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Humanities Question

Write an 8 page research paper (excluding Title and References pages) in APA format. No higher than 10% in turnitin.
This is a critical analysis of Jeff Bezos´ life.
Introduction includes a specific thesis statement and critical decisions.
Biographical section focuses on what were important events in the person’s personal life.
Career section focuses on what was significant in their career. What critical decisions were made that led to success?
Impact section focuses on the impact they made on society. How did their critical decision contribute?
Conclusion includes restated thesis, summary, ending, impact, and reflection.
Include 8 researched sources then incorporate these into the paper. There must be in-text citations in the paper for all evidence from sources.
List the sources correctly using APA format on the References
Two of the sources must be from the college library database.
No first person “I” point of view.