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I need a list of materials for a bibliography

I need a list of materials for a bibliography. I’m working on a Writing question and need guidance to help me study.

I need a list of review materials (online, library, and any extra places for my research question). I have to compile a list of materials for the literature portion of my proposal. (see upload) I need at least 30 DIFFERENT resources that discuss the my topic in detail and college format.
The topic is:
The impact non-profit organizations have on the homeless community specifically women with children and the ways they can prepare them for the future.
Please review the uploaded document which discusses what is needed for the literature review of my proposal. The main focus of this proposal is homeless women and children (not single mothers and not just homeless people in general.
I need a list of materials for a bibliography

Bronx Community College Whistleblowing Protecting Our Children from Abuse Discussion.

Using the introduction and thesis statement that you submitted with the outline assignment, continue to develop the body of the paper and also write a conclusion to write the final draft.Please give your paper a title that reflects its contents, not just its topic.Please double space the paper, and number each page.Each time you use a research source in the text of the paper, make sure that you give the author’s name, if there is one, or the title of the source.Your sources should be included on the Works Cited page, the last page of the paper. If you are familiar with MLA format, please use it. If not, please list all of the sources making sure that you include the following: complete authors, publication titles, article titles, and dates of publication.A sample research paper is attached for your information. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.Introduction (to include your draft thesis statement)What’s happening with child abuse? Child abuse is one important abuse worldwide, it does not have a ending. Child abuse starts from parents abusing children, family member abusing children, and others abusing children. In some situations children don’t know why an individual is abusing them. Parengts usually take out their pain on the child and also blame them for thing the child never did. Children that get abuse on a every day basis grow up with trauma. There main trauma is being scared the child may get abuse from anyone and also there parenting can be similar to there parents. Some kids have the ability to grow out of the trauma and be better parents then there own. Other kids grow up with that pain and anger.Due to child abuse, children grow up scared to do any everyday activities or experience life.II. Body: Please state the major points of your research paper as indicated in your introduction that support your draft thesis statement.) Your paper should have at least four major points, but you can have as many major points as you will you need to support your thesis statement and argument.Children emotional abuseB. Parents abusing there own children.C. Children traumas due to child abuse.D. Children sexual abuseResearch Sources Please list all the research sources you have so far, making sure you include all pertinent information: complete titles, authors, editions (if applicable), publication titles, article names, dates of publication, and so forth.
Bronx Community College Whistleblowing Protecting Our Children from Abuse Discussion

SOCW6215C Walden Social Work Practice in Children and Family Services II.

Assignment: CulturagramWhen attempting to assess fully a new client, it is important to assess them within their cultural context. To stop there, however, could lead to overgeneralization and stereotyping.In this Assignment, you implement an assessment tool—the Culturagram—that can assist you in developing a fuller understanding of diverse clients. It can also shed light on interventions and strategies that may be more successful and respectful than others.By Day 7Submit a 2- to 3-page paper and include the following:Based on the case study you selected for your Week 1 Discussion, explain the relevance of the Culturagram to assessment.Complete a Culturagram diagram (using Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) depicting each of the 10 elements of the culturagram, using information from the case study.For any information missing from the case study, indicate two questions you would ask to gather the needed information and why these questions might be relevant for your assessment.Include the case study as reference, as well as any additional material used to formulate your assessment questions.Working With Children and Families: The Case of Hamza.
Hamza came to my office after his teacher said he “did not fit” in her classroom.
Hamza is the 12-year-old son of an Israeli family who recently moved to a small
Midwestern town to join other family members.
I was the school social worker, and Hamza arrived in my office on the fourth day
of the new school year with a note from the teacher that said, “He doesn’t get along with
the other kids in the classroom.”
As part of my assessment, I asked the teacher, teacher’s assistant, and Hamza’s
parents to complete a child behavior inventory. No specific information came back on
the inventories to suggest a problem. At that time, I asked Hamza’s parents and his
teacher to attend a case conference.
During the conference, Hamza’s parents disclosed their recent immigration and
their lack of documentation to remain in the United States. At that point, Hamza’s
teacher exclaimed, “I knew it; he should not be here [in the U.S.], and he definitely
should not be in my class!”
As the school social worker, I felt conflicted. On the one hand, Hamza’s teacher
apparently held animosity toward Hamza and his immigration status. On the other hand,
Hamza’s educational, emotional, and social well-being was my concern. I was
responsible for ensuring a that strengths perspective was embraced and surrounded
each of our students.
In the following weeks, I worked with the teachers and parents to place Hamza’s
needs as priority. Each agreed to set aside their political differences.
© 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. 2
During the next six weeks, I worked with Hamza’s parents and teachers to
acknowledge without compromise the barriers that would exist for Hamza in the
education system. The third six weeks brought change. Hamza was encouraged to
excel at school, his parents accepted my efforts as the school social worker and the
efforts of the teachers, and the district authorities embraced a unified social/emotional
educational plan for Hamza, along with other undocumented Middle Eastern students.
SOCW6215C Walden Social Work Practice in Children and Family Services II

3-4 page APA Critical review book essay

3-4 page APA Critical review book essay.

THERE MUST BE NO PLAGIARISM AT ALL NOR CAN THERE BE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS!!THIS A CRITICAL BOOK REVIEW, THAT’S WORTH 100 POINTS, THEREFORE THE PAPER MUST BE WELL WRITTEN. THINK LIKE A POLITICAL SCIENTIST WELL WRITING THE ESSAY. I need someone to write me a 3-4 page APA essay format a book called Fergus M. Bordewich’s work, Congress at War: How Republican Reformers Fought the Civil War, Defied Lincoln, Ended Slavery and Remade America.YOU MUST READ THE BOOK CAREFULLY IN ORDER FOR YOU TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT!! THERE IS A TOTAL OF 20 CHAPTERS!! YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE BOOK FOR FREE LISTEN IF YOU SIGN UP WITH AUDIBLE!! AMAZON AUDIBLE OFFERS FREE TRAILS FOR FIRST TIMERS. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE BOOK ON YOUR LAPTOP, COMPUTER, PHONE, AND OTHER DEVICES. PLEASE BE SURE TO DELETE YOUR AMAZON AUDIBLE ACCOUNT AFTER YOUR DONE WITH THE ASSIGNMENTS TO AVOID BE CHARGE BEFORE FREE TRAIL IS OVER AND WHEN YOU’RE DONE WITH THE ASSIGNMENT. YOU CAN TAKE NOTES WILL LISTENING TO THE AUDIO. IT WILL HELP YOU REMEMBER IMPORTANT DETAILS TO HELP ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOWGO THROUGH THE QUESTIONS FIRST YOU START THE QUESTIONS, SO YOU’LL KNOW WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND. AGAIN! PLEASE LISTEN CLOSELY!! HERE ARE THE DIRECTIONS YOU’LL NEED TO THE ASSIGNMENTCritical Book Review Essay: A written critical book review is due in this course.It will critically examine Fergus M. Bordewich’s work, Congress at War: How Republican Reformers Fought the Civil War, Defied Lincoln, Ended Slavery and Remade America. Guidelines: The format of the Critical Book Review will be in the form of an essay – with an introduction, a body and a conclusion.The critical book review will be between four to five pages with 1-inch margins, 12-point fonts and double spaced.The body should include 2, 3 or more themes from the questions below.Note – the essay should not be in the form of question & answer.Integrate some of the ideas in the questions below into body of your essay. Themes to consider for Discussion For your review – critically examine Bordewich’s narrative and arguments.Some possible questions to address include the following below.Note, you are not required to address all the themes below.You might take a few themes from the questions below to write your essay. (a) Does Bordewich have an overarching theme or argument in his narrative here?If so, what did you identify it as?Discuss. (b) What did you make of the political orientations of the Republicans and Democrats of the era described by Bordewich in contrast to what both major parties stand for today?Discuss. (c) Which institution – the Congress or the Presidency – should take the lead in policy making, today?Or should one institution lead on some areas of policy making only (eg. domestic)?What is your position?Discuss. (d) What did you find most shocking/interesting in this work and why? (e) Apart from the differences between the current Congress (2019-20) and the Congress from the 1860’s portrayed here – what similarities, if any, did you identify between both Congresses?Discuss. (f) What did you make of the various personalities in the Congress that Bordewich profiles? Did any of them draw your attention in particular?Why?Are there any such comparable individuals in the Congress today in your judgment?Discuss. (g) How does Bordewich present the relationship between President Abraham Lincoln and the Congress portrayed here?Discuss. (h)Why haven’t Congresses in the past 25 to 30 years created meaningful and substantial legislation?Why was Bordewich’s Congress more effective in your judgment?Discuss. (j) Did the Constitution design the Congress to be an energetic body?Was the Congress profiled here by Bordewich an aberration from the norm in terms of its work & the content of its work?Why/Why not?Discuss.Should the Congress be an energetic institution?Discuss. (k) Have previous political historians given too much credit to Lincoln for the Civil War?Did the Congress of that era deserve equally or more credit than Lincoln?What do you think? (m) How satisfied were you with the author’s collection of data and historical records to tell this story?Discuss.
3-4 page APA Critical review book essay

Jainism and Sikhs

custom writing service Jainism and Sikhs. I’m working on a Writing exercise and need support.

In this lesson, we will be- Discovering other religious paths a. Outline the history of additional selected religious traditions, b. Examine core beliefs of selected religions, and c. Identify practices of selected religions.
Reading text and viewing videos: (see which TWO- below)
This week we read about 2 religions that are probably new to many of you. View the videos – FMG streaming video follow directions given to you by Library services as to how to log-in,
Your sign in is student id number. Password last four digits of Social Security Number.
Please elaborate on your reasons for choosing that religion.Use this formula:
From the video, I relate to the …. of Jainism- in that I don’t like to see animals killed so that I can enjoy….l. From the text, the Jainism nonlying really connects with my feeling of…..
Or from the video, I relate to the ….of Sikhism. I do like the way the Sikh’s “Five K’s” description found in the textbook…..
I look forward to seeing your relating your religious background to these interesting and unique religions. Enjoy.
1) Jainism- Ascetics and Warriors – Item# 10935 Abutting the border of Pakistan, the state of Rajasthan is the home of the Jains, a relatively small but influential indigenous religious group founded by Vardhamana Mahavira, said to be the last Tirthankara
Watching just one segment on Sikhims-
2. India’s Sikhs (05:48)
Amritsar, city of the Sikh’s spiritual center, develops a political movement. In 1981, Indira Ghandi’s murder and the Sikh massacre bring Hindus and Sikhs to realize India relies on Punjar.
If you were to choose to follow either Jainism or Sikhism, which one would you feel most comfortable with based on its’ beliefs and practices? From the video viewing and text reading, talk of beliefs and practices that you mostly identify with.
Make sure you cite your sources on all postings.. If you quote directly I expect a in text citation. At the very minimum you need to have your source cited at the end of your response in MLA or APA.. As with all postings they need to be 200 words at least.
All Discussion board postings need to include a correctly cited source, either in MLA or APA format. Both in text citation and at the end of your posting. Failure to do so will result in loss of points.
All discussion board postings are to be 200 words in length, if the discussion board requires 2 postings they both must be 200 words in length and include a properly cited source. Failure to do so will result in loss of points.
Discussion board postings are not accepted late. They will not be reopened for students.
This is a single posting discussion board.

Jainism and Sikhs

HI 150 Purdue University Global ?Automation of Health Information Responses

HI 150 Purdue University Global ?Automation of Health Information Responses.

INSTRUCTIONS: Respond to all posts; response to classmates should be thoughtful and advance the discussion, response should make and/or frequent informed references to unit material or scientific literature, follow APA style if resources are used, 75 word minimum in response per post HI150 Automation of Health Information CLASSMATE POST #1After looking at the example and simulated EHR last week it is clear that using the EHR keeps data consistent and easy to access. This improves the quality be allowing for a specific space for each piece of information and giving the indication of what is required for the chart to be complete. The majority of the data that was collected in the demo would be gathered in the CDI program. The chief complaint and ICD 10 or other related procedure and diagnosis codes would be used for “quality reporting, reimbursement, disease tracking, and other administrative and clinical processes” (Monica, 2018). This would allow for higher opportunities of improvement and training.~Cortney~ CLASSMATE POST #2Hello Professor and Class, EHR can help improve data quality by being easily accessible. EHR also helps keep patient data more organized and more comfortable to extract. EHR’s also make reoccurring reminders and alerts for patients and physicians. EHR data quality affects the validity of research results, and this is why it’s vital to have good data quality. After last week’s simulation of EHR, I noticed just how important it is to have good data quality. I did not find the simulation user-friendly, and I found a few things very hard to find within the EHR. To have useful quality data can save time for physicians looking and searching for something within the EHR and more time with the patient. Clinical Documentation Improvement is a program that is created of a dedicated team of healthcare professionals that will make sure that the medical record documentation will reflect the patient’s diagnoses, care provided, and their quality of care provided. In contrast, that patient received care from the provider.Jenn SC121: Human Anatomy and Physiology I INSTRUCTIONS: Respond to all posts; response to classmates should be thoughtful and advance the discussion, response should make and/or frequent informed references to unit material or scientific literature, follow APA style if resources are used, 75 word minimum in response per post CLASSMATE POST #3Many of us know someone who has been diagnosed with some form of cancer. With so many people who fight this “Big Bad Wolf” every day, why can’t we figure out a way to rid ourselves of it forever? Here’s what we do : if the treatment (or cure) was a simple as taking your antibiotics? Review this article and provide me with your thoughts and feedback. What have you learned? Is it fact or fiction? What other alternatives are there to treating cancer? I’m looking forward to your added thoughts!Thanks,Holly CLASSMATE POST #4Hello Class and Professor, Adaptive immunity is two different types of immunity known as cell-mediated and antibody-mediated. Both types of organs can have negative effects when someone has an organ transplant, and both are triggered by antigens. Cell-mediated immunity is when the tissue sustained injury during cell isolation or organ retrieval which gets the adaptive response going. T cells get responses for activation with two of them being antigen recognition and costimulation. These rejections can happen very early on or late after transplantation (Wood, Zaitsu, Goto, 2013). Antibody-mediated immunity is when allograft rejection is caused by antibodies against donor specific HLA molecules, endothelial cell antigens or a blood group antigen. This usually happens right away and can be resistant to therapy and threatens the graft from healing properly and having a good outcome (Singh, Pirsch, Samaniego 2009). When a rejection occurs, there are a few options for how they will treat it. This well depend though on how bad the rejection is, what type of rejection it is and how severe it is. Sometimes if it happens quickly it can be treated right away rather than someone not knowing that is what is going on and it gets worst. When a rejection occurs, the goal is to suppress the immune system. To do this they will put you on an antibiotic that can either be oral or through an iv. Which they choose and how high of a dosage it is will depend on the severity of the rejection. A lot of times people who have rejection ends up needing to take these medications for the rest of their lives (Dugdale, 2019). There are four different types of grafts, they include autografts, isografts, allografts and xenografts. Autograft is when you have a skin graft done using skin from your own body to do so. Allograft is when you use skin from a donor’s body to complete the skin graft. Being sure that you have a donor that matches you the best as possible is the most important thing when doing a allograft. The person receiving the graft may also be given anti-rejection meds before hand to ensure that their body does not reject it (Dugdale, 2019). The skin cell gun is a new thing that was developed in 2008. This is basically a gun that regenerates skin cells. This is done by using it like a paint gun and sprays your own skin cells onto the burn. This is generally used for people who have large burns that cover a good portion of there body. If they can continue to find that this works it will help with healing time, scarring, and reduce infections. This would be huge for second and third degree burns as they are the worst and can take a long time to heal and cause a lot of scarring (Yetman, 2020). I am all for finding new ways to improve faster recovery times and what not. I think that it is neat when someone needs to, they can use their own stem cells. I feel that using things from your own body would be best as your less likely to have ongoing problems.Jordan
HI 150 Purdue University Global ?Automation of Health Information Responses

GMO’s pro or con…

GMO’s pro or con….

Genetically modified
plants are grown in many countries worldwide. Many people embrace this
technology and many are opposed to GMO’s. Pick either a pro or con stance on
the use of GMO crops. Justify your opinion with 3 statements supporting or
rejecting the use of GM crops.
GMO’s pro or con…