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Grossmont College Fake News Articles in USA Essay

Grossmont College Fake News Articles in USA Essay.

Project 1: Academic essay assignment RWS305W Writing in Various Settings–Holslin
First Draft: 200 points Your first draft needs to be a complete paper.
Final Draft, Optional: 100 points. This draft will be due two weeks after you receive my comments on
your first draft. If you are happy with the grade on your first draft, you do not need to revise your
paper. I will give you the same grade for your final draft grade.
Note: The First Draft and the Final Draft are two separate assignments, with two separate grades.
NOTE: Please scroll all the way down and follow ALL of the assignment instructions.
Rhetorical situation: For this essay, you will imagine you have been asked to write an analysis of
fake news and misleading information for students in San Diego, at community colleges and at
universities. Your purpose is to write an informational and educational essay for an audience of your
own college-age peers to teach them about how to recognize, evaluate and analyze media that we
encounter online–fake news, misleading information and legitimate, credible media. You will follow
the format and structure of classical rhetoric, in the lecture on Structuring Arguments. We will learn
about argument structure in the beginning weeks of our class. Driving questions:
What are the key eleven types and definitions of contemporary media listed by Zimdars?
Why is it so hard to tell the difference between fake or misleading information and legitimate media?
What are the rhetorical strategies and means of appeal used in specific media pieces that produce a
sense of authenticity and “believability?”
How do we analyze misleading news and mainstream credible news using “objective” tools?
How do we avoid falling into the trap of simply pointing the finger and attacking “the other side?”
Examples: You should use at least three different examples taken from Zimdars’s list of eleven types
of news as the basis of your analysis. You may choose which ones you want to use. You must
choose one specific media item or article, the identify the category (of Zimdars’s eleven types).
Identify what type of news it is accurately and correctly. Use the course materials, including the many
module pages that explain Zimdars’ eleven news types in detail. You must set up each example
clearly by going over the rhetorical situation when you introduce it. (Author, Audience, Purpose,
Setting/Place/Time, and type of text. You must analyze the examples using course concepts. Please
do not use the dictionary or Google instead of the course materials.
Events vs. media An event that happens is not the same as a news article that reports on that
event. Please choose a news article and analyze the rhetorical strategies the writer uses and do not
try to analyze an event to try to figure out “what really happened.” For example, President Trump
holds White House Press Briefings on a regular basis. These are legitimate, normal events that all
presidents have held. Hundreds of media pieces will emerge after these press briefings that
summarize and analyze the information and presentation of the press briefings. If you chose media
from this topic, you would analyze a specific news article, NOT President Trump himself, not the
event itself, and not his words. Trump’s own words in a speech are not an example of the media, or of
fake news. Trump is not a newspaper. Trump is a political leader.
Eleven types of news: You will be choosing your examples from Zimdars’s list of eleven types of
news. These types are developed clearly in the pages of the modules, and you will be expected to
identify your source clearly and accurately. You should not accuse The New York Times of being fake
news, for instance. Identifying one or more news types incorrectly will result in lowering your grade.
Images: Included in your paper, you should use at least 2 images that show examples of what you
are discussing. You may use screenshots, video stills, images. Please choose images that you are
discussing in the paper and analyze your images using course concepts.
Course concepts: Please do not use the dictionary or Google instead of the course materials. Do
not use sources and concepts or paper assignments from other courses you are taking. Do not turn
this into a research paper. Remember that you will write the essay using the concepts and activities
you will learn in this unit, through readings and short writing assignments. You will be required to
understand and discuss “the rhetorical situation,” the relation between author, audience and purpose
and design of the text. You will be required to use analysis of video & images, and you will be graded
on how well you use and engage with the concepts we have learned so far. Analyze the way your
example works by using the analysis questions on the five modes, the three means of persuasion and
the ten techniques of documentary style. If you do not follow the assignment guidelines, and/or if you
write a research paper instead of an analysis paper, you will not earn a passing score.
Avoid attacks, sarcasm and passing judgment The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to
analyze news sources using rhetorical concepts. DO NOT take this as an opportunity for
grandstanding or open attacks on the media in general, on news sources or specific news items. DO
NOT use this as a forum to launch opinionated attacks on specific political leaders, Congresspersons,
or the president, or their positions. Rhetorical analysis of the discourse of these leaders and the
effects of this discourse is perfectly fine, and this is what we are trying to learn. But use of attacks and
sarcasm in your paper will result in an automatic grade of C or lower. Attack is not analysis.
Do not simply summarize and repeat what a news item is saying. Analyze the way it is presented
using the analysis questions on the five modes, the three means of persuasion and the ten
techniques of documentary style. Requirements and Rubric Please use this list as a checklist to make sure you have fulfilled the requirements of the assignment
1. 1500-2000 words in length, (you may write more if you want and you will not be penalized), double
spaced, 12-point font (this paper should be 7-8 pages, including the images. But I will do a word
count. If you have less than the required word count, you will lose points).
2. Your paper must have 6 sections and use subheading/titles to mark each section
3. Your sections 3 and 4 should be separate, and have various paragraphs in each one, each
paragraph should focus on only one topic each. Pathos, ethos, logos, and/or the five modes of
communication–linguistic, visual, aural, spatial and gestural.
4. You must use the conceptual tools of pathos, ethos and logos, and the five modes of
communication to focus your body paragraphs
5. This is an academic essay, and so, write this in a respectful, but not boring, academic style
6. At least three examples of fake news and misleading information and/or conspiracy theory
7. At least 2 images in your paper.
8. Cite your sources, use quotations correctly, include a works cited section at the end.
OWL Purdue University
9. Your audience is your own age, and so your style, diction and examples should make sense to
10. You must include at least two images
11. Clear, well-structured body paragraphs, with good concrete examples
12. use of quotations and correct in-text citation
13. use of concrete examples from the text, images and website
14. Use of evidence to back up your analysis. You may use personal experience as evidence to back
up your opinion.
15. You will use MLA style format for this paperHow to organize your essay — you will have SIX sections
Section 1. Introduction (Exordium) (you may use more creative heading titles than this)
What you need to do:
● This section should probably have one paragraph
● gain your reader’s interest by briefly alluding to the main issue (1-2 sentences)
● establish your own credibility and qualifications (1-2 sentences about who you are and why
you audience should listen to you)
● signal your project and state your claim –tell your audience what you plan to do in your essay
(see the assignment “the purpose of this essay is….”)
Section 2. Setting up the problem (Narratio)
● This section should probably be only one paragraph
● Presents information about the context of the argument, what is going on in the world? What is
fake news and misleading information? What is conspiracy theory? Why is this an issue right
now? What kind of problem is it? Moral problem? Health problem? Economic problem? Who is
debating the issue? Who are the participants in the discussion?
The next TWO SECTIONS should have MULTIPLE PARAGRAPHS in each section.
For the BODY of the essay-divide up the topic, claim, what the issues are, signal to your reader what
order the ideas will be introduced, support your claim in the sections indicated above YOU SHOULD NOT FOCUS on an EXAMPLE OF NEWS FOR EACH SECTION. FOCUS EACH
SECTION on a RHETORICAL CONCEPT. Use the course concepts as the topics of your paragraphs.
Section 3. Name the issues in dispute and to list the arguments to be used in the order they
will appear. (Partitio)
● Multiple paragraphs. (More than 1 or 2).
● This is a good section to map out your main sections, and define key terms.
● Pathos, ethos, logos, the types of news, and the five modes of communication are all terms
you may want to define in this section. This will set up your analysis clearly by anchoring it in
clearly defined terms.
Section 4. The main body of the essay where you will offer a logical argument with your
analysis as proof of your case. (Confirmatio)
● Multiple paragraphs– at least 5.
● Do not write one paragraph about each news example.
● Do not write one paragraph about a means of persuasion. Write multiple paragraphs.
● Use the Questions for Analysis of News Types from the course materials. These TWO sections should have many paragraphs– 3-5 short paragraphs for EACH SECTION is
● BEFORE YOU WRITE: develop a clear outline of sections
● Use the course concepts as your topics– you could have a section about Logos with multiple
paragraphs. Or a section about Pathos or Ethos. Or you could have a section about the Visual
Mode of Communication with multiple paragraphs. The choice is up to you. But you do need to
organize the body of your paper into clear paragraphs that each focus on one specific idea.
● Briefly go over the rhetorical situation of each example of news that you are using.
● Use the analysis questions and analyze your examples thoroughly. These sections are where
that analysis will go.
● Identify and consider the type of fake or misleading information you are dealing with
● Identify and analyze specific details in the examples you have chosen. Use your notes from
your writing assignments
● Identify how the five modes of communication are being used in the news you are analyzing
(separate paragraphs for each one)
● Identify pathos, ethos & logos in the news you are analyzing (separate paragraphs for each)
● Create subheaders for each section
● Use numbering (first, second, third) to show your reader how you have outlined and divided up
and arranged your ideas.
5. Consider opposing viewpoints, weigh the validity of opposing claims, consider the reliability and
relevance of evidence (Refutatio)
● Considers the opposing arguments, evaluates claims and use of evidence
● Considers the people who are reading this information and believing it. What do we do to help
● Notes the advantages and disadvantages of these views
● You might weigh the opposing claims and use of evidence in specific paragraphs dedicated to
one piece of news
6. Conclusion (Perforatio)
● Considers the future consequences, what your audience needs to think about now, after taking
into consideration the analysis you have just written
● May choose to end with a call to action or a directive of what your audience should do
Grossmont College Fake News Articles in USA Essay

Cuyamaca College Discussion Emotional Intelligence in The Workplace Discussion

online homework help Cuyamaca College Discussion Emotional Intelligence in The Workplace Discussion.

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In this Discussion you will learn about the impact of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and practice applying emotional intelligence at work/school.

Re-read the Emotional Intelligence at Work article on pages 240-241 in your On Course Textbook.  

Write a short paragraph addressing the most important thing you learned from this article.   

Give an example of how you can practice Emotional Intelligence in your work place at this current time.  If you are not working, give an example of how you can practice Emotional Intelligence in one of your current college classes.  

Cuyamaca College Discussion Emotional Intelligence in The Workplace Discussion

Harvard University Role of Nurse Practitioner in the United States Discussion

Harvard University Role of Nurse Practitioner in the United States Discussion.

(NO grammar errors can be accepted for this paper or incoherent paragraphs)(Paraphrase the paper attached)(Avoid PASSIVE VOICE as much as possible)(The number of words should stay close to the original file)File Name: Paraphrase Role of Nurse Practitioner——————————–Request: The document is fully retrieved from external sources due to that it has a high plagiarism percentage. Your purpose is to rephrase each paragraph in order to reduce the plagiarism to under 6% ( make it passable through Turnitin). Also the paper needs to score at least 90 points out of 100 on Grammarly (which means it should not have grammar errors). Providing a work which is not coherent will result in a refund.Other information: DO NOT USE ANY PARAPHRASING SOFTWARES – my universities system identified this type of paraphrased work. In some instances, you might even have to change the place of the paragraph (highly sensitive plagiarism software!)Format:APA FormatNo plagiarism is acceptedNo Grammar errors (this has to be written as a native English writer, otherwise it will be declined).*** Thank you in advance for your support ***
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Cardiac and Pulmonary Pediatric ConditionsIn this unit, you will be discussing cardiac and pulmonary pediatric conditions and the importance of collaboration. Select one of the topics below and discuss current evidence-based recommendations by leading pediatric experts and professional organizations. Focus your discussion on how collaboration improves pediatric health outcomes in primary care.You are expected to present your initial topic including, but not limited to, the following items:PathophysiologyEpidemiologyPhysical exam findingsDifferential diagnoses and rationaleManagement plan to include diagnostic testing, medications if applicable, follow-up plans, and referrals if neededIn addition, you are required to follow the Discussion Board grading rubric and respond to at least three of your classmates.Topic:Cystic fibrosis
MN 580 Purdue University Cystic Fibrosis Discussion

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