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Hurricane movie compare and contrast essay help Sociology homework help

Discuss the ways in which the director of your set text develops the main character in this movie to convey the messages of this film. The film Hurricane by Canadian Norman Jewison exposes the corrupt Justice system in America during the 60s. Through his carefully structured effective cinematic techniques, camera work, elements of design, historical references and symbolisation Jewison illuminates the text to convey to the audience specific viewpoints, of how Rubin Hurricane Carter was a hero, and the corrupt Justice system he lived in.

He establishes how people can be anipulated by those in authority and the suppression and disempowerment of the corrupt Justice system can be overcome. Concentrating on scenes “the opening scene”, “He said no”, and “Hate put me in prison”, to show how the main characters have been developed to convey the themes of this text. The story of the ‘hurricane” tells a story of the African American main character Rubin Carter,(also known as Hurricane)who rose above his troubled youth to become a top contender for the middle-weight boxing title.

His dreams were shattered when he was accused of a triple murder, and convicted to three natural-life term sentences. The text illustrates Carters transformation from a violent, uneducated, troubled young man to an independent role model for the black in an all-white society. Opening titles: The first scene “the opening titles” straight away establish the context of the film and introduces the character “Rubin Huricane Carter”.

The use of soul Jazz music played for 2 minutes with the introduction of characters by credits establishes a dark and mysterious mood of passion and hope before images are even shown. The use of a fade from the plain image to the motion pictures, and the overlapping of the music nd realistic diegetic sounds, lets the audience gradually adjust to the introduced scene and help them to connect with what’s happening. With the first images in black and white the cultural frame is set and the audience is aware that it’s in the era of the 60’s.

Visual cuts are used, flashing from one scene to another, exposing to the viewer Rubins aggressive, violent side. The exaggerated diegetic sounds of punching accentuates the violence and determination of Carter, Juxtaposed with Rubin yelling in a different flashed scene to present time. Hospital scene: Norman Jewison employs lighting in many scenes to further create the image of arter as a hero and to introduce evil to the text. In the hospital scene “He said no” when De La Pesca is introduced as the stereotypical antagonist with his slick hair, glasses and long trench coat.

He appears half in the shadows, symbolising that he is a two faced character established as a villain that cannot be trusted. Pesca is only half lit, confirming to the viewer that our hero is going to be hounded by this sly shady man, and creates a chilling mood. This is further enhanced by the non-diegetic jazz music. The good versus evil theme is conveyed in this scene when De La Pesca wears “I’m gonna take your black arse down” also exposing the racism and corrupt justice system.

Repetition of the words “take another look” enhances the racial prejudice and creates an empathetic feel towards the victim Rubin. In the conversation between Pesca and Carter the fact that Rubin is looking down on pesca of a slight low-angle shot, When flashed back to pesca it’s a slight high angle shot of looking up into Carters eyes. This also connects the characters to the audience and creates compassion for Rubin the hero.

Python Question

Assignment 1:OBJECTIVES:
Socket programming in python using stream sockets (TCP) and datagram sockets (UDP)
Implementing a simple protocol that resembles many protocols you will be learning throughout this course
Get to know many terminologies used in computer networks
You are allowed to work in groups of at most two students. It is okay if you want to work on your
Start This assignment has lots of work.
Start with the py and files provided in the course. You will be implementing a protocol consisting of four phases. The first two phases use UDP protocol to communicate and the last two phases use TCP protocol.
You must use python version 3.6 for this
In this assignment, you will develop a client application and a server application. The client and server communicate using a specific protocol named FourPhase. The client and server communicate according to the protocol specifications. The protocol consists of four phases. In the first two phases, the client and the server use UDP protocol to communicate and in the last two phases they use TCP protocol for communication. The client and server communicate by sending packets. The general format of a packet is shown in the following figure:
As you see a packet consists of a header and a data part. The header is located in the initial part of the packet and is 8 bytes. The first four bytes of the header, data_length, is the length of the packet (Note: this length does not include header length, it only specifies the length of the data).
The pcode is the code generated and sent by the server in the previous phase of the protocol. For the first phase the pcode is zero. The client must extract the code sent by the server in each phase and use that code in the next phase. The server verifies that the client is following the protocol and it closes the connection in case of any deviation from the protocol. In the first phase of the protocol pcode is zero.
The next two bytes are the entity. The entity specifies whether it is the client or the server that is sending the packet. For the client always use 1 and for the server always use 2.
The data part could be of any size, what is important is that the packet size should be divisible by 4. In other words, whenever making a packet, the data part must be padded until the packet length is divisible by 4.