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Humanities Essay Choosing topic.

Humanities Essay Choosing topic..

Choose one (1) of the topics below and develop a three to four (3-4) paragraph essay (of at least 250-500 words) which adequately address the topic you have chosen.Topic Choices:There have been many theories regarding how the pyramids at Giza were constructed. Most experts agree that they were constructed as burial monuments for pharaohs, but “how” these ancient people constructed monuments of such great size without modern machinery is a mystery which is still being debated. No one can say for certain what happened to the Mayan people, but theories abound and include varied possible alternatives to explain the abrupt and mysterious disappearance of the Mayan civilization.Tutankhamen died young, at around 18 years of age. However, his cause of death has not been confirmed. Did he die of an injury, of illness, or was he murdered?Considered the “Mummy’s Curse,” a series of unexplainable, unfortunate, or tragic events that happened to the people who were present at the opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb. There has always been debate about the identity of the poet Homer, the presumed author of The Illiad and The Odyssey. Was he a real person or not?The monumental size and complexity of the Tomb of Shihuangdi is astounding. It is believed that the workers were forced to remain inside the tomb when it was walled shut so they would not reveal the secrets of its construction. What was the emperor’s purpose for such an elaborate burial place?Other topic choice recommended and approved by the professor and supported by the grading rubricWrite a 3-4 paragraph paper in which you:Clearly state the “mystery” and provide a brief summary of at least two (2) reasonable and scholarly theories which could explain the mystery. Because some theories may sound far-fetched, include the source or promoter of each theory – such as a scientist, a historian, a theologian, etc.Identify one (1) of the theories as the most plausible and provide at least two (2) convincing reasons why the theory you have chosen is the best one to explain the mystery.Use at least two (2) sources besides the textbook. Note: Wikipedia and other similar Websites do not qualify as academic resources. You are highly encouraged to use the Resource Center tab at the top of your Blackboard page.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA Style format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. (Note: Students can find APA style materials located in the course shell for reference)Include a cover page containing the tile of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:Explain how key social, cultural, and artistic contributions contribute to historical changes.Explain the importance of situating a society’s cultural and artistic expressions within a historical context.Examine the influences of intellectual, religious, political, and socio-economic forces on social, cultural, and artistic expressions.Identify major historical developments in world cultures during the eras of antiquity to the RenaissanceUse technology and information resources to research issues in the study of world cultures.Write clearly and concisely about world cultures using proper writing mechanics.
Humanities Essay Choosing topic.

Abstract- Semiconductor lasers have the potential to meet the demands of next generation high speed optical network applications and also have great impact on various other technology domains. Its low cost, easy wavelength tune ability, low power consumption and pure output make it ideal for optical communication applications. This paper is a review of the merits, demerits, current applications, commercial availability and future directions of semiconductor lasers in optical communication. Comparative analysis of these semiconductor lasers with respect to various parameters also been conducted. Keywords: Semiconductor lasers, Fabry-Perot laser, Distributed feedback (DFB) laser, External Cavity Diode Lasers (ECDL), Multi Quantum Well (MQW) laser, Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSEL) i.Introduction The semiconductor lasers were discovered in 1962 by Robert Hall and his team members [1, 2]. With the advent of this technology patents and articles started to publish on this technology but at that time this technology was not mature enough to realize the dreams of the scientists, engineers and physicist. But with advancement in the field and the enabling technologies soon made it possible to produce inexpensive commercially available semiconductor laser. The invention of semiconductor lasers not only revolutionizes the optical communication but it has many applications in other domains also. Semiconductor lasers are one of the popular optical communication light source for data transmission. They are supposed to be “the laser of the future”, because of their compactness in size, easy integration, more output power, optical pumps for solid-state lasers (primary light source i.e laser diode pumps another solid state lasers) and their rapid improvement. Semiconductor lasers are essentially diodes which produces coherent light through the process of stimulated emission. They uses semiconductor as a gain medium. The gain medium is pumped by an external source, which is electrical in nature in case of semiconductor lasers [3]. As they are basically p-n junctions, so they are compact and can be fabricated on large scale by the use of advance semiconductor IC technology. Semiconductor lasers are very efficient in converting electrical power into optical power [10]. In section.II basic types of semiconductor lasers are described in terms of their basic working procedure, advantages, disadvantages, commercial availability future directions and applications. Section.III produces the comparison of semiconductor lasers with respect to various parameters and section.IV contains the conclusion. II. Types of semiconductor lasers Following are the basic types of semiconductor lasers Fabry Perot (FP) Lasers Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers Multi Quantum Well (MQW) laser External Cavity Diode Lasers (ECDL) Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSEL) A. Fabry-Perot (FP) lasers In FP lasers, mirrors create the right condition for the lasing to occur. Resonate cavity is formed when two mirrors are put in front of each other. The bouncing of light will take place between these two mirrors, the distance between these two mirrors are adjusted in such a way that this distance is the integral multiple of half wavelength, only is such scenario light will reinforce itself. Wavelengths that are not resonant they undergo destructive interference and deflect. One of the two mirrors is fully reflective and the second mirror allows very small amount of light to pass through [4]. Figure.1.a: Fabry Perot Laser conceptual structure, Ref: [4] Figure.1.b: Fabry Perot Laser structure, Ref: A.1. Advantages FP laser gives comb of (Amplified Spontaneous Emission) ASE peak uniform in frequency [5]. FP laser can be used for transmission of data with multimode optical fiber [6]. FP laser also have uniform intensity over Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) [5]. Perfect for optical links where long term power and wavelength stability is required. A.2. Disadvantages High dispersion in high speed and long transmission system because the spectral width can span as much as 5 nm [6]. At 2.5Gbps and higher the wavelength center of FP laser goes out of wavelength tolerance. Not suitable for long distances. With the improvement in VCSEL’s technology, applications of 1310 nm and 1550 nm applications are moving from FP laser to VCSEL. A.3. Future directions and Applications Increase in bandwidth up to 15 GHz (the running value) by reducing low frequency roll off
Case Study of Role of Performance Management in Pizza Hut. Introduction: Many of us attribute the success of Walmart to its high rated managerial skills and business techniques. But it is a fact that Walmart could achieve success due to its excellent human resource management and human resource management capabilities. Mr. Walton was well aware of the role of workers in a successful business and devised policies to get the support of the worker and consumers from the start of his business. It was because of this reason that he started ‘happy employees – happy customers’ at the beginning of his business. There are evidences for the continuation of this policy for Walmart all over the world. It was not started by Walmart, but he backed on it and got great dividends. In the history of business, there have been good effects by following this method to bring success to business, for example a good chauffeur can certainly operate a bad engine but a bad chauffeur would not be able to do it with even a good engine. Deshpande and Golhar (1994) also confirm this view. They say that poor and inexpert HRM practices often result in poor quality, low production, consumer dissatisfaction, and also higher employee turnover. Here the researcher develops on the hypothesis that organisations should look after the interests of the worker in order to taste success in their respective fields. These days HR management also refers to training, development, and retention. We cannot just talk of selection and recruitment responsibilities alone. Each of these processes has a vital role to play in the HR management. The vital aspect of the organization has lot to do with the growth chart. (ScarboroughCase Study of Role of Performance Management in Pizza Hut
Table of Contents Introduction Background Findings Conclusion References Introduction The objectives of the study include an overview of the GASCO company, the analysis of the effects that the kaizen philosophy and the use of 5S have had on it, and recommendations for its further progress. To be more specific, an analysis of the industry in which the company operates, i.e., the oil and gas domain, will be conducted. The place that Abu Dhabi takes in the identified realm will also have to be determined so that the significance of the issue could be defined. Finally, the effects that the change will have on the improvement of the DELTA workshop and its contribution to GACO’s current global performance will be analyzed. The report includes the following parts: Background, Findings, and Conclusion. The Background section will shed light on the subject matter, particularly, on the oil and gas industry in the context of Abu Dhabi, as well as the kaizen philosophy and its 5S principles as the foundation for promoting corporate sustainability. The Findings, in turn, will describe the effects that the application of the philosophy will ostensibly have on the efficacy of the DELTA workshop. In the Conclusion section, the essential results of the study will be reiterated, and the recommendations for the further progress of the DELTA workshop will be provided. Background The oil and gas industry is the focus of the research. According to a report published recently to shed some light on the changes in the identified domain, the gas and oil industry remains an essential growth factor for the UAE, with the growth rates reaching the inspiring 2.8% in 2016 (“Annual economic report 2016,” 2016, p. 18). Therefore, the industry can be deemed as the leading area of the state economy that sets the pace for the rest of the industries and defines the position of Abu Dhabi in the global market. At present, Abu Dhabi is at the helm of the area, contributing to the staggering 94% of the total amount of crude oil (“United Arab Emirates: Business opportunities. Supply oil

UMUC Haircuts and Its Business Environment Essay

Table of Contents Analysis of the Five Forces Generic Strategy Strategic Business Area Process for Improvement Reference Business environment analysis is an important process in business management that ensures the success of a business. In this regard, analysis of UMUC Haircuts will enable the business owner to identify various areas of improvement for successful performance of the organization (Roger, 2002).This report seeks to highlight how the Porter’s model can be used to analyze the business and identify processes that could be improved with the use of technology. Analysis of the Five Forces Analysis of UMUC Haircuts’ condition will entail the Porters Five forces. The factors touch every section of the organization and affect the sections in different ways. For instance, buyer power is the influence of the buyer on the performance of the business. UMUC experiences buyer power from the customers who prefer to be attended by particular employees. This condition has a negative effect in cases where the identified employees may be absent, hence forcing the customers to leave the business. Supplier power refers to the impact created by the supplier due the ability to supply quality products to various vendors in the market. Currently, the business does not experience supplier power since the products are readily available in the market. The condition therefore has neutral effect on business. Threat of substitute products is a condition that exists when competitors offer products that can be used by the customers as the alternative. Myra experiences increasing competition from the rivals in the industry. One possible effect of competition is the emergence of substitute products. The situation may affect the business negatively since there will be rivalry for the existing customers in the market. Threat of new entrants refers to a situation where the industry experiences low cost of entry and therefore susceptible to entry of new businesses. Threat of new entrants may positively affect the business since it prepares the business for competition. The organization may improve the quality of the products to increase competition. Rivalry among existing competitors is a condition that is marked by intense competition between the businesses. The condition may affect a business negatively due to high competition for few existing customers (Roger, 2002). Generic Strategy For UMUC to ensure success in the 21st century, it is important for the organization to offer a wide product line to attract different categories of the consumers. This therefore requires the organization to adopt a broad market and low cost approach. The strategy will enable the organization to expand the services and enjoy low cost of operation. The strategy will be used to overcome rivalry among competitors, offer products that can counter substitute services, reduce buyer power by targeting many consumers, and reduce the threat of new entrants by operating under economies of scale. Strategic Business Area UMUC needs to improve the performance of employees to implement its generic strategy. UMUC operates in the service industry where quality of the services depends on the effectiveness of the employees. As presented in the case study many customers exert their buying power by forcing Myra to hire particular employees. In situations where the employees are absent the customers may not come to the business. Process for Improvement Myra experiences problems on how to handle the requirements of the customers and the employees. Therefore, customer and employee scheduling is the important process for improvement. The process requires information technology where Myra will schedule appointments using computers. The process entails receiving an inquiry from a customer through emails and identifying the employee who can meet the specified needs of the client. Reference Roger, N.R. (2002). Introduction to environmental analysis. New York, NY: Wiley

American College Technology Mega Trends for McKinsey & Company Discussion

order essay cheap American College Technology Mega Trends for McKinsey & Company Discussion.

Technology Mega Trends For 21st-century enterprises, connectivity, big data and analytics, and digitization are technology mega trends that cannot be ignored. Business breakthroughs and innovation would be impossible without them. They also mark the difference between outdated 20th-century business models and practices and those of today’s on-demand economy.
Research a company of your choice and discuss how these mega trends got them to where they are today. Be sure to discuss the most influential IT mega trends the drove the digital transformation of your company. They include, of course:

Big Data and Data Analytics
Machine-to-Machine Technology

American College Technology Mega Trends for McKinsey & Company Discussion

and social media are key in establishing awareness of your products and services as well as with branding. Mass media such as print, radio, and TV can be helpful to reach your target market. Click here to read an article that can help you learn more about how to use mass media to grow your business. Social media has also become a popular way to promote a target market. For example, Ryan’s World uses YouTube to influence kids and to sell merchandise. Click here to read an article about Ryan’s World.

Respond to the following questions: What is your target market’s buying behavior? Click here to visit a site with sample business plans to help answer this question. Select the type of business and then click on a sample business that best aligns with your business venture and review the target market’s buying behavior. Knowing your target market’s buying behavior, what types of social media format or mass media would work the best for your business and why? How do you plan to use social media or mass media to boost awareness and branding of your new business venture? How do you plan to use social media or mass media to improve operations and sales for your new business? Please use this Unit 3 template to complete your assignment. my company: homemade scented candles (with essential oils) and gemstone jewelry with lava rocks that you can use essential oils on ( children, men, womens bracelets)

San Diego Community College District Week 2 Neuron Videos Discussion

San Diego Community College District Week 2 Neuron Videos Discussion.

Everything psychological is simultaneously biological.“the brain” –the physical thing“the mind” –what emerges when our brain is working

Week 2 Discussion
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After  watching the lectures/videos for the chapters this week, post TWO  comments – these can be insights you may have had while watching,  perhaps about something from the videos that was useful to for you to  learn, or made you think about something differently, or resonated with  you, etc.  It can also include a question you may have.  Each comment  needs to be at least 100 words long, and pertain to a different topic  from the lectures/videos for the week (so 2 comments, 2 topics).  Posts  need to refer to the content of the videos.  
Guidelines for posting:
Post  TWO times to participate for the week – once with an initial post, and  then another post as responses to a class-mate’s post (about a different  topic).
Each  of the 2 posts are worth 2 points each, for a total of 4 points; if  posts do not contain references to content, or are less than 100 words  long, they won’t count toward the posts for this week.  
Be thoughtful about what you write, be concise, and above all, be respectful of the opinions of your classmates.  
San Diego Community College District Week 2 Neuron Videos Discussion