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Human values

What is his thesis?  How does he support his thesis?  What is your reaction to this essay?  Could you relate to what he was saying?  By the way, Carr expanded on this topic in his book, The Shallows. be an essay of at least 150 words.then replies to these ( Replies should be at least 40 words in length.  REFERENCE THE ARTICLE SPECIFICALLY IN YOUR THREAD AND IN YOUR REPLIES.)each of them must have different response 1.” This article talked about in great depth by author Nicholas Carr, talks about the way that the internet is becoming our primary source of information.  Carr also points out in his article that the internet begins to affect people’s ability to read books and other long pieces of texts and information, instead of our own minds.  Carr uses examples about using technology and knowledge that are facts from real people.  Carr’s thesis is that the internet is really making us really stupid.  According to Nicholas Carr, the internet causes the redirection of our mental resources, from reading words, to making judgments, our brains are imperceptible as quick, and the internet impede comprehension and retention.  My reaction to Carr’s essay article is that I totally agree with him 100%, in that the internet is hurting our abilities in reading, concentrating, cognitive, and comprehension skills, instead of using our own minds.  And I can relate to Carr’s article because, at times, when there was a very large article for me to read on the internet, that I have a tendency to just glanced and skimmed at this very large article on the internet too.”2. Nicholas Carr’s article was very detailed when talking about the internet and its relationship to our society today. This article certainly made me grasp the idea of how reliant people are on technology. We use it all the time in our daily lives, and I feel as if life would be impossible or miserable without it in current time. I believe that Carr’s thesis is that the internet and technology are changing our brains every time we use them, and overall impacting our mental habits. As Carr included in his article from Bruce Friedman, who blogs regularly about the use of computers in medicine, also has described how the Internet has altered his mental habits. “I now have almost totally lost the ability to read and absorb a longish article on the web or in print.” I believe that this is true because there are times when I cannot focus on certain readings for long periods of time, and tend to dose off. Carr mainly includes an abundance of other professionals that have experienced these types of problems ever since using the internet on a daily basis. My reaction to this article is actually pretty surprising. I never thought how google and the internet was truly changing my mental habits, but now looking back on it, it definitely has. I can completely relate to his thesis because I know that my mental habits are different as compared to a few years ago when I never had a phone. I feel like my patience and attention span has lowered significantly. I suggest lower the amount of time on my phone each day, to try to reduce these habits. Yet, at the same time, I am extremely dependent on technology and like to have it by my side every moment of the day.Part 2Neil Postman believed that the foundation of a functioning democracy rests on the shoulders of an informed electorate.  Today’s news climate seems chaotic.  With 24/7 news channels and digital news coming at us constantly, how do you cut through the “noise” of the media?  How do you determine what’s real and what’s fake?  If good journalism is important to our democracy, how will it be financially supported if so many people get their digital news free? And speaking of how we know what we know, what is the impact of images?  Has communication via image become more powerful than communication by word?  What do we gain and what do we lose when we get our news with or via images?  should be an essay of at least 150 wordsthen replies to these ( Replies should be at least 40 words in length.  REFERENCE THE ARTICLE SPECIFICALLY IN YOUR THREAD AND IN YOUR REPLIES.)each of them must have different response 1.    40 words 2.    40 words 1.” As far as media goes, I like to read stories from moderate media. If i see something on Fox or CNN i will usually search it and make sure its true at this point. I find myself referring to the BBC as my source of worldwide news now. I find that American media is polluted with biases and agendas. I feel like we use images a whole lot more even if it’s not as effective as other forms of communication. I feel that it has become more frequent either way. i still find that words can be more useful in most situations. I feel like we gain a faster more efficient form of communication that can be done on a larger scale. I feel like we are losing the deeper spectrum of emotions that can be explained using words. either way, things are changing a lot and images are becoming more prominent.”2.” The way we receive news has drastically changed over the years and has turned extremely disorganized. There is so much news coming in from all angles of social media every single moment of the day, to where it’s just confusing and sometimes a waste of time. I feel like the best way to cut through the “noise” of the media is to back up statements with a large abundance of support. Everything needs to be stated and have references in order to make it believable. This is also a good way to find out the difference through what news is real and what’s fake. All throughout high school, I learned about ethos, pathos, and logos, and that would be a very useful concept when trying to find out the legitimacy of news. It would definitely be hard for journalism to be financially supported due to how we can access news free with just the few clicks of a button, but if enough people portray their words, then eventually the thought will get out there. Journalism is more organized and truly shows what is happening in the world, but the media can show a completely different side of it. Moving forward, the impact of images with media is extremely immense. I feel as if in recent years with media, images have become more powerful than communication. Everyone online always looks at the pictures first before reading anything. We gain a lot from these certain pictures, but at the same time we could lose a lot also. We gain the fact that we can see the settings in these pictures and see the expressions that people are going through. They could make the news a lot more emotional, making more people want to see it. At the same time, these pictures could portray an incorrect story. An example in my life is when I saw a picture of a fire online with a kid next to it, and overall I felt bad for the kid because I thought they were trapped in a fire. In reality, the kid started the fire on purpose trying to burn something down. These images can completely portray an incorrect event of what happened.”

Movie Review: Corridor of Shame: Neglect of South Carolina’s Rural Schools

Movie Review: Corridor of Shame: Neglect of South Carolina’s Rural Schools.

Locate and watch the below movie trailers to complete a movie review. You may search You Tube for additional trailers on the movie. Corridor of Shame (follow up to Corridor of Shame) The Movie Review is to be a minimum of 1250 words and should discuss portrayals of and insights to issues related to educational and economic opportunity in the United States. No more than one-third of the review may comprise salient plot summary; at least a third should be devoted to a critical analysis of the film’s appropriation of the issues involved, and roughly the same proportion should be devoted to contextualizing the film within the milieu of the course readings and service experiences.

In no instance should the originality report (plagiarism detection) exceed 25%. The paper should be written in APA using 12 inch font with Times New Romans. Also, it has to be doubled spaced. Reference page should have at least 4 or 5 creditable resources.

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Few sentence response

Human values What effect does impression management have on how we evaluate each other?
Keep in mind that this is not as simple as saying that if you dress fancy people will value you more highly. First of all, that’s not true; we don’t all value the same things. Second, we’re not all trying to impress the same people. Third, what a person thinks will impress other people favorably might actually have the opposite effect.
Respond in at least one sentence. This is a place to start brainstorming about issues related to the final essay

How having parents who are under-involved can affect a child as they grow up well into adulthood.

How having parents who are under-involved can affect a child as they grow up well into adulthood..

Analyze/reflect on an aspect of parent/child relationships that we have experienced or observed. The paper should have a precise and thought-provoking thesis as well as concrete examples and specific details/cases that support the thesis of the essay. An effective organization of the main points is essential and also transitional sentences are required.

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The Director and Designers

The Director and Designers.

The Director & Designers (15 points) 1. After reviewing the Director Clips of Romeo and Juliet, answer the following questions: a. Choose one of the clips and explain the directorial CONCEPT (theme, metaphor, etc.). b. How did the director for the clip you chose in #1 use design elements (costume, lighting, sound, set) to get concept across? Discuss all design elements and how they helped communicate the director’s concept. 2. You are to play the role of EITHER Set, Costume, Sound, OR Lighting Designer for one of the plays we’ve READ this semester (Water by the Spoonful, Lysistrata). OR you may play the role of Director (if you choose director over designer see #3 below). (10 points) Choose the designer you want to be, choose ONE SCENE from the play (Water, Lysistrata) of your choice. Describe how you would design THAT specific scene in the show. BE SPECIFIC and use detail. Include the handouts below. Attach the handouts to the DBA AND type a summary of your design choices directly into your thread. a. What choices would you make as a designer to help tell the story? Include color, shape, texture, material, etc. b. Use the handouts below to assist you. I am providing these handouts to help you include DETAILS in your answer. Costume Design Handout Set Design Handout lighting design Template-5.pdf Sound Design Handout 3. OR if you’d like, you can play the role of DIRECTOR: a. Describe which movie stars/actors you would cast in EACH character’s role. b. Explain WHY you would cast those particular stars (not just b/c he/she is a good actor–go deeper). Include terminology from The Actor topic. c. Describe your overall concept for the play. Designing your FINAL PROJECT You are going begin the process of playing the role of Director for your final exam project, which will ultimately be a presentation of your personal narrative that you wrote in DBA #2 Part 1. Don’t stress over details yet, just follow the steps below. YOU AS PLAYWRIGHT/STORYTELLER (5 points): 1. Go back through Module 2 to refresh your memory on storytelling, spoken word, and personal narratives. Also, think about the tools of the playwright to assist you with the steps below. Helpful Link: How to tell a Story 2. Go into the REQUIRED EVENT #1 DBA (DBA #2 Part 1) and review the personal narrative (story) that you wrote and any feedback given by your peers, as well as by me, regarding your story. Make written changes/edits to your personal narrative to improve/add details and/or content as well as overall entertainment value. 3. Read your personal narrative out loud to yourself or to a friend. *Please note: Your story needs to last 3-5 minutes when read out loud. Take this into consideration as you make edits to your story. Some of you may need to condense OR add detail to your story. 4. Once you’ve made edits to your story, post your revised personal narrative here. Do not attach it. Copy & Paste it into the Discussion Area. YOU AS DESIGNER/DIRECTOR (5 points): 5. Break your personal narrative up into sections. What does this mean? Well, read your story to yourself and break it into at least 5 different parts. See #6 to assist with this. 6. Once you have broken your story into sections, find images, colors, and pictures to represent each section of your story. Think “how would I tell this story WITHOUT words.” You are DESIGNING your story with these images. 7. Once you decide on your images, colors, design of your sections, post those images here. Finally, you as SOUND DESIGNER (5 points): 8. Find a piece of music that speaks to your story. Attach the music here with an explanation as to why you chose that particular piece of music. This can be in the form of a music file, or even a YouTube link of the music of your choice.

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Part of staff induction on awareness of personal and professional development for Thomas Cook

Part of staff induction on awareness of personal and professional development for Thomas Cook.

 Poster in formal bussenes style has impact and it is eye catching, written concisely, with evidence. The poster should be in A3format ( 500words) A definition of personal and professional development.An evaluation of the importance of on-going development for both employees and Thomas Cook as a whole. An investigation of the skills and competences expected by Thomas Cook for each of following roles: Sales Consultant, Assistant Manages, Cabin Crew.

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Homer The Odyssey and information on ancient Greece & the mediterranean world found in McKay, Arnaud, Gestoso Singer, and de Souza

Homer The Odyssey and information on ancient Greece & the mediterranean world found in McKay, Arnaud, Gestoso Singer, and de Souza.

Early European civilization paper. With a thesis statement, an argument, a conclusion, and a list of works cited based on The odyssey and information on Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean world. Thesis statement must answer: When Odysseus returns to the island of Ithaca, he gives different explanations to his long absence. Which of these explanations is the most historically plausible within the framework of the Mediterranean as a system?

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Levi’s Case Study: Where is Levi’s on spectrums of differentiation and cost leadership? What are other important elements of Levi’s strategy?

Levi’s Case Study: Where is Levi’s on spectrums of differentiation and cost leadership? What are other important elements of Levi’s strategy?.

After reading the Levi’s Case from our textbook, respond to the following prompts in one to five sentences: Based on the information in the case (and as of the case’s date, 2013)

• What is Levi’s strategy? o Where is Levi’s on spectrums of differentiation and cost leadership? What are other important elements of Levi’s strategy? Would these change under CCTC’s proposal? • How is Levi’s able to differentiate? o Which source(s) of differentiation are relevant (see Chapter 5 and Table 5.2 of textbook for sources)? o Which of Levi’s capabilities/resources are most important for maintaining a differentiation advantage? • Evaluate the external environment and its strategic implications at two levels: o Broader industry: apparel manufacturers o Specific industry: jeans manufacturers

 How attractive is its industry what are the key industry forces and success factors? o Do any major manufactures of jeans (with substantial market share) have broader product offerings (e.g. jeans < 50% of total revenue)

 Should Levi widen their offering offerings (if so to where) based on the analysis of its competitors (both those who are focused and diversified) • Analyze CCTC’s proposal & its impact on Levi’s participation in the value chain? o What does the value chain look like for Levi’s with & without the CCTC offer? o How else could Levi’s adjust its participation in the value chain? o Evaluate potential outcomes – Do Levi’s resources/capabilities support implementing CCTC’s offer; what are the strategic and financial upside and downside and how certain are the outcomes (e.g. impact of external environment change, reliability of the cost savings estimates, etc.)

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