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I need a response or feedback on the below Answer: Question: After implementing your capstone, you will have an opportunity to conduct a post-assessment and evaluate the success of the project. Before

Before getting the results, what do you expect to learn from the post-assessment? Do you feel your capstone project was successful? What could you have done differently or improved upon? Answer: The post-assessment will help in analyzing the state of the capstone project and how have the strategies involved have fared for the remote work program This helps in analyzing any pitfalls that are needed to be checked to ensure optimized capstone simulation. To be able to understand the metrics which are dominant in determining the results in post-assessment will be a big boost for understanding the capstone project. This capstone project has been successful if the implied strategies are accurately executed and the results are favourable for the organization. There could have been more detailed scenarios to help in making decisions impacting the business environment. The explanation of all the necessary fields or a training module to understand the interface would be essential and helpful. Thus these improvements can be considered in the capstone project. Tilles, S. (2014, August 1). How to evaluate corporate strategy. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved October 31, 2021, from

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Efficiency plays an important role in increasing the productivity in industries. As a result, most of the companies now have become automated. Motors with drives plays an important role in make these aspects a reality. In most of the factories, Induction motors and Direct current (DC) motors accompanied with drives, are used to fulfil their requirements. But with the development of the magnetic capabilities in Permanent Magnets, now the focus has been given to Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)s with drives. PMSM has proven effectivity in increasing the efficiency, high torque (Krishnan R. , 1987) and power output per unit volume, higher magnetic flux density in the air gap, simple construction and easy maintenance. In early of 19th century with the invention of the magnetic laws, different types of motors have been developed. Most commonly used motor was Induction motor and DC motors. Operation principle of these motors can be explained with the above invented magnetic laws. Considering the pros and cons of each motor type, researchers performed developments. By the end of 1960s design of the traditional induction motors were combined with Permanent Magnet(PM)s so as to improve its capabilities. Providing maximum power density was one of the main aspects. Cahill and Adkins developed the mathematical model for the construction of PM on the rotor of the motor (Cahill

Application Software Integration & Club Information Lab Report

best essay writers Application Software Integration & Club Information Lab Report.

Assignment InstructionsThe scenario: Success Gardens is planning to feature a garden club each week on its show and wants to invite garden clubs to apply. You have been asked to update the contact information for the clubs in a database, modify a form including the contact information, and then create individualized letters and envelopes using mail merge.For this assignment, you will need the following files: New blank Word document Garden_Clubs Club_Information Contacts_LetterYou will save your files as: Lastname_Firstname_Garden_Clubs Lastname_Firstname_Club_Information Lastname_Firstname_Contacts_Letter Lastname_Firstname_Club_Letters Lastname_Firstname_Club_EnvelopesPart 1Open the Garden_Clubs database, and save it as Lastname_Firstname_Garden_Clubs Create a form based on the Garden Clubs table, and save the form as Lastname Firstname Clubs Form Enter the information below, using your First Name and Last Name for the last record. Update the Address Field for the Evergreen Gardeners to 4525 Center AveDelete the record for Velvet Gloves. In the table, apply Best Fit to all columns.Club NameFirst NameLast NameAddressCityStateZIPPhoneE-mail AddressHigh Rise Garden PathCurtisGuilliard3931 WallaceHoustonTx77004713-555-5771Curtis@successmail.comHarris County Green First NameLast Name7847 Faith AveHoustonTX77004713-555-4774Firstname@successmail.comPart 2Export the table as an RTF file named Lastname_Firstname_Clubs_RTFOpen the Club_Information file. Insert the RTF file Delete the Address, City, State, and ZIP fields. Format the information sheet to display as a one-page document Include a page color, page border, and theme. Save the document as Lastname_Firstname_Club_InformationPart 3Open the Contacts_Letter, and save it as Lastname_Firstname_Contacts_LetterUsing mail merge, include appropriate merge fields from the Garden Clubs table in the database in the letter. Complete the merge, and then save the merged letters as Lastname_Firstname_Club_LettersCreate envelopes to be used with the letters, using Success Gardens’ address as the return address. Save the merged envelopes as Lastname_Firstname_Club_EnvelopesInsert the your name in the footer for each of the four Word documents. Upload the completed assignment files in the Assignment area. Special Instructions: Use the Supporting Materials below to complete the project.
Application Software Integration & Club Information Lab Report

Texas A&M University Kingsville COVID 19 Pandemic Management Discussion Question

Texas A&M University Kingsville COVID 19 Pandemic Management Discussion Question.

I’m working on a management discussion question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Recent economic research shows that recipients of the first round of COVID stimulus payments only spent about 25% of the money. Of course, the decisions made by individual households varied widely, but this spending pattern is similar to earlier cases of federal stimulus spending.The funds that were not spent were used for debt reduction and savings. While these are responsible financial decisions, these actions do not have as much direct impact on current economic activity. Given that the money is intended to stimulate economic activity, the federal stimulus funds would have more immediate impact on the economy if it was spent quickly by the recipients.The current presidential administration has proposed another round of stimulus later this year. Suppose the next round of stimulus payments are issued on debit cards that can only be used to make purchases (i.e., no ATM withdrawals of cash or ACH transfers to your bank account). Also, the remaining balance on the card goes to zero 6 weeks after the card was issued. Would this system increase the share of the stimulus payments that are spent quickly rather than saved? Do you see any problems with this payment system? Are there ways to beat the system and effectively save this money rather than spend it?Draft a discussion summary with 500 words, and follow the APA format, refer to the below textbook to complete the assignment and answer all the questions.Text Book: Title: Comparative Economics in a Transforming World EconomyISBN: 9780262037334undefinedEdition: Third
Texas A&M University Kingsville COVID 19 Pandemic Management Discussion Question

BIB 1001 San Diego State University Old Testament Jobs Story Paper

BIB 1001 San Diego State University Old Testament Jobs Story Paper.

BIB 1001 Story Paper Guidelines:Part 1: Identify an O.T. story that your life intersects. Don’t spend a lot of time telling the story. Just take a paragraph or two to identify and tell the story that you are working with.Part 2: Discuss how this story is Israel’s story. Where does Israel find itself in the story? Why does Israel continue to pass this story along from generation to generation? In other words, shift from reading your text as an individual’s story to reading it as a people’s/community’s story? A page or so.Part 3: Discuss how your life intersects with this story. Where do you find yourself in the story? How is it your story? A page or so.Total Length: 3 pages.
BIB 1001 San Diego State University Old Testament Jobs Story Paper

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