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The causes and effects of Hurricane Andrew.

This paper explains how a hurricane forms, looks at the special and unlikely circumstances which led to the devastating effects of Hurricane Andrew, and describes the damage caused in various states and why faulty building techniques were partially to blame.
From the paper:

“David Fisher?s book on hurricanes describes a Category 5 hurricane as the ?scariest place on Earth, and Andrew was a Category 5 hurricane when it hit both south Florida and Louisiana.
A hurricane is a giant heat pump (Fisher, p. 61). Both the heat of the sun and the heat generated as evaporated moisture condenses contribute to the development of the hurricane. As the spinning winds contract, they speed up, much as a skater speeds up by pulling her arms in more tightly to her sides. Organization of the storm also requires an upper level high over a lower-level low, which allows the tropical depression to organize into a well formed, rotating tropical storm. If these conditions persist, the tropical storm may strengthen into a hurricane.”