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I have included readings for a health informatics course that we do weekly then self reflect and talk about Essay

I have included readings for a health informatics course that we do weekly then self reflect and talk about what we read. Within the document with the links of readings is below my original post to it. There is a requirement for 2 peer responses needed. i have included two peers who wrote on the articles and this order is to reply to them. Please carefully ready the grading rubric attached. A minimum of 150 words each per responses, follow rubric closely.
FIN 0353 SFSU Financial Institutions Covid 19 Current Situation Affection Essay.

Make a 2-3 pages written report on the topic that you has chosen. Provide insights to your topic. Specifically, you should cover the following content. If some contents are not very appropriate for your topic, please provide what you feel comfortable in that part. For example, if you plan to study the COVID-19, the brief history sector won’t be so appropriate, as it just broke out in 2020. But you can cover how it started and spread out worldwide.(Note: the below contents are only a template for students who are not sure how to develop their topic and ideas. It is NOT a MUST list for all students or all topics. For students who have their own idea regarding the structure of their report, please feel free to follow your own idea)· What is interesting about your topic:why it is important to study this, and specifically what events/phenomenon that motivate you to pick this topic· Brief development:This part needs to be brief, and not the focus of your topic· What are the impacts of this problem, or phenomenon on financial industries (banks, insurance, brokerage firms, pension plans…etc.) and financial market (stock market, bond market, foreign exchange market…etc.). Could be industry specific here.· What are the impacts of this problem, or phenomenon on business (companies, schools…etc.) and individuals/household (consumers, investors, depositors… etc.). Could be industry specific here.· How this problem is being tackled by relevant parties, such as government, response from private sectors (regular companies, banks, insurance, brokerage…etc.), from the market (stock market, bond market… etc.) and from the public (consumers, lobbyists, investors, depositors… etc.) Please also be specific here.· Issues / problems / weakness, etc. that your think the current solution is insufficient (or things that needs to be addressed but not yet). How do you think things can be improved? If nothing, please discuss instead the strength the current solution has.
FIN 0353 SFSU Financial Institutions Covid 19 Current Situation Affection Essay

HLS 571 TUI Whole Of GOVT Response Is Required to Address Cyberattacks Response.

Discussion RequirementsA substantive comment should be approximately 300 words or more for the response.Read the initial comments posted by your classmates and reflect upon them.Before writing your comments:Review the Discussion grading rubric to see what is expected for an excellent discussion, in order to earn full credit.Review some resources to help you synthesize, such as the following:Sullivan, J. (2011). Strategies for Synthesis Writing. Retrieved from You are required to cite sources and include a reference list for the second post if it is simply your opinion. However, if your opinion is based on facts (as it should be), it is good practice to strengthen your position by citing sources.Be sure to meet all of the criteria in the rubric, as noted in the instructions above.Third post for each module discussion:Read the initial and secondary comments posted by your classmates and reflect upon them.Directly respond to at least one classmate in a way that extends meaningful discussions, adds new information, and/or offers alternative perspectives.MY DISCUSSION (DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS POST PLEASE)Classmates and Professor,Considering a cyber-attack that was traced to another state-sponsored group, what actions should be taken?Cyber-attacks are common in the complicated technological world, According to the article, by Mark Pomerleau 2015, the cyber world is still in its “Wild West” stages, hence, there exists an urgent need for precautionary measures to be taken in cyberspace to prevent vulnerability to cyber-attacks and at the same time respond to cyber-attack threats (Bakjhi, 2013). With the rise of state-sponsored cyber-attacks, the US needs to have a strong policy against such practices to help reduce the frequency or possibility of an attack. Therefore, considering the threat of cyber-attacks on the security of US citizens and the globe at large there exists an urgent need to respond to cyber-attacks with swiftness and stern measures as possible (Surfwatch, 2021).Considering cyber-attacks are criminal offenses in the cyber world, cyber-attacks orchestrated and funded by state-sponsored groups are categorized under acts of war, and efforts to mitigate these kinds of threats go beyond cybersecurity defense upgrade of systems (Barnatt, 2017). The US responds to such aspects as acts of war, and as an aspect that jeopardizes the US national security, hence, several precautionary steps are taken to respond to cyber-attacks. Initially, considering that these activities happen in cyberspace, the US is limited to the use of policy and investigative actions against these threats, hence, cyber attackers are indicted and brought to justice by US investigative agencies (Bissell, 2019). They use the suspects to gain information on the level of breach against their cyber systems and if found guilty are subjected to trials including being charged with war crimes. Finally, the US military cybersecurity team considers a cyber-attack from state-sponsored groups as an act of force against the US systems, hence the need for the response to be swift and in line with war rules and regulations. In this case, the US military can respond to cyber-attacks with sanctions against the state involved, criminal trials for those involved (Pomerleau, 2015, PR 30). For instance, in the incident of the Sony hack in 2013 where North Korea was responsible for the attack, the US reached out to other nations with similar problems and improved their cybersecurity systems while implementing sanctions on North Korea in response to the cyber-attack (U.S. Government Publishing Office, 2015). PedroReferences:Bakjhi, S. (2013, May 6). 25 Biggest cyber-attacks In history. Retrieved from…Barnatt, C. (2017, May 14). Computing security. Retrieved from, K., Lasalle, R. M., & Dal Cin, P. (2019, March 6). The cost of cybercrime: Ninth annual cost of cybercrime study. Retrieved from… Read pp. 6–13.Pomerleau, M. (2015, June 10). How might the US respond to cyber-attacks? Retrieved from:, M. (2015, Sep 30). Intelligence officials: Cyber domain is still the ‘Wild West.’ Retrieved from (2021) Cyber Risk Intelligence. Retrieved from…U.S. Government Publishing Office. (2015, January 13). The North Korean Threat: Nuclear, Missiles and Cyber. Retrieved from Committee on foreign Affairs:…__________________________________________________________________________________________________RESPONSE 1 (RESPONSE NEEDED)Professor and Classmates, The fist article, How might the US respond to cyber attacks?, the author seems to suggest that response from a State-sponsored cyber-attack will yield a whole-of-government response, similar to the DIME (diplomacy, information, military, and economics) concept of American power. Yet, as the article goes on, previous documented responses have been a little lopsided depending on which adversary we are talking about. As the author pointed out, China is a large creditor and trading partner with the US, and I believe this weighs heavily on the minds of policy makers when it comes to formulating a response. And yet, the United States has been quick to launch attacks against Iran and North Korea. Another challenge pointed out in the first article is attributing these attacks…Simply put, figuring out who did it. These non-kinetic attacks are often able to mask their origins; making it difficult to determine their origin or bring those responsible to justice (POMERLEAU, How might the US respond to cyber attacks?, 2015). In the second article, Intelligence officials: Cyber domain is still the ‘Wild West’, I believe the author hits the nail on the head with addressing the issue with responding to a cyber-attack…What do we constitute a cyber-war (POMERLEAU, Intelligence officials: Cyber domain is still the ‘Wild West, 2015)? Most conflict fought in years past, began as a kinetic attack, like the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. With a cyber-attack, we need to first establish what our “go to war” boundary is. By doing nothing, I believe, will just embolden our adversaries into taking their attacks (or data breaches) to higher levels; causing even more damage. AndrewReferencesPOMERLEAU, M. (2015, June 10). How might the US respond to cyber attacks? Retrieved from Defense Systems:…POMERLEAU, M. (2015, September 30). Intelligence officials: Cyber domain is still the ‘Wild West. Retrieved from Defense Systems:…__________________________________________________________________________________________________Module 1 – BackgroundINTRO TO CYBERSECURITY AND TECHNOLOGYReading Expectation: Though you may find some of your readings technical, you are not responsible for detailed knowledge, formulas, or other scientifically-oriented material. The expectation is that you have a general working knowledge of the material.Required ReadingBakjhi, S. (2013, May 6). 25 Biggest cyber-attacks In history. Retrieved from…Barnatt, C. (2017, May 14). Computing security. Retrieved from, K., Lasalle, R. M., & Dal Cin, P. (2019, March 6). The cost of cybercrime: Ninth annual cost of cybercrime study. Retrieved from… Read pp. 6–13.Pomerleau, M. (2015, June 10). How might the US respond to cyber-attacks? Retrieved from…Pomerleau, M. (2015, Sep 30). Intelligence officials: Cyber domain is still the ‘Wild West.’ Retrieved from…Required WebsitesSurfwatch. Cyber Risk Intelligence. Retrieved from…Optional ReadingLevin A., & Ilkina D. (2013). International Comparison of Cyber Crime. Retrieved from…Ferbrache, D. (2016). How vulnerable are governments to cybercrime? KPMG. Retrieved from…
HLS 571 TUI Whole Of GOVT Response Is Required to Address Cyberattacks Response

OSU Concepts & Definition of Cluster Sampling & Multistage Sampling Chapter Summary.

1) post about your two “muddiest points,” that is, concepts or topics in the chapter that you find challenging to understand.Muddiest Points:Select two concepts that you found challenging to understand in Chapter 5. Define them and say what is challenging about them. If you did not find any concepts challenges, select two and define them in your own words.1) First concept2) Second conceptChapter 7 Questions:1) What is the difference between a population, a sample, and a census?2) Why does convenience sampling produce an unrepresentative sample?3) Why does self-selection produce an unrepresentative sample?4) Explain 2 of the 5 types of probability sampling.5) How is random sampling different from random assignment?6) Why is external validity often important for frequency claims?7) Give two examples of times when external validity might be less important.8) Why are larger samples not necessarily more externally valid than smaller samples?PLEASE NOTE: screen shot chapter starts from bottom and continues up, as the start of the chapter
OSU Concepts & Definition of Cluster Sampling & Multistage Sampling Chapter Summary

The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money Essay

Introduction The argument presented by John Keynes is an illustration of the paradoxical twist that prevailed during the time when the document was prepared. He developed this theory in his attempt to explain the great depression; hence, sway individuals, corporations, and governments from classical practices. This argument was to a large extent applicable to European countries, which at the time deemed themselves superior. At the time, Europe was expanding its industrial capacity, and value for money in relation to employment, economic growth, and consumerism was in the lime light. Hence, this theory was mainly relevant to Europe as a directive to the country’s use of money. Keynes’s general theory is not static, and it does not focus on a single element of money; rather, it encompasses a varied holistic approach that examines different realms of money and the economy. It was a perfect reflection of the economic situation of Europe that sought to challenge some of the classical ideologies regarding the use of money, especially in bad economic times characterized by unemployment and high inflation rates. Keynes challenges classical theorists who believed in full-employment and the fact that poor economic times should be followed by the termination of unsustainable economic activities. In addition, he does not support the idea of inflating the prices; otherwise, the propensity to consume would not be achieved and the efforts to revive employment would be in vain. Main body The document reflects the period it was produced in that during this time money was in limited supply; hence saving the money was associated with thrift. Apparently, the ideas of Keynes formed the basis for the current theories associated with money, demand, supply, and associated push and pull factors. The 1930s was a time when countries were unstable due to inter-wars, colonization, and the fight for freedom. Hence, reinforcing the circulation of money at this time was illogical given the fact that most countries were focused on gaining sovereignty. In addition, the existence and exchange of money at this time challenges the period in which the document under review was produced because money was mainly in the possession of the feudal lords and aristocrats. In addition, whereas Keynes gathers ideologies from great scholars, these ideas are not congruent with the referred period; hence continue to challenge the application of the theory at the time. One ideology asserts the need to give every individual an equal chance of being employed as well as promote innovation and invention by supporting manufacturers, and arts, and handicrafts. Whereas this theory reflected the endeavors of the British who had gone out in search of more resources to reinforce and expand their dreams of industrialization, the same would not be said about other countries. On the other hand, this document challenged the manner in which the British solely relied on employment to sustain its economy; hence the reason why it went in search of cheap labor through slavery. Yet, Britain and associated superpowers would have used their local manpower to generate more money and promote national economic growth. Keynes’ argument challenged the current period at the time by forecasting the consequences of an individual’s inability to consume, which apparently were not a major cause of concern at the time. Money was associated with the prosperity of a nation’s economy as long as it remained in circulation through increased consumption. Whereas money has been considered the outcome of good business, Keynes has indicated that money is the determinant of good business. He affirms this fact by stating that a business should not be closed down just because it is not performing as it should. More and more money should be spent until expected results are realized. Money is a determinant of the propensity to consume; hence, the more money one makes, the more that he or she consumes and the converse is the case. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Increased consumption guides one towards full-employment, and once this has been achieved, inflation cannot affect the income that one gets. Hence, money is shown as the platform of all economic activity because sufficient consumption leads to an increase in demand that subsequently induces investment. It is such spending that challenges classical notions of saving for the uncertain future. But, Keynes is adamant on the fact that increased trade, which is fluid and destined to occur on a daily basis is more beneficial than a static investment whose price is uncertain. Such a phenomenon is attributed to the fact that money is deemed useless if it cannot be spent. Even in the event of bad economic economics, the available money should be used to enhance production and meet people’s demands. Conclusion The political implication of Keynes’s argument is that governments should provide supportive structures to encourage individuals to manufacture and create handicrafts. Subsequently, this leads to the development of a means of generating income and the creation of employment opportunities that steer a country’s economy further. The moral implication of the argument presented by Keynes is that individuals have the moral responsibility of spending money to generate more income. Actually, it is no use in saving money that could otherwise be spent setting up some lucrative business somewhere or promoting the growth of the business. Hence, governments should develop policies that support such moves. Contrary to high-held beliefs, Keynes does not support the concept of property acquisition, which is the main reason why people save money. He argues out that upon acquiring adequate property, for instance, land, of what use is it if it cannot be used in a form of trade to give way to consumerism. Hence, the reason for the recent surge in the real estate business; the land is not fluid and does not enhance the propensity to consume. Being virtuous and thrifty is prejudice to man because it thwarts consumerism. Keynes offers great insight into the political world by insisting that even though people seek employment, they will be willing to work with a lower real wage than a lower nominal wage. In this sense, the government and associated corporations are largely responsible for the prosperity of any nation because it is through the provision of well-salaried jobs that the propensity to consume is enhanced. Subsequently, national economic growth is achieved. Most countries that have adhered to Keynes’ ideology of a liquid market have taken the responsibility of promoting consumerism. Other than the exchange of money with tangible goods, money on its own in the context of stock markets and diversified financial services beats the gold standard of merely saving and borrowing money. Hence, the reason for stability of the financial sector regardless of wars, terrorist attacks, and natural calamities. Political figures should learn to develop and support dynamic policies that act as pillars for their nations’ economies to ensure the cycle of supply and demand does not cease to exist like in the case of the Great Depression.

Role of Afterschool and Summer Programs

help writing Format: What? Summary: (WHAT is the week/topic to which you are reacting? What did you learn? What did you expect? What resonated with you?), So What? Analysis: (Why does it matter? What are the consequences and meanings of the material? How does the material link to your academic, professional and/or personal development?), Now What? Evaluation: (What should be done as a result of what you learned? What will need to be done differently? How will you apply what you have learned? What recommendations can you make? What next steps should be taken?)

CDYC 281 Colorado College Where the Wild Things Are Questions

CDYC 281 Colorado College Where the Wild Things Are Questions.

280 part 11) Explain the various things that the director of a center does as a manager. Specifically, describe the various responsibilities discussed in chapter 5. 2) Discuss at least three of the various features for the outside play environment explained in chapter 6. Why are they essential?280 part 2see attachment 281 part 3Please choose one of the following websites to visit and write about. GIve an overview of the website ( a few paragraphs telling about the different sections you can get to and what is in each one) then… Judge it according to quality (color, readability – ie. print and organization) and ease of use (pictures loading and downloading quickly) and how you would use this with your class you currently teach, children or class one day. Do not choose it if someone else has already done so. So look first to see which ones have already been picked. Thanks!Please review one site. NationalCenter for Children’s Illustrated Literature (Links to an external site.)This not-for-profit organization, located in Abilene, Texas, recognizes the achievements of illustrators of children’s literature. The Center also organizes educational opportunities for children to better understand illustrations and appreciate art. You can view the permanent collection on this site.Picture Books for Your Child (Links to an external site.) includes a vast list of picturebooks, listed by subject on the left side of the page. Teachers and parents can also find a list of the Caldecott Medal winners, reviews, articles on selecting picturebooks, author and illustrator information, and more.Project Eclipse: Exemplary Children’s Literature Interface Project for Scholarly Education (Links to an external site.)This site, hosted by Kay E. Vandergrift, professor at Rutgers University, traces both verbal and visual variants of Mother Goose rhymes over time and across cultures. It also allows the reader the opportunity to follow the development of a picturebook.The Pop-Up World of Ann Montanaro (Links to an external site.)This exhibit at the Rutgers Univeristy Library features an extensive collection of photographs of pop-up books from Ann Montanaro’s collection. The exhibit also features a brief history of pop-up books which includes how the books are made.National Book Festival (Links to an external site.)Watch a webcast of Gene discussing graphic novels.Toni Morrison (Links to an external site.)Watch an interview with Toni Morrison, author of Remember: The Journey to School Integration.Virtual Children’s Book Exhibit at the Cotsen Children’s Library, Princeton University (Links to an external site.)The virtual exhibit showcases illustrations from children’s books within the themes of swimming, magic lanterns, insects, and the art of Beatrix Potter. Each thematic exhibit features approximately 15 illustrations from a variety of artists, cultures, and time periods. The illustrations are beautifully displayed along with information about the books and the authors/illustrators from which the illustrations were taken.Children’s Books: Cinderella Fairy Tales and Online Resources (Links to an external site.)This article from describes the elements of a ?Cinderella Story?, the different variations, and resources on Cinderella. Featured on the right side of the body of the article, as well as at the bottom of the page, are additional links to explore more about Cinderella and other traditional literature.Cultural Unity Trough Folktales (Links to an external site.)This unit was developed for junior high students in order to explore literature to benefit their social interactions with peers: using folktales as a way to relate to one another and also appreciate reading. The unit covers tall tales, trickster tales, creation stories, and Cinderella stories and includes a history and suggested activities for each.Fractured Fairy Tales (Links to an external site.)This site provides a list of fractured fairy tales for readers of all ages. There is a list of picturebooks, a list of fiction, and a list of adult collections. You may use these books with students who are already familiar with the traditional literature format.When Cinderella Went to the Ball: Five Hundred Years of Fairy Tales (Links to an external site.)The exhibit ?progresses from a fifteenth-century Venetian wonder tale (Historia di Lionbruno, 1476), through ?classic? stories and collections by Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm and others, to today’s spin-offs, spoofs and ?post-modern? interpretations.Kay Vandergrift’s Snow White site (Links to an external site.)Vandergrift, a children’s literature expert, has reprinted the original 1898 version of the Grimm’s fairy tale. Throughout the text, certain phrases are hyperlinked. When clicked, the reader can compare the hyperlinked text to thirty-six other versions281 part 4What is the difference between new criticism or close reading and Rosenblatt’s RRT? So I would define it first in my own words and then compare and contrast it briefly. Which one did you grow up with (give an example from when you were in school and what you read) and which approach is better (do think – say why please). 281 part 5Go to a school,childcare or early childhood program. You are observing in an early classroom. this means at a school or at a childcare that is TYPE III (not a home child care). See the format below. You want to take notes on the form. Give a total based on what you observed. Then come home and type up a summary paper. Thanks! Here is the cover sheet you also should turn in as it identifies where you went. Please have the teacher sign it. see attached docs 281 part 6Before midterm you are going out to a school and reading a book to a group of children (early childhood range – 0-8 is fine) It is to be done at a school or childcare (not an in home care but a physical site dedicated to educating young children – a school). This should be a different book than the one you did in our first assignment – your favorite (we want variety here). This should be alot of fun! You can create an activity to go with your book reading. (please see guidelines) But it is not required given the COVID situation. I am just happy that you get to go read. Woo hoo!!!!This can be done alone or it can be done in pairs – but you need to both submit a paper so you both can get credit. So if you would like someone to go with you…. that is ok. One person can read and the other can take pictures and/or help with the activity you chose to do. Or you can alternate reading. Im flexible. I will create a discussion area where you would ask if you want to go in pairs. Please print out the header sheet for the classroom teacher to sign. Submit with your reflection – answers from 1 -10.Then fill out the form -with yes or no answers and then type up a summary paper of what you read. Rate_yourself_as_a_reader_1_-1.docxYou can create an Art, Music or Movement or puppets activity anything that you want to go with your story or to Bring the book to life or go with the book. Shoot you can dress up in costume and make it fun. Use different voices. Go with a classmate have a good time. Enjoy. Watch Colleen Salley – go to her webpage and on the bottom right you can click on seeing her talk (Links to an external site.) She was a very interesting CHaracter and teacher at UNO. (Links to an external site.) . If you are having trouble reading or are just plain shy about it, thats ok. I have provided a handout. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GOING TO A CLASSROOM, JUST COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT AS IF YOU DID.
CDYC 281 Colorado College Where the Wild Things Are Questions

Global Strategy Paper

Global Strategy Paper.

This week, you have read about entrepreneurship in a global economy. For your written assignment this week, complete a case study of the organization you work for (use a hypothetical or “other” organization if more applicable) that will address the following prompts:Describe the organization’s environment, and evaluate its preparedness to go global, if not already, and it’s strategy for staying global if it is.Research other company’s strategy for going global and explain if this will or will not work for your company. Make a recommendation for a global strategy in the organization, including a justification for your recommendations.Submit your midterm research paper as a single document. Your paper should meet the following requirements:Be approximately four to six pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.Follow APA 7 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.Support your answers with the readings from the course and at least two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to your textbook. The UC Library is a great place to find resources.Be clearly and well-written, concise, and logical, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing.
Global Strategy Paper

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