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Hypothesis Testing

Your video should also include a numerical example for another student to work through in their response. The example can use real data or data that you make up, such as values for the mean, standard deviation, and sample size. Be sure to note if the standard deviation is from the population or the sample.  In your responses to other students, show the work and describe the steps you uses to solve that hypothesis example.I don’t need you to make the video for me. Just write me the script and I will record the video myself.

Grassroots social media organization

Grassroots social media organization.

1)Read articles and watch videos 2)Explore grassroots social media organization, blogs or twitter/Facebook site for news/politics

3)Write a critical essay focusing on analyzing and examining social media site for civic journalism or news

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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Hypothesis Testing Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

The Signature Assignment gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the principles covered in this course and to apply what you have learned to a project of your choice. Part II: Submit a 3- to 5-page paper, excluding the Title and References pages and the Appendix section. This paper will provide additional project information for the project you identified last week in Part 1. Your paper must include the following and follow APA formatting and citation. Title page Describe the project: Goals and milestones Describe the following, explaining their purpose in project management: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Project Scheduling Phases Establishing project priorities Resource Allocation (include information on your project, as well as a Responsibility Matrix table) Communication Plan (include information on your project in the description) References page “Appendix” section for your project Project Schedule (you can use the table in the example paper below, inserting your project information) Budget Table (table or diagram showing project costs) AON (Activity on Network Diagram) WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Diagram Your textbook may be used as a reference. The APA format for your text is as follows: Larson, E., & Gray, C. (2014). Project management: The managerial process (6th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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UFC discourse sommunity

UFC discourse sommunity.

Paper is on the UFC discourse sommunity .●What are the community’s “goals”? What do they accomplish as a unique unit, and howdo they accomplish it?●What are the constraints of the community? How does the community handlefunctionality, membership, location, or time?●How is the community formed? What sorts of people become members? And whatfeatures do they share that allow them to share a group identity?●How does the community communicate? Do they have special means or methods to getin touch with one another, or to produce their “texts”?●What does it take to be a member of this community? What manner of exclusivity isinvolved, and how does one move up in the strata once in it?●How did various data collection methods work out in your research of this community?Was one resource or method more useful than others? Why?

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Critical analysis, Select a media text — for example, film, television show, advertisement, video game, song, magazine, newspaper, internet site, etc.

Critical analysis, Select a media text — for example, film, television show, advertisement, video game, song, magazine, newspaper, internet site, etc..

 Select a media text — for example, film, television show, advertisement, video game, song, magazine, newspaper, internet site, etc. — and write a four- to six-page double-spaced critical analysis of your selected media text that utilizes any one or a combination of the theoretical perspectives explored in class (Marxist, organizational, pragmatic, rhetorical, cultural, psychoanalytic, feminist, queer, reception, sociological, erotic, or ecological analysis). It is better to choose from a small number of theoretical ideas that you explore in depth rather than taking a cursory approach. There are two key aspects to doing well on the essay: 1. Show you can apply specific media studies theories/concepts. Citing/quoting from the textbook is a good idea to show that you’re doing that. Papers that do not cite specifics from the textbook will not score well. 2. In-depth analysis with close examination of media examples scores better than broadly written papers. Let these two aspects be your guide in what you choose and how much you choose to analyze. At a minimum, your essay should include: 1. A one-paragraph introduction in which you: a. introduce your media text; b. comment upon its significance as an object of study c. formulate a clear and concise thesis statement that identifies what your selected mass mediated text is doing, how it is doing it, and why it matters – “So what?” 2. A thoughtful and detailed analysis of your text using relevant principles discussed in class. The goal of this section is to combine theory and astute critical observations effectively. This is the body of your paper and should constitute the largest portion. Papers that do not cite specifics from the textbook will not score well. 3. A critical conclusion in which you briefly reflect on the implications of your analysis. This might include speculating about the role your text plays in political affairs, processes of socialization, or contemporary culture generally. Additional reminders: 1. Please pick a media and go with the topic of queer analysis. It is chapter 9 in the textbook. (Page 214-238). 2. Please apply the terms in this chapter in the analysis. The more the better. And cite them please. Both reference and in-text citation.

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Grand strategy under Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan

Grand strategy under Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

U should use the material only from one source, this one ( Brands, What Good Is Grand Strategy?, 59-143 ). The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you have thought carefully and analytically about the reading prior to class. Each paper must demonstrate that you have done the reading, but  go beyond summarizing the reading to evaluate or compare the arguments or evidence presented by readings, connect ideas from different readings (this can include connecting ideas to one or more readings assigned for a previous week), and/or offer other analysis or reflections of your own on the reading. If there are several readings assigned for a given class session, you do not necessarily have to refer to all of them in your paper, but you should refer to any readings assigned for the session that are relevant to the topic of your paper. The best papers will be ones that demonstrate close engagement with ideas or information in the reading, present an original or thoughtful take, and are well-written. You do not need to include a bibliography for these papers, but you should use a parenthetical citation to refer to the author’s last name if you are discussing an idea or information from a particular reading and the identity of that reading’s author would not necessarily be clear to me otherwise. If the reading has page numbers and you are referring to an idea or information from a particular page or set of pages, please include the page number(s) in the parenthetical citation too.

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A multinational organisation as Head of Human Resources: An overview of the distinction between domestic and international human resource management practices

A multinational organisation as Head of Human Resources: An overview of the distinction between domestic and international human resource management practices.

You have recently joined a multinational organisation as Head of Human Resources. Following a period of sustained growth accompanied by a lack of strategy around human resource practices you have been hired to produce an improvement plan around the transfer of HR practices across international subsidiaries.

NB. For the purpose of the report you may select an industry, for example, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, charity, service.

Following the guide below produce an appropriately formatted report which draws on relevant theory, academic literature and debates to provide a clear set of strategic recommendations to the Board.

1.      A brief introduction to the organisation and the report (10 marks)

2.      An overview of the distinction between domestic and international human resource management practices (10 marks)

3.      A summary of the critical debate around convergence and divergence of human resource policy and practice in the international context (10 marks)

4.      A critical discussion around international recruitment strategies including the use of expatriate employees (15 marks)

5.      A critical discussion around the choice of training system in a variety of international contexts (15 marks)

6.      An exploration of the impact of culture and institutions on employee voice mechanisms (15 marks)

7.      A critical review of reward systems in different national contexts (15 marks)

8.      A clear set of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) recommendations on the above (10 marks)

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Abridging 1942 Supreme Court decision in Skinner v Oklahoma

Abridging 1942 Supreme Court decision in Skinner v Oklahoma.

Abridging/Condensing a Court Case ……….Instructions ……….When you engage in this assignment, think of it as a variation on the phenomenon of “abridged books.” Try to reduce the length of the selected court case to approximately one-third of its current length. As is true for abridged books, the final product should be a continuous narrative, and not a series of comments lifted from the original. ………….For sure, there is value in trying to keep some of the literal verbiage. But you probably have to paraphrase most of it if you want to cut two-thirds out. Indeed, for the purpose of this assignment, you do not need to specifically indicate what are literal quotes. Consider yourself the “ghost writer” of the judge whose decision you are abridging; you are helping the judge to cut down his/her own paper, and the judge will later put his/her own name on top – hence there is no need to add quotation marks. So the person who next reads your finished product should think (s)he is actually reading a verdict written by the judge in the case. In other words, if the judge in your case used first person, then you use first person as well. …………..At times, you may be able to slash whole paragraphs or even whole sections if they concern a (technical) detail. More often, it will be better to reduce in length each section so that each section’s main ideas are represented in the abridged version. When slashing whole sentences or even paragraphs, be careful that you do not end up with references to previous-but-now-slashed-sentences. For example: If the sentence you retained says something like “these cases show” it should be clear what “these” refers back to. Or if the sentence you retained starts with “However,…” it needs to remain clear to what that sentence stands in opposition. …………….When you abridge the judge’s opinion, write for an audience of educated lay people (for example, fellow health care professionals in the hospital you work at, or other graduate students).

It is important that your readers gain a legally correct understanding of the original full-length opinion, but not all legal subtleties need to be included. One way to decide what can be left out is to ask yourself what the judge who have skipped had (s)he presented his/her verdict to a lay audience instead. In general, use modern, common language that is easily understood and replace as much as possible legalese. ……….The main purpose of this exercise is to invite you to study one court case very carefully and to find out what is the principal line of argumentation, and what is elaboration, embellishment, maybe even digression. Every experienced author knows that it is very difficult and painful to significantly reduce one’s own paper down to 75% of its original length, let alone 33%. But it should be a bit easier to “butcher” the paper of somebody else. ……….Please do not spend hours trying to cut 100 more words from the paper so as to reach the 33% goal. You may have to engage in that kind of tedious exercise in the future if you submit an article to a journal and its editor reminds you that your paper exceeds the journal’s stated word limit. But the goal for this exercise is not primarily a linguistic one – though it is that as well. Rather, it is to get you to really engage this one court case, in preparation for your own development of a legal argument later in the course. …………Since you are tasked to write this abridged version for an audience of educated lay people, you may significantly reduce the number of in-text citations. Consider retaining the most important citations/references, and specifically those from which you quote. You may want to move citations to footnotes or endnotes. This is of course not what the APA style requires, but having lengthy citations inside the text makes it very difficult to read. And the whole point of the exercise is to create a text that a lay audience can and will read. Also, if you move the citations to footnotes or endnotes, feel free to exclude the words in those notes from the overall word count, so that should help with the abridgment. ……….If a particular earlier court case is explicitly referenced, at least a standard short version should be retained (e.g. Roe v Wade) and if some scholarly publication is referenced and the reference is retained in the abridged version, a standard APA style in-text citation (e.g., Robertson, 1992) and bibliographic reference would be prudent (or something very similar) so that the reader can find back the original. ………Topic: Historic US Supreme Court decision about sterilization, also included (in part) in the Mennikoff textbook 1942 Supreme Court decision in Skinner v Oklahoma ……….1. Abridge the full court decision (i.e., all majority/minority opinions) (3672 words in the original; cut back to about 1250 words)

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