotheses, future research can be done later. Table of Contents Introduction Problem Definition Background Literature Review Justification for this research Why this topic? Aim of the study Research Objectives Research Hypotheses Methodology Introduction Research Design Primary Data Secondary Data Qualitative / Quantitative Sampling Sampling Size Sampling Method Data Collection Questionnaires Pilot Testing Survey Personal Interviews Focus Groups Data Analysis Limitations Conclusion Time Plan of the research study Mth1 Mth2 Mth3 Mth4 Mth5 Mth6 Mth7 Mth8 Introduction Problem Def Background Lit Review Justification Methodology Significance Conclusion INTRODUCTION Recently Friends Supermarket has had renovation because there were not much space for people to move freely. As it plays an important role in serving the nearby villages, it is important to construct a marketing program that delivers superior value and that ultimately helps in building profitable relationships and creating customer delight. Friends Supermarket is in existence for quite a long time and nowadays other businesses are expanding rapidly such as WINNERS. In other words, Friends Supermarket operated in a very dynamic environment and it becomes important to deliver good quality service to all customers. Consumers have become very demanding and they want value for money. They opt to so their daily, weekly and monthly shopping at that Supermarket itself as it is very near and they can also save on travel expenses in some way. They have a broad array of products that do satisfy them. But due to some criticisms, it is being heard that some customers are dissatisfied with the quality of services being offered. PROBLEM DEFINITION The problem that will be analysed will be based upon the level of customer satisfaction that Friends Supermarket delivers to its customers. As stated above, there have been criticisms and complaints from, say, various customers that they do not like the services being offered and they have had bad experiences. BACKGROUND Customer value and customer satisfaction are key building blocks for developing and managing customer relationships. If Friends Supermarket wants to improve a customer service policy, it must make changes through training programs and others in order to win and retain its customers. Customer service can affect the value of a business in several ways. From the perspective of customer retention and profitability, the value of customer service should be ignored. The old stage- that it costs far less to keep a customer than to find a new one is very true. So, in order to stay competitive, Friends Supermarket must understand the value of customers in order to succeed. LITERATURE REVIEW Customer Service Today customer service places itself in a much broader context as a multi-dimensional issue with an impact on relationships with specific target groups across a broad range of a company’s activities. The source of quality and customer service will also undergo review. Quality Creates true Customers Excellent service pays off because it creates true customers. True customers are like annuities- they keep pumping revenue into the firm’s coffers. Delight the Customer Deming has used the phrase ‘delight customer’ to describe quality going beyond the expected. Part of the ‘delight’ is reliability, something that works and is consistent over time, which we call ‘fitness in use’. Through quality management, we can find a structure for planning, improving and controlling the kinds of internal activities that will keep customers happy. Knowing what the customer expects is central to quality planning. Knowing what compensatory changes to make and how to do is quality improvement. Understanding service quality dimensions Reference will be made to Berry, Parasuraman and Zeithaml. Berry and his colleagues captured the important influences on customers’ expectations and perceptions of delivered service: Reliability – ability to perform the promised service dependably, accurately and consistently. This means doing it right, over a period of time. Responsiveness – prompt service and willingness to help customers. Speed and flexibility are involved here. Assurance – knowledge and courtesy of staff and their ability to inspire trust and confidence. Empathy – caring, individualized attention to customers Tangibles – Physical facilities, equipment, staff appearance, physical evidence of the service that conveys both functional and symbolic meaning Clearly some of these dimensions relate directly to human performance and staff contact with customers. Complaints Handling It is equally important to handle complaints. A major challenge is to adopt a positive approach to complaints so they are seen as opportunities for the organization to grow and not as attacks that must be fought off. If corrective action is subjugated to “finger pointing” and “blame allocating” then, problems become worse and organizations enter into a spiral of poor customer service and dissatisfaction. Dealing with Unsatisfied customers Studies show that the vast majority of unsatisfied customers will never come right out and tell you they are unsatisfied. They simply leave quietly, later telling everyone they know not to do business or buy from you. So when a customer complains, do not think of it as a nuisance- think of it as a global opportunity to change that customer’s mind and retain his or her business. Here is how to handle them for positive results: Never argue with a customer Let them vent their feelings Share your point of view as politely as you can Initiate responsibility for the problem. Do not make excuses. Empower the front-line employees to be flexible in resolving complaints. Give employees some leeway in deciding when to bend the rules. Immediately take action to remedy the situation. JUSTIFICATION FOR THIS RESEARCH 5.1 Why this topic? Customers are truly King! This everyone knows. They are becoming more demanding and they want satisfaction and value for money for what they are paying. There are so many supermarkets in Mauritius and the topic Customer Satisfaction seems to be an interesting one. That’s why I choose the nearest supermarket to my place and decided to do the research survey. 5.2 Aim of the study The main aim is to find out which areas need to be reviewed and improved. The research will help in improving and enhancing the way Friends Supermarket can deliver service to its customers. 5.3 Research Objectives This study tries to assess the level of service that is offered to customers by Friends Supermarket. The research will demonstrate the factors that affect the level of customer service there. It will also identify and analyse the specific needs of customers, their perception on the level of service that they get and the extent to which the staff are committed and well trained and adapted to deliver such as service to the customers. 5.4 Research hypothesis A research hypothesis has been formulated to describe whether there is a relationship between the quality of customer service offered and the employee commitment to deliver such a service. A second one has been formulated to know whether there is a relationship between customer satisfaction and the service offered the supermarket because it may happen that consumers are not satisfied even though a quality service is offered to them, implying that there are other factors to be considered. The hypothesis is as follows: H0 – there is no relationship between the commitment of the employees and the quality of customer service provided by the supermarket H1: there is a relationship between the commitment of the employees and the quality of customer service provided by the supermarket. H0 – there is no relationship between customer satisfaction and the quality of customer service delivered by the supermarket H2: there is a relationship between customer satisfaction and the quality of customer service delivered by the supermarket. METHODOLOGY 6.1 Introduction According to the Market Research Society, research is defined as: “The collection and analysis of data from a sample of individuals or organizations relating to their characteristics, behaviours, attitudes, opinions or possessions. It includes all forms of marketing and social research such as consumer and industrial surveys, psychological investigations, observational and panel studies” (MRS,1994) Many customers opt to go that supermaket as its easier for them. Yet they expect good quality service in return. Friends supermarket provides them with variety of products and as many go to work, reach home late, some have transport problems, they have no choice than to go there and buy. Finding out what customers expect from Friends supermarket is crucial to offer quality service and market research is the main medium for understanding customer expectations. It also helps in understanding its customers much better. This chapter explains how the study will be conducted to fulfill its objectives. It shows the methodology to be used and the statistical techniques to be used to analyse the data. The limitations will also be taken into consideration. 6.2 Research Design The research design includes a clear and technical description of the research type such as primary data, secondary data, qualitative and quantitative. It also includes details on the choice of the method of acquiring the data such as personal interview, focus group and survey and so on. 6.2.1 Primary data This refers to research that has not previously been carried out and involves the collection of data for the collection of data for specific purpose. It includes letters, memos, speeches, laws, regulations, court decisions or some standards, census and so on. These data are important and the information given has not been filtered or interpreted by others. Here, information available will be the inventory results, personal records and others. 6.2.2 Secondary data Nearly all reference materials fall into this category. Internally, sales analysis summaries and an annual report would be examples of secondary sources as they are compiled from a variety of primary sources. Hence, both types of data will be used for the study. Secondary sources will be obtained internally within the organization whereas primary sources will be collected through personal interviews among others. 6.2.3 Quantitative / Qualitative Qualitative research will include studies done on smaller groups of people at the preliminary stages. The focus group will be of help in order to know the exact factors affecting customer service at Friends Supermarket. Quantitative research will include studies done that result in a large amount of data-like surveys to obtain responses to predetermined and standardized questions. It is also valid and can be used to make predictions. Thus, questionnaires will be designed and administered to the target population in order to get information needed. 6.2.4 Sampling A sample of the population will be enough as targeting the whole population is time-consuming and costly. For this research study, sampling will be used for the administering of the questionnaires since it has many advantages and it is convenient too. The sampling plans may be grouped into probability techniques and non-probability techniques. In probability sampling, every element in the population has a known non-zero probability of selection. In non-probability sampling, the probability of any particular member of the population being chosen is unknown. The selection of sampling units in non-probability sampling is quite arbitrary, as researchers rely heavily on personal judgment. Some of the examples of probability sampling method are simple random, systemic sample, cluster and stratified sampling. Examples of non-probability sampling are convenience, judgment sampling, snowball and quota sampling. Sampling Size A good sample size is one which is representative of the whole population. Since the study covers a relatively large population, a sample size of 100 participants is chosen for the study out of convenience. The sample has been allocated to the strata in proportion with their sizes. Sampling Method Since the target population of the study, the sampling method that will be used is the cluster sampling method. The supermarket serves mainly nearly villages like L’Amitie, Des Jardins, Belle Vue, Plaines des Roches, Roches Noires and Rempart itself. So it can be found that it is divided into 6 areas. Hence, a sample is to be taken from each of the 6 strata. A sample of 100 respondents is sought for the study. 6.2.5 Data Collection This part includes the fieldwork and the collection of the required information or data. It is at this stage that the questionnaires are administered and focus group sessions conducted. Questionnaire A questionnaire will be designed to generate the data necessary for accomplishing the research objectives. The questions are standardized in terms of wordings and sequence in order that each component is asked to provide information exactly in the same manner. This is important in order to ensure the validity of any comparisons to be made between different respondents, as well as to provide data in a form that can be easily analyzed. It is also sequenced in order to allow respondents to maintain their train of thoughts on one topic before moving to another, and to go in line with the event sequence. The questionnaire is divided into two sessions: Section A on the general option of the target population and section B on the demographics of the respondents. Pilot Testing This is an essential step before the final questionnaire is ready to be administered for the survey. The questionnaire will be pre-tested with a sample of 5 respondents taken from the target population, in order to look for design errors and flaws and correct them before undertaking the survey. Some suggestions about the appropriate headings, rephrasing some questions using simpler words, sequencing of the questions and about some clarifications on certain questions was performed and an amended questionnaire was re-designed to cater for these changes. Surveys They are a type of quantitative primary research that aim to collect specific data from a sample audience. Surveys can be administered via email, snail mail or phone, and usually target customers or potential customers. The four steps to follow are: identifying your audience, writing the survey, conducting the survey, and analyzing the data collected. When writing the survey, the questions should be kept simple. Here, we will make use of personal interview. Personal Interviews This is a two-way conservation initiated by an interviewer to obtain information from a participant. The differences in the roles of interviewer and participant are pronounced. Both do not know each other well. The consequences here are usually insignificant for the participant. Focus Groups They are typically composed of about 10 pre-screened people that meet specified criteria. They are assembled in one room to discuss and react to a specific topic relevant to the research topic. I myself I will act as the moderator for this study. A focus group here will include 3 staff workers and 7 other people, i.e. customers. 6.2.6 Data Analysis When all data have been collected, they will be inputted into the SPSS 13.0 software for the purpose of analysis whereby the results obtained from the survey have been edited, coded, tabulated and cross tabulated. The data have been interpreted and presented in tables, pie charts and bar charts to make the analysis much easy to understand and for proper and smarter presentations. Mean, Mode, Median cluster analysis etc can be calculated. 6.2.7 Limitations of the study It is time-consuming and demanding It is costly also Some respondents might be cautious and hesitant to answer properly. Some might not be willing to cooperate. It is not always the all questionnaires will be valid. Conclusion This research is of significant importance to Friends Supermarket. Given the literature review that will be taken into account, it will be possible to match the findings with the literature review. The study will help to know how customers perceive the level of service that they obtain with the supermarket. After analysis of data, recommendations will be made in order to improve their service they offer to their customers. The limitations have also been taken into consideration. Finally, at the very start, a time plan has been drafted to prepare the study accordingly and to respect the deadline set.